Virgo Sun Leo Moon Personality Traits

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Virgo Sun Leo Moon personalities are practical and analytical. They are very detail-oriented, so they can seem a bit overcritical to those with other, more spontaneous, personalities. They tend to have an interest in everything; they can be perfectionists; and they make good troubleshooters and critique partners.

They are usually well-organized but may become fussy, critical or nitpicky if too much is expected of them. All in all, Virgos have a productive attitude toward life and they make great teachers and mentors.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon Description

Sun in Virgo Personality Traits

The Virgo personality is marked by a logical rationalistic and somewhat calculating approach. They are self valued, focused and usually reserved.

They are analytical, methodical and skeptical. Virgos are known for their perfectionist nature, and their down-to-earth practicality. The Virgo Zodiac sign is symbolized by the Virgin, which represents purity, wholesomeness and modesty.

A true Virgo Sun Leo Moon wants everything to be perfect. They almost never say ‘no’ and always choose the more practical option. They notice mistakes in just about everything. Virgos value precision above all else.

The Moon in Leo personality is friendly, bold, and magnetic. They’re known for their sense of humor and powerful presence. These loyal individuals are fun people to be around and their lavish style goes hand-in-hand with their likable nature.

As a man or woman who shares the Moon in Leo trait, you are very much a lover of the spotlight. You like to be center-stage and known for your good taste, creative sense of style, and incredible popularity. You are also known for having captivating eyes as well as incredibly artistic hands.

There is much to love about the Moon in Leo. Prideful, warm, kind, and generous, Leos make passionate friends. They are popular and often find themselves the center of attention.

These outgoing individuals love to entertain guests in grand fashion. Leos enjoy being the “shining star” and will not hesitate to promote their own talents. With a well-developed sense of drama, Leos like to take charge and direct activities around them.

The Sun in Virgo, Moon in Leo wants recognition and appreciation for a job well done. They can be very demonstrative types who enjoy doing things for people.

They love parties, and have active social lives outside of work. At the office, they like to make a statement with their appearance, as much as they do with their words.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon people are energetic, a bit dramatic and highly extroverted. They are prone to fits of extreme emotions and strong willed. Some people with the Moon in Leo can be ruthless or aggressive when they get angry.

This placement is bright and shiny, with an affable warmth and a very public persona. The life of a Virgo Sun Leo Moon is marked by self-control, confidence and the desire to be a leader. Their strong sense of duty and willingness to work hard means they’re usually successful in both business and personal affairs.

This is a very loyal individual. They are not the ones that will start any arguments or fights with anyone but when it comes time for them to take a stand you better be prepared to take notice.

They will never win any popularity contests because of their stubbornness, but they will always have a faithful friend on their side. They are naturally very protective and nurturing when needed.

The Virgo Sun, Leo Moon is the embodiment of kindness, compassion and neatness. Such people will carefully consider all possible courses of action before taking action, and have a strong moral compass. They are diligent to a fault and often live up to others expectations well beyond their own.

The Virgo Sun combined with strong Leo Moon to create a highly responsible individual. The Virgo Sun brings analysis and a critical mind, while the Leo Moon inspires creativity, generosity, confidence, and warmth . The Virgo Sun individual is conscientious and likes to have their schedule under control.

A born leader, this practical and shrewd perfectionist is someone who likes to keep everything just so. His or her instructions are given with authority; this child wants to control the world around him or her.

The orderliness of Virgo will calm this impetuous Leo down, but then there’s the unpredictable Moon: when in a mood it’s too late to try to reason with him. This person loves to have fun but is easily bored, and can become anxious if there’s no action or if he feels his individuality is threatened. The emotional warmth of Leo shines through his love of drama and performance.

The Virgo-born sign has a practical and resourceful personality, which can make it difficult for them to dream big. Although they may not always look it, they’re active individuals who can balance their analytic approach with a creative outlook on life. A lover of luxury, the Virgo-born is a perfectionist and critical thinker.

The Virgo Sun sign is very professional, meticulous and humble. They have a sharp mind and take pride in their efficiency and organization. The Leo Moon sign shows them to be very charismatic and extroverted.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon Woman

The Virgo Sun Leo Moon woman is in love with life, and devotes time to her friends and family. Generous, idealistic, imaginative, intellectual, and refined, these are some of the many traits you will find in a Virgo-Leo woman.

The Virgo woman is practical, detail-oriented and can appear reserved to others. She is realistic with an analytical mind that delves deeply into everything she does.

Yet she is also warm and loving, always ready to listen when you need someone to confide in. The Leo Moon woman is the boldest zodiac personality, passionate and excitable in her outlook on life and her relationships.

She has an excellent analytical mind; she is critical, discreet, has great attention to detail. She works hard, and would rather remain the one in the background.

The Virgo Sun person loves change and money-making opportunities. The Leo Moon person is flamboyant, has a great sense of humor and loves to entertain at home.

Always well-dressed, a Virgo woman displays an eye for clean lines and sharp details. Quick to give advice, this is the girl next door that you can always count on to set you in the right direction.

A sentimental and tidy soul, a Virgo woman is also a hopeless romantic, always striving for what she deserves in life. Dating a Virgo woman means never having to worry about her being late to your important social engagements or forgetting her wallet at home.

She is intelligent, modest, and very service-oriented. You are a lover of order and neatness. An inveterate seeker of the truth, you get frustrated when confronted with nonsense or things that simply don’t make sense.

This is a side effect of your analytic mind which examines every detail and possibility before making decisions. The analytical mind, however, can lead to procrastination. When presented with decisions about large ideas or projects you question yourself endlessly.

The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant tell us about how people communicate and form relationships with others. The Virgo Sun Leo Moon woman is well known for her kindness, attention to detail, and her ability to analyze problems effectively. These factors combine to make a talented individual who has an active imagination that often results in significant accomplishments.

They are most at home in a one-on-one relationship where they don’t have much of an audience for their drama. They love an attentive partner who can be relied upon to read their signals and keep them out of distress, even if this means lots of undivided attention.

The Sun in Virgo woman is strong-willed, studious, and sometimes a perfectionist. She is congenial in company but reserved in intimacy. Her sexuality is subtle, fervent, and discreet.

The Leo Moon woman is noble-minded, a humanitarian at heart, and her love of home and family is deep. She works hard to stay beautiful, graceful, and youthful.

This woman possesses an analytical mind that is highly efficient and capable of withstanding excessive amounts of stress. Somewhat quiet and reserved, she is able to give a clear unbiased opinion almost instantly. She spends her spare time thinking about whatever problems are currently on her mind, or thinking about the future and any immediate goals.

In summary, Virgo women are said to be forthright, great organizers, and masters at detail work. You’re one of the best when it comes to cleaning and fixing things. By nature, you are cautious and alert to any changes in your environment.

Your feelings are intense and deep, though you are not exactly expressive with others. Tactful and discreet, you can generally avoid uncomfortable situations by being quiet about your feelings.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon Man

The Virgo Sun Leo Moon man is very refined. He loves the spotlight, but prefers not to be the center of it.

Consequently, he is often a background player in every sense. Above all, he suffers from stage fright. The Virgo/Leo man is quite good at assuming roles and faces that are not his own – he’s a master of disguise! Favoring visibility over inclusiveness, even when his personal set point suggests otherwise.

The Virgo man likes a tidy, organized life. He has an eye for detail and likes his environment to be in perfect order for him to feel comfortable and “at home”.

The Virgo Sun Leo Moon man is disarmingly charming - he can be warm and friendly one moment and distant and aloof the next. This is because the Virgo Sun man has learned over time to keep himself at a distance from people he doesn’t know all that well. He is extremely loyal once he gets to know someone though, and he places great importance on security.

This man is an eternal optimist, with faith in his own abilities. He’s a good problem solver and believes in himself–no matter what other people might say.

He’ll never be bored or idle because he’ll find something productive to do with his time which will also serve others. Above all he has great taste and loves beauty and the finer things in life.

Virgos are thoughtful, intelligent, and have an eye for detail. For their unique understanding of complex issues, Virgo is called the “elder sage.” Although practical in financial matters, Virgo doesn’t mind helping out a stranger in need–even one richer and more powerful than they are.

The Virgo Sun Leo Moon man usually has the drive and focus to make things work. They’re often successful in their careers, and always know how to get what they want. This man also has the natural ability to learn other languages, which helps him fit into any situation.

This affable, cheerful and ambitious person is actively engaged in all that he does. If you need to find a qualified specialist for a difficult job, you will not go wrong with one of these people.

They are able to work well in teams and independently, and seek their own successes in life. This man with the Virgo Sun Leo Moon personality type is popular and sociable, with analytical skills. He easily earns a living because of his inquisitive nature and sharp intellect.

The Sun in Virgo man combines many masculine traits with a few feminine traits. He is a very neat and organized person. The Moon in Leo man likes to entertain others and ensure that everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. He tends to have a golden tongue, and can be quite the showman.

They are the perfect example of “methodical work, methodical success.” They’re also quiet and genuine and hold themselves to a very high standard. Most Virgos know exactly who they are and what they want out of life: if it doesn’t fit their vision of perfection, they are quick to make a change.

This man will often spend a lot of time assessing situations and trying to determine what is going on around him. He sees the world as it truly is, rather than as he wants it to be or thinks it should be. He tends to have a very skeptical nature and tends to criticism others' ideas first rather than supporting them before determining their worth.

The Sun Virgo and Moon in Leo can bring out a strong tendency towards being of service to others. This selfless service is often inspired by a deep sense of responsibility and caring. Both Virgo Suns and Leo Moons are drawn to helping those who need support, because they feel it is their role in life to help.

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