Virgo Sun Virgo Moon Personality Traits

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The Virgo Sun Virgo Moon person is highly loyal. The first thing they look for in a relationship are the details – rules and order. Making them very practical. Since they can be a bit shy, this person will have no problem keeping relationships on the down-low, far away from the spotlight.

Virgos are practical, realistic perfectionists. They like order in their lives and enjoy details. Virgos tend to be critical, and want order in their lives.

They like the physical world, and avoid abstractions that do not directly relate to their reality. Virgo people value intelligence, being well informed, order in their environment, and they judge others' performance by their intellect.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon Description

Sun in Virgo Personality Traits

The Virgo personality is analytical, detail oriented and somewhat shy. They make excellent workers, excelling at any job that requires a lot of attention to detail.

They are an asset to the workplace because they can stay calm in stressful situations and think quickly on their feet. Virgos are hard workers that strive for perfection and this often comes across as being demanding. Though demanding Virgos are complicated people, but once you understand them you will find a loyal confidant and friend.

The Virgo personality is perfectionist, analytical, detail-oriented and orderly. Achievers and high achievers can be found among the Virgos. Virgos are practical and skeptical by nature and may sometimes seem stern or unapproachable at first until one has come to know his/her warm, kind and caring personality.

They are highly dedicated and good at analyzing situations. They are also very sensitive and can easily become hurt when a situation takes a bad turn - or if someone criticizes them.

A Moon in Virgo person is organized, focused, confident, and ready for anything that comes their way. They are usually rational and compassionate.

Moon in Virgo people are awesome problem solvers, with an incredible knack for detail. They have a need to analyze and evaluate everything. These characteristics make them great teachers and researchers. They are also incredibly modest and sensitive about themselves.

Sometimes they may feel that their lives are not fancy, but what they really want is to be useful for others. If properly motivated, these people are at times driven to extremes and can achieve good results when working as individuals or part of a group.

The Moon in Virgo is highly practical, sensible and logical being. In other words, the person born with Moon positioned in Virgo wants to have a stable, slow-paced life without surprises, what would be for them ideal.

In the beginning stages of a relationship, the Moon in Virgo’s sensitive side is revealed. In love, they are shy and coy. It takes them time to warm up to someone they really like.

The Virgo Sun Virgo Moon combination gives you an analytic, discriminating mind with a taste for detail. You’re a perfectionist and sometimes you have a tendency to nit-pick but at heart you’re practical and down to earth. You love details and accuracy.

You are the kind of friend everyone wants. You have a sharp mind, good manners and you’re not afraid to be on time, all of which makes you a very reliable person.

You can also be rather bossy when it comes to etiquette and punctuality but who could blame you? A Virgo loves orderliness and strives to make everything perfect—the kind of friend who always has solutions for everything.

These individuals are moderate, even-tempered, fair-minded, and pragmatic. They live in the real world, and they are hard working.

The ability to refine and discriminate, to resolve and analyze, is prominent in Virgo. This enables an intelligent, articulate, and analytical individual to come to grips with the more elusive or intangible factors in life.

Virgos are extremely practical individuals who appreciate and use our tangible world in a constructive manner. They’re impatient about theory unless it can be applied immediately — thus many of them are drawn to science.

The Sun in Virgo placement is a combination of Virgo’s analytical approach to life and the Sun’s warmth and optimism . This pairing adds a sense of structure to your personality, helping you achieve whatever you put your mind to.

In astrological terms, Sun in Virgo natives are said to have a practical intelligence and an affinity for service. You are a thinker who can take life’s little challenges head on with a sense of calm and clarity - and an eye towards problem-solving.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon Woman

The glorious Virgo Sun in your chart blends together with your Moon sign to form a Virgo Sun Virgo Moon woman. This is one very bright lady who has a love of knowledge and is able to use it to help others. She has a great imagination and vision and can often see further than people around her.

The Moon is quintessential feminine energy – nurturing, creative and intuitive. As an adult Virgo Sun Virgo Moon woman, her love language is service. She loves to find ways to help out with tasks that need doing around the house or community – whether that’s picking up the dry cleaning or helping a friend organize their business records.

They are practical, down-to-earth lovers of detail and high quality. They always put time and effort into making sure they look great and present themselves, to the world around them. They are very organized, enjoy creating order out of chaos and understanding how things work and why.

Virgo Sun and Moon women are hard working, practical, and analytical. They are very detail oriented, and look at things logically.

Sophisticated and clever, she embodies the highest standards of success and style. She is incredibly attentive to detail and her interests are broad.

Her sharp mind makes her an excellent conversationalist, and when she speaks others lean in with enthusiasm. Similar to her other Sun sign sisters, she has a particular appreciation for quality craftsmanship, from automobiles to shoes, although hers tend to be chic rather than flashy.

The Virgo Sun-Virgo Moon woman is analytical, logical, and perceptive. She is an expert at noting the fine details of the complex world around her, and will not hesitate to share her keen perception with others.

These women reveal themselves as people with a very fine sense of things; they can read feelings and sincerity in a blink of an eye. They, at the same time, know how to protect this sensitivity, to have a pose that seems indolent and calm.

The Virgo Sun/Moon woman is an overachieving perfectionist who may be so hard on herself that she exhausts her energy. She tries to appear calm and collected and often exudes confidence, but she sinks into periods of anxiety because she’s aware of the shortcomings in her character.

A Virgo Sun woman may come across as opinionated and overly critical on first impressions, but this persona is merely her way of projecting perfectionism and conscientiousness.

Virgo Sun Virgo Moon Man

The Virgo Sun Virgo Moon man is the guy who keeps his cool and carries a sense of poise in most situations. This takes some pressure off his self-image because he knows he can handle whatever comes up. It might not look like he’s doing anything, but he can be relied upon to appear solid when others fall apart.

Introverted, intelligent, humorous, sarcastic and witty. The Virgo Sun-Moon pairing can be a complex combination. Virgo men are known for their thinking and analyzing abilities, as well as their charming wit and general love of fun. At times they may seem rather shy and reserved.

The Sun in Virgo Moon in Virgo man is very charming, but is also a planner and organizer of his life and relationships. He tends to be frugal, even a bit miserly.

He’s self-disciplined and careful with money. His home will probably be neat and tidy, and he’ll most likely expect his neighbors to keep their side of the street clean as well.

The Virgo man is perfectly organized and likes everything just so. This perfectionism can translate into too much work, especially if he cannot share his workload with someone else (which rarely happens), so it’s best to pay him a compliment now and then.

He is meticulous, neat, and has a discriminating palate. He’s the type of person who will never let you forget an error in your speech or behavior, but will forgive you admirably fast because he’s actually very compassionate.

Based on the signs of his Sun and Moon, this placement illustrates a man who is open-minded, charming, ambitious and highly vigilant; who believes it’s okay to be alive and happy. He likes to be in control of his own time and he enjoys making new friends. Individuals born under this star sign are usually described as “a cut above the rest.”

He is typically a sharp dresser, and is always presentable. This man will make sure he has a clean and pressed shirt, even for an informal event. He’ll wear expensive watches, a tie clip or bracelet if he can get away with it.

He’s the type to carry a briefcase, and use it. He might have a cool nickname and some tattoos, but they’ll be placed carefully so as to avoid looking juvenile.

Now It’s Your Turn

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