Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon Personality Traits

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Passionate, tolerant, and creative, the Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon shares an instinctive love of fun and a desire to bring people together. Intuitive, imaginative, and humanitarian, you make friends based on common ideas, values or touchstones. Your generous style attracts people into lively dialogue.

They are interested in new ideas and theories, so they study human behavior to learn more about others. They also enjoy learning about the natural world, and have a personal sense of right and wrong.

The Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon individual is someone who is practical, but with a sense of fun and a desire to get along with others.

This Sun Moon combination may be a bit of an oxymoron, but those born with it typically have no problem reconciling the two. These folks may be ruled by their head, but also lead with their hearts.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon Description

Aquarius Personality Traits

The Aquarius personality is a rare composite of the best characteristics found in human nature. Two basic dimensions that influence human behavior appear to be altruism, i.e., concern for others, and self-interest. The Aquarius person has both of these traits working in tandem within his or her personality.

They are inventive, expressive and altruistic. He hates routine, dislikes insincerity and craving independence. Typically, they are laid back and rely on their own internal power for motivation.

They’re a rare find who’s fun to be with. They love intellectual debates and will never shy away from one. He is very generous, warm-hearted gifted with the ability to quickly understand the other person’s perspective.

The Aquarius personality is the true Maverick of the Zodiac. This sign is a progressive, non-conformist who loves the new and cutting edge. Aquarians are future thinkers and futurists. They are interested in what’s around the next corner, and they want to go there first - just to check it out. The Aquarius mind likes to move fast, but also knows how to pace itself for the long haul.

They are fun-loving and imaginative, with an offbeat, open-minded approach to life. They are often described as original thinkers. The Aquarius personality loves challenging situations and doesn’t enjoy following the crowd.

Aquarius is the zodiac’s true original hippie. They are unconventional, humanitarian, and humanistic. They see things differently from everyone else and value friendships that are as unique as they are.

Friends find them truthful, trustworthy, and willing to help out in a pinch. They don’t like to give advice unless it’s asked for, but they will always remain true friends in the end.

When talking with an Aquarius you will be captivated by the incredibly array of knowledge that this air sign possesses. They are a free spirit and just love to learn, meet new people and try new things.

They will never give up and is always in search for the answer to some mystery of life, a quest for enlightenment. Emotionally, an Aquarius is very sensitive and if hurt they tend to pull back from interested in sharing their feelings or relating to someone else again.

People born under this sign are the natural humanitarians of the zodiac. Oftentimes, however, they find themselves frustrated by the needs of others; because they care, it’s hard for them to say “no.” Nevertheless, an individual born under this air sign would much rather become a martyr than a hypocrite and so usually ends up saying “yes” to everyone despite misgivings.

Taurus Moon Personality Traits

The Taurus Moon sign is peaceful and steadfast. You approach problems in logical and practical ways, evaluating the situation and all available information before making a decision.

You are the person to turn to when someone needs calm, rational advice. With your superb dedication and perserverance, you are willing to work hard toward long-term goals.

They are not easily promoted because it takes them so long to learn everything than others but they tend to go further than those who were promoted more quickly.

In Astrology, the Moon rules the subconscious psychic mind. It represents the mother sub-persona in all of us, but also represents the inner child and how we learn interdependence. Taurus Moon’s are dependable, loyal, accommodating and good natured people, symbolized by the bull.

Don’t be fooled by the dark or cool exterior of Taurus Moon. This beauty draws attention to her exuberant and passionate personality. Her radiating warmth affects everyone around her.

She possesses a magnetic quality that allows people to see past her outer shell and uncover her deeply caring side. She uses this ability to develop bonds with others, and will always appreciate kindness extended her way.

They are often preoccupied with their possessions and seek security through them. While they may begin to accumulate possessions freely during their young adult years, they are also likely to seek financially rewarding careers.

Taurus is a fixed sign that, like the earth, is stubborn and grounded. Taurus is also like the earth in that it is a symbol of stability and practicality. People born under the Moon sign of Taurus are responsible, loyal, good with money, and conservative in nature.

You are a determined, loyal friend who desires security, stability, and companionship. You yearn for stability in life and are careful to avoid risky behavior.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon Characteristics

Your Sun and Moon signs give details about your inner personality traits, core strengths, values, and motivations. Chances are good that you’re a typical Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon personality type if you have a quick mind, and are versatile and creative. You have great depth of feeling, but don’t reveal it readily. You consider yourself a unique person in your beliefs and actions.

An optimistic, popular and helpful person, they may be either the life of the party or a quiet observer. They like having a good time with their friends and love to entertain them.

A bit of a rebel, you sometimes flaunt the rules and tradition for your own amusement. In this way you can be unpredictable, though its best not to underestimate you because as well as being unconventional, you are dependable and steadfast.

This is an unusual blend of commitment and unconventionality, there is something eccentric about you that makes you different from other people. You are a genuine humanitarian.

Good tasting food is important to this type as they enjoy taking care of their guests. Their diplomatic nature helps them to get along with others easily, while great listening skills make it easy for them to listen carefully to what others really need.

They love family, friends and are super helpful to others. They have a personal aesthetic and shies away from the spotlight. They are very kindhearted and tries to make everyone happy.

They frequently see things before they happen often. They stay positive and is the life of the party.

The Sun in Aquarius person wants freedom and self-expression, which is often not fully experienced in close personal relationships. They tend not to give enough thought or care to the needs of those close to them. The Moon in Taurus person will have extremely possessive feelings and a need for financial security.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon Woman

It is believed that a female with an Aquarius Sun and Taurus Moon possesses deep inner strength and emotional independence, even though she might seem outwardly weak or vulnerable.

She is the idealist of the zodiac. These people are very creative, and not bound by convention or tradition.

These woman are mercurial, unique and unpredictable by nature. They are all about going against the grain to become an individual. These women do not have trouble making their voice heard if they think it will benefit them in any number of ways.

The Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon woman is a complex mix of contradictions. She can be an air sign with very grounded practical roots or a fire sign that seems very compassionate and sensitive.

The Sun in Aquarius woman is the eccentric person who tries to be different and will always stand out in a crowd. The Moon in Taurus makes this zodiac combination very sensual, grounded and down-to earth woman.

Because of the unique aspects that Aquarius and Taurus hold, these women have some very distinct personality traits and characteristics that make them very different from any other sign. She is confident and assertive. She has good depth of feeling, sensitive to issues and may get her feelings hurt easily.

An Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon woman likes to keep busy, stay busy, and she manages her time well. Although she will have fun participating in social activities, she prefers to spend time with just one or two close friends.

She is a native leader, she longs for high standing in her group. She likes to be well-liked and admired.

This person feels the pain of others from very long distance, and goes out to help others, in whatever way she can. Moreover, she is not only impersonal in her approach but also idealistic.

She is a contrarian, original thinker and free spirit. She questions everything; always wants to know why and how things work and what’s within peoples minds, including her own. She goes out of her way to prove she can be trusted.

The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Taurus woman has great potential. Her primary concern is to achieve her social goals and marry into wealth, preferably with a person of elevated position, rank or power, which means a career woman, gypsy, female explorer, archaeologist, doctor or nurse.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon Man

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon man often have a strong ability to focus on the hearts desires. They have a natural gift for seeing the good in others which creates much success at building rapport.

He will not be afraid to challenge his opinions and he will definitely be determined in getting what he wants. If he has a lover, he is willing to settle down and make his relationship last. In love, they like to make sure every aspect is right before joining hands with the one they love.

If you want to know how to spot an Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon man, you should look at his mannerisms and not his physical appearance. For example, notice if that man is shy or outgoing, emotionally-driven or interested in material goods.

These men are full of contradictions. They are both airy and truly earthy by nature. They will tend to shun the rigors of routine and instead focus on their own pursuits, as a way to avoid having to be around too many people.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon people like to be different. It is not easy to learn everything about them. They have a unique outlook towards life that makes them stand out in a crowd. This is how they live each day without having to look back.

He has a head for numbers and an eye for beauty - the ideal balance to make him a great business man. Sun in Aquarius Moon in Taurus men are genuinely friendly, fair-minded, and tend to be incredibly secure deep down, which is why they often have a unique ability to tackle their problems – from business deals to personal woes – head on. They’re also very loyal and diplomatic, which means that even if someone isn’t too sure about them at first, they soon will be!

He can be hard to read as he is different from most men. He is an individualistic type of person who enjoys getting his own way but can be adapted for the sake of others. The Sun is the leader and tells you what you want to hear or simply by speaking volumes about what he really doesn’t mean.

He loves to be in a relationship with a woman, but it is hard for him to take the plunge and commit. He is not very romantic when it comes to relationships and he finds it difficult to express his feelings. This man needs a partner who will push him into making decisions and showing how much he cares.

People who are born with the Sun and Moon signs in Aquarius and Taurus share a deep love for freedom of expression. They need to be able to experience their emotions openly, and they try not to hold back their words.

They think that people who keep everything inside are repressed, and their natural response is to release the inner rebel within them. A sensitive and melancholy nature is quite common among those with Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon, because of their desire to feel loved by others.

He is a unique blend of conceptual originality and practical sense, with an appreciation for the unusual and the unconventional. The influence of Saturn stiffens his somewhat undulating personality, and makes him more serious and practical than most Aquarius types. It is difficult for this man to make close friends, but once he finds a friend he is a devoted companion.

Aquarius men are free-thinkers. Their greatest need is to be independent and free from domination by other people. They are rebellious, innovative, original, progressive, humanitarian and often have a strong creative or inventive streak.

A very independent sign, they can seem unapproachable and detached at times. Their circle of friends is normally wide and varied. They don’t like structure and routine but can easily twist any situations to their advantage when the need arises.

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