Aquarius Sun Leo Moon Personality Traits

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The Aquarius Sun Leo Moon is an individual who is friendly but holds onto a stubborn and independent streak. These individuals are always striving for the next challenge with a thirst for knowledge.

This Sun Moon combination makes for a really interesting mix of traits that set you apart from others. You are very innovative and inventive, and love to come up with new ideas to solve problems. You enjoy the limelight, and like being surrounded by large groups of people.

With your Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo, you are capable of making a tangible impact on the world through your quick wit, charm and intellect. Add a little fire to those airy qualities by way of your Leo Moon; this only makes it easer for you to instill an idea with passion.

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon Description

Aquarius Personality Traits

The Aquarius personality is practical, with a genuine desire to help others. These individuals have an inventiveness that allows them to see new solutions, and the critical thinking ability to choose between them. Other people may consider Aquarius impractical or too radical, but these traits are what enable them to be one step ahead of everyone else.

They are gifted and unique, with a desire to bring a little bit of the funky and fun to the world, while still having enough ‘seriousness’ to take on responsibility. Always interested in the deeper meaning of things, Aquarius has an original point of view that makes them interesting to those lucky enough to know them.

Aquarius can be playful, even though they prefer to have a more unconventional type of fun. They can be innovative and inventive as well as energetic and feisty.

They can be very intelligent, yet also eccentric and unpredictable. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, meaning they are inventive and original.

Aquarius is the air sign of intellect, the future, and eccentricity. The typical Aquarius personality may find that he or she is attracted to things that are new and different (which can lead to a fascination with scientific discoveries and theories), enjoys being on the cutting edge of fashion, and may also be interested in the latest information about trends or developments—in any area.

They are observant people who like to keep track of what is going on around them. They are the most intelligent of all the signs and spend much of their time educating themselves.

Leo Moon Personality Traits

The Moon is a pivotal planet in astrology. It is the planet of emotions and creativity, as well as partnerships. Those born under this Moon sign are characterized by their natural leadership abilities.

People with a Leo Moon have a natural sense of style, charisma, and grandeur. They love attention and affection, and are especially seduced by opulence, flattery, pleasure, and beauty.

They have a strong sense of the meaning of things and can easily see the big picture. A Leo Moon will do well in careers where success is based on one’s reputation, such as acting, singing, or writing.

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon Characteristics

The Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo person is the life of the party and an idea machine. This unique individual loves to meet new people and tries out all the latest trends. They don’t like to be tied down for long.

This Sun-Moon combination describes you as independent, original, creative, unique, sensitive and adaptable. You are talented and inventive, yet individualistic and eccentric. You have an open mind and a lot of positive energy to bring to your relationships.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo are people who might be dynamic, even powerful. They want to be the center of attention. But, they aren’t comfortable with themselves.

They live to get approval from others, and their biggest fear is humiliation. They are hard working, but not to the point of being workaholics.

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon people are warm, friendly and popular. They have an honest face that is engaging. They are interested in other people, especially those in the public eye such as political leaders, entertainers and sports stars. In conversation they are entertaining and often witty.

In this life, you are capable of remarkable creativity and expression. You possess a forceful personality that helps others to grasp your complex concepts; however, you may have to slow down and pay attention to your own emotional needs.

The Aquarius Sun Leo Moon combination is idealistic, but also very practical; this archetype craves freedom, luxury, and gratifying experiences. They love life and live it to the fullest; they are not a person who takes a back seat in life.

They have a big heart; they are extremely loyal and loving friends. With their unique perspective on life and original outlook on most things, you can be sure that they will always surprise you with something different. They like playing new games, trying new foods and visiting new places, too.

This is someone who is sensitive to praise, and who enjoys competition; the kind that can be won. These natives have a lively curiosity, an ability to communicate well and are generally extrovert friendly people. The Sun in Aquarius gives adaptability; the Moon in Leo gives form to those thoughts.

They have very interesting, emotional personalities. They are just as likely to solve life’s problems by writing a song or painting a picture as they are to work through them logically.

These folks are independent and like to be free to live life the way they want, without other people dictating how they should always be. That doesn’t mean they’re looking for a fight, like people with Aries or Gemini on the ascendant, it just means that having plans foisted on them isn’t something they appreciate.

You are a charming, original and inventive individual. You have great capacity to work in the arts or drama. The larger than life Leo qualities will appear as soon as you are born. You know how to captivate people by your ability which makes them feel important around you.

Your desire for respectability and popularity is strong. Inclination towards environment of luxury and good taste makes you strive for fame, fortune and power. You have an ability to put yourself into any person’s place and understand his hopes and desires.

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon Woman

Women born with the Aquarius Sun sign and Leo Moon sign possess certain characteristics that make them a little different from the rest of the crowd.

She is the life of the party and everybody around her is happy. You can believe her when she says she will do something because she will most of the time.

She doesn’t like to be alone and always appears to be in company. She’s a captivating person you know. She likes to attract people because she entertains them with her wisdom and knowledge.

The Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo woman combines the best traits of those two signs, creating someone who is strong willed, adventurous, impulsive, affectionate, flirtatious, likable, idealistic and inventive. A free spirit who hates restriction and contradictions of any kind.

Friends are as important as family to you, and it’s as important for your friends to be around you and for you to be around them. Not needy at all, you just want a network of people who love you as much as you love them. Two words that describe your free-spirited personality are charming and intense.

No matter if you’re at a bar or having coffee with someone new, you’ll always have fun because it’s impossible for you to not be in the moment. Everything feels like an adventure! Having faith in yourself and others is important to being happy,

A woman with Leo Moon and Aquarius Sun is very opinionated, outspoken and strong willed. She is not afraid to take charge and lead the way if she sees it as necessary, but prefers a more passive role than an aggressive one.

She has strong opinions on almost everything, especially the truth, all other matters of great importance, justice and helping others in need. Her reputation is important to her.

She reciprocates gestures of friendship and kinship. It is not hard for this woman to feel disconnected from people although she likes making new friends.

She is charismatic, high-spirited and popular. Her magnetic personality shines though in everything she does. She is prone to travel and experience new things as there is no monotony of everyday life or environment for her.

Because of her sympathetic nature she would possibly make a good teacher, nurse, social worker or some other caring profession. She is extremely positive in all that she undertakes and tends to be a ‘glass half full’ sort of person rather than negative and gloomy.

They are the silent leaders who build strong bonds of friendship with the most unlikely character types. Their charm, intuition and strength help them maintain their influence on all that surrounds them. Restless and temperamental, they can flare in anger when they feel confined or insecure.

The Aquarius Sun Leo Moon woman is often a celebrity, well known for her equally powerful and stylish personality. She has an instinctive ability to take charge of any situation, and mesmerizes friends and strangers alike with her charm.

They are independent, intelligent, friendly, and fun loving, but have a strong need to be noticed. The Aquarius sun sign influences these woman’s personality traits of being smart and quick thinking with great ideas.

The Aquarius woman has many qualities that make her a unique individual. Both Aquarius and Leo are fixed signs, which means they’re not easily moved from their viewpoints and opinions. These women have their own styles, opinions, and accomplishments that set them apart from the rest and cause them to be highly independent.

This is a complex individual who always keeps her real self hidden under a perfectly painted mask. She is a super passionate, impulsive, emotional and extreme Aquarius woman. She is always seeking for love and affection, and when you give her some attention she will think you might be the one forever.

Introverted to the core, the Aquarius woman may feel like she doesn’t quite fit in. She’s got a mind of her own and is not afraid to go against conventional thinking. She has a tendency to be somewhat stubborn and once she has her heart set on something, it’s hard to change her mind.

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon Man

The Sun in Aquarius Moon in Leo man is a unique person with many talents. While he is steadfast and strong, he is still able to show his gentler side by being very generous.

One thing that sets him apart from others is his intelligence. He can connect the dots very easily and is knowledgeable about various topics.

Disciplined, individualistic, caring, and emotionally complex, Aquarius Sun Leo Moon men are passionate about their work and everything they do. Born under the sign of both self-preservation (Aquarius) and abundance (Leo), these men make choices that bring them a sense of security. They are often in leadership roles that showcase their nurturing side while making sure their community thrives.

To make decisions, the Aquarius Sun Leo Moon man gathers information and relies on instinct. He is quite active, witty and open-minded. Charming, communicative, well-mannered and tolerant – uncommon for his temperamental nature – it’s a miracle he can get along with anyone at all.

The Sun in Aquarius man is impulsive, inquisitive, and non-conformist. When it comes to love, the Aquarius sun male is charming, unpredictable, and social.

He can fall deeply in love but also enjoy the game of multiple relationships. The Moon in Leo man is a natural leader with an attractive charisma. He has a sunny disposition that attracts people of all types.

He builds a foundation for success through the respect of peers. He falls prey to materialism but may be very generous to family and close friends. His ability to see possibilities is limitless making him a good candidate for starting a new business or receiving an inheritance.

He can do just about anything that involves using his mind in a creative way. But he’s also prone to silliness, and will take part in any crazy scheme that comes his way, whether or not it’s profitable.

They are known to be charming, generous and warmhearted. They are kind and patient with their family and they are highly attractive for their intelligence. These men love to look at life from a philosophical perspective and always have something interesting to say.

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon men are true free spirits, with wild imaginations. With their strong sense of self, any situation can be made to their liking, simply by taking charge.

They’re fixed fire and air signs, so they can come up with a solution for any problem, any time. Active and brave, most Aquarius Sun Leo Moon men will give anything a whirl at least once.

Some men with this Sun-Moon combination have a sizzling-hot temper that’s usually under control, so if their last girlfriend dumped them, it had nothing to do with that. These men experience love at first sight, forever falling in love with the perfect woman of their dreams. Some Aquarius Sun Leo Moon men marry early then wind up divorcing and regretting it.

He is the ultimate New Age guy and, as such, he wants to keep his options open. He’s not interested in any sort of narrow-mindedness or just doing what everyone else does. He won’t let anything get in the way of what he wants to do, and he’s definitely not going to be afraid to speak up for himself. In fact, he can be very argumentative.

He is inspiring to behold. His likable nature endears him to friends and family, making him very popular in social circles. At the same time, his extreme individuality makes it hard for anyone to get too close.

The Sun in Aquarius man is a bright and independent person who generally likes to be alone. He is likely to remain uninvolved with others in an attempt to retain his individualism and freedom of thought. At times, his involvement in alternative groups and activities may put him at odds with the more traditional members of these groups.

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