Aquarius Sun Aries Moon Personality Traits

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An Aquarius Sun Aries Moon person is independent, self sufficient, rebellious, and strong willed. They may display eccentric and unique behaviors that set them apart from the crowd.

They may often feel different from the world around them. They are usually quite intelligent, being talented in problem solving, analysis, and research. As they are able to work alone with minimal supervision, this position lends itself to working in fields such as science, research and development, engineering, and invention.

Quick with a smile and witty, the Aquarius Sun Aries Moon person tends to be an entertainer. They are friendly with a genuine sense of caring for others, which they express through their actions.

Bright, intelligent and open minded, most people with this Sun/Moon combination have a powerful presence that leads them through life. They tend to follow their older siblings and parents rather than their peers in their pursuits.

Being a quintessential Aquarius Sun Aries Moon, you are incredibly energetic and spontaneous. While you’re an ideologue at heart, you’re also down to earth, but that doesn’t keep you from being a little off-the-wall. Your ideas are innovative and original, but it’s a good thing the world needs dreamers like you.

Aquarius Sun Aries Moon Description

Aquarius Personality Traits

The quirky Aquarius personality is full of paradoxes. On one hand she’s as friendly and sociable as the next person, but also mischievous and eccentric enough to take great pleasure in shocking people. But that’s not all.

This zodiac sign has an impressive intelligence that makes her curious about the world, yet she lacks a sense of direction and will often lose herself due to the constant bombardment of stimulus coming her way.

Aquarians have a vast intellectual range with lucid reasoning. Their minds are brilliant and complex, which gives them a discerning eye that makes them a good judge of character. Politically aware and progressive thinkers, they care deeply about improving the world around them.

Sensitive, empathetic, intelligent, and abiding are some words used to describe an Aquarius. They cherish friendship yet challenge the status quo. Aquarians are pioneers who seek knowledge and new ideas.

They are an intellectual and abstract thinker who loves challenging the status quo. Around friends, they are tolerant and humanitarian, however highly selective when it comes to choosing a partner. They are often perceived as hard to approach by many but once you get to know them they open up to you like a book with their lively sense of humor.

Described as idealistic, and nonconformist, Aquarians are intellectual and visionary individuals who possess the classic unbridled zeal of youth. With their inquisitive nature and love of learning, they challenge conventional ways in favor of more progressive options. They are innovative visionaries, constantly investigating new fields to expand their knowledge base.

They are usually a good communicator, though they are eloquent rather than entertaining. An Aquarius is not the type to flap their gums aimlessly about a subject and tend to speak sincerely when they do talk. They are good listeners too, but their telephone manner may be brief—after all, they are not without other interests.

Aries Moon Personality Traits

Moon in Aries is full of energy, and have a strong desire to lead and be the best. They love being at the center stage of anything that happens or any group they gravitate towards, but are not very interested in details.

Ambitious, goal-setting is their strong suit and they are not satisfied until they reach their goals. The self-confidence of an Aries Moon type can be both good and bad. It can make them driven to achieve success but it also makes them stubborn at times which makes them less prepared than others for failure.

They are bold, energetic, and adventurous. Their confidence makes them great leaders. They are also considered to be impulsive, headstrong, and courageous.

They love to be in a leadership role and encourage achievement as they value results above all else. An impulsive nature that makes them take action and strike first, before considering possible long term consequences. Eloquent communication is a strength of an Aries Moon personality as is their competitive edge.

Natives of this Moon sign are energetic, enthusiastic, and adventurous. They possess a great deal of physical courage, and are assertive in the pursuit of their goals. Although they appear bold, these personalities do not like to suffer alone or be left out. They are often viewed as willful individuals with exceptional perseverance.

Aquarius Sun Aries Moon Characteristics

Aquarius Sun Aries Moon individuals are experts at slipping out of an awkward situation. This planetary combination indicates an impetuous and impulsive person who acts first and thinks later.

Aquarius-born individuals are friendly, outgoing types with a zest for life, but can be restless or unrealistic at times. Aries Moon born individuals have a strong sense of self-respect and show courage under pressure.

They do their best if they let themselves be seen and heard. They may also need to be careful not to offend friends and relatives without intent.

As an Aquarius-Aries you are basically a fun loving, strong willed and intelligent type. You’re ready to be unique and ahead of your peers, your outspoken, energetic and straightforward manner takes a lot of people by surprise when meeting you for the first time.

These individuals are boisterous, fearless, vivacious, and social. Animated and fun to be with, you are great at facilitating group activities. Independent and sometimes stubborn, you love pushing things to the limit.

Freethinking and original, you have a flair for uniqueness. Sociable and outgoing, you are a friend to all types. Creative and innovative, you enjoy thinking up new possibilities. You express yourself well but can also be headstrong in your opinions.

Aquarius Sun and Aries Moon natives are strong, independent, freedom loving, and like to set their own rules. They don’t care much for the rules of others. While they’re not exactly rebels, they certainly have a hard time taking orders from someone they feel is too controlling or dogmatic.

These people are passionate, full of life and energy, always down for a good time. They love change just for the sake of change – whether it’s trying new foods or meeting new people, or living in a brand new city, these people thrive on variety and aren’t afraid to explore. They’re incredibly social

The Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Aries person is a charming, enthusiastic and energetic individual. They are independent thinkers with unconventional ideas who enjoy freedom. There is a rebellious streak to their personality that can lead them into disagreements with authority.

You love to be the center of attention and make others laugh. Your free spirit is contagious, and people are drawn to your individuality. You have a variety of interests and unique views on life.

This Sun-Moon combination is one of the most innovative signs of the zodiac. As a child, there may be a strong sense of independence as you search for your own identity. You may have been an ornery kid – you’re never afraid to tell it like it is, even if that means getting into trouble.

Your friends were just as rebellious and curious as you, so life was always interesting. While you tend to be a loner, you’re also one of the most loyal people they know.

Aquarius Sun Aries Moon Woman

Being blessed with an Aquarius Sun Aries Moon woman personality means you follow your heart and are very intuitive. You have a zest for life but know how to temper that enthusiasm with responsibility.

She is all about being unique and standing out. She’s independent and doesn’t like to follow crowd, but she sure likes to have fun and is a great team player once she comes on board.

She loves getting wild and crazy at parties. She’s one of those people who can be outgoing with a group of people or a stuffy snob when she’s alone.

This placement means your head is in the clouds but your feet are firmly on the ground. You’re a little bit pushy, but always soft-spoken and charming (in your own way). You’ll do anything to get your own way, but it’s never selfish - you’re an unselfish, independent woman who is more than happy to put everyone else first.

The Aquarius woman is adventurous, independent, and spontaneous and enjoys a full social life. She has an active intellectual curiosity and is very practical. She likes to keep busy and is motivated by her goals and desires to stand out.

When it comes to words, they are expressive, and they don’t have a problem expressing themselves openly and directly. They are fiercely independent individuals that will not hesitate to put an end to any situation they do not agree with.

Sometimes, their stubborn and aggressive attitude might make them appear inconsiderate or insensitive to the feelings of other people around them.

An Aquarius Sun Aries Moon woman is bold and positive. She has a strong will and an independent spirit. She is charming, entertaining and sometimes stubborn. She can also be headstrong and energetic.

She has many interests. She loves to learn, especially things that interest her and she has a lot of energy for this.

She also likes to figure out how things work and what makes them tick, which is why she often ends up with a degree in engineering or some other technologically inclined field.

This is a rare combination of a personality that tends to slide between thinking and feeling. Women with this Sun Moon combination can be erratic, even though they are basically reasonable and logical.

Some Aquarius Sun Aries Moon women can be bossy, opinionated, blunt and baffling. They love to argue or take the opposite side of a debate just for the attention. They are perplexing and can be surprising, especially as they don’t like to be taken for granted.

She is a multi-talented and articulate woman who lives life according to the beat of her own drum. She is driven by passion and intellect, focused on acting for the common good, and seeks out truth with regards to the most important issues of her day.

She draws people to her like moths to a flame, and she uses her natural charm and charisma to sway what she thinks is in the best interest of others. Born to be an individual thinker, she is always ready for a challenge and thrives on having an audience.

The Aquarius Sun Aries Moon woman is a charming, friendly, kind, and enthusiastic individual. She is optimistic and enthusiastic about life in general.

She loves people and enjoys their company immensely. She loves her freedom and the good time she has with it. She hates being ordered or bossed around: she will never be submissive.

The Aquarius Sun Aries Moon woman has a gift for alliteration, often talking in rhythmic, rhyming bursts, with a certain “lilt” in the intonation at the end of a phrase or sentence. She likes perfect endings and beginnings, including punctuation marks, which suits you well if she is your editor or favorite copyeditor.

Aquarius Sun Aries Moon Man

Being a man with Aquarius Sun and Aries Moon indicates that you are a brave, strong and a very courageous person. You typically do not care much for rules or regulations. You are an individual who stands up for his rights, but never ignores the consequences of unjustifiable actions.

The Aquarius man is full of fire and enthusiasm. He’s quite prima donna-ish and loves to be the center of attention. He thinks on his feet and is able to deal with any situation that comes his way.

He has boundless energy, but this is often wasted on angry outbursts over little things that get him upset. Instead of getting into conflict with others, he would be better off if he uses his energy in positive ways to help himself as well as others.

The Aquarius Sun Aries Moon man in love is a fire sign, strong, energetic, full of vitality and character. He needs his freedom and very much appreciates his other half as being just that – something that ‘completes him’ but which doesn’t curtail his individualism.

He’s the kind of guy who will love you madly one day and can’t stand your guts the next. His moods will likely change with the weather conditions – he is an emotional person, especially if there are any upsets in his life.

They are strong, self-sufficient, and friendly since they have a hard time trusting others. However, when they do trust someone, they pledge their loyalty to them forever. They can be stubborn and bossy at times but can also be extremely loyal friends.

A very unique, original, and creative man with a strong personality and a tendency towards nonconformism. Sharing a birthday with Uranus, his vision is indomitable, and he is equipped with the ability to be an innovator and revolutionary. He has a boldness of selfhood that comes along only once in a generation.

He is a political visionary who is passionate about social change. He hates prejudice and discrimination and feels strongly about justice for all. Born with the Moon in Aries, he can be controlling and ambitious but also fun loving with a lively sense of humor.

He may find himself attracted to freedom-loving individuals who never shy away from an adventure or a new experience. While he may have many friends, the Aquarius Sun Aries Moon man finds that his best friend is likely to be himself, as he extremely self-motivated and frequently engaged in intellectual pursuits.

Though his outer appearance may on the shy or hesitant side, he is actually quite courageous and that bravery will blossom when it comes time to defend the causes he believes in.

The Aquarius Sun Aries Moon man is strong-willed, independent, and a lively, enthusiastic personality. He tends to be a loner and hates to be tied down by others.

However, he would not deny himself something that he desires for the sake of others. Although he does not possess a huge intellect and usually thinks things through, he is undeniably smart enough to impress others with his ideas when given the chance.

He may be a man of few words and unusual actions, yet people tend to take an instant liking to this fascinating character. Ever the innovator, this man always has his own unique interpretation on how things should be done. Regardless of whether or not others agree with his point of view, the rebellious Aquarius Sun Aries Moon man is undeterred from being himself.

They are naturally charismatic, and one of the most original or outspoken members of any zodiac sign. This man can be moody at times, but hardly ever loses his sunny disposition. He is intelligent and talented, although he has trouble following through on certain things and may be perceived as lazy by others.

Even tempered with an analytical mind, he possesses remarkable charisma. He is a rebel who battles conventional wisdom and will not feel constrained by the traditions of his elders or society.

Often he embraces new age philosophies and lives life according to his own desires. Extremely inventive and creative, he may spend most of his energy focusing on a single idea instead of applying his genius to multiple projects. His reputation is that of being brilliant, flamboyant, wild and attention seeking.

People with the Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aries are usually highly energetic. They are innovative and progressive, not exactly eager to stick to a conventional path. They have a need for freedom and adventure, which they attempt to satisfy by breaking rules on occasion.

An Aquarius man is an intellectual, but he wants an intellectual equal. If your IQ isn’t as high as his, you’ll have to work a little harder to win him over and impress him. He may seem aloof or distant at times because that’s how he protects his fragile emotions.

They hold lofty ideals; they want a woman who is beautiful on the inside as well as out, and smart enough to keep up their worldly conversations. They tend to be a little shy around strangers, so don’t expect him to make the first move, especially if he’s met you in a large group setting

If you have this combination of the Sun and Moon, you might feel as if you’re always looking for new horizons to conquer; once you’ve done things the same way too long, you become restless. Since you are wholehearted, individualistic, and outspoken about your opinions and desires, people may or may not be able to relate to your perspective.

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