Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon Personality Traits

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People with Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon placements have a natural drive to make or do something unique, but they may struggle in the early years to determine what it is that sets them apart. The desire for recognition can be strong at times, and people’s reactions to their early accomplishments can give them unrealistic expectations for what life has to offer.

They are creative, hardworking, and exciting people. They set high standards for themselves and expect others to live up to their same standards. The Sun in Capricorn Moon in Aquarius placement can also be quick minded, outspoken about the world they live in, and are progressive thinkers that sense what is yet to come.

The Capricorn Aquarius Moon individual is detailed yet diplomatic. This is a person who wants to learn all they can but cares more about applying this knowledge than boasting about their expertise.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon Description

Detail oriented and focused on mastering their craft, the Capricorn Aquarius personality type craves structure and values tradition when it comes to money and family. They will stick by your side for the long haul and offers a sense of loyalty that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Capricorn is one of the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac. The astrological symbol of Capricorn is a sea-goat.

These people are planners and organizers, hard working, persevering, patient. With their intelligence and admirable work ethic, they make a success out of every situation that comes their way.

Capricorns are gifted with plenty of leadership skills that help them produce excellent results. They are ambitious from a young age and have no second thoughts about climbing the ladder of success to gain recognition in their personal or professional life.

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are often known for their practicality. They tread cautiously and often are described as being ambitious. It’s easy to see why, because Capricorn is represented by the Goat and those born under this sign are ready to work hard in order to get what they want.

Capricorns are conservative and patient. Conscientious and cautious, they like to know the “ins and outs” of any new situation before they throw themselves into it. They have a deep sense of responsibility and they are very serious about life in general, which makes them appear aloof or grim at times.

They are an earthly, practical sign ruled by planet Saturn. Gifted with a practical and realistic nature, Capricorn’s are great organizers and planners, pragmatic and dependable.

The earthy Capricorn has a strong sense of responsibility, possesses good manners, and is good at sharing their knowledge with others. They can be serious people but they are also considerate friends whom you can count on to do what’s expected of them.

They are ambitious, intelligent, and self-motivated. They enjoy setting goals for themselves whether it be personal or professional, and being able to complete challenges and prove wrong any doubts or misconceptions about their ability. Capricorn lovers desire stability in their relationship, and once in a committed relationship tend to be faithful and devoted until the end.

They are hardworking, disciplined and practical yet also eager, determined and competitive. Combining the astrological influences of Saturn and Earth, Capricorn is the “Lord of the Mountain” who can be counted on to see things through to completion.

Moon in Aquarius individuals are more private, more independent, and less likely to interact with others. They are also less future-oriented and take the present day for what it is. Their outlook is incredibly unique, adding to their appeal and attractiveness, but also making it difficult for people in relationships with them.

The Moon in the intellectual air sign of Aquarius is imaginative and progressive. Individuals with a Moon in this sign are highly independent thinkers who are fascinated by the big picture, believe passionately in their own original thoughts and are not afraid to share them. They have all the makings of great revolutionaries or just may be the next great genius.

The Aquarius Moon person’s deepest needs include friendships, the hope to change society, and ideals. They’re a dreamer and a visionary, who is outside the mainstream and often misunderstood.

They are very independent, thoughtful and socially minded. These individuals are in touch with their humanitarian side and enjoy helping out others whenever possible.

Even when a situation doesn’t affect them directly, they can feel sadness for the pain of others. Aquarius Moon sign people are very insightful as well as perceptive to the needs of others.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon people are especially talented and dexterous in business, so the profession of a banker or someone who makes a career out of money looks quite suitable. On the one hand, they are rational and practical people who know how money works and understand the nature of investment.

On the other hand, they can be quite impulsive and make their decisions in a moment. Such contradictory traits often lead to funny situations because these people believe that they are unique and special from others. Still, in personal relations they want somebody to depend on and owe something for their generosity.

Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon individuals are intellectually inquisitive. These individuals have an “offbeat” outlook, and a good sense of humor. They know how to be true to themselves, and let others do the same. They enjoy having fun, but serious matters interest them as well.

The Sun in Capricorn person is often a perfectionist, who likes tidy everything, and orderly everything around him. He decided to make his own future. He is ambitious, persevering and cautious - a realist in other words. He values reliability and stability above all else.

Interestingly enough, responsibility for others is not something that comes naturally to this man; he promotes personal freedom above everything else, which makes him seem cynical when it comes to human relations. He’s an aloof person because he doesn’t understand people’s emotional needs.

The Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon combination makes for a very interesting and unique individual. This is, as one astrologer put it, “the Capricorn who knows no limits and has no boundaries.” For a man with this combo, the whole world is open to him.

This Sun Moon combination can be classified as being loyal, reserved and responsible. These people take on the task at hand without complaint, and will often put the needs of others before their own. Those born under this Sun and Moon sign are usually more efficient when working alone because they can internally motivate themselves to get the job done.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon Woman

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon women are generally highly intelligent and mentally strong. Originally born to be a leader, this woman started to realize her intellectual strength at a young age.

She has learned how to focus and channel her energy toward achieving her goals. She may appear to be introverted for short periods of time, but she is very social in the long run.

She may not show it, but this woman has a very dry sense of humor which she sometimes unleashes towards others, especially towards those who seem too eager or pushy.

Capricorn women are risk takers and work hard to get what they want. They are often seen as leaders and have the ambition to achieve success. These women aren’t just concerned with themselves, but find meaning in helping others.

Aquarius is the sign of friends and social networking. Aquarius Moon people are your true friends because they also want you to be happy. People with Aquarius Moon in their natal chart are very friendly and like a lot of friends.

For the Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon woman, her sense of self is created by the things she owns and what she can get for herself. She is an acquisitive personality type and wants to acquire as much as she can with her life.

She is fiercely independent, and has a hard time asking others for help. She wants things to be on her own terms or not at all. They are prone to being a leader or the head of their family unit.

With a Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon placement your unique qualities are those of originality, individualism and freedom of thought. You also have an innovative mind and enjoy exploring and discovering new ideas.

The deepest level of your personality expresses itself in how you show up as the leader of your own life. This means that even when other people might think you’re being selfish, self-involved or uncaring you are actually taking the time to take care of yourself.

As a Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon woman it is a primary obligation to define and honor your own needs above all others. This role includes making sure that you have enough personal freedom and space.

She has a remarkable ability to express her feelings in a clear and rational manner. She has her own opinion on every subject she touches upon, and is far from boring or shy.

She is an independent thinker, very intelligent and often wise about world affairs. Folks who are born under this placement have no interest in fads or passing trends. They are interested in truth, science, philosophy, religion and social causes.

The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon woman possesses a love of the outdoors. She is the most capable student you will ever encounter. She is highly curious. She loves to travel.

The Sun in Capricorn woman is humble, patient, energetic and charming who is able to get far by dint of her sheer will and determination. She is a natural recluse who prefers to be on her own and needs lots of silent time alone to recharge her batteries as she simply can’t live in chaos or around problems.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon Man

The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon person is poetic and enthusiastic. He’s most strongly affected by the moon phase he’s born under—the Moon represents his emotional needs, and the Sun represents his intellect.

As a water-bearer, his greatest source of inspiration and expression is the world in which his emotions flourish. The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon man is generally reserved and conservative.

He doesn’t reveal deep emotion easily but when he does start a conversation, it’s usually because he cares deeply about a cause, loved one, or simply has something to say that needs to be said.

He is intelligent, outgoing, has something to say about everything, and usually knows what he is talking about. He can be a remarkable communicator but also tends to be blunt and tactless. He is family oriented, faithful to his partner and never gives up.

The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon man is pretty unusual. He is a hard worker who always achieves success and can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. He has strong principles, and definitely does not like to be forced into doing anything he doesn’t want to do.

In general, this person is very honest, and has a high sense of ethics. Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon people are independent thinkers. Marked with pioneering spirit, they are not afraid to break new ground or try new things.

They are pioneers of new ideas, bringing forth the dreams that lay dormant not only in themselves but also in those who need their words as a signpost showing them the way to better things in life.

The most basic element of a Capricorn-Aquarius personality is the harmony of Capricorn and Aquarius signs. This gives their nature a unique rhythm that makes possible all their ways to realize their highest ambitions. A Capricorn person with such an influence from Aquarius treats itself seriously, responsibly and still does not lose the sense of humor.

Focused, ambitious, audacious and independent. The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon man is a true original. While the sign of Aquarius might evoke thoughts of freedom and unconventional thinking, he is also structured, focused and disciplined.

The Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius man is very energetic and courageous! Since the Capricorn Sun sign is closely linked to Mars, these men are usually very “manly” with a lot of energy.

They are early risers and like to exercise regularly to keep fit. Their air element gives them a sharp, quick wit and an ability to make light of the lives of others. Being a Fire sign, they have a warm, outgoing personality with the potential for great creativity.

The women love your charming ways and your reputation as a Casanova. The men respect you for your impressive work ethic and sense of right and wrong, yet they don’t quite trust you.

The Sun in Capricorn individual is a hard-working, ambitious, and somewhat pessimistic. They can be perfectionist in their thinking. This is a natural ruler or authority figure, who has an authoritative aura about them. They may choose to make their mark in the political, judicial, or executive sector of life.

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