Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon Personality Traits

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Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon individuals are often romantic but remain pragmatic when it comes to relationships; they know when to be serious and when to be lighthearted. For them, a relationship is more than just the words spoken; they want action to back up promises of love and loyalty.

They are highly goal-oriented, driven by the ambition to succeed and the value of independence, making them career-focused individuals who are not afraid of working toward success. They can be adventurous and spontaneous but enjoy a relaxing day at home just as much. They disdain shallowness and pretension, especially in themselves.

The Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon person is someone who puts family first, and values their friends above all else. They will never say “no” when you need help, and will work hard to meet deadlines and complete goals.

Someone who has a lot of patience, they are highly interested in spirituality and philosophy. They are calm, steadfast, and stable people.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon Description

Sagittarius Personality Traits

The Sagittarius personality is free and adventurous, with a philosophical outlook on life. Intelligent but also restless, they make friends easily both at home and in their social circles.

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is defined by their warmth and enthusiasm for life. Full of hope, they positively radiate with trust, honesty and humor.

They are admired for their frankness and openness, but may have trouble dealing with criticism or a situation that requires tact. They are also known to be reckless, fleeing from the slightest chance of getting hurt in the fold of adventure or romance.

Sagittarius really is a free-spirited sign, and their philosophy of life can be summed up in three words: “Go for it.” Free and energetic, Sagittarius is a true fire sign.

Sagittariuses are philosophical dreamers who are always seeking knowledge. Fascinated with the universe, they are brave adventurers and travel the world looking to explore new horizons.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and an earth sign. As such, it is related to practical matters, stability, security and tranquility. The Taurean is someone who is hard-headed, practical and stubborn.

The people born under the Moon sign of Taurus are stable and fixed in their ways. They dislike change, and prefer what’s known and familiar rather than taking risks with the unknown.

The Moon in Taurus influence is hardly subtle. She makes her presence known through a feeling of stability, a trait that is typically associated with the earth sign Taurus. Those born under this sign tend to be conservative and solid, meaning they are more likely to fix what’s wrong than to look for something new.

Taurus Moon people are true to themselves and their feelings. They are patient, kind, and really easygoing.

The Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon personality is often perceived as stubborn and easy going. In fact the slower they go the faster they get there! Friends of the Taurus Moon are known to be loyal and trustworthy friends, who like to show their affection through gifts.

Taurus Moon folks have a firm sense of self and place great value on authenticity. They are practical, steady and loyal companions who possess good communication skills. Affectionate with family and friends, they hold onto old grudges (probably because they believe life is too short to get over something petty).

They have a slow burn when it comes to their emotions, but once they are ignited they are steady and dependable and don’t like stepping away from a project before it has been completed.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon people come across to others as dynamic and energetic individuals, motivated by a desire for fair treatment, respect and dignity. They have a strong need to feel part of the family and are drawn to close relationships with significant others.

Their healthy curiosity helps them avoid boredom easily. Although at times they can be somewhat extravagant and fastidious they are not necessarily materialistic.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon people have a great need for freedom. They thrive on travel and will tend to take many trips in search of adventure.

They are natural leaders, but can also be overly stubborn. These people are not fond of material goods, and feel most at home with the bare necessities that will allow them to continue their travels.

People with the Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon sign are often unconventional, individualistic and progressive. They tend to have very specific tastes.

In love, they can be good but they do have a tendency to be somewhat fickle at times. While a partner often needs to work hard for their affection, the thrilling factor can make it worth the effort. In fact, once you succeed in winning their heart you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone more committed and loyal.

These are some of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet. They are cheerful, kind, affectionate and decent. The main focus of their lives is to be happy and enjoy life.

They are genuinely good people who love to help others. They are easy going most of the time but they can get angry with their family or friends if they feel neglected.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon Woman

The Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon woman is a dominant, feminine kind of person; she likes to dominate others through her social and physical skills.

However, this bravery and dominance can be replaced with the shyness and apprehensively, when she worries about the fact that she might lose the love of her admirers. When this happens, she will do whatever it takes to keep them near and protect them from other potential trouble-makers.

Naturally very curious, the Sagittarius woman will enjoy the inquiring mind of her partner. She also tends to bestow upon her man a certain amount of peacock-like quality to show him off.

In addition, she is likely to be jealous without the need for obvious signs of jealousy. She is very loyal and will routinely turn up to offer help when needed.

The Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon woman has a generous, loving and sweet disposition. She is intelligent, sensual, family-loyal, and loves to travel.

She is a warm, giving person. She loves beauty in all forms, thus her love of being the best-dressed and most extravagantly dressed person in the room.

She loves money and she is not afraid to flaunt her riches. This high maintenance lady has expensive tastes which includes being surrounded by valuable works of art and fine antiques at her home.

She’s passionate about her beliefs, yet even-tempered and sensible. She has faults: she can be extravagant, obsessive, self-righteous and quarrelsome. She’ll support you with every breath in her body if she loves you, but dismiss you in a moment if you betray her trust or act beneath her.

There is something special about the Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon woman. She has the rare ability to be forthright, direct and straightforward when this is appropriate, as well as being slow to judge, compassionate and understanding when required. She can see beneath the surface into a person’s soul, but either isn’t disrespectful enough to point any of this out or she simply doesn’t care enough to feel she needs to.

She is funny, cheerful, kind-hearted and sensitive. If you are a Sagittarius/Taurus woman, you want to meet someone who can give you full attention, someone who makes you happy. Someone who will make you laugh, make you feel alive, make you feel comfortable.

You need someone to love and to hold tight. You should look for a person that has the qualities of courage, confidence and loyalty.

When it comes to making decisions, the Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon woman likes to have lots of available information. She desires true love and a long lasting relationship. She is competitive in everything she does and needs to be in control.

This woman is always on the go. They are dependable, sweet natured and tend to have strong values. These women are hardworking and never give up.

They are charming and generally well liked, with lots of friends and a large following of admirers. People with this placement are attracted towards religion or philosophy and also have strong spiritual leanings. They make loyal friends.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon Man

The Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon man is highly entertaining, and always strives for a high quality of life. He will spend his entire life pursuing the finer things in life.

This man is not only a romantic, but open to taking any relationship to the next level. He is also charismatic and patient.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon men are very popular with the ladies, they have a hard time choosing who they want to be with. They are very entertaining due to their humor and intellect.

Sociable, quick-witted and open to new ideas, the Sagittarius Taurus combination can make friends for life. True to his motivation, he will look at himself as just another friend and not expect any special treatment. He’s also easy going and flexible, although he’ll get impatient if people don’t react fast enough to his wishes.

He is passionate, grounded, and loyal. He is someone who takes seriously his promises and responsibilities. His strength is in his calm faith in himself, along with a great sense of awareness of his surroundings.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon men love the outdoors, and are full of charisma. They are serious about their work, but light-hearted about many aspects of life.

These men are not comfortable in a tight environment, and can feel smothered by too much attention or flattery. Just being among their friends will do wonders for their mood.

The Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon man is described as funny, stubborn, and see things in an honest manner. He does not realize that he can hurt others feelings with what he says.

He believes the world of be right and it is everyone else who is doing something wrong. He has a tendency to want to do everything himself never thinking of working as a team member.

He is a serious, determined and hard working man. He’s likely to have a love of travel and adventure. He makes a reliable partner because he takes his commitments seriously, is always faithful and never deliberately causes hurt or harm to others.

He values security and comfort but loves romance in any form. This man can be selfish and greedy at times so don’t push him too hard to share especially if he feels vulnerable.

The Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon blends the adventurous wisdom of Sagittarius with the tenacity and dependability of Taurus – resulting in one of the most loyal and devoted partners around. Energetic yet stable, fun yet unselfish, outgoing yet down-to-earth – these men are truly hard to resist.

A Sagittarius man with a Taurus Moon is domestic, faithful, hardworking, and decent to a fault. He has low self-esteem which drives his need for emotional support.

The greatest challenge for the Sagittarius man with a Taurus Moon is the discrepancy between his goals and his performance. Deep down he may even consider himself a failure, but he rarely owns up to his own failings or inadequacies.

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