Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon Personality Traits

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The Sagittarius sign is the ninth of the twelve zodiac signs, originating from the constellation Sagittarius. People born under this sign are known to be kind-hearted, straight forward, and optimistic.

People with a Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon are interesting to say the least. They are usually cheerful individuals who are very full of life and positivity.

However, they also have moments when they need to retreat into their own world. They like to be surrounded by life’s luxuries while understanding the wonders of nature at the same time.

The Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon person is an unforgettable creative force. The world is not big enough for this person’s vast imagination and broad vision.

Sagittarians are, by nature, adventurous and optimistic individuals. They are spirited and enthusiastic to the point of being self-involved. Sagittarians possess a great sense of giving as they are quick to praise and encourage others but have quite a difficult time receiving praise for themselves.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon Description

The opinionated and dramatic Moon in Cancer never forgets a single detail from the past, no matter how inconsequential it might seem to others. This blend of mental qualities makes Sagittarius a great imaginative philosopher or religious leader.

This sign is a mutable fire sign that is associated with freedom and exploration. Sagittarius people are optimistic and outspoken people. They are also downright honest and will provide great advice to others. These personality traits make them great teachers or mentors.

Despite their great enthusiasm, Sagittarius people can be easily swayed by the ways of others. Their curiosity can get them into trouble on occasion but it usually means they are open to new experiences and opportunities.

Not overly fond of material items, they will often spend more money on having a good time than anything else. Bold, impulsive and always ready for a good time, Sagittarians are always up for an adventure.

The Moon in Cancer is the great intuitive empath, the magician behind the illusion. They are a creature of habit who are ruled by their emotions, their sensitivity and their nurturing qualities.

Cancer Moons are generally more reserved than other Moon signs, and prefer to keep a tight circle of friends. This nature makes Cancer a great friend or lover, but very difficult once they feel that they have been crossed.

The Moon reflects the subconscious, emotional and intuitive nature. It represents the mother influence in our life, nurturing and protecting us from our birth till death.

For people born with this placement, a Cancer Moon represents the mother, the family home and all things domestic. The Moon is a nurturing energy, but it’s also emotional and intuitive.

The tender Cancer Moon likes to feel secure in relationships. People with this placement like to hold on and are reluctant to let go.

They appreciate beauty and are very sensitive to art, music, nature and other deeply spiritual things. This placement makes them very sympathetic towards others' suffering and special interest in who they can help or heal through their work.

Advance thinking, perceptive, conscientiousness, protective and nurturing. A Sagittarius Sun Cancer moon sign person possess strong maternal instincts as well as a sensitivity to their environment that makes them excellent gardeners!

They have a tendency to be secretive and moody. They are quite compassionate toward others and hate injustice. They are very family oriented and take their responsibilities seriously.

They have deep thought and love to be alone. Night is the best time to connect with them. Their pessimistic nature makes them overly clingy. They are great listeners as they will love to know all your secrets and will go out of their way to help you.

They excel at making others feel at ease. They have a soft spot for their relatives, whom they love to lend a helping hand.

They are gracious, sociable, and full of fun. As a Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon person you value your allies and look for someone to share your life with. You enjoy cheerful conversations and laughter; you believe in playing hard but working harder at the job.

They are an academic with talent in the fine arts and the theater. The Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon individual has a lot of love to give but their emotional nature tends to cause unpredictable mood changes. It can be difficult for them to make friends but once you become their friend you will have an endless source of loyal support through thick and thin.

A Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon is artistic, a gifted musician and an earthy philosopher. Diplomatic, tolerant and sensitive, they delight in putting the “human” into humanism. Striving to be fortunate people, they revel in the finer things of life – particularly travel and good food.

The Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer person is open-minded, free spirited, optimistic and enthusiastic. Knows how to express his feelings very well. Has a good sense of responsibility and always tries to satisfy other people’s needs. Is a born entertainer and knows how to make others laugh.

They are a calm and sociable character who is sensitive and kind, with a deep concern for health. Diligent in their personal affairs, they are an admirable friend who values spiritual concerns over material pleasures. This combination indicates a friendly and enthusiastic person who seeks to entertain others as well as themselves.

A Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon results in an expansive, expressive, slightly domineering personality. People with this Sun/Moon combination enjoy entertaining friends at home or going to all the right restaurants.

You can be casually bohemian yet love expensive designer clothing and the perfect haircut. On your time off you like to spend hours at coffee shops or biking through the park, singing along to classic tunes. You’ll spend lots of time with friends and family if it’s what you really want to do.

Sagittarians are direct and honest. They don’t sugarcoat. These people have a lust for life. If you have a Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon Sign, you are deep, intuitive and sensitive. As a fire sign, you are ruled by passion and desire.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon Woman

The Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon woman has a personality that is a combination of the freedom-loving Sagittarius and the emotionally attached Cancer. She is highly sensitive and feels things deeply within.

Not at all inhibited, the Sagittarius woman is strong-willed and wants what she wants, when she wants it. She loves excitement and adventure, but at the same time, she can be moody and hypersensitive.

The Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon woman is an intense woman. She is driven and energetic, yet she also has her deep inner sensitive side. She knows how to charm and when something needs to be said or done, she will speak up!

Her beauty radiates both inside and out. People are attracted to her high ideals and enthusiasm; it’s hard not to be in the presence of this type.

The Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon woman is a warm, friendly, sociable and sincere person. She makes friends easily, and does everything she can to keep them. She is warm, generous and very protective of her loved ones.

She is likely to enjoy a variety of creative and artistic activities, as well as sports such as swimming. She will also be happy in careers that require her to utilize her skills in these areas.

They are very friendly, caring, sensitive, tenderhearted and hospitable. They seek strong male partners who can provide them with support. These women know how to keep house and take care of their man and feel secure in a stable relationship.

Their unpredictable nature and emotional nature makes them a fun catch. However, the reality is that they can be very risky. They can be highly romantic one day, and then cold the next. Many Sagittarius Cancer women have difficulty committing to relationships because of this.

A Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon woman is usually very social, has a bubbly personality, and has a hard time saying no to others. She is talkative, independent woman who loves life and the many facets it holds for her.

She can be stubborn at times but is also very hardworking and adventurous. Her zest for living life to the fullest attracts many admirers and suitors alike, though this takes a toll on her personal life. She needs space to live her own life, but also needs love, understanding and support from someone who will stand by her side through the good and bad times.

This woman is lovable, cheerful, positive and optimistic. She has a wonderful sense of humor and her laugh is pleasant and contagious. She loves social gatherings as she needs to be around people.

She enjoys having friends around her home and likes to cook for them. Her generosity and kindness make people feel comfortable in her circle.

The Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon woman is an emotional being, always feeling every emotion intensely and readily. She has a lively imagination and there’s drama in her life, both internally with her emotions and externally.

Her imagination can prompt her to make predictions that aren’t always true, but she follows the heart of the matter rather than logic and is able to bring clarity to the fog. She’s loyal and caring with her friends and family, offering support when needed without being asked.

She enjoys getting to know people and likes to be around them. She is energetic and lively, but also sentimental and attentive.

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon Man

Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon men are energetic and sensual. They feel an urge to look outward towards new frontiers and enjoy the world of culture.

Sagittarius in your star chart denotes a person who has an urge to travel, explore and know about new cultures. The sign of Cancer in the horoscope denotes a protective nature. Thus, you are guided by your senses and emotions while seeking intimacy with a partner.

He is ambitious, optimistic and gregarious. He keeps his cool under pressure and doesn’t mind being a social butterfly at parties. This is a guy who likes to feel free and unencumbered by emotional attachments or complicated relationships.

He is flirty and enjoys the flirtation stage of any new relationship, but doesn’t take it too seriously until he has met his potential mate; this is when he moves into the next stage of serious courtship. He would like a partner that has an equal disregard for rules, traditions and authority.

The Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon man is enthusiastic, idealistic and has a great sense of humor. His adventurous side always comes out when he goes on vacations with his Sagittarius Sun buddy.

He’s an honest man who’s straightforward in his relationships and does not like to play games. He’s very generous and protective of his loved ones, especially the women in his life. Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer man is a fun loving person who enjoys gambling. He loves to travel and is inclined towards being a social butterfly.

The Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon man can be excitable and get caught up in the moment. This is a fundamental component of his character. He likes to be busy and active even if it involves getting himself in over his head.

He may appear practical because he loves tradition, family values and financial security. Loses self-control when stressed or when challenged (even if it’s for constructive reasons) and may exhibit irritability with co-workers or newcomers, especially those who try to intrude on his independence.

He is a playful dreamer who feels most comfortable working with people. He has a very optimistic outlook on life and relishes the company of family and friends, as well as new acquaintances with whom he is especially inquisitive.

He is a man that confronts his conflicts head on. A fighter and strong individualist, this type of Sagittarius-Cancer man believes wholeheartedly in himself and in his ability to shape his own destiny. In love, he is kind and caring towards his partner, but also determined to be free from emotional ties.

This Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon man is very expressive and outwardly passionate. He runs the gamut from love to hate and he will be sure to show you both sides of his personality. He has a very good memory and an excellent way with words.

He can be referred to as the “dreamer” or “romantic.” His heart is always full of love and he will continually start new relationships. He can be sentimental at times and has a great appreciation for what life has to offer no matter how hard it may seem. He loves to enjoy his work whether it be of his own creation or something that someone else has created.

The Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon placement in men means that the soul likes to experience things in different ways. Sagittarius is thoughtful and optimistic, while Cancer is a very sensitive and emotional sign. Such men are often afflicted by excessive involvement in family situations and inner emotions - two elements that do not fit into their plans for the future.

A Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon individual often feels his life is moving fast. A free spirit seeking adventure and excitement, he may roam from place to place or job to job. Fiscal security is less important than excitement for this wanderer, who likes to be different in style and appearance from others.

He is a pleasure-loving person with a wide variety of friends and acquaintances, but seeks out new relationships as often as existing ones. You’ll know him best by his adventurous nature, love of travel and diversity, strong sense of humor, and impulsiveness toward risk taking.

They want to explore anything and everything they feel will broaden their understanding of the world. Excitement to learn about something new is typical in the Sagittarius-Cancer moon man, regardless if he is an adult or a child.

The Sagittarius man is ambitious and he wants to strive for progress. He has a good sense of humor and is able to adapt comfortably in various situations and surroundings.

This sign shows personality traits like optimism, honor, independence, freedom, expedition, idealism, warmth and enthusiasm. This is a man who will take life by storm and enjoy every minute of it.

The Cancer side of the Sagittarius-Cancer man can feel overextended and frustrated and eventually he will lose interest in everything. This may show in his work and other areas of his life and he will wonder what happened to his positive attitude.

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