Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon Personality Traits

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The Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon individual is different from most other Aquarius Moon individuals. They are extra clever, and have an extraordinary amount of ability to understand new theories and comprehend them with ease. They are not necessarily the most outstanding in their class however they often are honors students and may show emotions of anger when frustrated at not understanding particular subjects.

Scorpio is the eighth and most mysterious zodiac sign. Scorpios are the masters of their domains. Secretive, brave and instinctive, all key ingredients to success in whatever arena they find themselves in, be it a career, hobby or relationship.

Scorpios are strong-willed, fiercely emotional and able to manipulate others in their favor. They make astute observers of human nature, able to assess characters with ease.

Scorpios are assertive, outspoken and independent with a tendency toward jealousy. They possess a highly developed sixth sense that provides clues to unseen forces affecting their lives. They are shrewdly discriminating, demanding more from others than they do from themselves.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon Description

Scorpio Personality Traits

The Scorpio personality is full of intrigue, intensity, mystery and domination. They are iron-willed and can be controlling. Dominant and passionate, they are secret-keepers and get what they want through stealth.

Their greatest strength is their ability to adapt to a situation that is beyond the grasp of the normal personality; they hold all the cards. This sign likes red colors and leather objects.

Police detectives, judges and doctors are three of the professions most likely to have a Scorpio Sun in their charts. With a razor-sharp mind, they make shrewd lawyers and are well respected by those who know and love them.

Born under the sign of Scorpio, you are a passionate and dedicated individual. You are also passionate about the darker side of life, such as death, sacrifice, and conspiracy theories. People born under this sign have an interest in the unknown, from cryptic symbols to urban legends.

Moon in Aquarius individuals are known to be compassionate and intellectual. They are imaginative and big dreamers but they also have a practical side that allows them to make their dreams reachable. They often have a tendency to be inventors and supporters of new ideas and technology or they could possibly have been descended from celestial beings themselves!

Aquarius Moon people are unique among the natives of the zodiac. They tend to live in their very own individual way, without giving a damn for the masses. This makes them original and independent individuals, who still want to associate with others.

They are born with intelligence, and they are always seeking knowledge of the world and everything in it. They will try to absorb information and opinions from everything, and this can lead to a high level of intellect and rational thinking that comes naturally to them.

But they can struggle to find a balance in their lives, spending too much time trying to understand the world around them and not enough feeling connected to it.

Moon in Aquarius natives have a non-conformist attitude, are eccentric and original, artistic, withdrawn and independent. They live in something of a dream world because they are so interested in their own fantasies and imagination. They’ll be more interested in what’s going on inside their head than in their physical surroundings.

This personality thrives when they have a support network of friends around them. They’re witty and clever, always finding ways to have fun and enjoy the present. In whatever environment they find themselves, this sign is that of an inventor, a dreamer, and an optimist who tirelessly searches for novel ways to entertain themselves.

The Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon individual is somewhat rare. Scorpio tries to conceal its emotions, even from itself, while Aquarius is more at ease with exposing its inner self to the world. Fortunately, since these signs are both air signs, they respond to intellectual stimulation and are able to relate on a more humanitarian level.

This Scorpio-Aquarius personality is developed through childhood and early adulthood learning to cope with the world. Scorpio is a fixed sign (masculine and negative) and Aquarius is an air sign (mutable and positive). The combination adds up to a personality that is visionary, practical, and inventive.

A lively and artistic soul, you are always fascinated by the enigmas that life presents. You’re drawn to anything that’s mysterious or unknown and have a knack for getting lost in thought. You might feel that you lack direction at this time because your higher ideals are in conflict with reality.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon people are the deeply philosophical, analytical, resourceful and intuitive souls of the Zodiac. In relationships, they need someone who is a partner in crime, someone who feels the same values and desire to broaden their outlook on life as they do.

They find excitement in new territory, ideas and people. They love to share these new experiences with their partner. They are seekers of knowledge and truth, and share the need to understand others' motives.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon people are deep and private, preferring to go their own way rather than with the crowd. They can act on instinct or by reason; they are guileful and sharp, but able to keep a secret; they are stubborn and can be very unyielding in a dilemma. They have startling insights that can make them popular for a time, but they are suspicious of any form of idolatry or hero worship.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon Woman

The Sun is the most important planet in your horoscope. You manifest the energy and characteristics of the sign it is in. It represents your identity, vitality and personal power.

The Aquarius Moon represents mother, sister, partner, woman and soul mate. Your combination of these planets shows what you are like as a person and how others perceive you.

The Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon woman to me was one of the hardest yet fun zodiac woman to write about. She is so different from any other in that she is a mix of so many things. She can change from one thing to another as fast as you can blink your eyes.

They are creative, passionate, but rather secretive people. Sometimes, they appear quiet to the general public but once you get to know them, you will find that their personalities are vibrant and powerful. As a Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon woman you are a strong person with good leadership skills.

Your combination of Scorpio and Aquarius make you a secretive woman who rarely expresses her emotions or needs. You like to keep things under wraps as much as possible, preferring to lead a life of mystery and intrigue.

No matter the time and place, a Scorpio woman is one of the most fascinating individuals you will ever meet. She’s a charismatic and passionate individual who wears her heart right on her sleeve. But as much as she gives to others, she needs to trust that the feelings she has for her significant other are not one-sided.

The Scorpio woman is complex, fascinating, sexy and bold. She’s a whirlwind of high energy. An intuitive, strong and secretive person, she is the most intense of all the signs.

No serious woman should ever attempt to hide her amazing features. Her inner toughness combined with her extreme sensitivity and compassion will surely make her a unique woman among the rest. Not only is she very beautiful but her strong personality traits that range from sharp, artistic and emotional will make sure she is not forgotten.

She’s vibrant, lively and always on the go. She is a great communicator – it seems like she never runs out of energy, and what she does have goes into others.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon women are usually ideators and designers; they love to create and put their ideas into action. They have a distinct sense of style, and tend to express themselves through their fashion choices as much as their words.

She is one of the most ardent and passionate people you will ever meet. This woman radiates passion for life, but unlike her predecessors in the zodiac, she can express it on many different levels. She has strong opinions on everything she encounters and seeks to understand things in light of these opinions and views.

Scorpio women are action oriented and fearless. They do not fear the unknown or the undiscovered. Scorpio’s are mysterious, and if you want to remain in her life you will need to adapt to her ways and become a willing participant. They are filled with passion and emotion.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon Man

A Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon man can have his pick of people to spend time with. He’s the life of the party, the one who’s often called upon to be a guest speaker, a panelist on a debatable topic, or part of an audience that needs to liven up a show or presentation. He is able to think on his feet and deliver a quick retort or answer without pause for thought.

This Sun Moon pairing is a powerful combination in a man that makes him an excellent coordinator and leader. He is well-prepared for any situation he finds himself in because of his broad and varied interests. This pairing has the patience to see what must be done to solve any problem and the skill to do so with finesse.

Some astrologers say the Sun in Scorpio man is extremely intense. Suave, calculating and deep, he is not someone you can easily figure out.

Single and enjoying the freedom of not being tied down to anyone at this time, the Scorpio man is on a mission to find Ms. Right and will reject every woman he dates until he finds her. He may seem abrupt, and his sarcastic sense of humor may not be shared with all people but when true love does come along for him, his earthiness makes him stand out from the rest of the boys.

This man is actually a very emotional person. He allows himself to cry, and will even enjoy it occasionally. Under all that sturm and drang, he’s really a boy that to be nurtured and loved. Don’t take any of this man’s bad behavior personally, as he means well.

The Scorpio-Sun-Aquarius-Moon man is a mysterious person who is full of charisma. He can be difficult at times due to his harsh disposition. He has a warm heart and a non-judgmental character, with an unending thirst for knowledge.

These natives are a puzzle to others – and to themselves. Though they’re passionate, they’re rarely open with their feelings.

With an insatiable desire to know what makes people tick, they’ll poke and prod for the most minute details – then keep the information close at hand for future reference or use in a negotiation.

They’re also determined to live life on their own terms (and not necessarily by the book), which sometimes causes problems on the job. When things don’t go their way, they’re quick-witted enough to come up with convincing excuses.

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