Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon Personality Traits

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Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, meaning that your zodiac sign is mysterious and intense. They are known for being controlling and possessive, however they can also be loyal and protective.

Scorpios never stop pursuing their goal and are bound to achieve it, if only they can wait long enough. They rarely make use of other people emotionally and focus on accomplishing their goal rather than on human relations.

They are determined to complete their mission, whatever the cost, and are not easily moved by others' emotional displays or opinions. However, they are capable of deep affections and loyalties but only if the above aspects of their personalities are in line with this desire.

Scorpios should show tolerance toward the shortcomings of others as well as their own. They must assert themselves in situations where they are being forced into an uncomfortable situation.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon Description

Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpios are known for their vibrant, dynamic energy. They are passionate and magnetic persons who enjoy making their thoughts reality.

Their ambition is relentless and driven by a very powerful inner force of will that they exude upon those around them. Scorpios can succeed in just about anything life has to offer: from employment to personal relationships and even love affairs.

The personality of someone with Moon in Cancer is devoted, sensitive and receptive. As a Moon child, they love being at home around family. On the flip side, they are moody and can be unpredictable; in that a Moon child will cling to an opinion or outlook then change just as quickly – yet there is always some sort of underlying reason for it.

The Moon in Cancer is a lover to the core. When they love, they love fiercely and without the ability to see flaws in a partner or friend.

They want nothing more than to be surrounded by people that they care about and who feel the same way about them. They may have a difficult time allowing others into their private circle, but when they do make someone one of their own, it will never be forgotten or forsaken.

The Moon in Cancer is a sensitive person with a great need for attachment. They feel the moods of others acutely and are easily moved to tears. Under stress they may retreat into their shell, like a crab, becoming more reserved and selective about their contacts.

They are not good at letting people into their private world, preferring to keep their emotions hidden deep down inside where no-one will hurt them. There is a strong feeling of security when in the home or any place they feel emotionally secure. This is why they often make such excellent mothers, as they have an unswerving loyalty for those around them.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and people with this sign are emotional, sensitive, and nurturing. Cancer Moon natives often refer to themselves as the ‘Cancerian warrior,’ and they fight fiercely for ideas and beliefs that they hold to be true.

The Moon in the sign of Cancer is sensitive, impressionable, and strong. It creates a natural cunning. This Moon position tends to be intuitive, imaginative, and practical.

These people seek security and demand love and compassion. Careers in the arts or those that require a lot of nurturing are good for them. They protect loved ones through quality service and attention.

A dreamy and emotional Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon does not like dealing with mundane, everyday explanations. This Moon position is prone to deep love, trauma, and being overly protective of loved ones.

Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon people are likely to be mysterious and secretive. They can sometimes come across as moody and reserved, but they do have a vulnerable side that they only show to the people they trust. With an added influence of the Moon, they are highly intuitive and can be empathetic towards those around them.

This Sun-Moon combination produces a deeply sympathetic individual who is highly intuitive and a skilled therapist. The Cancer influence tend to make this person more caring, tolerant and sedate. Also at times they can be moody, quiet and almost shy.

They are capable of outbursts of temper that can last for some time. This person needs time alone to work with their feelings and alleviate those melancholic feelings.

The Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon person is very emotional and sensitive. You tend to feel things strongly and remember your childhood experiences forever. You are prone to mood swings and will sometimes turn a little too quickly at work or in relationships if you think someone is taking advantage of you or not being sensitive to your feelings.

Scorpios are creative, curious, determined, and always ambitious. The Sun in Scorpio is associated with passion, power, courage and stamina. The Cancer Moon bestows intuition and sensitivity upon those born under this sign.

They tend to be emotionally sensitive and cautious, with a strong appreciation for the finer things in life. Many people born under this sign are natural nurturers, and they like to take care of others.

These individuals often form deep ties with family and friends, and it is important to them that they preserve integrity in all of their relationships. They have strong imaginations, which may be an asset or a liability. This sign makes loyal friends, who will drop everything if needed to help out a loved one in need.

They are passionate, long-term oriented, and deeply attached to their loved ones, which makes them a trustworthy friend. They are brave, determined, and loyal.

The Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon personality can be confrontational, but also very subtle and reserved. Underneath their hard shell they hide their very emotional core. They may be interested in or involved with acting in films, music, or theatre.

The Scorpio Sun-Cancer Moon pairing creates individuals who are challenging to get close to. They can be very passionate and emotional but they can also turn into an ice queen or ice king rather quickly if they feel threatened.

Scorpios are charismatic, but they can also be intense to be around. They have a healthy respect for boundaries however and will not push past what they feel is appropriate. They are very secretive even though they believe that everyone deserves to know their deepest secrets.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon Woman

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon women have natural charm, and are emotionally intense. They have an uncanny ability to sense what you’re feeling. Their emotions tend to run deep.

With its mix of emotions, the Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon woman is able to create a powerful presence in any setting. Resilient yet also vulnerable, she has a soft side and a tough side.

She is loyal and devoted to those she cares about, whether family or friends, but will never be taken advantage of and refuses to be manipulated. She is not particularly sensitive but can be attentive and caring to those around her.

You are fiercely protective of the people you love whether it be your children, parents, a pet, or anyone else. And that protective nature extends to your feelings as well. You can be very jealous and possessive of those you are close to and you like to have everything in order.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon people are sensitive and have a strong sense of justice, but they can be prone to moodiness. They are very loyal to their families and usually have close ties with siblings and cousins.

Many will find that their vocations involve helping others in some way. They are intensely emotional people with deep rich imaginations and often become writers, painters or musicians.

A Sun in Scorpio Moon in Cancer in the natal chart denotes a lady who carries a calm and composed persona. She is sympathetic yet understanding and puts immense regard upon family. A protective and caring woman who can play all roles – wife, mother, sister, friend or significant other to perfection!

A woman born under the sign of Scorpio when she loves a man will be faithful to him for life. She is mysterious and sensual. Loyal and passionate, a Scorpio lady leads her man like he is a king.

Her strong personality tends to be somewhat overpowering. She can captivate men with her vivaciousness and charm but she may also cause them to feel insecure in their relationships with her.

A woman with Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon is bound to fight for the underdog, or anyone else who needs a champion. She is highly perceptive and can spot someone who is vulnerable from a mile away.

This intense, emotional woman has a shrewd intelligence that aids her in helping others without her appearing overly controlling. However, she does have a flirtatious side born of her deep need for acceptance.

The Scorpio woman is fiercely passionate, determined and wise. Her greatest trait is her ability to maintain a balance between loving and hating; she is able to forgive and forget when necessary.

This powerful lady does not step back or shy away from confrontation, but uses it as a catalyst for growth, reassessing any relations to be sure that what she has learned will not be forgotten again.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon Man

Scorpio is the 8th astrological sign in the zodiac. Those born under this sign are known for being patriotic, shrewd, responsible, intensely emotional, and expressive.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon men are known as the “Philosopher” of the Zodiac. This is because they are very reflective individuals. They plunge deeply into their own inner psyche and experience an unusually rich inner life.

They like to ponder the meanings of things, and they probably have a particular affinity to mystery novels, television shows, or movies since these allow them to engage in reflection and speculation. As soon as they read any kind of mystery, they are able to guess the plot before it is revealed by the end.

His tendency to be thrifty, cautious and very practical is contradicted by a subtle distaste for pettiness and a love of luxury – he is drawn to the finer things in life. Enjoying travel and wide open spaces this guy can be found at the top of any mountain or cliff with his fishing rod firmly in hand.

The Scorpio man can also be sometimes accused of being too serious but when he smiles you can’t help but smile back; he is charming and protective, strong yet gentle.

Scorpio men are very mysterious about themselves and their feelings. They usually come off quiet, aloof, and reserved to most people, but once you get to know them they have a lot of depth and emotion.

A Scorpio man is noted for his strong sense of loyalty. They can attract others and experience the sweetest of passions. Intelligent and strong with good career prospects, you are magnetic to women

Scorpio men can be very possessive of their partners, caring deeply about them and lavish them with attention and gifts. Being in love with someone with a Scorpio Sun means opening your heart to a side of yourself that is dark, mysterious, and sultry.

The Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon man is born with a cheerful and positive attitude. He is an aggressive and forceful individual. He possesses tremendous human qualities as he is idealistic, loyal, faithful to his loved ones, and benevolent towards the people around him.

They are passionate about life and family. They can be extremely sentimental and sensitive. They are natural helpers who enjoy being needed. They long for and seek a secure home base to which they can return whenever the going gets rough.

Scorpio is one of the three water signs in the zodiac and they are a mysterious and passionate sign. They are deep, committed, and very loyal people.

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