Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon Personality Traits

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Scorpio is the 8th astrological sign in the Zodiac. Scorpios are mysterious and intriguing to others, as their intensity and persona tend to overshadow any other personality type.

They are complicated individuals whose intensity makes them capable of forging a strong connection with others. Scorpio’s have an aura of confidence and their magnetic pull can capture the interest of anyone who comes into contact with them.

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon combination is one of the most well-known of all personality combinations. The intense Scorpio Sun adds an emotional intensity to the sensual Virgo Moon. Add in the fact that the Virgo Moon’s greatest need is a stable relationship and there is still much potential for conflict, or compatibility.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon Description

Sun in Scorpio Personality Traits

A person born under this sign is often described as intense and mysterious, strong-willed, and keenly perceptive of others. The Scorpio person is passionate, intense and capable of depth of feeling that few others are. He has a powerful need for self-expression and will not settle for an unexciting life.

He is highly competitive in everything he does and needs to have a high level of challenge in his daily work or relationship pursuits. A lifetime adventurer at heart, he takes joy in mastering any new fields of endeavor that he may undertake.

Moon in Virgo individuals are all about perfection, whether it is striving for the perfect physique, the perfect health or even the perfect meals, you’re never quite satisfied with what you have.

You have got an eye for beauty and need perfection in your home, clothes and appearance. You can be both meticulous to a fault and at times a little too critical of yourself or others.

Moon in Virgo is easygoing and hardworking. These are intelligent individuals that are capable of excelling in various areas. When they practice self-improvement, these people are able to perform well, especially if they need to prove a point or want attention.

Moon in Virgo people are ambitious and efficient. They are organized, practical, realistic, analytical, and disciplined. They are introverted and can sometimes be indecisive. Because of their tendency to ignore feelings, they can experience “emotional constipation.”

They tend to be rigid in their beliefs and values. They like to analyze relationships and approach them with a plan. Because of all these qualities, Moon in Virgo is the natural go-to person when you have questions about your work or career.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon people are practical, detail oriented and somewhat perfectionistic. They are also modest, neat and frugal.

Graceful and kind, virginal and green, the Moon in Virgo is the homebody of the zodiac. It’s easy for a Virgo Moon to feel like staying indoors all day, but that would be a mistake. The compassionate Moon in Virgo works hard to make the most of its talents in an effort to improve the life of everyone it touches.

When it comes to your sign, the Moon in Virgo says you’re a true perfectionist. This isn’t good for you because it means you may be too critical when picking dates for yourself or out with friends. When you find Mr. Right, remind yourself that he’s not perfect either, but that his quirks are part of what make him so wonderful.

Those born under the Moon sign of Virgo are very detail oriented and highly critical thinkers. People born into this sign are known as workaholics, parents, and perfectionists who are detail oriented and good listeners with keen insight.

This Moon placement makes one capable of great empathy and creates a generous, kind, mothering or fathering nature. They tend to be modest, quiet, careful and discriminating in what they say or do.

The Scorpio-Virgo is one of the most humbling and forgiving Sun-Moon pairings. It is also one of the most aloof due to an intolerance for trivial issues. It is not uncommon for a Scorpio-Virgo to develop a reputation as a hard worker or as unusually intelligent because their energy is often focused on paying attention to details that others miss.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon Woman

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon woman is defined in this astrology chart as shrewd, efficient, sensitive, submissive, and a bit insecure. While she may not appear assertive that is only because she prefers to be more methodical and avoid rash actions.

Her sunny side is the positive of her sign. She gives you laughter and all kinds of stories to tell. Just keep in mind if you are involved with this lady, her moods can swing from up to down and back again in a moment’s notice.

Notorious for being indecisive, easily influenced and emotional, a Scorpio Sun-Virgo Moon woman has an incredible ability to sense exactly how a person feels about her. She will go out of her way to hide her feelings from most people.

She is very intelligent and often quite psychic. Like the Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon man, she has exceptional analytical skills which makes her great at analyzing problems and situations. They tend to be polite, but they’re always ready to defend themselves and their beliefs.

You have a profound need for emotional security. You hate disharmony and either avoid it altogether or are involved in groups of some sort where you happily function at the hub of activity. You have a perseverant, clever streak coupled with enormous energy and stamina.

The Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon woman can be a formidable force and her challenging combination can also provide some great benefits. A confident personality is something that she will be proud of and enjoy showing off to others, especially when it comes to her home, career or how others see her.

She is a sensitive, complex woman who needs to feel supported and appreciated. She finds it difficult to open up and share her innermost thoughts with her partner, but when she does, he is presented with a treasure trove of deep emotions and powerful feelings.

She has an insatiable desire for emotional security – but not material security (the Scorpio side of her nature). She wants security from her partner in the form of emotional intimacy and reassurance of his love – not in the form of material goods.

She’s carefully composed, known for her discriminating tastes and devotion to excellence. Scorpios are often painfully shy when alone and very sensitive to what others think of them. In a crowd though, they’re the life of the party with their quick wit and natural way of charming others.

It is here that they feel most comfortable because this feels safe and familiar to them. What sets them apart from other water signs is their depth of insight into life. They can be quite prophetic once you get off to a good start with them.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon Man

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon man is centered around a core of deep emotional connection to self. The Scorpio influences within this composite make him focused, disciplined and intense, while the Virgoan influence makes him introverted and precise.

Scorpio men are known for their self-control and deep thinking, and they bring this quality to everything they do. They have a logical approach to life that helps them cut though all the fluff and get right to the heart of a matter. They don’t like to waste time or energy focusing on frivolous details but rather prefer to skip ahead to the crux of the issue.

They are practical, hardworking, persevering and alert. They are highly sensual and can experience intense love. These individuals are natural healers and caretakers, who work to maintain what is useful in any given relationship.

The Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon male is always looking for the right thing, whatever that may be. He is on a constant hunt for some sort of perfection. He can get so caught up in searching and buying things that he misses his own parties.

It can be difficult for a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon to get past their emotions and tap into their sensitive side. This zodiac sign has immense depth of feeling that they usually keep hidden behind a wall of logic. Underneath the calm-and-collected exterior is an intensely emotional man, who holds his heart close.

They are serious about their work and often they are very ambitious. However, they need to get themselves organized in order to get the maximum results. Their mind tends to scatter all over the place which leads to procrastination and frustration in life.

They are generous and caring but get very defensive or reactive if you don’t show them proper respect or push the boundaries into their private space. That’s where all hell breaks loose with them!

The Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon man is a puzzle from the outside looking in. If you don’t know them well, you’ll wonder what’s going on as they seem to contradict themselves and their actions don’t make much sense. But if you do know them well – it’s all right there in front of your eyes all along.

The Scorpio Sun person is the most mysterious of all the sun signs. The Virgo Moon person has a deep connection to their emotions and feels deeply about everything. Their intuition is refined enough that they can easily sense how you’re feeling, even if you don’t speak up.

They feel deeply and move from their feelings slowly. The Scorpio/Virgo tends to dwell on things and constantly analyze their situation (this is why they are such great writers).

In summary, you are strong inside and know how to get what you need, but on the surface you possess a deep shyness. This can translate into pent-up energies that find expression only in secret. Scorpio and Virgo are both earth signs, yet aspects of air and water temper their power.

Now It’s Your Turn

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Are you a Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon?

What does this placement say about your personality and emotional side?

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