Libra Sun Aquarius Moon Personality Traits

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Libra is the sixth sign of the Zodiac and is associated with balance. Libras are sensitive, charming, fair-minded, artistic and diplomatic.

They are very easy going but have their limits, which once reached may turn off their charm switch. A struggle for self-discipline makes it hard for a Libra to control their emotions while they balance between two extremes.

The Libra Sun Aquarius Moon combination creates a personality that is charming and gentle. They might naturally prefer to work toward peace, harmony, and all forms of fairness. Even if they are not generally strong leaders, they have the capability to step in when needed.

They are a good team member and possesses a high degree of social awareness. People with this combination gain their identity from within and are able to endure conflicts due to their high level of tolerance.

Libra personalities find they have a unique and interesting blend of characteristics. They are charming, fair, balanced people. Their nature is to make things right for others, but they still maintain their own unique identity and have a strong need to have control over most situations.

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon Description

People born under this sign are known to be charming and diplomatic, and they love to do things in pairs. On the job, they make good partners and collaborators.

They’re known for their sense of fair play and eagerness to compromise. They like to have their own way, but they know how to pursue it diplomatically.

The most harmonious zodiac sign is the Libra. This means that this sign will seek balance in all areas of their lives. This includes a balance of work, play, home and other areas in their lives, and also a balance between themselves and others.

Libra’s are a complex balance of both sides of the spectrum. They are romantic and compassionate, but also social and spontaneous. With such deep set emotions, they need a larger life mission to attain true happiness in their life.

The Moon in Aquarius personality is idealistic and imaginative. They are the type to head up charity organizations, or work for causes such as the environment. They tend to be friendly, independent, accepting and progressive thinkers.

They are usually very kind, and are popular with others. They wish to do good for everyone and they don’t like it when the people they love are miserable. Unlike many other signs, Moon in Aquarius people are quite independent and self sufficient.

Their great need for exploration and freedom makes them active travelers that always know something about foreign places and customs. Those with a Moon in Aquarius are likely to be very independent, friendly and pragmatic individuals who are possibly also quick thinkers.

If you’re a Sun in Libra Moon in Aquarius, you probably find that your friends can’t get enough of you. You are warm and friendly, never paying attention to your own wants or needs.

People born with this Moon position display a special gift for original thinking and radical new ideas, finding solutions to problems that others miss.

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon people are honest, loyal, courteous, tactful and impartial. They are not hesitant to say what they feel and this trait sometimes come across as a bit too much to others.

They can be quite difficult to deal with if they have not learned the precise method of expressing themselves and letting others know what is on their mind. A typical characteristic of the Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon person is that they often think many times before they actually act or speak.

The Libra Sun is in the heart, and the Aquarius Moon is in the mind, so this person is capable of engaging in both emotion and thought. Libra/Aquarius is special because it represents both scales and justice. Libra presents a very diplomatic face to the world, while Aquarius has intellectual integrity.

Libra people are easy-going and balance both the practical and the idealistic sides of life nicely. They enjoy being around friends, often attending parties and social events.

They have a talent for relationships and love to make others happy. They maintain an elegant appearance that shows they care about what other people think.

The Libra Sun Aquarius Moon individual will present an image that is generally fair, honest, and even-handed. They are quick to spot an injustice and has the determination to correct it if necessary.

There is a very important sense of fairness in these individuals and they will usually do what they can to see that things are righted if there is a disparity. These folks often try to play both sides of the fence to help out both parties involved. They are often able to see all points of view when there is tension between people or opposing forces.

These people are typically intellectually oriented and like to learn as much as possible about the world around them. They are usually perfectionists, always striving to be their best in every endeavor, and achieving that goal is often important to them.

If they do not reach perfection in a particular task or endeavor, they tend to become very unhappy. These people enjoy being around others and seek intellectual stimulation in their friendships.

The Libra personality in astrology is a gentle, caring individual, who usually stands apart from the crowd. They are great at being diplomatic, and exceptional listeners. They are diplomatic in relationships, and demand justice from others.

They can read people well and judge them justly. Even though Libra is often popular with many people, they are private about their personal lives unless they feel comfortable enough to talk about their life.

Libra is the sign of balance. In general, these individuals possess good looks, a love of social activities and they make charming hosts.

Popular and well-liked, they attract many friends who enjoy helping them with their projects. Libras are cooperative and fair.

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon Woman

The Libra Sun Aquarius Moon woman is an original thinker who goes against tradition and is most suited to a career in the arts, especially writing, fashion, or film, or design. They adore their friends and family and have a wonderful sense of humor. These women are clever with money and quite feminine.

You are the kind of woman who is genuinely exciting and new in a relationship. Your spontaneity attracts men to you like moths to a candle. You seldom show your softer side but when you do let it happen it is never false.

To you, an ideal relationship means freedom and friendship with a sprinkle of amorous fun and dreaming. You’re so unique that I bet there’s no one else with it out there who’s living it quite like you are!

The Moon in Aquarius woman exhibits confidence, kindness, and a tolerant nature. She is open-minded and has a unique perspective on life.

She loves to talk and is interested in hearing from others. Beneath her super-social exterior, however, she’s an intensely private soul who can be guarded about revealing her inner thoughts and feelings to anyone but her closest loved ones.

As the Water Bearer, she is emotional, compassionate, romantic and artistic. She is also intuitive, diplomatic and spiritual. The Libra Sun Aquarius Moon woman has to work on her tendency to be self-indulgent.

Her personality combines the refined and discerning nature of Libra, the sign of partnership and beauty, with the rebellious and free-thinking tendencies of Aquarius.

While she may be the first to admit that it was love that chose her, she will be the last to give up her freedom. It’s important for those close to her to understand that no matter how hard they try, they will never change who she is: a free spirit!

The Libra Sun Aquarius Moon combination is very intelligent and enjoys learning. This individual accumulates varied knowledge from many sources, possesses a good memory and may be gifted musically or with the ability to craft their favorite hobby into a profitable enterprise.

A woman born under this sign possesses refined, sophisticated and unique traits. She is fun loving, gentle and flexible. She may be quiet at times but also very practical, good at concerns to her mother. She is a social person who likes to be with people.

A Libra-Aquarius woman is cheerful and optimistic. She loves communication with other people and she will do everything possible to connect with them.

She is tolerant and does not get into conflicts, because she thinks that differences in opinion are normal. She is very sociable, strives for harmony and a comfortable atmosphere in her relationships.

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon Man

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon is the romantic personality type of guy who lives for that special girl and seeks to be with her all the time. He enjoys being with his loved one, is always thinking about her and can talk forever about her.

When he meets that special girl, he will want to show her off to his friends and family and even post snapshots of them online. This guy is very sociable, charming - he knows how to make a woman feel wanted and appreciated, generous almost to a fault with gifts for the woman in his life. His natural interests include fashion, shopping and interior decoration as well as good food and dining.

Libra men seek balance, often feeling they are caught between a rock and a hard place between their opposing desires and goals, but they know how to work through difficulties because they can be disarmingly clever.

He’s good with money, and is generous to a fault with those who seem down on their luck. He can also be quite argumentative when he feels passionate about something, but that is because he needs assurance–not in himself, but in the goodness of his cause. The Libra Sun Aquarius Moon man is the man with the social skills. He knows how to make friends and win others over. He has an array of talents he can lure out of his sleeve at a moment’s notice to soften people up to say “yes.”

They are mentally very bright and have developed their minds in such a special way that they can understand higher concepts well. This often gives them the ability to be able to work in a variety of different areas, going into many diverse areas of thought and study.

These people also have an incredible ability to meet and partner with a vast array of different people, which also endows them with the ability to get into a countless number of new ventures and locations or areas in life.

Libra Sun Aquarius Moon men will find themselves to be a unique individual who possesses various traits that can make them both an excellent friend and a terrible enemy. Libras are known for their fairness and integrity which makes it difficult to hurt their feelings.

Their biggest downfall is that they are flirtatious and seductive by nature and hard to pin down by one person. As a result, many Libras have been known to go through life without committing to just one partner.

He is known to have sharp wit and quick mind. He is also an open minded person with a creative viewpoint. He is always striving for perfection and keeping his standards high. However, he is not perfect and when he fails he takes criticism very close to heart.

The Libra/Aquarius combination tend to be good researchers, social networkers, gossips, and may have a career involving the media; he is very friendly, independent, and adventurous; they usually learn new things quickly.

The harmony of these two opposing traits makes him the perfect partner where you can be yourself around him while he is still careful when it comes to your happiness.

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