Scorpio Sun Libra Moon Personality Traits

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Scorpio Sun Libra Moon individuals are private, deep thinkers who seem to have an innate understanding of people and situations. They are teachers and mentors who excel at communicating information in a gentle and calming way.

These people have strong intuitive capacities and they may be involved with organizations, such as religion, that involves a high level of service to others. The Scorpio/Libra makes an excellent therapist, social worker and counselor when they can properly channel their inspirational and idealistic energy.

When people feel comfortable, Scorpios do not let jealousy prevent them from forming close, enduring relationships. They tend to select friends for their open-mindedness, honesty, kindness and sense of humor.

Scorpios are committed to carrying out any obligations and promises they make and will go the extra mile when that is required. Someone who gives their word is a person you can trust.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon Description

Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpios fall under the eighth sign of the zodiac, making them part of an elite bunch. Highly secretive and independent, they rarely show their true emotions and are known for their mysterious behavior.

They have a deep circle of friends but don’t share much about themselves. However, those who penetrate their layers of control will find that Scorpios are complex people with strong passions that they know how to harness in order to achieve personal success.

Capricious and passionate, Scorpio energy can be self-defeating in that it can either thwart or overwhelm its own success. But used wisely, those born under this sign bring bold leadership and solid integrity to any endeavor.

Those born under this star are likely to be very influential and capable of intense emotions. They can be demanding in some relationships though when you get to know them, they are known to be trustworthy and loyal.

The Scorpio personality is secretive, enigmatic and intense. They are the people with whom it is difficult to have a conversation. They do not give away “all cards” at once. Very few people succeed to read them correctly – everyone makes mistakes in understanding them.

You are passionate and intense about everything you do. Your sharp mind and focused attention to detail make you great at analyzing situations and making plans.

You’re so used to working independently that it’s hard for you to work on a team – but it’s also hard for you to be alone, because you enjoy the company of others.

People born under this sign are deft social adapters. They are charming, graceful, and very popular with a wide circle of friends.

Some of the Moon in Libra personality traits include an interest in art, an appreciation for beauty, a love of shopping, beauty and style, concern for fairness and justice in relationships. People born on this day also have a tendency to spend money rapidly.

The Moon in Libra loves to socialize and is known as a diplomatic person who seeks peace and settling conflicts. They are very empathic, receptive, cooperative, refined, gracious, tactful and moderate. The Libra moon personality always tries to live up to other’s approval and often seeks the approval of others.

A mix of power, achievement, and a desire for partnership characterize the Sun in Scorpio Moon in Libra. Those with this placement need to feel they can relate well to others; conflict and disharmony will make them uneasy.

The Libra Moon is a friendly, forgiving and diplomatic placement. Libras are very sensitive to the feelings of others, and are acutely aware when they feel slighted or offended in any way. For this reason, many Libras strive to be polite to everyone they interact with.

They will occasionally go out of their way to avoid argument or confrontation, though this can lead to them being taken advantage of by people who wish to push them into avoiding making decisions. Sometimes Libras fail to assert themselves for fear of jeopardizing a relationship, but this can cause more problems.

Libra Moon personalities enjoy entertaining. They especially love throwing dinner parties, often cooking extravagant meals for their guests.

They enjoy comfort and beauty in the things around them, seeking out night clubs and elegant parties as well as enjoying quieter nights at home reading or watching a movie with friends.

They are charming, touchy feely and appreciates beauty and romance. While possessive and materialistic, they are also quite generous, particularly with those who are closest to them. They may have a tendency to judge others, but this is more out of a need to be liked than from an innate way of life.

The Libra Moon is considered an ideal placement for a Moon, signifying a well balanced nature given to fairness and diplomacy. Like all Moons, the Libra Moon reflects the nature of the Sun signs it rules.

The Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon personality is known to be quite the charmer when it comes to getting what they want. While not as sensitive and touchy as the Moon in Cancer type, the Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon is a very good person at heart, but can have a negative effect on others if you do not put yourself out there. You are most compatible with Taurus.

This person is the calm amidst the storm. This individual understands how to listen, and enjoy’s others' frame of mind. This individual seeks harmony by living a relaxed lifestyle and avoiding discord – often at all costs!

The Scorpio Sun Libra Moon combination is one that is very much in tune with their surroundings. Having such an intuitive sense can make them seem empathetic but their emotions can also be a little…messy.

This Sun-Moon mix would make a good therapist as they are very attuned to the emotional nature of people and are unlikely to let the truth get in the way of how they feel about someone.

They know how to get what they want, but they get there through a careful strategy rather than a blatant assault on others. Scorpion folks appear at times to be wrapped in protective layers of this and that–an unshakable defense against harm to their hearts.

When it comes to love, the Scorpio Sun Libra Moon person is filled with boundless, exciting passion and magnetic attraction. These people are so deeply passionate that they can go from zero to 60 in no time flat.

Naturally curious and inquisitive, the Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon person enjoys sharing information with those around him/her. Likes to network, crosses many social boundaries.

Values harmony and strives for diplomacy in all relationships but may have trouble being assertive when there are conflicts that need to be resolved. Ignores problems; assumes they’ll go away if ignored long enough or will resolve themselves if left alone.

Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon natives are the type to keep their emotions close to their chest, neither displaying nor sharing them with others. The Scorpio provides the Sun’s sharp inner resourcefulness and ability to think on its feet; Libra the Moon’s cool poise and diplomacy.

Together they offer a balance of power and warmth, logical thinking married with emotional strength. A highly developed sixth sense leads Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon natives to take charge during emergencies. Savvy and supremely self-aware, they recognize and exploit opportunities without hesitation.

The Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon person is a magnetic type of lover who finds it impossible to live without companionship. He is passionate and intense, with a strong sense of loyalty and a need to have somebody special in his life at all times. He loves deeply and cares completely, but also tends to get jealous sometimes.

When it comes to astrology, the Scorpio Sun/Libra Moon person wants to know everything. They are inquisitive by nature, and aren’t afraid to ask a lot of questions.

A Scorpio Sun/Libra Moon individual is fascinated by all things, they have a level of curiosity that can rival Sherlock Holmes. They can be quite charming, attracting friends easily by being fun, compassionate, and insightful.

In summary, you have a strong personality and are very competitive. You are a laid back person, but at the same time intense. You have great negotiating skills which are strengthened by your strong emotional intellect. All things considered, you are personable and fair-minded.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon Woman

The Scorpio Sun Libra Moon woman possesses a good deal of ambition, and she can be very assertive in achieving her goals. She is usually seen as an achiever in life because of her talented skill set to accomplish things efficiently.

It is important for her to make a name for herself, and she seeks the limelight. She does not mind competition knowing that it will make her work even harder.

Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon women are strong-willed and assertive, yet personable. These ladies love the finer things in life. When embarking on a romantic relationship, they choose their partners carefully as they can be picky and indecisive.

She is inclined to both extremes of the spectrum. Although she is typically an excellent decision maker, she may also fall prey to her emotions or desires which may affect what she decides. She is analytical, and known for her keen perception and intuition.

The Scorpio woman is a wonderful combination of characteristics that create a nice balance in life. She is highly emotional, and if she feels negative emotions often, they generally stem from her feeling betrayed by her lover.

She tends to be very moody at times, but this is just an emotional release from the day-to-day stresses of life. If someone has upset her, she will hold on to this for days, even weeks. This is when she needs help from you in order to get back to a balanced state of mind.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon women are interesting people. They are soft-spoken, gentle, and very spontaneous. They are also people-oriented individuals that choose important relationships in life over any other priority.

She is strong, confident and charming. This balanced combo makes her career-focused and knowledgeable. This clear-headed female will produce astronomical results in any job environment.

The Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon woman is a passionate lover who offers her full self to her partner. She is both sensuous and emotional, always seeking to maximize satisfaction.

She needs to feel loved on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons why she often finds it difficult to hold onto a relationship for long periods of time as she is quite fickle.

When you understand what makes a Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon woman tick, life gets much simpler. You can take more care of yourself and allow the people around you to just float along on your love trip.

Natural born coquette, Scorpio Sun Libra Moon women are passionate, idealistic and sympathetic. They are often involved in causes such as disarmament and human rights.

These extraordinary women are sensitive to the pain of others and easily identify with the downtrodden or disadvantaged. They have a wide range of interests but it is communication that makes them shine.

She is very well balanced (according to Astrology), outgoing, artistic, and has an incredibly strong feminine energy. When you ask a Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon woman how she feels, she will reply with her feelings—not thoughts.

Scorpio Sun Libra Moon Man

He is dominating, opportunist, and resourceful.

The Scorpio Sun Libra Moon man is an interesting, complex and varied individual. He has a strong sense of self and will not be manipulated by others.

He believes in equality and peace and he dislikes fighting with others. He is sensitive, though he tends to hide it well. He dislikes being treated as an object and is very smart and clever.

Once you get to know a Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon man on a deep level, you’ll discover why they are irresistible. The Scorpio part of this Sun-Moon combo is smoldering and intense. They enjoy having their emotions stirred up.

They also love to use their knowledge and skills to take care of people. The Libra Moon man knows how to be charming and he makes a great first impression, giving the women who he meets chills for days.

He is the master of both work and play. If you have a Scorpio Sun-Libra Moon man in your life, he is a person who values his job. He can be one who have much potential for accomplishments in life because he puts his best effort to it.

You can see that a Scorpio Libra man invests into any relationship he makes so he will always be faithful to anyone. To this man, loyalty is not just a word; it is what makes him stand out as a real man.

You have a natural flair for displaying yourself in such a manner that everyone wants to come closer to indulge themselves in your aura of mystery. You are a very intelligent person who is filled with passionate emotion.

You like things to be done in a certain way and you have very high standards. Very often you will find yourself caught in your own web of thinking and forget about what others want or need.

The Scorpio Sun Libra Moon man is one of the most successful match-ups of signs there can be in cooperation, resourcefulness and attractiveness. He will rapidly move up the career ladder, leaving others in his wake.

His sense of justice is keenly honed, and he has the ability to become very wealthy due to his current or past experience. He has a great deal of charisma, and is popular wherever he goes.

Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon is a combination that shows empathy towards others. They are well liked and have a deep inner search to them. They are usually relaxed in nature, romantic, creative and intuitive. They tend to take on great responsibilities.

Sometimes they blame themselves for the wrongdoings of others thus making it hard to forgive and move on. Forgiving is an essential life skill when dealing with this personality type.

This man is an empath and a highly sensitive person. He will be ruled by his feelings. His reputation of being the most trusted person in your community will leave him disillusioned and lonely. He may develop a superiority complex that leads to depression.

They are extremely creative. They are deep and original thinkers and work well alone. They may not be easy to know, as their emotional nature makes them private people.

Generally, this sign seeks peace but will not hesitate in a fight if pushed into it. The ability to remain calm under pressure makes them very successful in business. They seldom give up or let go of what belongs to them.

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