Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

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The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon personality is deep and passionate. This composite of traits is expressed in a person’s character, interpersonal relationships, and reactions to external stimuli.

Win over this zodiac sign and you will quickly learn that you have gained a loyal friend that will return any kindness extended tenfold. If you have a Scorpio love interest, the best way to win him over is with honesty and genuine affection.

The Scorpio personality is intense, mysterious, and complex. The moon’s dark and mysterious influence on earth is reflected in the Scorpio human.

They tend to be grounded, serious, ambitious people who push themselves harder than other signs. They are known to get long-term projects completed, even if it takes longer than planned or there are unexpected complications.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Description

Sun in Scorpio Personality Traits

The Scorpio person is intense, just like its zodiac symbol: the scorpion. The creature that lives for revenge in the shadows. Don’t be fooled by the Scorpion’s venom, it only attacks when provoked. The Scorpio influence on their personality makes them mysterious and secretive people. They are clever and intuitive.

Scorpio is a Water sign, and they typically crave a peaceful environment. Scoring a long-term relationship with a Scorpio person is relatively easy due to their intense passion for love, and their strong natural ability to maintain relationships.

They have a love of learning and a quest for knowledge, as well as an intense focus on their intuition and feelings. They are particularly concerned with maintaining their privacy, and place a high value on loyalty.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. This placement gives that Scorpio great strength, but also a warlike nature. He or she will do battle for an ideal or cause, with passionate intensity. Scorpio is both emotional and secretive; caring deeply for family and friends, but prone to jealousy and suspicion of others.

With your Sun in Scorpio you possess the unique power to transform yourself into anyone you envision. And with the Moon in Scorpio, you can build your destiny for success, tirelessly pursuing passion projects that excite the soul.

This is not a casual affair, but a passionate pursuit of success that is utterly relentless in nature. However, this is an excellent time to address blockages so that they no longer hold negative influences over your life.

The Moon in Scorpio is sensitive, passionate, and secretive. They are extremely strong willed people but they hide this with a calm and steady exterior. They may come across as cold to the outside world but it’s just an armor they wear because of their intense sensitivity.

Your Moon in Scorpio may influence your personality in different ways than most Scorpios. Your deep nature and secretive manner may be hidden from others as you feel it is not appropriate for your surroundings. You have much self-control, but are still passionate about life, and like the Sun in Scorpio, it can make it hard for others to get close to you.

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon is a very creative, driven, and charismatic person. Deeply intuitive they possess a rich imagination and a powerful sense of humor.

They love to be the center of attention and can be mesmerizing when they speak in their deep, sexy tones. Their intense gaze is often described as hypnotic.

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon person thrives on intensity and passion. It is important for these individuals to have their four basic needs fulfilled: a secure home base, plenty of romance, praise for their unique talents and abilities, and freedom to do as they please. The rest of the world must recognize the special place they fill in the universe.

Their personality is mysterious, secretive, and magnetic. Like a distant comet, they appear out of nowhere but can quickly captivate your attention.

Their potential for destruction doesn’t mean they ignore the rules of society. They are very loyal and protective of their loved ones, and with good reason.

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon person is ambitious and passionate, the kind of person who defies all odds to achieve success. A charismatic individual who knows precisely what they want and will not rest until they achieve it.

Scorpio is a Water sign, ruled by Pluto. Water signs are emotional and intuitive. They are imaginative and receptive, and do well in careers requiring dedication, patience, compassion, adaptability and empathy.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon woman is the ultimate femme fatale. She loves to seduce and be seduced, she can run a business with extreme efficiency, and she will always be the center of attention. She is passionate about life and all it has to offer her.

Her depth of emotion can range from feelings of despair to euphoria in a heartbeat and she channels them into her work relentlessly. Scorpio is compatible with any sign, but you’ll find it particularly difficult to escape her enchanting spell if she’s your astrological match.

If you are a Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon woman, you are likely to possess the traits of being: deep, intense, passionate, intelligent, intuitive, resourceful although shy.

She gets bored easily and is prone to emotional outbursts. If she’s not careful, she may sabotage her chances of ever meeting Mr Right. Domineering and self-important, this lady wants things her way or no way at all.

Scorpio Suns and Scorpio Moons are powerful, passionate and dedicated individuals. These two zodiac signs carry the same desires: to be their own person while also being dedicated to people they care about. With a deep sense of loyalty, they will do anything for those that they love and would not let anyone come between them.

These women are intensely loyal, faithful and passionate about the people and things they love. They can be tough on others but have a vey tender heart inside.

She is an intense free spirited paradox! She is passionate, tenacious and proud . With a capacity to be ruthless, demanding and vengeful she can also display just as readily a magnanimous and charitable nature.

This woman is an uneasy amalgam of predator and prey. A lot of this has to do with the fact that her inner world is quite complex.

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon woman is a classic example of someone who has both an intuitive nature and a strongly emotional one. She will always be true to her feelings, but she will also develop those feelings in a way that enhances the other traits that she possesses.

The Sun in Scorpio woman can be whip smart and insightful, with a secret mean streak that could rival an assassin. She is crafty and determined, and she uses her characteristically intense determination to make her work harder. This deep inner drive is so strong that it is often difficult for others to understand just what gets her going on any given day.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon Man

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon man has some great traits. Generally he is loyal, passionate and incredibly captivating.

The Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Scorpio is a very potent placement. The positions of the sun and moon work together to create a man who’s receptive to emotional intimacy, but often struggles for personal commitment.

He can overpower others with his stare, which causes them to feel uncomfortable and off balance. His intensity can make it challenging for him to connect or express his real emotions openly.

He’d rather keep things surface level than to bare his very soul. It also makes him tough on emotional intimacy and relationships, he’s either passionate in his love for life or he’s angry over a petty disagreement.

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon man is a rare combination of sincere sensitivity and a powerful magnetism. This man fundamentally possesses the ability to look at a situation and see the solutions. All Scorpio men (and women) have this powerful, analytical mind that thinks strategically; it’s just as active as his emotional mind.

He is complex, deep and mysterious. He can be gentle one minute and forceful the next. He genuinely wants to help people, and holds himself to an extremely high standard of excellence.

The passion, depth, intensity and allure of the Scorpio man is a magnet to women everywhere but in love and romance he can prove very difficult to handle. The thing that makes him so irresistible is also the thing that allows him to easily manipulate, hurt or even betray the ones that love him the most. Perhaps it is his dual personality or the fact he is always hiding something but you just can’t trust this man.

He is strong, loyal, and protective. This man enters relationships with the intention of staying in them for a long time.

He’s all about family and children and often feels that he has taken on a father-figure role in the relationship. The Scorpio Moon man takes his commitments very seriously, especially his marriage vows, but when the relationship starts to feel stagnant, he may start to feel trapped by them.

The Scorpio man personality is bold and assertive. Scorpio’s are natural leaders, with confident and intense natures. They possess an uncanny ability to read a person instantly and judge their character.

The Scorpio Sun Scorpio Moon man is secretive, dangerous to know, shrewd, and does not care for many social conventions. Penetrating and analyzing intelligence is matched by great personal magnetism.

Whatever he becomes involved in is done wholeheartedly. He is quite capable of throwing himself completely into any project or activity with an energy that sweeps aside everything in its path. He can be trusted to keep his word, but he has a strange sense of humor and often a contemptuous attitude towards the values of others.

The Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon man has a magnetic personality. He is strong, tough, challenging and complex. He may appear sullen and distant at first glance, but he can also be incredibly sociable and charming.

He’s direct, blunt even, preferring to get right to the point. When it comes to any relationships in his life (romantic or otherwise), he’s a “no nonsense” man with clear rules.

He is a calculated, intelligent, and stoic character. He is an introvert by nature but never seems to have a problem making friends and people love his company. Once he is in a relationship he is very loyal and faithful.

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