Scorpio Moon Sign Personality Traits

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The Moon is the astrological symbol of emotion. It sets your subconscious mind at work, so your emotions are crucial to finding the right man or woman for you.

Your Moon sign describes your emotional nature and how you interact with others. It is important to know that the Moon rules all aspects of our emotional world, from romantic love to family life to feelings about home.

The Moon in Scorpio is a deeply emotional, intuitive and secretive placement. The strong instincts of the Scorpio Moon are an asset that can help you achieve your highest potential.

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Moon in Scorpio Personality Traits

Moon in Scorpio Zodiac Sign Description

The position of the moon in astrology is extremely important, and often the most telling factor about someone’s personality.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, which means this fascinating and mysterious sign has been shrouded in mystery for centuries—and remains so to this day. The Scorpio moon personality is full of passion, intrigue, and intensity. You are brooding and complex—a true enigma.

Scorpio is a water element sign, and water represents intuition. A Scorpio Moon sign has good intuition and usually makes decisions using his or her feelings and hunches.

The Moon in Scorpio person is deep, loyal, and reserved. They have a sense of royalty, being born from the ruling class of a long line of powerful people.

Scorpio Moon people can be secretive and distrustful at times, but once they get to know you, they are very loyal friends. Their ability to focus on tasks is legendary—they don’t stop until a job is done, especially when the task comes from their heart.

Although they tend to be rather self-sufficient, they do have an intense need for closeness and intimacy that sometimes gets overshadowed by their fear of rejection.

The Moon in Scorpio is a passionate zodiac sign. It’s one of the most mysterious placements, so don’t be surprised if you sense some mystery in this Scorpio. Other earth signs may try to challenge you; however, they will never be able to defeat your determination to get the job done.

Scorpio Moons are fighters. They have powerful intuition, an ornery side, and a passionate self-reliance that is fueled by deep emotional wounds.

Scorpio Moons can get caught in a vicious cycle: they abandon themselves in relationship, feel lonely, get bitter and resentful, then end up pulling away from their partners who only deepen their feelings of abandonment.

A Scorpio Moon is a charming personality that is sexy, mysterious, and mixes up friends and enemies like a deep sea fisherman drops his nets. They have charisma and a subtle knack for bringing the best out of others. Their intensity is both their strength and weakness, since it can spark jealousy in some and admiration in others.

The Scorpio Moon is a very intense and passionate person who will stir up strong feelings in their friends, family, and lovers. While they are likely to have scores of admirers, they’re careful not to get too close to anybody, because the fact is that they have deep emotional wounds in their psyche that they haven’t begun to work out yet.

The people born under the Scorpio Moon are usually very strong-willed and intense individuals. Some of the signs that this moon placement is present include a tendency towards being tough, energetic, and brave.

Individuals born under this sign are seen as deep thinkers who possess an intense inner will and a sharp intellect. Although on the surface they appear strong, cool, and collected, there’s more going on inside their heads than you might suspect based on their often quiet demeanor. It’s not that they’re holding back information from you; it’s just that their perception is remarkably different from others' perceptions.

Moon in Scorpio Woman

To the outside world she may seem like a mysterious, complex creature. Underneath this tough shell is a wise, loving, and caring woman. Scorpio moon women love deeply and protect their loved ones from harm.

These women want to be successful in life so they can help support those that matter most to them. These women can appear guarded at first but once you get to know them there is an amazing sense of humor.

Though through a tough exterior, these women are known for being loyal and devoted friends. They make great companions because they want you to see who they truly are inside and will always give 100 percent of themselves

The Scorpio Moon woman is a very mysterious creature. She is powerful and emits an aura of sensuality. Scorpio Moon women are complicated creatures whose deepest fears are connected with betrayal.

She has an ability to delve deeply into people’s psyche, putting her intuitive abilities to work in order to help others and uncover solutions to problems that may otherwise have gone unnoticed.

If you have a Scorpio Moon sign, you are very intense and passionate about life. You can be very jealous and possessive in relationships, but you are loyal and protective of your loved ones.

You could have a tendency towards obstinacy and argumentativeness, but this just makes you more interesting and intense. You can be scared to commit completely in a relationship as you don’t want to feel trapped. This is because at the back of your mind; you know that when the going gets tough you will cut and run - it’s just in your nature.

Although it’s an intense sign placement, many Scorpio Moon Women find themselves more grounded and emotionally in tune than their other moon-ruled counterparts. Their emotional lives are marked by intensity and fireworks.

Other people may find this hard to deal with on a daily basis. Scorpio Moon was born a fighter and has the same tenacity they apply to emotions in all areas of their life. They don’t give up easily or let go easily.

A Scorpio woman’s emotions are intense and passionate. She is committed and loyal, but capable of great intensity if that commitment is broken.

Every Scorpio woman has her own special definition of romance, and though she appears to set out on an adventure like a bee seeking nectar from flower to flower, what she secretly craves is the one great love of her life.

Scorpio’s watery emotional mix causes her to have deep feelings for the most unexpected people (even those that are not at all appropriate for her), and she can be carried away by them in spite of herself.

Scorpio Women are seductive, exotic and of course, passionate. They possess a creative personality which manifests in many unique ways such as keeping plants alive and caring for others. As a man, being around an extraordinary Scorpio Moon woman is like looking at the night sky. After observing the beauty of the stars and moonlight, one realizes that there is more to life than what seems to be.

Not only do they have a talent for helping others, but Scorpio women are gifted with an ability to be very perceptive about what others are thinking and feeling. They are highly intuitive and can always tell when someone is lying or hiding something.

Most Scorpio Moon women also have a knack for determining who your real friends are and who your fake friends are. They rarely make the mistake of keeping people in their lives who they should let go. Loyalty is an important quality that’s valued by Scorpio, and they will seldom stick around for people who turn out to be disloyal.

Moon in Scorpio Man

If you’re a Scorpio Moon man, you are passionate, intense and take life by the horns. You are known for your bravery (which can border on recklessness), loyalty and dedication in friendships. Your problem-solving skills are strong and when it comes to relationships, you make sure everything is done right or not at all.

The one-of-a-kind Scorpio Moon man is charismatic, attractive, persistent and passionate. He possesses a magnetic charisma that will draw you closer and make you his lover and best friend. You’ll be head over heels for his magnetic charm, intellect and passionate intensity – qualities that promise an exciting life together.

Scorpio Moon men are not to be trifled with. They keep their own counsel and go about their private business. They can force you to tell them your darkest secrets just by talking to you about anything else.

The Scorpio Moon man is dynamic yet contemplative. Often, he is caught between the present and future worlds, a place that can feel isolating.

He is passionate about whatever he does, which may cause conflict at times with others who are more guarded. He may struggle to control emotions within himself or work up the courage to share them with others.

Scorpio is a water sign and possesses a magnetic force that touches everyone it comes into contact with. Scorpios are passionate, arousing great curiosity in others and provoking intense jealousy from others. They are generous, committed to their friends and lovers but also have a sharp tongue which is used to punish those who do wrong.

Born under the Scorpio Moon sign, you are known to be passionate and in-control. You know what works for your love life, and you’re not afraid to speak up if something isn’t working. And if your lover is already committed, you will definitely wait for an opportunity to make a move.

Now It's Your Turn

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