Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

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Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon people are known for their enthusiasm and expressive nature. Sagittarius is the most positive sign of the Zodiac, which makes them inspirational and fun-loving.

They have a unique way of capturing attention in any situation they find themselves in. You may see them as great leaders with ambitious minds who have clear ideas on where to move in the future.

The Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon is a sensitive and complex character, one that is deep and philosophical in nature. Sagittarius Sun people often feel misunderstood by society, and perhaps a bit rebellious about it. They can also get excited about the newest fads or trends, simply because they never grew up in a time without them.

They have a sense of humor that is boisterous and often self-deprecating. They take pleasure in the little things in life and know how to enjoy themselves.

Since they don’t suffer the displeasure of others well, they tend to amass many friends and admirers along the way because they are kind-hearted, thoughtful, and possess great strength of character.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon Description

Sagittarius Personality Traits

The Sagittarius sign is known for being honest, straightforward, freedom-loving, generous and optimistic. The Sagittarius person craves the unknown and loves adventure and this desire can make them restless with everyday life. This personality trait makes them appear reckless and overconfident.

Sagittarians are hopeful to the point of foolhardiness, impulsive, careless and upbeat. They love outdoorsy activities, sports, food and drink.

They are friendly and optimistic and they believe in following their heart’s desire. They are honest, frank, sincere, generous, good humored and humanitarian. They believe that God is everywhere.

Sagittarians are imaginative, adventurous with a quick mind and enjoy their freedom. They get excited about new ideas and different experiences. They have a keen insight into the future and are not afraid to take risks to live their dreams.

They are optimistic, enthusiastic people who love to travel and experience new things. Their outgoing nature makes them friendly and gregarious, and the desire for adventure can make them restless at times. They thrive on change and variety, and their broad range of interests makes them mentally flexible and intellectually inquisitive.

A Sagittarius person has very few flaws. They are truthful, but have two different sides to their nature that can at times feel quite contradictory. They’re free-spirited on the one hand, traditional on another.

Although they project an aura of naivete, they are quite perceptive and surprisingly sophisticated. They generally love to travel, taking long walks with a good book or going anywhere that may inspire them creatively. They tend to be restless, need new stimuli and hate routine work.

A Scorpio Moon is compassionate, sympathetic and intuitive. When upset, the Scorpio personality can be jealous and vengeful, even vindictive.

Although people born under the Moon sign of Scorpio are willing to work hard and rarely give up on a challenge, they need plenty of space. They learn through trial and error how to work out what they want from a situation without making enemies.

Scorpio Moon people are creative, optimistic, and impulsive, often operating on their instincts. They take pride in the way they care for themselves and those around them, although if they don’t they’re likely to feel hurt by criticism.

The Scorpio Moon is a quintessential water sign, secretive and alluring. This passionate character has an intense, hypnotic gaze and revels in drama and power struggles. We’re talking the type of person who wouldn’t think twice about taking the plunge into conspiracy theory.

They are shrouded in mystery on a personal level. The Scorpio Moon water sign has an unwavering sense of determination and can remain completely self-focused while also being exceptionally sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. Scorpio’s emotions run deep but this lover planet can be conflicted by divided loyalties.

The Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon person has a highly magnetic personality. This is a person with extraordinary powers of attraction, and so it is with his mind that he can exert a tremendous influence over others.

The Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon person is focused. This is the sign of the explorer who, when attracted to a goal or objective, will follow it to its ultimate conclusion.

They are quite a dynamic combination in the horoscope, and one which often attracts a great deal of attention. It’s not unusual for some people to feel that they have found in this person their “ideal mate” (Scorpio), and that he or she will live up to and fulfill all of their deepest, darkest needs (Sun-Moon combo).

The Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Scorpio person is predominantly passionate, driven, and intense. This Sun Moon combination has a gift for intuitive understanding of others' motivations, sometimes resulting in psychic ability. This person may have strong opinions on what should be allowed or forbidden by society and their behavior may be considered offensive to some.

They may have sharply contrasting personalities. Their mischievous nature can be both charming and wicked, while their sensitivity makes them attractive to others.

Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon people are ambitious, adventurous and love to learn new things. Their feistiness and honesty is admirable despite their occasional tendency for bluntness.

These people love to dream and think about abstract concepts that deal with almost every subject imaginable. This makes them very intellectually oriented, although they are not necessarily as practical as they might appear to be on the surface.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

An intense Sagittarian woman with the Moon in Scorpio makes for a rather mystical experience. She may go about her day-to-day business quietly, but she knows how to be unforgiving when she needs to be and deliver the right zingers at the right time.

This type of woman is generally forward-thinking, and looks beyond the now to envision what is to come; even if she doesn’t say it aloud. She’s a friendly woman who knows how to get up in your face and tell you what’s on her mind.

If you have Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon in your astrology birth chart, your personality is likely to be intense and passionate. You are a fiery and powerful soul, who can be easily hurt. This means you need to protect yourself from the world and from those who see you as a threat to them. Stand up for yourself or you will not survive!

These women are strong, independent, and very passionate. The ideal is freedom (solar) and honest feelings (lunar). They have great inner strength because they are so independent.

Sagittarius is the sign of higher learning, adventure, optimism, passion and freedom, a true explorer. Scorpio is an intense sign of transformation, sexuality, intensity of feelings and a determination to succeed.

A Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon woman is a keeper of the mysteries. She’ll share a bit, but there’s always an aura of mystery about her as well. She’ll know all about you and yet withhold her deepest self from you.

It’s an awareness that she has power, even if she doesn’t have much in the way of assets or status. A Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon woman is incredibly bright, no matter what her level of formal education may be. But she’ll seem more like a sage than someone overly concerned with intellectual matters.

Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon women know how to get a lot done in this lifetime. They love to travel and explore, are fond of foreign languages, and take a certain pride in being well traveled.

They want people to know they have been places, have things under control, and can handle any eventuality that comes their way. She is good at reading people, but doesn’t reveal her hand easily.

If someone wants to understand her better they must win her trust through unconditional support and attention. She is drawn to people who are powerful, mysterious and confident.

Her distinctive style is one of glamour, a touch of mystery and the ability to wield her talents with authority. She is known as someone who is multifaceted, often cryptic, seductive, passionate, and ambitious.

The Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon woman is a combination of fiery Sagittarius and deep Scorpio. This sun moon combo is quite rare and hence the natives will be very extraordinary and unique.

She is full of contradictions. She is at her most comfortable when she creates a vision for her life and then goes after it with all her might. She doesn’t let anything or anyone stop her.

Yet, at the same time, she can be conservative to a fault and believes only in what she can see and touch. She is restless, yet loves the familiar and looks for stability.

Sagittarius/Scorpio can be misunderstood because although you are sensitive, and very caring but also quite passionate. You do not say what you feel easily and this makes it easy for those around you to not see your true feelings. Your mannerisms make you appear much more aggressive than you really are!

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon Man

The Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon man is a unique and complex character. His sensitivity is paired with a fiery passion for adventure and excitement.

He can be intense, and possessive at times. He is definitely one of a kind, quirky and hard to get to know.

A Sagittarius man born with this horoscope combination has an adventurous personality and loves to love and be loved. His nature is sensitive and honest.

He loves to spend time outdoors or visiting the museums and art galleries. Concerts, plays and all kinds of social gatherings are also favorite places for him to meet new friends.

He is attracted to fine arts, so he may have the ability to play a musical instrument or be quite artistic in creating all kinds of projects for his home. The Sagittarius man enjoys meeting new people and creating lifelong friendships.

The Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon man is one to watch, sometimes audacious, sometimes obscure. Although he can be pitiless or even coarse at times, he is also politically shrewd and a master of manipulation.

The combination of the fast-moving fire sign of Sagittarius, and the deep-thinking water sign of Scorpio gives him a rare inner and outer confidence. He’s drawn to the occult, fringe thinking and secret societies. The combination often produces impressive psychic energy and insights.

This man is quite a rare character, and can be somewhat hard to deal with if you don’t understand him. It’s easy to get frustrated with a Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon man when he seems to make poor decisions and redoes certain aspects of life over and over again. He is extremely intelligent but this isn’t always apparent as he often doesn’t come across as bright due to his lack of communication skills.

If you have a Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon combination in your natal chart, then it’s said that you are open to all experiences of life in a passionate manner. Having a Scorpio Moon aspect can mean being subjected to a lot of transformation during life via your feelings or mood swings.

This Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon man has a passionate soul. He is a magnetic leader and is well-respected by others for his honesty, sense of humor, and his ability to use both the power of mind and body to get what he wants.

He is likely to exude self-confidence, strong willed and self-motivated. He is an ambitious individual who will succeed in whatever he sets out to do, whether it be seeking a higher office in his community or climbing the corporate ladder.

They are charismatic and good looking, open and honest and principled. Since the Sun rules the heart, you can expect that a Sags/Scorpio will be generous with their words, mind and emotions - even when this might impinge on their own interests.

The Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon man is a very sensitive guy, but also emotionally detached. He can become a real firecracker when provoked, but he usually keeps it all in just so he doesn’t have to deal with people’s feelings.

He is one that feels the need to be the dominant force in any relationship; even if he’s not the obvious leader of a group of people. He will probably have many friends but can be very selective when it comes to choosing his partners.

He is the ultimate romantic and loyal friend. He is an incredibly powerful lover, but he has one fatal flaw which will ruin his lives: he’s selfish.

Although, when he is selfless it’s a great thing because his generosity knows no bounds, and he will put anyone else before himself. Guys like this have addictive personalities, as they are fun, exciting, and magnetic.

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