Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

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A Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon individual is ambitious and hardworking, with a deep-seated need to make an impression upon the world. Focused and persistent, these people can be masterful in both planning and taking action.

The conservative side of this combo may make them seem like traditionalists, but they are often unconventional in their pursuits. They tend to be very secretive but highly magnetic people who have a great sense of emotional awareness.

Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon people are the most ambitious of all earth signs, focused on maintaining control and rising to leadership positions. With their power, they provide security for everyone else.

Typically strong willed but powerfully psychic, they are searching for what’s hidden. They can be manipulative and controlling, using powerful will power if necessary to attain their goals.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon Description

Capricorn Personality Traits

The Capricorn personality is goal-oriented, traditional and predictable. They are ambitious people who like to climb the ladder in successful fashion. This Zodiac sign is all about responsibilities, commitments, and business.

It is said that people born under this Sun sign have a profound sense of duty. This means that they love to live up to their promises and commitments, which in turn makes them very reliable.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, known for being disciplined and responsible. Capricorns are practical, realistic and often set high standards for themselves. They can be rather stubborn, reserved and very determined - when they set their sights on a goal they pursue it with single-minded determination.

Gorgeous, elegant, sensitive, charming, and funny. These are just a few of the words people use to describe you. A celestial being that radiates natural beauty wherever they go. Born under Capricorn’s generous, forgiving gaze means discovering an innate sense of responsibility that can be channeled into superb problem solving.

Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

Moon in Scorpio individuals are intense, passionate, and highly sensual. They have a tendency to be obsessive about others, owning an almost stalker-like compulsion to delve into the most personal of secrets.

They are also extremely protective of those close to them, fiercely loyal and capable of vengeance if their trust is broken. Reserved and mysterious by nature, their seductive powers often come as a complete surprise to those who don’t know them well.

Scorpio is a water sign and ruled by Pluto, the planet of power. Consequently the Moon in Scorpio personality can be extremely powerful when they harness that power. They are an intense emotional soul who has a deep connection with everything around them.

Their intuition is their strongest trait, known for seeing the hidden truths in life. If you have the Moon in Scorpio you are a warrior with a heart—once you set your sights on something, it is best not to cross that line or mess with your headspace. You are stubborn and headstrong, but if someone earns your trust they will find

The Moon in Scorpio is a complex, mysterious person ruled by passion and intuition. They are deeply intuitive, ever-evolving, and resourceful. Their intuition allows them to see things as they truly are both inside and outside of themselves, which can be shocking at times due to the unique ability to see where others have yet to realize is there.

Scorpio Moon individuals are extremely passionate and intense. Their strong emotionality is underscored by an almost psychic ability to discern what others are thinking. They are very loyal individuals who seek deep bonds with a loved partner, and emotional intensity is the very core of their being.

Sometimes this person can be cruel and get pleasure from the fear of others. Secrets are what they love most in life.

They are intelligent, intense, focused, passionate, jealous and have an all-consuming nature. They are good at controlling other people and can even make them absolutely crazy with their emotions and moods.

These individuals are very emotional, intense and highly intuitive. They possess high standards and set themselves up for inevitable disappointment.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon Characteristics

Passionately reserved, determined and ambitious. Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon individuals are ardent, determinedly building their way up a career ladder or aspiring for personal fortune or success. They have a no-nonsense personality and they enjoy being in charge.

It makes them feel secure to know that everything is under their control, but they need a life partner who is prepared to accept the responsibility of helping them achieve this goal. They take life seriously and believe in hard work; slow to make friends but can be very devoted once they have said ‘yes’ to someone.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon is willing to work tirelessly and systematically to achieve success. Capricorn provides the discipline needed for them set and achieve their goals for these individuals are naturally ambitious.

These people have the resources to become financially secure and enjoy the finer things in life as a result of their strong work ethic and desire to be well-known in some area. This can develop into an obsession with personal recognition, which ultimately may prove costly for these individuals.

The Sun in Capricorn person is possessive, tenacious, responsible, serious-minded and ambitious. They are practical, stable and independent.

Capricorn Sun people cannot rest until their future is secure – money, job security and their home are all extremely important to them. They may have a tendency to be critical of themselves and others.

This placement gives endurance and yet has no compunction about using a powerful force when necessary. Serious, they are ruled by Saturn.

Born in December, the Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon person is reserved, ambitious and self-confident. As a child of these two fixed signs, this person is loyal, persistent and hard working as well as fiercely protective of home and family.

They are forgiving but not easily duped. They have a low tolerance for dishonesty but are very tolerant of others mistakes and misjudgments.

They have analytical, reserved and practical abilities. They are tough-minded, ambitious and work hard to achieve their goals. They do not like failure or being disappointed and try to avoid this at all costs.

Home is very important to them as they seek stability and security. Family is also a core value to the Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon person, while material comforts are highly valued.

Capricorn people are ambitious. They are very capable to achieve their goals and tend to be steadfast in pursuing them. They have an eye for business and thrive on success and power. Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon individuals value loyalty but sometimes they can appear distant as they prefer to keep their distance from others.

Their emotions are controlled and even though they sometimes can be emotional at the beginning, these feelings are usually short-lasting as they don’t want others to know about it. Being determined, hardworking, disciplined, cautious, practical and traditional makes them ideal for corporate jobs or careers that require these traits of character

If your Sun and Moon signs are Capricorn and Scorpio, you are a very strong personality, always seeking to find out more about yourself and the future. You have very high ideals of what you expect from friends and life in general. Deeply rooted in traditional values, you have strong feelings for family members and always try to be there when needed.

A restless soul with an inner lust for power and success. Intensely ambitious and goal-oriented, it is often said they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

The outgoing nature of the Sun/Moon combination gives them a reputation for being strong-willed, assertive and learned, but their emotional core is that of a victim – someone who has been denied love through neglect or abuse.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

From her thoughtful approach to problem solving to her determination to get the job done, a Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon woman is a class act.

They are someone who takes pride in their work. They are hardworking but they do not like being motived, and will likely put you on edge, especially when it comes to your reputation. They are secretive but have her reasons for doing so.

These women are loyal and have great friendships with very few people. They do not appreciate you getting involved with their life and would rather keep some information on the down low always.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon women have many wonderful traits they carry with them throughout life. These women are quiet, intense, and powerful. They can be stubborn and determined to succeed.

Whatever they take on becomes a passion for them. They have a deep understanding of the difficulties of life. They are driven by past hurts to do better now and in the future. However, their past lives may trouble them as well as empower them.

A woman with a Capricorn Sun and Scorpio Moon will be headstrong, determined, ambitious and persevering. Her life is a constant quest for personal power and she will work hard to establish and maintain her goals.

She possesses a quiet strength that may be different than that of other sun sign women. Capricorn women generally see themselves as part of the group, and are mindful of how their actions affect others. This is especially true for Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon women.

The Capricorn woman often chooses a path to self-fulfillment through service to others. She may be drawn to careers in teaching or medicine, or her need to take care of family may draw her into caring for sick relatives.

She is often described as a tenacious and intense personality who is enormously ambitious in her public life. Although you will meet many women who share these traits, the true nature of this woman is always unique.

The Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon woman is serious and won’t put up with a man who’s not ambitious, as she craves security and long-lasting love. She can be ultra-controlling at times and is very good at playing the martyr role when it suits her needs. She has excellent intuition, which she uses to keep her relationships in check.

They are excellent at being the life of the party, for they love to dominate and control social situations around them. These women have deep emotional scars from their childhood.

Harmony, ambition, and a need to control are the hallmarks of a Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon woman. She’s deep, she’s intense much like her Pluto-ruled sign, but unlike Pluto there’s a softness to this earth sign lady.

The Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon woman is all about taking charge of her surroundings whether at home or at work. Not only does she get projects done at work but she also keeps the family ship sailing along smoothly.

This is a complex and contradictory blend of traits. The Capricorn-Scorpio woman is often deeply attached to family and tradition but at the same time feels out of step with her roots, or they may be very close to their family but also highly critical of them.

They will probably feel like an outsider within their own home. Sometimes a Capricorn-Scorpio girl can become so enmeshed in her family that she will have a hard time separating from them when it is time to launch out on her own.

Sun in Capricorn Moon in Scorpio women are loyal and take their commitments seriously. They are also strong, intelligent and practical. They enjoy being active but hate being hot! They need sleep and will sometimes display a lazy behavior to disguise the extrovert that lies within.

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon Man

Born from December 22 to January 19, Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon men are known for their innovative creative abilities. In particular, you are especially good at making money and making new business ventures.

The Capricorn Scorpio man is a determined, hard-working individual who excels in all areas of his life. He has an intense personality that exhibits tremendous pragmatism, and can become a ruthless foe when crossed.

This Sun Moon combination creates a man who is ambitious, determined, resourceful, methodical and earthy. He is sometimes seen as materialistic as he is interested in business and building his assets.

The Capricorn Sun sign is part of the earth element which creates this personality to be very sensual and food oriented. He is very loyal to loved ones if they have proved themselves worthy including family members. Without this loyalty he can be dangerous—words are not enough.

Sun in Capricorn Moon in Scorpio man is a serious but deep person. Loves to explore the domain of hidden worlds, can be very creative and philosophical, having a high level of intelligence and strong intuition. He has the ability to foresee things that others cannot see even from far away.

The personality traits of men with Sun in Capricorn Moon in Scorpio are unique. They are ambitious, competitive and ruthless when it comes to their career advancement.

The Capricorn man often has trouble expressing his emotions fully and honestly due to the influence of Scorpio Moon. He is strong, passionate, ambitious and reliable.

He has a magnetic personality which makes him a leader within his group of friends or colleagues and a loyal partner. He is bound to gain respect from other people with his noble actions and high ideals but also can be manipulative at times, when driven by selfish motives.

A Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon man is a rather secretive person with the ability to get easily hurt emotionally. He has an intuitive side to him and can be rather hesitant when it comes to taking risks in his life.

He is deep, intelligent, and is somewhat distant from his emotions although he is extremely affectionate and devoted towards his family or someone that he finds very special. The Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon person is a hard worker and needs a job in which he can be independent but also make an impact for the better.

This man is a deep thinker and he’s not afraid to be upfront about how he feels. While he’s serious about his relationships in general, he loves to show his appreciation for the important people in his life.

The Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon man is a bit of an enigma to many. Intense and very secretive, he can be difficult to get to know because he comes off as reserved. As soon as you penetrate his hard shell, you are going to find an amazing friend who’s loyal which makes him perfect for long-term relationships.

With a strong emphasis on career and status, some Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon men are very hard workers who take great pride in their achievements. However, if you have a Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon man in your life, you might discover that occasionally he is rather self-centered or even controlling, especially in matters which he feels strongly about.

The Capricorn Scorpio combination in a man’s horoscope produces a personality type that is ambitious, disciplined and nurturing; he is one who rarely deviates from the proper path, as it is imperative for him to be seen as a man of integrity and honor.

He has an uncanny sense of timing and wonderful intuition about human nature. He often knows what people are thinking, not because of any ESP or superior intellect but because he is keenly tuned in to human behavior patterns.

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