Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon Personality Traits

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The Capricorn personality, also known as the Goat, is one of the most ambitious signs in the zodiac. Born between December 22nd and January 19th, this sign is ruled by Saturn, known as a planet of discipline and organization. Capricorns are known for their determination, discipline, and reliability.

These individuals care deeply about accomplishments and seek out stability above all else in life. As a sign that strongly relates to the earth element, Capricorn requires grounding and practicality from its surroundings.

With your Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon, you have a mixture of personalities. You are capable and practical, yet compassionate and sensitive. Punctual and responsible, you are ambitious and disciplined, and possess the ambition to make a mark on the world.

You may have been raised to achieve, whether by family or others in your life. You will do well in business or corporate positions requiring strength and structure.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon Description

The Capricorn/Cancer personality is organized and a bit conservative, yet compassionate and sensitive. People with Sun in Capricorn/Moon in Cancer need to feel appreciated for what they do and they like to feel needed by others.

This person has a quiet, cautious and calculating personality which gives them a reputation for being formidable in their dedication to family, friends and partner. This position also brings a lot of emotional strength and a nurturing nature. So they are not just sentimental but are also sympathetic, kind, caring and sympathetic.

But remember, even Sun in Capricorn Moon in Cancer people who have their heart set on something can be very indecisive and wavering when it comes to making a decision. Your feelings are just as important as your mind here; the key is in picking a course of action that incorporates both emotion and reason. It’s time to listen to your emotions about which way to go.

With the Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer, you have endless vision and an uncanny ability to achieve. Deeply intuitive, your greatest accomplishments come when you have become adept at knowing how to compose opportunities. Naturally cautious, the only way to make the most of your natural power is to tap into its inner source and use it appropriately in all areas of your life.

The Capricorn personality is intense, strong, and highly ambitious. This is the sign that represents the Zodiac’s “go-getters” and those who have a constant drive to succeed. They are also well-known as being very practical, hardworking, stable, and dependable individuals.

Individuals born under this sign embody the qualities of responsibility, ambition, and an exploitation for being held in high regard in society. Their personality traits are said to be rooted in their stubbornness along with a need for material attainment and security–they appreciate the finer things in life.

What the Moon represents in your natal chart is an expression of your emotional needs, as well as how others may perceive you. The Moon also rules your imagination, creativity and psychic powers. It represents mother, home, family life and all things domestic.

Cancer is one of the more complex Moon signs. You worry about security, and you like to feel emotionally safe in your relationships. Loved ones mean so much to you, but this is a deep well that often goes unplumbed.

The Moon in Cancer person is highly emotional. He gets hurt quite easily but he will never show his vulnerable side to the world. He has a strong sixth sense and could be a psychic.

Having a Cancer Moon means you are emotional and sympathetic. You often take on the feelings of others, but you’re not likely to express your emotions very openly.

You may have trouble separating your emotions from other people’s during conversations or group meetings—emotions just seem to be part of the conversation. You don’t have a problem showing your affection through touching and that is one way you can let someone know you care.

They are often shy and wary of others. Tinged with the vulnerability of childhood and adolescence, you are an old soul cleaving to tradition for protection.

Cancer Moons often have a big family with a lot of attention focused on one child, and so they learn to be patient, to count on themselves for nurturing and support. They also learn to make do with what they have and think creatively about how to adapt their skills and interests to whatever situation life presents.

You may find that you compose classical songs or stories, write poetry and unique fiction. You could be very good at landscaping or flowers. You could bring the homely qualities associated with your Cancer Moon sign into your art such as knitting, quilting, or sewing.

People with a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon are very sensitive and caring. Often it is typical for them to put too much of themselves into other people and get hurt deep inside when others distance themselves.

They are seen by others as suspicious, timid, anxious and concerned about the well-being of others. They have an internal need for love and cherish family values. Dreams tend to play an important role in their lives. They are attracted to imagery which portrays the symbol of the sea.

The Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon individual is reserved and only very careful about who is let into their inner circle. They are not overly social and therefore do not like to go out of their comfort zone.

Born with deep insight & emotional warmth, you are a highly creative & imaginative soul. You have evolved to be ambitious and motivated leader, an achievement blossomed by your own personal vulnerabilities.

This Sun Moon combination can imply that your heart may be deeply buried in emotion, but that too may not come out very much. This does not mean you live without emotion; they just may be more subtle and not broadcast all the time.

The tendency would be to hold things in. Your moods might change from a moment to the next, or day to day. You could be quite approachable one moment, and withdrawn the next.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon Woman

The strong-willed, confident, ambitious Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon woman possesses a natural assertiveness that comes from knowing her goals and being willing to go after them. She is born leader, and those who follow her will be richly rewarded with her excellent organizational skills.

While this astrological combination may lead the average Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon woman on a climb to the top, she may leave a trail of broken hearts behind her as she focuses all of her energy and attention on meeting her goals.

She is typically at her best when she can blend her logical and warm-hearted nature. Possessing a keen sense of what is practical and what endears, she can hone her consideration for others into a career that caters to people’s needs and moods.

Ideally suited to healthcare or service professions, a Capricorn/Cancer woman may also dress fashionably and creatively, while soothing the soul with her exuberant warmth under a professional veneer.

Thanks to her affable, charming, gregarious nature, the Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon woman does quite well in social circles. She is an empathetic and genuinely caring person, and is very adept at finding ways to please others.

She never loses touch with reality though; she knows who she is and what she can offer the world, all while remaining level-headed about it all too. They don’t get overwhelmed when it seems like everyone wants something from them; they are great multi-taskers who always find time for themselves as well as friends/family.

A Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon woman is very special and rare. These women possess a very deep sense of loyalty as well as strong maternal instincts. These combination of traits actually distinguish them from other Sun and Moon Signs, showing that they are on a whole different level than other people.

They illustrate their complex natures through a subtle blend of practicality and spontaneity. Though they’re often seen as cool and reserved, their true selves have a huge capacity for feeling.

These individuals may hide their vulnerability behind a mask of professionalism or cynicism and sometimes even seem to be aloof, but inside they care deeply about the fate of those who matter most to them.

This woman is an emotional, sensitive individual who may have to fight for a sense of belonging. She does not want to be seen as pushy or demanding in her efforts to achieve recognition.

She wants to be loved for who she is and what she contributes. She has a serious attitude and will not hesitate to do her homework before jumping into anything new.

The Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon woman is quietly loyal, sensitive and highly intuitive. She has all the makings of a good wife: a great listener, supportive and caring to her husband’s needs while still maintaining an independent identity of her own. She may seem shy or insecure on the outside but she can also be quite vain and extremely sensitive to others opinion of herself.

She is essentially a deep person who cares so much for family, friends and other close people in her life that their emotions can easily be transmitted to her. She will easily become upset if someone she loves is hurt or sad.

The Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon woman is traditionally seen to be demanding and a perfectionist. She likes the best of everything and will make sure she gets it.

These women can always find faults in others but when someone points something negative about them they do not take it very well. This makes them sometimes difficult to live or work with, under tremendous stress especially because of being overly organized and rigid.

The Sun in Capricorn woman is rather ambitious, belonging to the category of those who are focused on professional growth. She likes to run after things and she has a strong will. She believes that only her efforts can get her success.

This is an interesting combination, because with the Moon in Cancer, this woman wants to have that sense of stability in her life and be held by the ones she loves. The contradiction has a profound influence on her and makes her somehow confusing.

These women are known for their warmth, strength and emotional depth. They are also admired for their great intuition and natural sensitivity. The Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon woman is very reserved but extremely loyal to her friends.

She doesn’t easily share her emotions with others but when she does, she’s honest and open through and through. The private side of the Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon woman sometimes reveals a certain shy tendency and she may at times be nervous and uncomfortable in new social situations.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon Man

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon men are prudent, patient, they are not in a hurry to rush into any action. They have the ability to foresee future consequences of their actions. These men have a very good sense in business but they are not fond of taxes and accounting.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon men share similar tendencies, even though they are very different in personality. These men have a strong sense of responsibility, and an intense focus on their goals and ambitions. They can often appear aloof to others around them, but this is simply because they believe that they don’t need anyone to help them reach their dreams.

This man is nurturing, friendly and loyal, yet very private. He is mature, resourceful and optimistic, as well as very patient, polite. He makes a great leader and also a wonderful caretaker. He takes his time to decide but once he has made up his mind he sticks with it.

The Sun in Capricorn man is hardworking, ambitious, practical and orderly. He may also be cool and aloof with a considerable degree of self-control.

This Sun Moon combination describes a man who is very disciplined and has a deep sense of duty. He has a high standard that he demands from others, but also expects it of himself. He is responsible, hardworking, and reliable.

Capricorn men are known for being honorable and competent, and often carry themselves with the air of someone who is in charge. If you’ve locked eyes with a Capricorn man, there’s a good chance you’ve met your match. They tend to want to be leaders, and they’re frequently en route to becoming king of the castle by working their way up the career ladder.

This individual is very responsible, conscientious, and practical. Their perfectionism and attention to detail make them best suited for careers such as accounting, finance, law, business or engineering. The Capricorn Sun man with a Cancer Moon is a deep thinker and humble. Sincerity, loyalty and honesty are character traits that these men value the most. A deep sense of honor and duty help them go through life honoring their obligations on a professional and social level. Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon men consider communication very important in any relationship including friendships or business dealings.

These Zodiac natives are careful planners of everything in their lives. From the beginning to the end, they have a set plan and goals to achieve. They stay pragmatic and ready for changes when they happen.

They make sure whatever they do in life has enough worth, which sometimes pushes them to wait and delay their decisions based on logical reasons.

A Capricorn Sun man is deep, conservative, witty and ambitious. He enforces his will on others but offers support for others in return. This man is also attached to the values and traditions of the society he belongs to. This Sun in Capricorn guy is full of ambition and creative thinking, making him an intellectual soul who is militant against social injustice.

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