Capricorn Sun Libra Moon Personality Traits

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The Capricorn Sun Libra Moon person is someone who is ambitious, patient, and easy-going. This combination can encourage a domineering characteristic and a sense of duty.

They are someone with a strong sense of responsibility, high standards, and keen awareness of how others perceive them. They have a taste for the finer things in life, and are happiest when able to surround themselves with beauty, style, and comfort. Being natural givers and receivers of love, they make you want to be around them, and are often charming company.

They can be witty, charming and ambitious, with a great sense of style. They are rather reserved, but when they do decide to speak up, they can have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon Description

The Capricorn Sun Libra Moon natives can be seen as having qualities and personality traits of both signs. Most people with this distinctive combination have a strong sense of loyalty and authority, often projecting this image outwards onto those around them.

They are ambitious and practical, yet always ready to help others. They tend to be emotionally self-contained, and are often perceived as being sedate, shy and altruistic.

Capricorns are resilient, patient, kind, and tolerant. They seek stability in relationships and work hard to get what they want.

The first thing you notice about someone with a Capricorn personality is their responsible attitude. They are hardworking, stable, and dependable.

Capricorn is a tradition-bound sign with great values who is practical, reliable, and ambitious. They tend to be very patient and persistent and this is why they are often able to accomplish those things that others find too difficult.

This Zodiac sign is very ambitious and motivated, ready to work hard and gain power as they strive for success. It’s considered a cardinal sign, symbolizing leadership and ambition, which means the Capricorn personality is always on the move, starting new projects and forging ahead to reach their goals.

Capricorn’s symbol is the goat, and you’d expect a reserved, serious and self-disciplined character – but Capricorns are actually fun loving and social! This is mainly because they love to hoard money, so they have time to spare for vacations, hobbies and leisure activities. They’re all about structure and responsibility – they take life seriously, so everything in their life is well-planned.

The strength of a Capricorn comes not only from their ability to persevere, but also from the level of organization and self-discipline they possess. They may take on several roles in life, which often including that of a leader. The sign is associated with success and ambition, but also fear and anxiety.

The Moon in Libra natives are social, charming, and also optimistic. They often have high aspirations and love to create an outstanding life for themselves which really sets them apart from others. The people born under a Libra Moon are imaginative and open-minded which gives them the ability to understand other’s point of view easily.

Like the scales of justice, the Moon in Libra is known for being an arbiter of elegance and balance. Composed, refined, and quintessentially social, those born under this Moon share a natural skill for diplomacy.

These people are charmingly straightforward and easy to get along with. Their practical and diplomatic nature contributes to making them one of the more difficult Sun sign personalities to insult, but that doesn’t mean they have no defenses.

They are earnest and sophisticated, and they want others to see the best of them. Their sense of being is that they want everyone to be happy.

The Libra Moon person will be found to be a pleasant, agreeable and good-natured individual with a charming personality. They will be an artistic person with a strong interest in the arts. They will determine the quality of friendships and give them freely to others.

If they are involved in an activity where there is a freedom of expression, then this person will find happiness and success. They may be a writer, an artist or musician. They like to get people together and put on a show with their nice singing voice or acting skills.

A balanced combination of masculine and feminine energies in the Libra moon sign leads to stability and everlasting happiness, despite this sign’s tendency to startle others with its honesty. This Moon placement brings contentment with old age, a desire to seek perfection in art or creative endeavors, and a love of history and tradition.

A person born with this Sun Moon pairing is blessed with grace, charm, and beauty-both inner and outer. She has fine taste and an unwillingness to participate in acts that violate her personal sense of right and wrong.

With a flair for diplomacy, she is able to smooth over the edges in any situation, while still staying true to herself. Her knack for visual arts combines well with design talents, as well as poetry or music.

The Capricorn Sun-Libra Moon combination gives you a person who is hard working, careful, restrained, compassionate, and interested in higher knowledge. They are very aware that rules drive society and respect those who make them as long as those rules make sense.

The Sun in Capricorn individual is reserved and shy but also ambitious and highly successful. Libra Moon individuals are suited for an administrative capacity but must beware of the tendency to be indecisive. This could make them appear wishy-washy or fickle.

These natives need order in their lives. Their motto is “I want it done right the first time.” A Moon in Libra gives a strong sense of balance and fairness, and they’re very good at juggling both sides of an argument. They use the energy of both planets in their everyday life, but never to excess or detriment.

You likely have pragmatic instincts, a great attention to detail, and an inner need for structure. In your relationships, you will always seek balance and harmony, you dislike disharmony and discord. You may be either a team leader or team player depending on the circumstances.

Likely, you have a strong sense of setting goals for yourself and others. It’s easy for others to confide in you because of your natural ability to listen; You are a patient listener with a well-developed sense of humor.

The Libra Moon person is drawn to beauty. He’s conscious of the impression he makes on others and how they perceive him. This person cares about harmony in the home and at work, preferring to have a comfortable, undemanding home life.

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon Woman

The Capricorn Sun Libra Moon woman shines brightly, loved by many. But, she has traits and weaknesses just like everyone else.

She loves to be in charge and may appear bossy at times, has little patience for those who live a superficial lifestyle, value communicative harmony amongst all she comes in contact with, and she is internally very sensitive to criticism.

The Capricorn Sun Libra Moon woman is a gifted writer, musician or artist. Her circle of friends is made up of people who enhance her life. She is sure to please a group of people–she’s kind, thoughtful, and her cool head can often help you out of a tight spot.

A Capricorn/Libra placement defines a woman whose life is an ongoing quest for balance and harmony. She seeks a safe, comfortable and beautiful place to call home. Her home impacts her happiness, her comfort and mood.

The Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon woman is a complex creature who has many different sides to her personality. She is deeply sensitive and emotional, but other times very reserved. She might wear a mask in public to hide her true self.

She can alternate between being flirtatious one minute and shy the next. She often appears confident, but she is just as likely to be outright afraid of something. She has ambitious dreams and often does not hesitate to go after what she wants in life - even if she has to stand alone with her beliefs.

The Sun in Capricorn Moon in Libra woman is the enchantress. Strong figure, independence, much travel, changeable conditions, keen sense of justice and others' needs.

She is practical and methodical. She plans carefully for her future and much success comes from this careful planning. The Sun in Capricorn Moon in Libra woman has a wonderful personal charm and dignity.

She is often a contradiction herself, being both romantic and practical, ambitious and reserved. She could appear well dressed on the surface, outwardly friendly and approachable, while harboring deep feelings of insecurity that prevent her from enjoying her relationships.

She is drawn to the finest things in life - money, possessions, a partner or mate who is strong, reliable and wealthy. But they can be overly concerned about money burning a hole in their pocket.

The Sun in Capricorn woman is an ambitious and confident lady. She handles her responsibilities well and achieves high success in both her career and social life. Always looking for new challenges, she likes to feel successful in what she does.

The same applies with managing her money matters, she can easily plan ahead knowing what the income of a month will be and spend it wisely saving for future investments or getaways. These women are known for their love of family and things that are expensive such as jewelry. They like to keep up with fashion trends and want their style to be admired by others.

The Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Libra woman is a very confident individual. She has a pleasing personality and is definitely an object of admiration for others. She likes and strives for good appearance and manners.

She has a penchant for the aesthetic appeal. Her self-confidence comes from her own sense of high standards or personal integrity. Life philosophy: Take hard work seriously but never yourself, especially if you’re capable of the former.

The Sun in Capricorn woman is likely to be conservative in dress and appearance. They will likely feel the pressure of society on their shoulders to stay within the lines. The Sun in Capricorn woman is careful not to spend money carelessly and dislikes being at the mercy of any one person, she honors herself with this position.

For this woman, life is a series of endless duties and responsibilities. There is always more work to be done and for this reason, there is no time for much else. Yet Capricorn or “Cap” women lead fascinating lives once they give themselves permission to do what they want when they have the chance.

A woman born with the Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Libra is known for her spunk and independence. She is a successful businesswoman who maintains a beautiful home life balancing work and family.

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon Man

Well respected for their good taste, Capricorn Sun Libra Moon men are design purists who know about comfort and luxury; whether it’s a luxurious hotel, a lovely car, or the best leather goods. They are extra careful in everything they do – and wear coats that last forever.

This man is the ultimate risk-taker. He is tough, determined and ambitious. The Libra Moon gives him a deep love of people. His life purpose is to restore order and structure through his hard work and determination.

He is very strong-willed and determined, and hidden beneath this rugged exterior is a gentle, sensitive man. He can be quite obstinate when he wants to be, and rarely lets go of his opinions or beliefs once he has latched onto them. He is more than a bit conservative in nature, preferring the tried and true to anything new that comes along.

The Capricorn Sun Libra Moon man can be authoritative and create a feeling of authority around him. He has a lot of drive and he is not just motivated by status or money, but also by creative achievement. He has refined tastes and is influenced by those who have achieved some measure of fame when he was younger.

He has a strong drive to work hard in all that he does and to be successful. His constant striving for self-improvement and the uncertainty surrounding his personal relationships can result in a restless feeling, particularly around members of the opposite sex.

His sensual and charming nature will be tempered by the practicality and conservatism of Capricorn. The man will possess an insatiable need for social refinement, which will give him enormous personal charm.

He may be a loner at times, but at other times he will crave for attention. He can be quite self-centered yet sensitive to others, and sometimes his sensitivity can pain him deeply.

The Sun in Capricorn man’s tendency toward conservatism and his need to be in control is offset by the Moon in Libra. This lends him graceful charm, an appreciation of luxury, and a desire to put others at their ease.

Although he may appear reserved or detached, he’s actually quite unique and rare. The Moon in Libra type has a great deal of personal magnetism. However, he tends to use it defensively, preferring to remain aloof and cool rather than commit himself or reveal himself emotionally.

He has a high expectation of himself and those around him. He believes hard work pays off and that few sacrifices should be made for any cause. This can create complications in love for the Sun in Capricorn, as he believes love should come before anything else, but also knows that his personal growth is extremely important to him.

You might be surprised to learn that Sun in Capricorn people are probably the most romantic of the typical male signs. This is a man who is all about tradition, ritual, family and romance and he will express those feelings to his loved one in very traditional ways. It doesn’t matter if he’s working out the details of a first date or making reservations for his wedding day, he’s going to want it done right and done well.

These people try to live in their minds – intellectual pursuits, writing, philosophy, art and science fascinate them. They hate being pinned down in any situation but their skill at compromise and the compassionate nurturing they offer makes them highly valued as friends and partners.

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