Capricorn Sun Leo Moon Personality Traits

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The Sun in Capricorn Moon in Leo personality is one part serious and one part celebrity. It’s not easy being in the spotlight, and it’s equally difficult to keep an eye on everything at work. The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon combo is a bit shy.

They like to feel safe and sound before they come out from behind their shell. Being so self aware, they don’t like harsh or critical people.

They can be a bit hypercritical of themselves, as well. On the flip side, this gem shines when they’re surrounded by positive people.

Capricorn Sun Leo Moon Description

People with Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon are serious about their personal projects. They live in the present and usually have a single purpose or interest that takes up most of their time. They are decisive, practical, and willing to take risks to reach their goals.

The ruler of the Capricorn Sun sign, Saturn, gives them an authority in both career and finances that makes them natural leaders. They are known for their poise and ability to draw others towards them.

They are creative and especially good with money. On the negative side, they can be overly possessive, jealous or controlling of those close to them.

This person is secretly fierce, complex, and thoroughly cunning. They love the finer things in life: wine, luxurious trips to glamorous places, and an upscale lifestyle with no limits.

The Capricorn personality is grounded, disciplined, and responsible. Capricorns are hard-working leaders who strive for recognition and status. They greatly enjoy the rewards of success and are very predictable.

Secretly though, Capricorns have an adventurous side which they like to express through their sign’s hobbies such as science, medicine, religion, business, or politics.

You are practical, hard working and ambitious. You take great pride in what you do but can sometimes keep your emotions at bay. You are very generous and loyal to family and friends.

The Capricorn personality is proud, ambitious, and goal-oriented. They believe in the value of work, and a professional appearance is often an important factor in getting ahead. They are reserved and practical, known for their ability to take charge and get things done.

Moon in Leo individuals are sensual, playful, and strong willed. Their curiosity is endless, and they always have the attempt to appear dramatic. This makes them a blast to be around, so of course everyone loves a Leo Moon.

They’re expressive and creative, creating most of their energy through mental stimulation – as an intelligent sign, the brain is the playground for the Leo Moon. When they’re at home nothing brings them more pleasure than being surrounded by friends and family.

They are outspoken and dramatic. They have a strong sense of self worth and want to be center stage where they can be admired.

As children, they may enjoy being the center of attention and playing or performing in front of other people but just as likely they will be very shy and hold themselves back. Their desire for self-expression will become stronger throughout their lifetimes.

The Leo Moon person is one of the most confident people you will ever meet, if they also have Jupiter in Leo. This combination makes them shine; there are no doubts in their mind that they can reach whatever it is that they put their minds to.

This person lives in the moment. They don’t like to worry about anything, or focus on the past or future, instead preferring to take each day as it comes.

They are an eternally happy and social creature that loves to be the centre of attention. Beneath this solid look of confidence though, the Leo moon personality is shy and sensitive. They are capable of love in great quantities but can also feel their emotions intensely, making them verbose at times and volatile to the touch.

The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon personality is a born leader. They are ambitious and hardworking and have an almost regal sense of self-worth.

Beneath their outer layer of confidence and pride, however, lies a chink in the armor of their self-assuredness. This is an eternally insecure individual who has constructed a formidable facade to make up for deep wounds that may have been inflicted during childhood.

Inside, where it counts though, the Capricorn Sun Leo Moon has soaring ambition, amazing creativity and deep resourcefulness that can make them quite successful in life. An ambitious, powerful and enthusiastic personality, they are classically considered to be serious, reliable and honest.

Although they won’t show it, this person loves extravagance and will protect their home turf (aka money) from any threat – even if that means themselves. Capricorn Sun-Leo Moon individuals are highly ambitious and always willing to work hard for what they want.

You are a good leader and have strong opinions about human behavior. You also possess a great deal of charisma and remarkable self-confidence. It is very hard to get to know you if you don’t want anyone to know you, for you guard your privacy carefully.

You hate being alone and will do almost anything to be around people. You insist that life is meant to be a celebration, and will go all out in living it up.

They are very responsible and expect the same from others. If somebody is late, they react negatively. They are not worried about public reputation and like to be in the center of everything.

They act according to the circumstances; they can be kind if you deserve it and cold-hearted if they have an interest in something.

The Moon in Leo loves showing off. And they won’t refuse expensive clothes and accessories. They want to look unique and attractive, so they always choose the highest quality materials money can buy.

The Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Leo person is famous for their deep, strong character. Their ambition and skills are recognized by all around them and people view them as the ultimate authority. They are born leaders. They love being in charge and are more than capable of handling the power responsibly.

Capricorn Sun Leo Moon Woman

The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon woman is warm and dominating. This woman loves to be in charge which is why she will make a wonderful leader or businesswoman. She has grace and confidence.

These traits are what makes her shine in front of others when presenting herself. Capricorn Sun Leo Moon woman presents herself well even if she is not comfortable with public speaking.

She knows attention, therefore she organizes it for others while turning their attention away from her. Her presentation skills are amazing and she knows how to get the crowd on her side.

At times you can be quite conservative in all you do, but your intuition is finely honed and you are known for being perceptive about others and special insights. Your health and wellbeing is important to you so it may be part of your personal mission to stay fit through exercise and eating well.

The Sun in Capricorn Moon in Leo woman is intelligent, hardworking, ambitious, and strives constantly to make a difference. She may not always be aware of the feelings of others, but her core motivation is to lead a purpose-filled life by creating success from her efforts.

If you were born with the Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Leo, you are a confident, creative and determined woman. You take pride in your appearance and work hard to achieve your goals. Although you are affectionate and loving, you can be critical of other people’s faults.

She’s a charming, lovable and attractive person who enjoys being the centre of attraction. She’s confident and feels great within her own skin. This is the woman who gets everyone’s attention and admiration easily. Capricorn Sun Leo Moon woman personality traits

You are attracted to fine things and high ideals wherever you go and you strive hard to maintain the image of excellence and success. At your best, you are a philanthropist who views all people as equals and who wants to make a difference in the world around you.

The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon woman is controlled, efficient, and easy-going. She does not expect too much from people so she is never disappointed when she doesn’t get it. She has an edge of seriousness that sometimes surprises people who don’t know her well.

She may appear cold to others because she does not express her emotions openly. She can be quite generous to friends and family (secretly) especially when needed but on the surface, she may seem detached and reserved, just like a wallflower.

Capricorn Sun Leo Moon women are elegant, classy and refined. They have a very distinguished, mature, self-confident manner about them and know how to react in any situation with wisdom, integrity and finesse. They love luxury and traditional pleasures but at the same time they like change, freedom of expression and unconventional behavior.

She is a very attractive woman. Her physical appearance should be an asset to her, although she might be prone to being vain.

This position of the Sun and Moon has a strong sense of drama, style and showmanship. This woman is creative and combines the power and strength of Capricorn with the fun, warmth and gregarious nature of Leo.

She’s proud with a powerful ambition, yet she’s still an idealist seeking that special someone to fulfill her deep emotional needs. If she’s good looking, expect her friends to refer to her as “cute-and-cuddly”.

Capricorn Sun Leo Moon Man

Capricorn Sun Leo Moon man’s strong caring and protective nature toward others is probably at its keenest when it comes to their women. They are usually very attached to their mother and try to emulate her in many ways.

Both masculine and feminine, they are proud of who they are, and their sense of security stems from the family. They love to be lavish towards their loved ones and there is nothing stopping them from showering them with gifts and love every now and then.

The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon man has a natural sense of self-esteem, and that is mainly because he believes that he likes himself. His personal style may vary depending on the environment and people around him, and if he finds a certain style that attracts attention, it will certainly be a part of his own personal style.

This guy is a planner, with foresight and the ability to make wise decisions. He’s been known to scare potential mates away when they see his plans for their future.

The Capricorn/Leo man likes to keep control of every aspect of his life, including his love life. This prevents him from living life in the moment, and he could miss out on some of the simple pleasures that are available.

This man is a natural leader. He brings rationality and decisiveness to his leadership style, and demands loyalty and commitment from his followers. He leads by example, in both his business life and personal life, promoting self-discipline among his employees or friends.

His work ethic is immense, and he takes pride in seeing projects through to completion. The Capricorn Sun Leo Moon man is a cautious and confident one. He does not like to take pains and tries to spend his time in the most efficient way.

He is masculine, ambitious and blessed with charm. They have a natural tendency towards entrepreneurship, leadership qualities and career oriented mind-set. Successful businessmen as well as women are born under this Sun, Moon combination.

This is a man who’s got two very distinct sets of personality traits. The Capricorn side prefers to take the long-view of things and wants to plan his life out in a logical and, sometimes rigid way. On the other hand, he might tend to obsess over details or situations, which could make him seem controlling and rigid.

On the flip side, his Leo moon indicates that he has a fairly dramatic side to his nature. It’s common for him to be bursting with charisma and a desire to express himself in a flamboyant manner.

He is proud of his accomplishments and expects the people around him to be aware of what he has done. He needs constantly to compete, not only with others, but also with himself.

A Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon is a person who exudes power and strength. He is not one to be pushed around and he will never back down from a confrontation. This is a man who believes in living life to the fullest – he lives for himself, loves to have fun, and knows how to treat a lady with respect.

While he may appear overly ambitious on a first encounter, once you get to know this guy you’ll discover that he has very basic needs just like everyone else. He’s not looking for adoration; rather, he’s looking for a partner who can hold her own with him as he

In love, he is a traditionalist romantic who always wants to please his partner and provide for them. The Sun in Capricorn Moon in Leo man is not afraid of hardships, and often takes on more than he can handle, ignoring his own needs in the process.

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