Libra Sun Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

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Libra Sun Scorpio Moon individuals are often complex and mysterious. They are keenly interested in the people around them and what makes them tick. Their careers, achievements, and goals reflect a willingness to lead and to work with others toward a common goal.

Libra is the sign of peace. As a Libran you are diplomatic, fashionable, and graceful. On the scales of your personality the characteristics calmness and fairness always outweigh the characteristics emotions and spontaneity.

Libra people are ruled by Venus and love balance. They are sociable and outgoing, yet often very private. There is never a dull moment with a Libra as their optimism and enthusiasm make them fun to be with.

People born under the sign of Libra are very curious, and they love to know everything about everyone. And although they won’t admit it, their elusive nature often takes control of their actions.

They want to be “on top” of everything! The only thing that keeps them going is the need to feel important and loved by those around them.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon Description

The zodiac sign of Libra is represented by an image of scales. This symbol represents the idea that all are part of one universe and should, therefore, strive for peace and equality.

A Moon in Scorpio person is intense, powerful, mysterious and even a little passionate. Their penetrating stare and intensity can make it hard to know what they are feeling, but they have very strong feelings. Below are some of your favorite characteristics and characteristics others see in you.

The Scorpio Moon sign is mysterious. Intelligent and often very moody, highly emotional and passionate, this person cannot hide their feelings very easily. They are often sarcastic but witty as well. Scorpio Moon is a great analyst; always taking things apart to get to the bottom of the situation or problem.

Moon in Scorpio people possess a complex, powerful, secretive and aura that is just as intense as the Sun sign. This sign usually exhibits itself during the third decade of life and represents an important transition in the person’s life.

The Moon in Scorpio has a magnetic appeal that can draw both lovers and friends to her. Behind this intense appeal, however, there is much self-doubt. This conflicting personality can lead to indecision, insecurity, and fear of rejection and loss. While it is difficult for the Moon in Scorpio to trust others, once she does she is loyal above all else.

This is a very intense and sensitive sign. You are prone to moodiness, especially during mid-life. Since the Moon rules emotions, this aspect makes you very intense, passionate, and loyal.

Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon individuals are intense people, with a passion for life, and an inner turbulence that they need to learn to channel constructively. Sometimes it can be difficult for this individual to successfully accomplish their goals, because they tend to take on more than they can really manage.

You thrive on balance but can sometimes take it too far. You can be a bit of a perfectionist and need to figure out how to let others help you. You are romantic, charming, sociable and good at handling money matters.

An inquisitive, determined trait, and outspoken nature makes this individual to be quite persuasive in all he or she does. Getting along with others is not always easy for the Libra Sun Scorpio Moon individual, as he or she tends to be strong-minded. Since they will usually do things his own way, adaptability is not exactly a virtue possessed by these people.

You’re so good at creating harmony that it’s difficult for you to see difference of opinions, or even that there are any differences of opinion. Your challenge is to combat your innate tendency to make others change in order to accept you, and instead stay true to yourself and work on your ability to blend intrinsic differences.

Libra, your Sun sign’s relationship with the Scorpio Moon is a dynamic one. There is an emotional push-pull that comes with this pairing that can make you both feel off balance at times. This fluctuation is due in part from the changing quality of your relationship.

Libra are known for their charm and honesty. Libra tend to have quite high standards for themselves as well as others, sometimes leading to disappointment in love.

The positive aspect of this behavior is that the Libra partner will strive for excellence in romance, an area where they might be lacking. If you have a Libra partner, praise them for having good taste in regard to your clothes, appearance and home décor.

Libra is a cardinal sign meaning that it is outgoing, energetic, and enthusiastic. It is dominated by the planet Venus (the goddess of love). Libra is forever seeking balance and harmony in relationships.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon women have the ability to pull off any look, whether its casual or formal and are great at maintaining a perfectly glamorous appearance. They are most comfortable in the spotlight and are often found center stage. They brighten up everyone up around them with their magnetic charm.

She is naturally charming, colorful, and flirtatious. She has a strong yearning for love, which could be extremely loving but also manipulative. She is independent, proud and dignified with a strong sense of self-worth.

She will avoid confrontation whenever possible and seeks peace and harmony in all of her relationships. A Libra Sun Scorpio Moon woman will always seek to improve herself, having an underlying desire to have a well-rounded life and to understand the world entirely too.

She is a feminine woman that is highly attractive to most men. She has a great smile and an almost mysterious feel to her.

This woman is very manipulative and she can be persuasive in both personal and business relationships. She knows how to get what she wants out of people and has the ability to sweet talk people into doing what she wants.

Warm, loyal and impressionable at heart, the Libra Sun Scorpio Moon woman will always be there for her man, no matter what life throws at him. Ever the giver, she is selfless when it comes to her partner

She is generally quiet and reserved and tends to place more emphasis on keeping relationships and situations cordial instead of bluntly addressing matters or issues. She’s ultimately sensitive, though she usually doesn’t show it; emotions are a weakness for this lady, and anybody who hurts her feelings will have the rough end of her tongue dealt back to them in spades.

The Libra Sun Scorpio Moon woman has an awareness of the moment that gives her a fresh take on life. She is curious, quick on her feet, and thinks outside the box. She has a keen intellect that makes her capable of making critical decisions and she dislikes routine.

She’s an intelligent leader, expressive, compassionate, and self-sufficient. She clings to her independent values but isn’t afraid to share her feelings with others. Her cool exterior gives no hint of her emotions, so any sudden change in mood or actions should be watched carefully.

The Libra Sun Scorpio Moon woman, is most likely one of the nicest and most misunderstood women in the zodiac. A very strong and beautiful woman who’s super independent and often acts as if she doesn’t need anyone. Her beauty shines through the clouds that cover it up so don’t be fooled by her tough exterior!

She’s a lover of beauty and fine things, and yet often feels uncared for and overlooked. As she gets older, she will try to cover pain with a beautiful smile and easy manners. Men are interested in her vitality, passion, sex appeal, strength, and her mysterious depths. Women admire her playfulness and urbane charm.

Sensuality, romance, and the attraction of sizzle characterize Libra Sun Scorpio Moon. This is a woman with great creative talents who can go far with education—she has perseverance, persistence and “stick-to-it-ive-ness.”

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon Man

The Libra Sun Scorpio Moon man has a charming, attractive personality. This man can be a seducer but he prefers to be admired from afar. He appreciates that you admire him and enjoys your company.

He is a peace-loving person, but don’t confuse that with passivity. When he has inner stability he will take on all challenges and solve people’s problems even if it takes a long time.

These men can often be found in higher education, politics or as legal council to the needy since they have a heart for social causes and their own personal sense of right and wrong.

The Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio man is quiet and mysterious. He is a good match for cool and reserved Venus in Aquarius woman, as well as Taurus Sun Cancer Moon woman.

The Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon man is bright, high-spirited, and gregarious. He has a strong appeal to the opposite sex yet also possesses qualities of loyalty and integrity. People who fracture your understanding are most challenging as they can expose the inconsistencies of life.

He is a natural leader and team player. He’s been involved in sports, civic and charitable organizations throughout his life. He has a positive outlook on life and expects the best from those around him.

The intensely masculine Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon man is confident and competitive, yet sensitive underneath. He can be too independent at times as he looks for an outlet to express his high energy level.

He’ll do whatever it takes to achieve what he wants. He wants to be the leader in whatever he is involved in with both male and female peers. His greatest need is stability; he feels more secure when he is able to count on something every day.

The combination of the Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon man lends itself well to ambition and power. He is sensitive, charming, passionate, a born lover in every sense of the word. This man can be quite romantic with his ability to make his partner feel special and loved at all times.

He is gracious, witty, diplomatic and warm. His strong sense of justice means he always tries to do the right thing, even when it’s difficult. He can be a bit indecisive at times and his perfectionism can put a strain on relationships, but he’s always true to himself.

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