Libra Sun Virgo Moon Personality Traits

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The Libra Sun Virgo Moon person exhibits a balanced combination of your typical Libran characteristics and the more analytical nature of those born under the sign of Virgo. The result is a keen intellect, but one that can be easily distracted by details.

Libra/Virgos are often very good at “putting a spin” on any situation they find themselves in, to make it more palatable to the world around them, or even to try to put themselves in an advantage.

The Libra personality is a classic social butterfly. They are good listeners and natural diplomats who care greatly about peace and harmony in their relationships. On the outside they seem agreeable or indecisive, but on the inside they are expressive and empathetic.

They have strong leadership abilities, but seek a sense of belonging rather than authority. These are just a few of their more prominent traits!

The scales that characterize Libra reveal a natural charm and artistic inclination, and the sense of justice and harmony that makes them more than just social partners. They love to be surrounded by beauty, and have a strong sense of aesthetic appreciation.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon Description

Asserting themselves to help others is the Libras' specialty. A love of dance, art, music and sports are also typical characteristics of this sign.

Libra individuals are friendly and expressive, wanting to enjoy the good things in life with a sense of balance and harmony. They are often charming and seductive, which is why they make great ambassadors. They’re brilliant conversationalists and listeners, and love the thrill of a good argument.

They can be indecisive though, particularly if there is a need to choose between two equally attractive options, and it’s not uncommon for them to sit on decisions for a while before continuing. Often popular as social butterflies, other people can rely on them for lighter topics of conversation but have difficulty reaching them when it comes more serious matters.

Think of a Libra as a natural diplomat and philosopher. Artistic, charming, polite, understanding, co-operative and even tempered, it’s easy to see why they’re admired for these qualities and loved for their good looks! A natural leader with great people skills, they are usually found in leadership positions.

Since they tend to be perfectionists who are easily influenced by lower vibrations, Libras need to surround themselves with inspiring people and create an uplifting atmosphere of love and harmony.

As a Libra, you are described as refined, charming, and stylish. You work hard to keep a balance in your life and strive for equality and fairness. You accept others and avoid becoming petty.

Libra is a sign of the Zodiac that people often describe as having a “perfect blend.” They look for partners who will complement them. Some believe Libras have such good taste because they try to use this balance in every aspect of their lives.

The personality traits of a Moon in Virgo can be expressed as a perfectionist, receptive, prudent, shy and mild mannered. They may have great skills of analysis and talent to pay attention to details.

The Moon, directly associated with mother, emotions and instinct is a planet that can obstruct us to feel loved. The Moon is present in the sign of Virgo and rules hidden sensitivity, intuition and receptivity.

A Moon in Virgo person has a practical approach and a logical manner. His or her task is to help others become more aware of themselves and their surroundings. This individual will stick to the facts and have little capacity for indulging in flights of fancy.

He or she will be very good with details and should enjoy working with small items. The Moon in Virgo person has an enduring sense of order and organization, coupled with flexibility when change is mandatory.

They are practical, perfectionistic, modest, and often shy. She likes to help others and work in the background and would often rather resolve a misunderstanding without speaking out loud. She is able to go the extra mile to maintain a high level of quality and precision.

The Moon in Virgo represents a highly introspective, detail-oriented individual who is sensitive to the needs of others. Loyal and hardworking, but indecisive and critical.

When the Moon is in this sign, you are a perfectionist at heart and have a critical eye for detail. You’re also practical, discreet, and considerate, and you pay attention to what others are feeling and thinking.

The Moon in Virgo sign is inquisitive, practical, and modest. They are often perfectionists, and can sometimes come off as critical or picky. Their love of organization means they can be well-suited to the medical field, but are also great as architects or designers. Either way, they make excellent friends and partners.

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon Personality is a very stable person who tends to be critical of others and may be upset if people feel that they are being attacked. They want things to be really nice with a good environment in which to live, work, and play.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon person is in touch with the signs of the times and is able to make them work for him/her in his own way. Due to the sensitive nature of Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, he/she is attracted to harmonious, beautiful and even luxurious things and surroundings.

Libra has a special affinity for art and can be very artistic. He/she appreciates beauty in all aspects and is a fine host. Librans can sometimes seem unusually detached and secretive and have a need for solitude. Though this may make those around them feel ignored or neglected, they would do well

Libra Sun Virgo Moon people tend to be critical of others, and need to find a balance between harshness and accommodation. They are creators, with an appreciation for the beautiful in sensible physical objects.

With this Sun-Moon combination, their identity is complex and susceptible to change; so they may be prone to worry when things are not going well. They approach life not as an imitation of the past, but as a way to bring order into chaos. Libra is about compromise and balance, symbolized by justice; perfect qualities for mediation and settlement of differences.

You are the most emotionally expressive member of the zodiac and you enjoy sharing your innermost thoughts with others; only sometimes do others not want to hear them or become uncomfortable.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon Woman

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon woman is a fun loving, gentle dreamer whose open nature and positive outlook dares new ideas and challenges. She is a good listener but can falter when it comes to listening to her own heart.

She has the social charisma of Libra behind her natural Virgo work ethic with desire to be perfect she can become too critical of herself. The Sun in Libra gives her grace, balance, beauty and charm, while the traditional quiet Virgo Moon governs her honest playfulness, practical strength and common sense which makes this woman a gem.

Being an active and assertive personality, a Libra woman is a blend of conqueror, femininity and entrepreneurship qualities. A Libra Sun Virgo moon woman is self-sufficient, an eye-roller, and impersonal.

The Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra reveals a feminine, charming, graceful and pleasant woman who is well-versed in social graces. Simply put, she is fifty shades of awesome. Not only does she have a sharp wit and unmatched intellect, but also a physical physique that can stop traffic (especially if it’s moving).

She knows herself well enough to communicate exactly what she wants, without coming off as self-centered. So chill in her presence, and you’ll enjoy hearing what she has to say.

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon woman tends to be artistic, charming, witty, restless, possessive, and brooding. She is just as likely to be a fashion model as a librarian. She is a dreamer and a worrier.

The Libra woman is very exigent. She wants to be surrounded by a clean and tidy environment.

If you’re a Libra Sun Virgo Moon woman, your charismatic personality often attracts others. You’re a bit of an idealist, and at your core are an artist and dreamer. Your sense of self-worth is highly valued, and when that value dwindles, you can be extremely critical of yourself or others.

She is highly creative, talented, and loves to entertain. Has a vivid imagination and a restless spirit. Smart and charming, she is an extremely interesting person to spend time with. A true friend in need, she is very supportive of friends and coworkers and is able love as she wants to be loved.

The Libra side of your personality is highly organized, balancing out the more eccentric Virgo Moon characteristics. Blessed with an overwhelming desire for authenticity, you are easily one of the most intuitive people in your social circle – and you also have a keen gift for taking personal confessions and weaving them into stories that make others feel special.

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon woman has a natural ability to regale others with tales of her desires, and she is the darling of all who hear them. She is generally in love with the idea of being in love, and loses interest quickly when romance becomes routine.

She possesses a gentle nature that endears her to everyone she meets. Her mutable aspect allows her to adapt easily to changing situations while still maintaining balance. She can easily shift from one environment to another without feeling like she has compromised any part of herself.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon women are highly intuitive. They can see a situation in an instant and predict how it might play out over time. This personality type is extremely sensitive emotionally.

They must be careful not to project themselves into someone else’s circumstances, because they simply don’t have the experience to know what that’s like. This makes them especially compassionate towards others or adamant about what they believe is true and fair.

On the other hand, if a Libra Sun Virgo Moon person were uncertain or felt attacked by someone, their response would be harsh criticism or demanding of proof of the validity of what was said.

Libra Sun Virgo Moon Man

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon man is constantly seeking new and fresh ways to impress those around him. Like the Libra Sun Virgo Woman, he is very scrupulous and conscious of his personal appearance.

He has a natural urge to always look well-groomed and presentable – an attribute that he exhibits since birth. He is very much in tune with his body language, posture and overall aesthetics. As such, he pays careful attention to every detail concerning his appearance and presents himself impeccably always.

Born between September 23 and October 22, the Libra Sun Virgo Moon man is a fiery combination of air and water who can light a fire under any situation and anyone who gets in their way.

The Libra Sun and the Virgo Moon join together in this man’s horoscope to give him practical common sense. He has a love of order, precision and detail while also a desire for harmony.

Those born under the Sun sign of Libra are typically delightful and gracious people to be around. They strive to be fair-minded and are always willing to compromise. In a marriage or intimate relationship, their partner will more often than not feel loved and understood.

Librans place equal value on both the rational and emotional sides of an argument. Clingy or possessive partners need not apply. Librans pride themselves on being charming, yet they can also be sly and devious when it suits them.

The Libra Sun Virgo Moon man is your totally awesome, older brother-like friend that you can always count on. He’s an original thinker that always has something interesting to say and a funny way of saying it. Also, he is very creative. He is communicative and has a great sense of humor. And he is very charming.

They are in tune with the world around them. They are observant about people and surroundings. They are also shy but kind to those they meet. They possess a nurturing soul and love helping others feel good about themselves.

They are warm of heart, generous, affectionate and caring, as well as helpful in times of crisis. A romantic at heart, the Libra Sun Virgo Moon man loves to put a smile on his lady’s face, especially if she is his wife or girlfriend.

A sensitive soul with a strong, masculine side, a Libra Sun Virgo Moon man tends to be elusive and highly intuitive. He likes to feel he has control over his circumstances but is very loyal to those he holds dear. He values beauty (in all its forms) and loves to surround himself with things that reflect his creative side.

He enjoys social gatherings, music, and enthralling conversation. He has the ability to see things objectively and is usually able to remain detached from tumultuous situations.

These men are smart and will have a high IQ. They are gifted with a keen sense of observation; therefore, they are not likely to miss a thing. They will have an excellent memory.

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