Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality Traits

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Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon individuals are the most emotionally involved of all the natives with a strong sense of freedom, and are recognized as delicate, aesthetic, refined and charming. They are very attuned to group and public opinion, but also have their own feelings and private opinions about everything that happens around them.

Kind and helpful are what you’ll be called when you possess Libra personality traits. When a situation presents itself, you will be the person that many people run to for advice.

You are honest, loyal, and peaceful and do not like to get into arguments. You love to give gifts to those whom you care about and are well organized, though you can become easily bored if doing something monotonous.

The Libra personality is a combination of logic, idealism, and practicality. A realist who finds pleasure in beauty and harmony, Libras are known to be tactful while also having an artistic side.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon Description

Libra people possess great mediators and diplomat skills. Their calm, balanced personality makes them able to reach compromises in a case of conflicts between other people. They like justice, therefore they try to be polite and reasonable at the same time. They can be patient to wait for something they really want. It’s very difficult to keep secrets from them, but if you do so - it will be safe with them.

A Libra’s main aim in life is to get others to like them, and their approach is usually friendly and pleasant. Logical and intuitive, Libras are able to understand the motives of others with great accuracy.

They need intellectual stimulation and are entertained by seeking out new ideas and relationships. These are the people who look for a partner whose interests match their own, so there will be no differences of opinion when it comes to spending time together.

Libra is a true partner in every sense of the word. There are very few signs that say what they mean and stand by their word as well as Libra. Libra is your best friend, your most reliable ally, and the sign to partner with when you want to win at “all things.”

They embody the meaning of being fair and balanced. Whatever they do, they find a way to do it fair. They always go out of their way to ensure that partners are treated with fairness.

Power and ambition are the watchwords of the Moon in Sagittarius. Those born with this Moon position are not afraid to ask for what they want, all while retaining a keen sense of humor.

Their high hopes and vast ambitions can sometimes overwhelm them, however, as they can take on too much. Nevertheless, given enough focus and time for looking within at their motivations, these people can accomplish many great things.

The Moon in Sagittarius placement helps you to be an inspiring, independent, enthusiastic thinker with a taste for adventure and discovery. These folks are typically athletic, lively, funny and exciting to be with.

They are fun loving, freedom seeking, and do not like to be confined. They tend to have a strong religious or philosophical orientation, and may take up a missionary cause. If this is the case, they are likely to suffer for their beliefs.

They like to connect with others over anything, and are generally friendly and open-minded. They are observers who like to participate, independent thinkers who don’t mind going against the grain of the flock, and carefree adventurers.

When the Moon moves into Sagittarius, your personality tends to expand and become more expansive. You’re more likely to be interested in foreign cultures, philosophy, religion, mysticism and spiritual growth. You might be attracted to offbeat ideas and unusual people.

This is an adventurous, philosophical placement, when you can travel to distant lands with renewed faith in democracy and altruism, inspired by faith in the progress of human society. You seek out new experiences, need freedom of action and expression. A natural optimist, you have high ideals, which you strive to realize. But you are also a restless individual who is seeking new frontiers.

The Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon person is represented by the Archer or Centaur, and both of these labels represent an appreciation for beauty and aesthetics—but also a sharp eye for determining what is imbalanced in your situation. This characteristic gives rise to the strong sense of fairness that you possess, and you can count on people approaching you for advice on how to resolve a sticky or uncomfortable situation.

They are often very independent and determined. They seek and desire freedom, sometimes at the expense of their own feelings. In this case they will be able to be the idealist they long for against all odds if it suits their interests.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon is the curious type and is always seeking new experiences. There may be an interest in acting, law, fashion, or travel.

Known as the “architect of life,” the Sagittarius Moon sign tends to be a seeker with a broad sense of purpose. With their inquisitive nature, they are keen to explore and discover new things.

They have a natural love and enthusiasm which often makes them an excellent teacher or mentor. Being such, it is common for them to motivate and inspire others with their enthusiasm for living life to the fullest.

A Libra is often a social chameleon. He is never one to cause a ruckus and usually lives by the mantra of keeping everyone happy and comfortable. Because of this, he doesn’t like feeling restricted around people.

There are a few general truths about those born under Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon: they have an innate sense of fairness, they love the limelight, and they’re charmingly adventurous. In a nutshell, you’ll be quite the diplomat in whatever career you choose.

Just remember that your unique blend of sweet and serious means you’re just as at home among stylish urbanites as rugged mountain climbers (one of whom might be your perfect match).

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon Woman

The Libra Sun indicates that you like to be at the center of things and enjoy company. A warm and friendly person, you have good manners and always try to be polite with others.

This is often reflected in your appearance, as you take great care with your appearance and dress nicely. Being so attractive, it’s natural that men are attracted to you.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon woman is the one who can make men lose their ability to resist her charms. She is one of the most amazingly beautiful and charming women. She will have plenty of admirers, but a lot of them wish that they could get to know this beauty better.

She is more courageous, adventurous and full of energy and intellect than her Pisces Moon sister. She can make friends wherever she goes. She can be a plus in any social gathering and loves to talk. Everyone connects with her because she’ll always find topics to discuss that they have in common.

The Libra woman is known for her dazzling beauty, charm and ability to get what she wants. She is one of the most sought-after signs in Western astrology.

She is social, adaptable, charming, a born debater and can be very seductive. The Libra woman is very intelligent, full of common sense and good judgment, with a vibrant personality.

The Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon woman is an individual who is animated even when at rest. They have a lot of energy and can be bouncing with excitement from one moment to the next. They have a magnetic personality and draw people to them because of their ability to talk their way into any situation.

They are very competitive and would win a contest hands down if anyone had the courage to run against them. They will go out of their way to help their friends, family, or even perfect strangers. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for the ones they love.

The Libran is a diplomat who knows how to settle arguments with calm logic. To see themselves and others clearly, they often retreat into their own dreams.

Most Sagittarius Moon women have a great need for personal freedom and they love change. To expand their horizons, they’ll travel, study, or join organizations. They are cheerful optimists who don’t let little upsets disturb them for long and they remain optimistic even when things go wrong.

The Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon Woman will enjoy going to the most fashionable parties and all of the social events that come with this set of planets. She is someone who enjoys the company of lots of people and spends time visiting them often, she always has a big smile on her face, no matter if it is hiding how she really feels about a situation.

She is a person who takes criticism very personally, however; this just makes her strive to become more perfect in other people’s eyes. She so enjoys perfection in all aspects of life that she cannot stand when things are not done properly or items are out of place.

The Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon woman will often choose careers that allow her to be creative while at the same time giving her an opportunity to help and aid the community. She is not the type to turn down helping any individual who needs her assistance in any way possible, for she is filled with a sense of understanding and compassion for all.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon Man

The Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon man is a majestic and impressive person. He is a leader of his people, the noble man who likes to share his opinion and get everyone around him to follow his opinion. He always inspires people with noble acts and a great charisma.

His soul is creative, ambitious, responsible, fair and caring. He wants to be successful in business and in love. He can be a good partner and will take responsibility for his family.

The Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon man can be an unconventional, almost playful, personality. They are known as the “dramatic” male. This man is full of the grand gestures, and loves to be the center of attention.

He is very dramatic and expressive and turns everyday situations into big events. The Libra man may be a real charmer and is likely to be popular among groups of people but he also tends to have quite a few enemies.

The Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon man is attractive both mentally and physically. He tends to be flirty and very charming. He loves to entertain friends. His home is likely to be filled with the voices of a large group of people who gather there frequently.

He will try to find silver lining in any storm. On the positive side, they are a man of peace and they try to settle everything down in their lives.

At the same time, lots of things may go wrong for this man because he is attracted by threats and negative events. They do not see these situations as negative but as something that needs to be dealt with.

This is the perfect combination for adventure, out of the box thinking, travel and a love of the occult and fringe spiritualism. Intelligent and charismatic they float effortlessly in social circles while possessing a knack for making connections and friends easily.

This man is a charmer—and he knows it. He likes to be the center of attention. This Libra will make you laugh, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t serious, too. When he makes a commitment, he sticks to it, and what he doesn’t know he’ll learn if it means keeping a promise or finishing an obligation.

The Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon man is charming, graceful and very sensual. He has the ability to make anyone happy simply by being around them. He is intelligent, practical and has a good head on his shoulders.

He likes to have fun and isn’t afraid to take risks. The most important thing in his life is his loved ones. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his friends or family.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon man enjoys travel and adventure. This man likes working out, and like most men, would want a beautiful wife who can do it all. This man will not settle for someone he sees as having a low self-esteem. This man knows what he wants in life and is not afraid to go after it.

The Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon man loves the finer things in life, yet is also an active individual who can be found most of the time either playing some sport or traveling to exotic and distant destinations around the globe. A gentleman through and through, this man takes pride in his appearance and lets his actions speak for his overall value as a human being.

The Libra man, is a gentle soul that radiates warmth and charm. He understands how to make any woman feel special. He is romantic and ardent in his affections.

There is nothing he would deny his lady if it could make her happy. Libras are very polite which sometimes makes them appear weak, but they possess great inner strength.

A Libra man is a modern man, a man of the world, who belongs to the 21st century, even if his birth took place in times of yore. This is a man who loves fun and excitement. From an astrological viewpoint, this is a man with many faces.

He can be gentle like a lamb and strong and confident like a powerful warrior; he can be thoughtful like Zeus himself or clever in the way Hermes would be. All of these traits are found in combination on different occasions – which makes sense, considering that Libras are easily adaptable to all kinds of scenarios.

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