Libra Sun Libra Moon Personality Traits

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Libras are the most diplomatic in the Zodiac. Their orderly nature makes them law-abiding citizens who value harmony and balance. Sociable and popular, they often serve as mediators for loved ones, friends, or colleagues.

The Libra Sun Libra Moon personality is a combination of the expansive, generous energy of Air and the courteous, diplomatic approach of Earth. As a result, Libras are sentimental but realistic romanticists, and tend toward elegant or refined hobbies and activities.

In pursuit of harmony, the Libra person strives to maintain a balanced outlook on life. Libras thrive when they take control over their surroundings, with objects and people that will reflect their preferences for beauty and balance.

The easiest way to describe a Libra is pleasant. These natives tend to be liked by everyone they meet and are known as people pleasers – although it can go too far.

Libra Sun Libra Moon Description

Libra Sun Libra Moons are ambitious, inventive and lover’s of art and beauty. High standards coupled with a great sense of balance often lead to success in the art world. They can be found in careers like sculptors, painters and all the artistic branches of expertise. Libras love to be surrounded with objects that tell stories and make them feel good in their environment.

Libra people are charming and sociable. They love to be the center of attention, but they can also be indecisive, lazy, and overly sensitive.

They are in love with life itself and is very independent. She also loves to throw elegant parties, where her guests will be waiting for her wearing admiring looks on their faces.

They are charming and have impeccable taste. They love the finer things in life, looking for elegance in all aspects of their surroundings.

They like to entertain guests at home or go out to fine restaurants. They are giving of themselves and their talents, and seek perfection in everything they do.

The Libra Sun Moon personality is dual and intuitive. The second largest constellation in the zodiac, the Scales represent harmony and justice in the world around us, an ideal to strive for as we balance our own inner justice.

Most would never know that this outwardly charming and social sign actually carries a fair amount of emotional baggage from childhood to adulthood. Their emotions are often swirling with unresolved issues in relationships with peers, siblings, parents, and even lovers—as well as a resistance to face their true selves.

People with Libra as their Sun, Moon or rising sign possess the qualities of sociability, moderation and justice. Libras are able to see both sides of a situation, which allows them to use their powers of diplomacy in almost any interaction.

This makes them excellent politicians and diplomats. They are also known for their love of beauty and art, making them great appreciators of culture.

Symbolizing the balance between men and women, Moon in Libra people tend to treat all people with respect. They have a deep sense of fairness and want everybody to get along.

The Moon in Libra is an intuitive, sensitive, graceful soul. Those under this influence are lively and articulate. They are often drawn to art and artistic endeavors, but can also make fine artists out of lawyers, politicians and accountants.

Like their fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius, they have an affable disregard for rules and social norms, but have the tact to avoid irritating anyone too much with their unusual behavior. They are verbally facile, charming conversationalists who are sensitive to other people’s needs and desires.

The Moon in the sign of Libra shows a person who seeks equality and believes that each person should have fair treatment. They want to be appreciated for who they are and get along with everyone.

Libra Moon personalities have a strong sense of justice and a desire for beauty in their lives. They seek to have a positive effect on the world around them and are dedicated to being well liked by others.

They are sensitive, artistic, and easily moved to tears. They are social creatures who enjoy harmony and balance in all things.

Under this placid exterior is a fierce maternal streak. They have a need for children and want what is best for them, whatever that may be. They are affectionate with their partners, but also serious enough to handle conflict calmly.

Libra Sun Libra Moon personalities are sociable, charming, and self-possessed. People born on this day are generous to a fault–they’ll offer you the shirt off their back!–and they’re especially gifted at bringing parties together.

Libra is one of the great air signs, and those born under this sign often possess artistic skills. They enjoy investigating facts and balancing perspectives. Since Libra is the sign of equilibrium, they are often indecisive.

Libra Suns and Moons are famous for their artistic talents, love of luxury and sense of balance. They have a restless spirit that is often caught up in the pursuit of perfection.

Libras shine in careers as artists, sculptors, and creators of all kinds. Their fondness for beauty and knack for balance often lead Libras to success in the arts. They love displaying their creations in beautiful homes.

Libra is the sign of balance and harmony and has a history rooted in art or beauty, whether as an artisan or a collector of beautiful artifacts.

Libra Suns are nicer than they appear, and they make great partners because they genuinely seek to give you their support.

Libra people are known for their balance, gracefulness and charming manner. They prefer to have their surroundings, including themselves and the things they own, be a reflection of this aligned sense of individuality and beauty.

Libra Sun Libra Moon Woman

The Libra woman has a big personality - she is charming, attractive and flirtatious. She loves the finer things in life and is not afraid to shine on her own or with her friends. Typical of a Libra woman is she likes to be the center of attention - sometimes even in a crowd of her peers!

Friends and family compliment a Libra Sun Libra Moon woman on consistency of her good manners, the charming way she handles people, and her ability to artfully combine diplomacy with assertiveness. Her relationship style seems to be ideal for setting up a home, raising kids, or holding friendships together. She often functions as the glue that holds a group together, even though she may not always be the center of attention.

Sociable and a lover of harmony, she is charming, polite and kind. A focus on equality and justice in relationships makes it easy for a Sun Libra Moon in Libra to say “I love you” on a first date. They are empathetic, caring and think deeply about others before acting themselves.

The Libra Moon woman is more courageous, interesting and sophisticated than most women. Her emotional side is very developed and she always knows what to do and how to handle delicate situations with a unique sense of emotional balance.

It is common to feel like we are walking in quicksand when considering our Libra Sun Moon woman characteristics. The disparity between what we want and what we have is not easily overcome. We like things just so which can be a pain to others. We can be airy fairy but if we put our minds to something, it gets done.

You’re a real social butterfly. You want the finest things in life and you’re not afraid to have fun while you get them. Libra women have been known to steal the spotlight.

Your friends see you as charismatic, fashionable but also a bit of a diva. You love to look your best and always feel the need to be the center of attention, even at a party!

Libra women are always the center of attention. They shine at cocktail parties and are often the life of the party.

Libra Sun Libra Moon Man

The Libra Sun Libra Moon combination usually indicates that these individuals are excited to meet people and welcome any kind of social interactions. They have refined manners, exceptional social skills, and the ability to create an amiable atmosphere wherever they go.

They can become very interested in others and therefore discover more about them by using their curiosity. The Libra Sun Libra Moon person is a dreamer who is open for new ideas and ways to deal with life. He easily adapts to changes around him, which allows him to maintain a balance in multiple areas of his life. He has a good sense of judgment and makes decisions carefully.

He is a man of refined charm. A man who knows how to entertain a woman. They are never interested in dating less attractive women because there is no challenge to them.

They need someone who can match their looks, sophistication and boldness or they lose interest. They enter flirting and courting as a major sport.

He is a man, whom is masculine and has strong character. Such men are often interested in new philosophical concepts and spiritual teaching, as well as mysticism and ancient art of divination. The nature of the Libra Sun Libra Moon men makes them predisposed to spirituality in their daily lives.

Libra men can be strong-willed, charming and elegant. They love to relax and indulge in the finer things that life has to offer them. But they don’t like to appear materialistic or boastful.

This is a charming combination of individuals who know how to live life to its fullest. Of course, this combination of Sun and Moon signs can also be a stubborn one, but hey – these are the guys who make life interesting!

The Libra Sun Libra Moon man is often a little more reserved than his traits would make you think. Deep down, he has the heart of an artist, and this eccentric side is often revealed in his fashion sense. Yet he’s refined enough to bury it under a traditional wardrobe.

He is a mixture of diplomatic, cooperative and sensitive. He likes to give the impression that his judgment is always based on reason and not emotions. Persuasively he puts forth his points of view in such a way that both parties win.

Libras need harmony to be themselves; they love peace and physical comfort surrounding them and are surrounded by people. They thrive on bringing peace to other people’s lives so they can have their own space in order to shine their light (soul).

They are among the most sociable of all. They are generally perceived as happy, peaceful, balanced, amicable, friendly and cooperative. They are often interested in careers related to entertainment or commerce.

The Libra man is a type who is creative, tolerant and kind to everyone. However, he can be opinionated and annoying when it comes to his friends. He often takes the role of peacemaker and strives for harmony in his surroundings.

The Libra Sun in the charts is a symbol of self-respect, positivity and balance. Mixing the Sun’s broad-mindedness with the Moon’s reflective nature means Libra’s life is ruled by emotion, and a need for partnership.

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