Venus in Aquarius Meaning and Personality Traits

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Venus in Aquarius people have an upbeat attitude and optimistic approach to life. They are liberals who espouse peace, progress, and change.

They have a desire to create a better world through their humanitarian interests and friendships with others. They appreciate intellectual pursuits, art, music, poetry, and beauty. They are outgoing, friendly, and charming.

Here are some tips, hints, traits and characteristics about Venus in Aquarius which will help you understand yourself better.

What Does Venus in Aquarius Mean?

Venus represents issues of the heart, the home and personal values. Aquarius' energy is bold and progressive—the future is its realm. People with this placement tend to be intellectual, innovative, and eccentric.

They likely have highly unusual tastes, from food to fashion. They are not as interested in what’s pretty or aesthetically appealing as what represents a future perspective.

Those born with this placement are generally kind, calm and sensitive people. They are excellent listeners and they can easily adapt to their partner’s needs and desires.

The Venus in Aquarius individual is spiritually oriented and unique. Individuality is of great importance which lends to original ideas and the desire for freedom of expression.

They are not interested in convention, rituals or social norms. Social causes are appealing and the individual takes an active interest in them.

The interests of the Venus in Aquarius person range from avant-garde art to the environment. There may be an interest in free forms of unconventional clothing through a love of color or perhaps the person will be drawn to ethnic styles of dress.

Venus in Aquarius is the sign of the free-spirited and caring humanitarian, as these people are dedicated to charitable causes and helping those who are in need. They are always up for a good laugh and putting a smile on someone’s face to see.

They are original thinkers who dare to have unusual opinions. They may also be impatient and blunt, but their active imaginations will keep them exploring the new areas of thought they open up.

This is an interesting and fun combination that can be bohemian, but also cerebral. The Venus in Aquarius person is unpredictable and tends to march to their own beat. Their values are unique and strong.

Venus in Aquarius Woman

Venus in Aquarius women are strong, independent providers of love. They are caring for others, yet have a difficult time with intimacy. Their most prominent traits include being self-sufficient, quirky, visionary, supportive, non-conformist, loving, caring, and charming.

They are prone to heartbreak due to their quite different but complementary nature. Venus in Aquarius woman people are noted for being highly independent and reserved when it comes to romantic relationships.

They value fairness, equality, and appreciation above all. When someone doesn’t give them what they want, they have no problem walking away from the relationship.

She is the free-spirited type. She follows her heart without concern for how others think or feel. This means that she’s more likely to break up with you over something that comes from her heart or because of a strong belief.

The Venus in Aquarius woman dislikes routines and generally prefers the spontaneity of life over careful planning. She can be kind of unpredictable when it comes to making rational decisions based on logic and emotions.

They are easy going and laid back but with a hint of space cadet. Aquarians are honest, direct, eccentric and independent.

They make friends easily and love to socialize. They hate conflicts and situations that involve emotions or feelings – they don’t know how to handle such situations.

Venus in Aquarius females are stimulating and exciting to be with. They may start off a relationship on a romantic note but what’s really between them is an invisible thread of friendship.

Venus in Aquarius Man

The Venus in Aquarius man is very interesting and unpredictable type of man. He can be a good friend or make a loyal husband and father, but he still can be full of whims. However, one thing can always be said about these men is that they are very interesting people to know.

Venus in Aquarius men are born to heal. These men have special powers to fix things. They do not consider themselves as a romantic person so they will be very surprised when a women falls in love with them!

This Venus placement represents a strong, independent, and truly unique male personality. These men are loyal to their friends and partners because they trust and value their individuality.

He is very charming with an easy going attitude. He likes to maintain peace and harmony wherever he goes, but also loves to be the center of attraction.

Venus in Aquarius men are reliable partners who are able to provide support when you need it. They are also somewhat eccentric and artistically inclined.

Venus in Aquarius Transit Meaning

A Venus in Aquarius transit can be a positive thing. If you have natal Venus in Aquarius, then you are able to find new life possibilities through your relationships and creativity.

You have the ability to try out different things without fear of failure or rejection. You could say that Venus in Aquarius is open to all opportunities to learn, including through adverse situations.

The Venus in Aquarius transit represents a passion for freedom and justice for all, idealism, sincere friendship between lovers and friends and the strength to be honest with yourself as well as others.

Venus transiting Aquarius is a good time to reconfigure how you express your unique gifts. Make a wish list, write a new résumé, and consider what you can do differently to discover your true passions—and use them for the greater good.

While this transit can bring new friends, an unexpected offer of help from someone in a position of authority, or a boost in your professional life, it’ll have an especially beneficial impact on women and men who act as agents of change.

This is a good time to pay more attention to humanitarian concerns, social issues and groups. You can expect a period of idealism, utopianism or even fanaticism. It’s not the best time for commerce or love, but rather a time to connect with others and share the ideals that motivate you.

When Venus transits the sign of Aquarius, an air sign, it highlights humanitarian principles and social change. This transit will appeal to your humanitarian side including the love of mankind, compassion for others, solidarity with others, understanding and tolerance of other people.

Venus in Aquarius will give a special place to those who are friendly and giving. Those who will offer friendship and love, those who are prone to be kind-hearted, sympathetic, generous - not to mention, quite romantic. Be aware of tendency for the ego to build an image.

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