Venus in Pisces Meaning and Personality Traits

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Venus in Pisces is a very sensitive, artistic, and compassionate soul. They are the very opposite of selfish and self-concerned, they are one who puts others before themselves.

Their creative ability to make something beautiful out of practically nothing is no surprise considering that they have such a devotion to their dreams. A dreamer by nature, they are constantly involved in some sort of artistic project and whatever they focus their energy on will be the best.

Venus in Pisces people are imaginative and creative, but they also learn more easily through feelings and emotions than through logic. The element of water governs this sign, so Pisces signs can be moody and easily hurt. They’re very sensitive to changes at home and have a wonderful imagination that often times can create an alternate reality for them.

What Does Venus in Pisces Mean?

Venus in Pisces is possibly one of the most loving and romantic signs there is. These people are really wonderful, though they can be quite moody, and they will try to avoid confrontations as much as they can.

They are usually very artistic, and some might be professionally creative. They will go out of their way to be with their loved ones, and they have a strong desire to fit in with those around them.

Venus in Pisces is notorious for attracting people into their lives only to drop out later as if they were never there at all. With a Venus-Pisces individual, love is never about possession. Their wants and desires find expression through sharing, sensitivity, and selflessness.

Because of their fundamental idealistic orientation, love is actually the only true value for a Venus in Pisces person. Without love, this person would not be able to function.

This placement of Venus requires strength because although it is well-liked and respected, it is also quite sensitive to outside influences and tends to attract emotionally needy people looking for someone

They are romantic, sensitive idealist who has a dreamlike quality. They are also mystical, psychic, fascinated by music and beauty.

Misunderstood, this Venus placement may seem shy or snobby. This is an art lover placement that has the ability to lose themselves in art and very easily get lost in fantasy.

Venus in Pisces Woman

Venus in Pisces women love to be surrounded with elegance, luxury, and beauty. They love fine art, exquisite jewelry and beautiful interiors.

Their houses are often extremely neat and decorated with taste. They pay particular attention to their look. They are not happy with life if they don’t have very much love from their beloved or any success.

This is the woman who wants to give love, and will do so without counting the cost. Her desire for love is endless, only matched by her need to explore the deep ocean of feelings.

She will be very keen on giving her love around the world, as she believes that a heart should be shared with everyone. Venus in Pisces women love art, music, and all forms of beauty.

She likes to witness lovely things done by others. For this reason, she needs a partner who is worthy of such emotions.

Venus in Pisces woman tend to be extremely sensitive and vulnerable. They are all about romance and a natural at giving affectionate gifts like hand-written poems or an anonymous surprise.

These women can also be shy, unsure of themselves, and hypersensitive. When Venus is in Pisces, women often react unpredictably in return for love.

When a Venus in Pisces woman is involved in any activity, naturally, you expect that the fun factor would be high. According to astrologists, these lovely ladies possess many chivalrous qualities that make them a joy to be around.

These women are the epitome of mystery. They look to spiritual pursuits and placing importance on their faith. They value inner strength and an enduring sense of self-worth.

To capture her heart, you’ll need a strong imagination and a sympathetic sense of self-sacrifice to reach out with empathy during her dark times. The Venus in Pisces woman is intriguing and mysterious.

She has a strong imagination that can allow her to fantasize about just about a situation or an idea that she finds exciting. Since she loves to dream, she’ll keep active and busy to avoid becoming stagnant or not having anything to think about.

Venus in Pisces Man

Venus in Pisces men are very charming and maintain a romantic sense of adventure. They tend to fall in love fast and fall hard, however they can also easily become overwhelmed by their emotions.

His personality has a strong sense of spirituality and is gentle yet idealistic. Expect for him to be extremely romantic when it comes to love as he is naturally inclined.

Be aware that the Venus in Pisces male will try to spoil you with his affection, however he highly values trust and loyalty so don’t play games or fawn over other guys if you are not serious about him.

Venus in Pisces men are impulsive and ready to settle down just to have someone to come home to. These men can often appear shy until they feel comfortable, and then they readily express their feelings and emotions.

They will woo their love interest with gifts, kind words, and thoughtful gestures. Mottos for these individuals could include “I’ll love you forever if you let me,” or “If you’re my friend I’m your best friend.”

They are compassionate, nurturing, altruistic and highly romantic, however they can also appear somewhat shy and reserved to women. Venus in Pisces men have a lot of personal magnetism and their eyes radiate warmth.

They are creative, intuitive, and sensitive. An air of mystery surrounds them that makes people want to discover the secrets they are hiding behind their masks. Venus in Pisces men are usually straight forward thinkers but they may appear dreamy or foggy.

They are naturally artistic and sensitive. They are romantic, compassionate and very loving.

Compared to most other men, they have the ability to love wholeheartedly and unconditionally. When they love someone, they give their all to that person. They can make great fathers and husbands as long as their wives are not too demanding.

Venus in Pisces Transit Meaning

Venus is the planet of love, harmony and money. During the Venus in Pisces transit it will feel as if everything we have ever wanted, has fallen on to our laps out of thin air.

Money is found in the strangest places and just when we need it most. Our love life will be extremely fulfilling and we will want that special someone to share our good fortune with. Venus in Pisces is also a great time to start or expand a business venture.

Venus in Pisces is an extraordinary transit. It’s all about love and longing, desire and sentiment, sensuousness and dreams. You’ll long for things that are humble, tangible and real. In love, the focus will be the other person rather than yourself. It may be platonic or extremely romantic.

This transit brings sensuality, inspiration, spirituality and idealism into your emotional and creative life. As Venus enters Pisces we have an opportunity to release old outdated patterns and stimulate the desire to pursue friendships, art or self expression in ways that are more exciting than in the recent past.

During this transit, you may find yourself easily giving way to your partner or indulging your ego. When Venus is in Pisces, the ideality that rules these folks is best expressed by showing love through compassion and by putting others first.

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