Venus in Capricorn Meaning and Personality Traits

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Venus in Capricorn natives are practical, loyal and have an interest in all things beautiful. In business, they know how to make money work for them and are superb administrators.

They exhibit a remarkable ability to maintain a serene composure even in difficult circumstances. On the emotional level, men with Venus in Capricorn appreciate the finer things in life and women with this placement respect home and hearth.

They are highly organized, and have a need for precision. They’re dutiful, reliable, hard-working, serious individuals who can expect to rise in their careers because of this trait. They can be very successful in business and because of their mild manner and good taste they can often be good judges of character.

What Does Venus in Capricorn Mean?

Venus in Capricorn people are down to earth, practical and ambitious for money. This is a passionate, energetic, and determined sign.

Venus in Capricorn people are cautious and conservative, looking for long-term value rather than short-term thrills. These people will make grand romantic gestures, but only when they feel there is a solid foundation of trust established.

They will expect each other to put forth effort and work hard on mutual goals, but will also hold each other accountable to their promises and agreements. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which represents limitations. With Venus in the sign of Capricorn, these natives often have relationships that are based on more practical factors such as money or security.

Venus here creates relationships that are rich, deep and sometimes obsessive. They are an excellent partner as she is loyal, tender and emotionally devoted. She delights in being a homemaker and creating a warm, comfortable family climate for her husband and children.

They are logical and practical, intelligent and stubborn, ambitious and serious-minded. She is less outgoing than other Venus placements, has a more reserved personality, and tends to think before acting.

The Venus in Capricorn person is hardworking. She will strive to fulfill her goals. On the negative side, she can be critical of others' faults but reluctant to accept criticism about herself. It’s important for her to feel secure and comfortable in a relationship before becoming emotionally involved with another person.

They are ambitious, practical and methodical. They are grounded and hardworking and expect this from others. If you want to impress them, be patient, devoted and reliable.

Venus in Capricorn is serious, ambitious and hardworking. Capricorn’s are sensible, practical and responsible, with a strong sense of duty and loyalty.

Venus in Capricorn Woman

The Venus in Capricorn woman is an earth sign, and is highly sensual, earthy, and domestic. She has a self-assured manner with an intellectual and sophisticated charm. Her dark, and sometimes mysterious, appeal is designed to intrigue her admirers and keep them guessing.

This woman is a one of a kind. Soft and charming but concealing a steely determination, this lady is not anyone’s fool.

She’s just as disciplined and stable at work as she is in her romantic life. In fact, her work often takes precedence over romance, causing relationship problems until she realizes that relationships should be the anchor in her life not career.

Venus in Capricorn women may seem to act difficult or stand-offish, but this is just a mask they use to cover up their true nature. When they are with people that they feel comfortable with, they can become fun and easygoing friends.

She is practical, reserved, ambitious and faithful in relationships. She is intelligent, refined, and a sociable person. She’s the great protector of her heart.

No-one knows how to love as strongly as she does. She feels safety through stability and a relationship. Her friends are numerous and care about her deeply. Venus in Capricorn makes the perfect lover on all levels.

She is a practical, hardworking, and reserved woman. Being born under this sign makes her a very grounded and committed lover. As a perfectionist, she is likely to be an excellent cook and able to manage the family budget responsibly.

She likes to have control over her relationships and will only know true love when she is married. She has an interest in ideas and human knowledge and prefers a partner with whom she can discuss spiritual or intellectual topics.

She is not adventurous but loves creature comforts instead – such as beautiful surroundings, good food and the latest gadgets. She has a tendency to go overboard buying home furnishings and kitchen appliances.

Venus in Capricorn Man

Venus in Capricorn men are determined to succeed in life and become financially secure. They are serious about making career moves that will help them make more money. They like luxury, however will not over spend to acquire the finer things.

This is the sign of the seductive, elusive lover. It makes a man very romantic but is also hard to get. The Venus in Capricorn man is sometimes called the “old soul,” because he’s very mature and level-headed, especially for his age. He wears his heart on his sleeve and can be quite sentimental and gives nothing but his best all the time.

This man is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. A passion for life and love is a central theme in his personality. He likes to be appreciated no matter what he does.

He needs and demands attention from his beloved one and he will create all opportunities for such kind of communication, as he is very reserved and restrained. He has a great sense of humor, but most of the times he will keep it for himself, unless you become his real close friend or partner.

The Venus in Capricorn man is often very independent and a bit different from most men. He will never be like a typical man, and you will rarely find him to be following the crowd. He has a higher sense of self-worth which is why he doesn’t feel the need to impress other people.

In relationships, he is the most practical partner there is. He cares about money and wants a stable home life, with respect from his partner. A Venus in Capricorn man won’t make a materialistic woman happy because he really doesn’t spend much money and when he gets into relationships he usually prefers to do things the more simple way.

They are loyal and devoted to their loved ones, talented in business, very ambitious and they do things at their own pace. They will try to make you happy and will love you for it.

Venus in Capricorn Transit Meaning

A Venus in Capricorn transit shows that you’re taking responsibility for everything, whether it’s making amends with a lover or working harder at your job. You’re not as sensual now as you usually are—and you don’t mind one single bit.

The movement of Venus is significant because it often brings about relationship changes. The greatest influences of this Venus in Capricorn transit is to be optimistic, to work hard and to feel love.

If you are single then there are chances that you find a lifetime partner during this time. However, do not rush into it and take it slowly as negative results may occur if you do not but your mind is made up then patience and understanding is vital.

During this Venus transit we have the opportunity to re-examine our relationships. We get to rediscover what it is that we value in a relationship, whether it be romantic or otherwise. This is a time to lessen our focus on what’s cosmetic, super shiny, and outside our body and get more grounded.

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