Venus in Sagittarius Meaning and Personality Traits

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Venus in Sagittarius people are very friendly, optimistic and altruistic. They always see the best in other people’s qualities, but also feel there is always something to improve in everyone.

These individuals are very intellectual and a leader who takes initiative. Marriage for them represents the sharing of love and passion, but also a meeting of two ambitious personalities that can make things happen together through their shared interests and talents.

Venus in Sagittarius people are eccentric, unconventional, bold and even flashy. They are warm hearted, entertaining and often lovable people.

They have a tendency to wander off topic when talking about something that is interesting to them or makes them feel good. They are generous and forgiving and have an optimistic outlook on life. Although they have many friends, they can be quick to place their trust in others too quickly which can lead them into trouble.

What Does Venus in Sagittarius Mean?

Venus in Sagittarius personalities are the perfect mix of fire and ice. Intensely passionate, they dedicate themselves to those causes they believe in and strive to inspire others through kindness yet living their lives according to their own rules.

They are ruled by the planet of love and hate. They love their romantic partners, but hate to be possessive. People with Venus in Sagittarius are always looking towards the future, and are unconventional. They never fit into mainstream society, preferring to lead a bohemian lifestyle.

Venus rules the sign of Sagittarius, so Venus in Sagittarius natives are fun-loving and adventurous. They have a wide circle of friends and an optimistic way of looking at the world.

Their ebullience makes them a joy to be around, and they are good at making people laugh. A little restless, you never know where you might find them—on a horseback ride, catching a concert or enjoying some time on the beaches.

To balance their freedom-loving attitude, they are willing to commit to long-term relationships when appropriate. Venus in Sagittarius enjoys sports and outdoor activities.

Venus in Sagittarius natives are independent, freedom-loving, adventurous, and fun-loving individuals. They tend to be good with words, have a sense of humor, and genuinely enjoy entertaining others. They enjoy dancing, singing and athletics.

They are incredibly interested in new adventures and discovering new things. They love the excitement of being on the go and can be impatient at times.

Their desire for adventure can at times get them stuck with a mess along the way but they have an effortless way of just keeping going and not letting their troubles get to them for too long.

Venus in Sagittarius Woman

The Venus in Sagittarius woman is the typical kind of woman who likes to do things that are unusual, eccentric, nonconformist or flamboyant. She adores being adventurous and prefers these activities to any other activity that may be considered normal or boring by others.

These women love to have fun at all the times and are more likely to be found doing something which they enjoy doing than doing something boring. The Venus in Sagittarius woman is affectionate and optimistic, always finding the best in her relationship and help to keep it passionate, exciting and happy.

They are active, spontaneous and adventuresome. They love to travel and enjoy new experiences. They are attracted to all types of far-out people.

Venus in Sagittarius women are able to express their emotions with ease and do not take intimacy for granted. They enjoy being around people and dislike solitude.

They are fun-loving and optimistic. They always have a smile on their face and a positive outlook on life. Sagittarius traits make them great at creating relationships with other people. This sign is usually attracted to Mercury or Saturn types.

She will be focused on anything concerning her freedom. She doesn’t like to feel tied to anyone or anything and she will try to make sure that she is not followed by the rules and regulations of others.

She might look selfish, but it is just because she knows best what’s good for her. She loves new adventures and unexpected turns in life. She trusts her instincts and intuition 100 percent and even if it leads her astray, she will never be hurt from it.

Venus in Sagittarius women exhibit a unique charm because of their energetic and optimistic viewpoint. They are eager to see the good in every person they meet and don’t let arguments or an occasional bad attitude faze them. They have a talent for stirring up enthusiasm, and they often spend the time smoothing over the wounds that disagreements cause among friends.

Venus in Sagittarius Man

Venus in Sagittarius men are free spirited and may appear very laid back and easy going. They can be quite charismatic and charming.

This Venus-Sagittarius combination makes these men optimistic about life, fun to be around, honest and loyal. These guys have a charming personality that is very magnetic towards others.

He is a fun-loving man who needs deep connection with his woman. He’s affectionate and passionate, and expects a certain amount of freedom to do what he wants without his partner being all over him. He’s an adventurous spirit who appreciates a challenge and may be something of a daredevil.

He’s a natural born leader with an adventurous, broadminded, views towards life. He’s a fun-loving, diplomatic kind of guy who uses humor to resolve conflicts and maintain order.

He’s goal oriented, rational and practical, he sets standards high for himself as well as for others. He’s highly idealistic with his mind and heart set on working towards human betterment.

They are honest, open-minded, intelligent, organized and respectful. They like to travel and discover new cultures.

They enjoy philosophy and art, and are great lovers of nature. Quickly bored with everyday routine, they are spontaneous, enthusiastic and original people who will charm you.

For this man, love is a matter of the head as well as the heart. The Venus in Sagittarius man desires a freedom to be himself and friendships based on substance rather than surface.

Sagittarius men are never boring; they are intelligent, witty, and enjoy a good debate over intellectual matters. They are interested in new ideas and beliefs, and remain open minded about all things new or foreign.

For this reason they have a natural curiosity about novelty, be it an old tool for which another purpose has been found or a way of doing things that has been replaced by something better.

People with this placement tend to be the seekers of truth, they are philosophical, idealistic and want to bring beauty and harmony into the world. This is usually achieved in a spiritual way.

They are serious about life and never live in the moment or relax without having a goal at hand. They can appear detached sometimes, but they will always give their heart and soul to their loved ones, even if it means being deeply hurt later on.

Venus in Sagittarius Transit Meaning

The Venus in Sagittarius transit is an excellent time to reconnect with friends, forge new relationships or to travel somewhere for a holiday.

This transit occurs when Venus passes through the sign of Sagittarius. This is a higher vibration where love and relationships grow more mystical and philosophical. Venus in Sagittarius can be the most exciting and fulfilling transit of all.

If you were born with Venus in Sagittarius this transit could bring great cosmic luck with money, property and possessions in general. There is a flood of good fortune in all three of these areas.

Venus in the sign of Sagittarius teaches that for complete fulfillment in love you must reach higher than your lover. During this time you are more social and fun-loving and usually go with the flow. Ideas may bring changes based on fun and for adventure. It’s time to let your mind go free.

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