Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Personality Traits

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Are you a Taurus Sun Cancer Moon? This zodiac combination gives us people who are born leaders, with a natural understanding of human nature.

Anyone born under this zodiac sign will have a unique relationship with the world around them. The average Taurus Sun Cancer Moon is more likely to be found in some sort of leadership position.

They are a passionate soul, ruled by the planet Venus. Slow to warm up, they hold tight to their values and cherish family and friends, requiring lots of love and reassurance that they are loved.

They tend to be great conversationalists, possessing the gift of gab, but can sometimes be overly prone to self-pity. The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon is loyal and devoted, with a seductive flair or an air of mystery about them. The ideal job for this type is one they can call their own, where they can make a difference in people’s lives and profits.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon people are very responsive, humble and soft-spoken by nature. They are fast thinkers and cautious and need action in their lives to feel alive and motivated.

When they do not have interest and excitement due to routine, some even feel lethargic and slow. These people have fondness for controlling others. They hate being ordered around or being given a lenient attitude, instead wanting respect for their authority.

The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon person is quick to judge the character of others. It is hard for them to understand just what motivates others and why they do what they do. They just know that other people’s behavior often makes no sense to them.

They derive little satisfaction from superficial chit-chat, with most people preferring to get right down to the facts and information that they are looking for. After all, the Taurus Sun Cancer Moon person would much rather talk about themselves and what they are experiencing in their lives.

They can be hard working and driven by success but is also sensitive, insecure, and prone to worry. It is going to take a lot of reassurance from their partner to avoid them turning into a paranoid wreck. Once they have found the confidence within themselves, they will make you feel like the most important person in the world.

The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon is grounded. They are very materialistic and are looking for money and security in their life.

People with the Sun in Taurus are organizers and managers. They work and play hard, and at the end of the day they like to kick back and relax. They often have a sense of grandeur; they don’t settle for second hand or inferior quality. They want quality, but will not break their budget to achieve it.

The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon personality is loyal, calm and serious. You are a great partner and parent with an amazing memory.

A romantic at heart, your love language is quality time. The way you show love is through generosity and sharing your resources with the ones you love. You find tremendous satisfaction in your family, home and values.

The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon person is a highly practical, discriminating consumer. He/she thrives on security and safety. Security is very important to those individuals.

Sometimes they may be seen as closed minded, subjective, private, rigid, narrow-minded, and dogmatic. They may keep their distance from others and be too easily hurt by criticism or perceived slights. They do not like to feel vulnerable or needy but they secretly crave attention and reassurance.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Description

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Woman

A Taurus Sun sign woman possesses the most stubborn and persistent of all the zodiac sun signs. She is trustworthy and loyal to those she loves, but can also be jealous and possessive at times.

The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon woman is a sensitive, feeling, and caring woman; she attracts many admirers who adore her charm and beauty. She has an intuitive insight into life’s necessities and the practical aspects of any situation.

The Taurus-Cancer combination endows her with the ability to do deep soul searching which enables her to be helpful to others. These attributes make her a good mother and companion. She appreciates traditional values but also reaches out to material comforts. She enjoys finance and big business.

From a need to hide their feelings, Taurus Sun Cancer Moon woman becomes a master at disguising their true character. This tendency can lead to deep and sometimes violent deceit.

With the ability to reach an immense depth of feeling very quickly, this combination has the ability to succeed whether they are involved in some endeavor that is based on intellectual pursuits or one that involves their emotional side.

The Moon is the planet of our emotions. Taurus Sun Cancer Moon women often take on the role of the matriarch in her family and enjoys being at home. They are slow to anger but can be short-tempered and prone to mood swings.

However, they are extremely protective of their loved ones and their possessions. They love luxury, beauty, and comfort and look good in clothes. They like to surround themselves with beautiful things such as art or flowers and prefer these spend quality time with their loved ones over going out.

A woman who is born under Taurus Sun Cancer Moon can be described as a person who is benevolent, bold, and bold. Although there are many different types of women with this natal astrology combination, they have in common a very solid and although very inflexible, they have great ability to adapt.

The earthy, nurturing yet sensuous nature of the Taurean with the emotional and sensitive Cancer influence together bringing out a beautiful balance and harmony. Like Venus who is exalted in this sign, she loves to dress up and like the Moon she is receptive.

She generally appears strong willed but her emotions can get the better of her on occasions. She likes to feel loved and secure and has a deep need for affection and harmony in her life. She doesn’t like change, or to be moved around, she loves security and stability and much prefers a home to an apartment.

The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon individual is known for her giving and caring personality. She prefers a big home (a family home) so that she can easily welcome her many friends and relatives.

Her interest in material things include the items that are important, but not necessary for living day to day. She is also a woman who appreciates the small gifts given as a token of love and appreciation to her from those who know her best.

The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon woman is warm, loving, caring and nurturing. She is very loyal to her family and a great friend to everyone she knows. Her steady character is the grounding force that keeps her family and friends from drifting too far out to sea.

She is a born natural salesperson, with great leadership qualities. A deep thinker and avid planner, she is careful in all aspects of her life. Her intense, observant and strong willed nature makes it a challenge for anyone to outsmart or manipulate her.

She tends to be down-to-earth in all areas, living in the present but not often being too keen on looking into the future. She is very affectionate when she feels secure in a relationship, becoming clingy if she feels like her partner may not reciprocate her deep romantic feelings.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon Man

The personality of a Taurus Sun Cancer Moon man is somewhat complex. They may not be highly intuitive, but possess an ability to connect with people which makes him seem more perceptive than he really is. These men gain a strong sense of what others are feeling, and this allows them to make people feel comfortable in their presence.

The Taurus Sun Cancer Moon man is patient, peaceful and a lover of ease. He has the ability to modify his thought if needed. He is not an ‘ever-changing’ person and possesses all the traits of human character in a balanced and calm manner.

He will accept any job in his life with dedication. No job is too big or small for him. People with Sun in Taurus Moon in Cancer make graceful mates and parents, and they are patient with their children. They are usually able to establish satisfactory relationships because they have the ability to handle people around them in an effective manner.

He is serious, determined, and has a powerful presence. Individualism and self-reliance are strong character traits displayed by him. He is emotional but refuses to let his emotions control him.

He can be a very unassuming person when you first meet him, but once you get to know him, he is an extremely loyal friend. He loves his family and friends and takes his responsibilities seriously, which is why he makes a great partner, husband, and father. However, he isn’t the easiest person to get to know because he can be quite shy when meeting new people for the first time.

He is a man who is sincere, sympathetic and caring. He is in love with his family, but can’t stand them at times. He cares for everyone’s feelings including his enemies. He is warm, sensitive and possessive.

He is considered to be a patient and hard working person. It is said that he has a strong body and mind as well as the ability to focus on goals and aims. He never gives up easily on achieving his aspirations. He goes about achieving success by thinking carefully about everything that he does and once certain, he will not back off from doing what he intends to do.

Passion and sensuality are the hallmarks of the Taurus Sun Cancer Moon man. This is a man who values security, stability, and comfort above all else. He is sensitive, modest, practical, and nurturing to others.

His tastes are refined, his appetite for life strong, and his tenacity to overcome challenges impressive. The view life through rose-colored glasses, and has a natural ease in the spotlight.

He likes things in order and is very loyal to friends and family members. He enjoys socializing as he possesses a charming disposition that draws people to him like a moth to fire.

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