Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Personality Traits

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Taurus is a fixed Earth Sign and is known for its stubbornness and tenacity. Your Taurus Sun sign represents your ego, vitality and your personality. Your Taurus Moon sign represents your emotions, origin, restrictions, and your past.

The Taurus Sun Taurus Moon person is logical, practical, stubborn, and a realist. They make thoughtful decisions, are very strong willed, and don’t give in easily.

Taurus is earthy, sensual, and practical. Those born with a Taurus Sun sign focus on their health and the well-being of their family and friends. A Taurus Moon person is practical, dreamy, and have a desire to be creative or artistic.

The Taurus Sun sign is the most selfless of the zodiac, always willing to lend a helping hand. They live their life on the straight and narrow, not only because they believe it’s right, but also to avoid anyone’s judgment.

These people are very slow to think ill of others and have a remarkable capacity for forgiveness. Taurus Moon signs love chaos but secretly wish all their problems could be solved with an easy answer.

The Taurus personality is practical, down-to-earth and resourceful. They are generally stick to what they know, and will always be prepared for any challenge they might face.

They are often workaholics, and even though their focus can seem to be elsewhere, they have a strong sense of loyalty and love those around them. They enjoy the little things in life, taking pleasure in simple rituals such as going to the park or cooking dinner every night.

The Taurus Moon is sensitive and sympathetic, while the Taurus Sun is strident and powerful. Taurus' emotions rise slowly, allowing them to assess all sides of an issue before taking action. However, the Taurus Sun’s fiery drive can come across as impetuous at times.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Description

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Woman

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon woman are very caring and strong people with a lot of good qualities.

The Taurus Sun Taurus Moon woman is a patient, loving, calm, dedicated woman who likes to take her time in all things. She is serious and stable and she needs a partner she can trust completely.

She is romantic, sensual and passionate and she needs to feel loved and appreciated. Since she has a very good sense of humor it’s hard for her to take herself too seriously so she can be light hearted.

She is beautiful in body and mind, strong and controlling, interested in security and stability, sympathetic and helpful, has lots of determination and patience. Her incredible intuition makes her smart.

She has a tendency to be more dominant than other women in the zodiac. She undeniably becomes a good leader.

The Taurus Sun Taurus Moon woman is loyal and kind, distinguished and sincere. She always puts others before herself and welcomes new experiences with an open mind.

They are also known for their stubbornness. They have strong will power. These women love being right, and do not want to be proven wrong. Taurus Sun Taurus Moon women can become the perfect partners because they are reliable, dependable and caring.

Taurus women are loyal, loving, and determined. They give of themselves with abandon. It’s not just the physical attributes that receive her devotion. It is the whole person. She wants to be involved in every aspect of her partner’s life.

While the Taurus Sun woman has a tendency to overindulge, her Moon sign counterpart is careful and conservative. But that doesn’t mean she’s boring, quite the contrary. The quiet determination of the Taurus Sun is softened by an active imagination, and her logical mind is complemented by a natural tendency toward creativity and spirituality.

She is powerful, determined, and natural leader. She is at home in the world of business, money, and finance. She gets things done with great style. Her unique talents are just waiting to come out. When she puts her mind to it, she can do anything she wants to do!

The Sun in Taurus woman is the ruler of her emotions, while the Moon in Taurus is the manager of home and children. Both are deep, loyal, and have a high sense of order. By compromise between both of these temperaments we get a rather balanced person who does not neglect her private life.

A Taurus with a Moon of the same sign, is double sensitive. Her heightened awareness, intuitive perception and keen observation of others render her susceptible to the slightest nuance in body language and facial expression.

While she may come across as rather strong on the outside, this woman’s core personality traits are empathetic. In reality, her nature is extremely dependent and vulnerable.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Man

Creative, responsible, grounded, dependable, and determined describe a Taurus Sun Taurus Moon man. You are the life of the party in that you sparkle with your wit and charm, coupled with your lovely personality.

Loved by all, they are a clean, neat, and self-assured individual who is not materialistic yet loves the good life. They are warm-hearted and fun to be around.

Their chivalrous attitude is surpassed only by their sense of humor. They are the kind of man who will always be there to hold your hand during difficult times and celebrate with you during good times.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon men are loyal and honest lovers. They will never let you down. They have a strong personality, a sense of humor, and they love good food.

Having both the Sun and Moon in Taurus help this sign to stay open-minded and ready to take in new ideas, even radical ones, and apply them.

He is loyal, down-to-earth, dependable, committed, and grounded. He is reliable and practical, not generally prone to showing emotion.

The Taurus Sun Taurus Moon man’s friends admire his laid back and agreeable manner. He is a straightforward person highly interested in ordinariness in everyday life.

He can be very stubborn and does not easily change his opinion once it is formed. His moods are stable and predictable, sometimes monotonous.

The Taurus man knows how to love and how to charm. He is generous. He has a soft side though he may not let it show immediately.

He is passionate, reliable, possessive and he knows how to be a man of integrity. The Taurus Moon man is refined, gentle, a home body, faithful and in touch with his emotions. He has grace and a quiet strength that makes others feel safe in his presence.

The Taurus Sun-Moon individual is practical and peaceful with a deep appreciation for the simple things in life. Stubborn and easily led, the Taurus Sun Moon Man is more likely than other men to be bossed around by his wife. This is because stubborn Taurus men don’t like to be controlled, but if someone takes charge he’ll be a happy and devoted follower.

Taurus has a great sense of humor and can make people feel comfortable. He is also a very dependable person and makes a wonderful father.

His stubbornness, however, can get the better of him at times. Taurus is very devoted to his loved ones and would go to great lengths for them. Money is important to Taurus and he values stability over everything else.

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