Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

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In this post I’m going to reveal the unique personality traits of Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon natives.

In my research I discovered something very surprising about people born with Sun in Virgo and Moon in Scorpio. I’m excited to share this with you.

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Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon

What Does Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon Mean?

Your birth chart is a snapshot in time that reveals how the sun, moon, and planets were aligned when you were born. Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon means at the exact moment of your birth the Sun was passing through Virgo and the Moon was in Scorpio.

We can use this information to better understand why you were put on this earth and locate the path God created for you.

Astrology birth charts can be overwhelming at first-glance, but they are really quite simple. At the center of your chart is the exact date, time, and location of your birth.

Your chart is carefully divided into 12 sections, one for each of the Zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces).

Inside these sections you will find symbols that represent the location of the sun, moon, and planets on the day you were born.

Each section of the chart reveals a little bit about you and God’s purpose for your life.

Interpreting your birth chart is very revealing and tells me much about what you are going through in life.

Here’s what your Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon birth chart reveals about your personality:

What Does Virgo Sun Sign Mean?

Your birth chart reveals you’re a Virgo sun sign, meaning you were born between August 22nd and September 22nd (according to Tropical Astrology).

Your sun sign represents your core personality, motivations, and true purpose in life. Virgo sun signs are curious, independent, and courageous.

You are an independent thinker and take pride in making your own decisions. This personality strength has taken you far in life, but there have been consequences as well.

For example, you might wonder what your life might be like if you had made different choices. Would your life be easier if you had chosen a different career path or married someone else?

You are an independent and rarely make decisions based on the opinions of others. You like to do your own research and get all the facts before deciding what is right and wrong.

Many of your greatest accomplishments have been the result of taking a different path than others.

Yet, sometimes you wish you could just go with the flow like everyone else because your life would have been so much easier.

You are currently dealing with many obstacles that were thrown in your path and the consequences have been completely out of your control.

It’s frustrating because you see so many others that have it easy in life. You work hard but have yet to see the results you had hoped for.

However, God created you with a sharp mind and great ability to see things that others often overlook. Your constant stream of ideas helps keep your life interesting.

You have thought about starting your own business or getting a patent for one of your ideas.

It’s no secret that you prefer a certain amount of change and variety in your personal and professional life. You quickly lose interest in jobs or hobbies when there are too many restrictions or limitations.

God created you with an adventurous spirit. You have a fair amount of confidence which has served you well. You are able to think clearly and make decisions when others are counting on you.

It is clear that you are truly blessed. God has great plans for you. Plans to prosper you, give you hope, and a future.

Isn’t that encouraging?

What Does Scorpio Moon Sign Mean?

Your natal chart reveals that you’re a Scorpio Moon. That means the moon was passing through Scorpio on the day you were born.

Your moon sign represents your inner self and acts as a blueprint for understanding your emotions on a deeper level.

The moon passes through a different zodiac phase every 2-3 days, so this is a very accurate representation of your emotions and moods.

As a Scorpio Moon you can be social and outgoing when meeting new people. But sometimes you are reserved or guarded in certain social situations.

You find yourself having a mix of happy and unhappy moods, but they are not very extreme.

While you have had many happy memories, life has been hard on you lately. The obstacles in your way have made it difficult to put a smile on your face each day.

God is getting ready to change everything you are going through by bringing new people or angels into your life. These angels are ready to help lift you up and lead you in the right direction.

A Scorpio Moon Sign reveals that you need a dependable partner in love to remain balanced. You are independent and driven but you still want someone to be there for you when times get tough.

You are careful who you let into your inner circle and share your true feelings with. Not everyone can handle the “real you” which is why you keep your deepest secrets or feelings locked away.

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