Virgo Sun Libra Moon Personality Traits

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The Virgo Sun Libra Moon personality is one of the most service-oriented of all. Virgos are great at putting others first, taking care of all the details that go unnoticed, and are known for their work ethic.

Virgos are known for their dependability, organization and attention to detail. These extroverted workers have incredibly high standards and are hard on themselves, making them self-critical but also very conscientious.

They tend to be sensitive and appreciate when people are considerate of their emotions. They are reserved, analytical thinkers who plan and prepare for the future. Virgos are practical and like to work patiently step by step on a project until it is completed.

Virgo Sun Libra Moon Description

Sun in Virgo Personality Traits

The key to being a Virgo is balance. You enjoy meaningful relationships, but are also practical and have a strong sense of self that allows you to separate the important from the unimportant. You contribute to society by becoming an architect, teacher, or public servant, and you help your friends through good advice and personal contact.

Whatever the task at hand, you’ll be found there with a no-nonsense attitude. This true perfectionist is an expert at multi-tasking, and is very organized. You’re very well liked, even if you try to come across as aloof - trust me on that one!

The earthy Virgo is one of the more rational signs, but don’t mistake them for slow thinkers. Virgos are renowned for their shrewd intelligence, and are often celebrated as great thinkers. In a world where surface dwellers roam, the Virgo personality hides in a place of deep thought, pondering on all that could be.

Virgos are practical, modest, humble, and analytical. Loyal to friends and partners, they can also be critical of people in general.

The Moon in Libra is highly independent, curious, warm-hearted, and more agreeable than you may think. It’s rather challenging to discover a Libra Moon’s real interests, being as the typical Libran is so pleasant, diplomatic and amiable that it seems almost impossible to get at what his or her main passion is. Off the record, though, you’ll find them to be extraordinarily sensitive people with refined tastes in art and music.

The Moon in Libra is known for its graceful balance. It loves beauty and harmony, but also the arts and culture. They have a fierce sense of fairness, and seem to attract financial success effortlessly. Creativity flows from this position, combined with quiet confidence and a friendly demeanor.

This Sun-Moon combination indicates a sensitive and understanding disposition. You have a sharp eye for detail in your surroundings and excellent social skills. Your balanced, fair-minded approach to life makes you an excellent mediator, able to see solutions where others see problems.

They are quick thinkers and try to adjust their words in order to get along with other people. Speaking effusively and with charm is a natural part of their appeal.

The Moon sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Librans are often considered to be refined and graceful, while being quite sociable and tactful.

Libra is an air sign and part of the “Social Triangle” of personality types. They are fair and strive to achieve a sense of balance in their lives. Individuals born under this sign have strong interpersonal skills.

They are able to socially engage with a variety of personality types demonstrating empathy, tact, and diplomatic skills. Libra Moon’s may also be passive-aggressive and manipulative.

Their greatest need is for harmony in their life. They have a tremendous sense of fairness and equality, and can never tolerate inequality.

They are essentially democratic in nature, and will fight for human rights and freedom beyond that which any particular situation requires. They always want to see both sides of an argument, and will never value one side over another.

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon person is careful, finicky, very organized and systematic. He or she may also be a published author on a variety of subjects.

This placement indicates a person that combines the qualities of both Virgo and Libra. These people like to work behind the scenes but have a strong social side. They are organized, neat and tidy, indecisive, and tactful with others.

Virgo Sun with Libra Moon people are logical and analytical. They seek perfection in everything they do and do not like to leave any task before it is completed to the greatest possible precision.

This Sun-Moon placement blends the detached rigor of Virgo with the cool social detachment of Libra. (Virgos are more objective in their approach and open to new ideas while Libras use a refined sign language in their relationships.) Though they are not likely to make large-scale changes, these personalities can sense what’s wrong with their lives and may tend to make simple alterations. This method allows them to accumulate information for future action, or to reflect as much as they need before dealing with the existing situation.

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon person is quiet but observant and the perfect person to have around when something needs to get done. This unique personality type loves helping their friends and family. They are excellent teachers because they are so organized and like everything just so.

They can be the crankiest of all zodiac signs. But when they are calm enough to give into their yearning for a sense of belonging or purpose, they achieve a near-absence of self-consciousness that often crowds their minds.

The Virgo Sun–Libra Moon pairing creates a penetrating, gracious and thoughtful presence in one’s environment due to an ever-present awareness of personal appearance and surroundings. Libras are always aware of what is going on in the room, who is talking, what they are wearing and what they have done with their day. The Libra Moon has been called the diplomat of the zodiac, balancing all things with

Virgo Sun Libra Moon Woman

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon woman is a highly developed modern mannered woman. She has much to contribute, and may be the most farsighted of all women when it comes to important relationships.

The personality of a Virgo Sun Libra Moon woman is made up of a combination of the traits of Virgo, Libra and always a dash of the Moon. This ingenious mix will result in someone who is organized, balanced, refined and diplomatic. As well as being practical, discriminating, sensitive and versatile.

She is concerned with maintaining harmony, and friendship is extremely important to her. Often she can be finicky about whom she invites into her life, which makes others uneasy at times.

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon Woman is chronically dissatisfied, with a tendency to never be pleased with what he or she has. She is often very critical. She loves to argue and to find fault in others.

A Virgo Sun, Libra Moon woman is an Emperor personality type. Her life mission in a nutshell: building and maintaining order out of chaos. She is on a lifelong search for perfection, and will remind others of their imperfections often.

Her life challenge also involves knowing her limitations, so she will define goals in life early on to meet her sense of perfection. Emotions can be hard to manage, as the Virgo Sun, Libra Moon woman tries to control her emotions at all times.

Women born under the Virgo Sun Libra Moon share a special core personality that differentiates them from others — their soul’s mission on Earth is to do everything in their power to balance the scales of life.

They know how to restrain their impulses and translate this self-control into helping others, transforming emotional chaos into peace and tranquility. On the surface, Virgo Libra Moon women don’t possess any extreme talents or gifts, but once you learn about their accomplishments you’ll be amazed at what they are truly capable of.

A Virgo Sun Libra Moon female is possessive, sophisticated, and loves the arts. She is also health-conscious and a good cook.

For the Virgo Sun Libra Moon woman, love is a journey of self-discovery. These women have the capacity to feel deeply, as well as intimately. This can make her capable of profound relationships. She hopes for true love, but with little optimism.

Not expecting to find true love too soon, her single status tends to be quiet and introverted. No one sees how hard she tries, or how hard she really wants it!

In general, they are more concerned about their appearance than the average Virgo is — neatness counts more for them than it does for other Virgos. They also tend to be good at handling money and excellent organizers whose homes are free of clutter.

Being a woman who is born with her Sun in Virgo, Libra Moon can be little overwhelming at times. The main reasons are her tendency to be a perfectionist, as well as occasionally being bossy, overprotective and judgmental.

She is the analytical type, but once she falls in love she will give her all to make her relationship work. Finance, security and practicality are top of her agenda. Once Virgos find their ‘soul mate’ there’s no letting go.

If you’re a Virgo woman then you are undoubtedly one of the most careful and meticulous people on the planet. They also have an analytical mind and a keen eye for detail which can be off-putting for many men.

Virgo Sun Libra Moon Man

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon man is very hardworking which demonstrates through their work ethic and high achieving nature. They have a tendency to seek perfection in all that they do.

It does not matter if it is at the workplace, at home or social settings, they will strive for perfection. The Virgo Sun Libra Moon man is sociable by nature and they like to mix with others. However, they are not outgoing in general, but there are times when they like to be the center of attention and take the lead.

He is often very passionate and constantly needing to be in a relationship. An idealistic person, he tends to put up with quite a lot from his partner.

The Virgo Sun-Libra Moon man is a very neat, organized person, well developed aesthetically, and you can almost always spot him in the crowd because of his elegant and good taste. He is a practical and versatile lover and generally he likes to surround himself with luxury possessions.

This man is a pragmatic idealist. Service to others is the paramount goal and if they can find a practical way to achieve this they will. They are logical and service oriented.

They will be aware of the consequences of their choices and actions if they take on a job or project. They like to figure out what works best and implement that so things go smoothly. They like for their work to be appreciated for its usefulness, as opposed to “art” for its own sake.

The Virgo Sun, Libra Moon combination indicates that you enjoy helping others, and you do everything with care and precision. You are a perceptive person who tends to pay attention to details.

This man is deep and reserved, but he also enjoys being around people. He loves to think out things before he acts, and is always seeking new adventures. He likes to meet new people, but he does not like to be in public crowds.

Virgo Sun Libra Moon people are truly blessed in that they have the capacity to see both sides of any argument. They can look at a situation with clarity and firmness yet also be sensitive and diplomatic. This characteristic makes them excellent mediators.

Virgo men are very practical and direct in their approach. They are great with details, analytical and can find solutions to complex problems.

They have a mission or an ultimate goal in their minds that they try to achieve with zealous determination. These goals are most often set up for themselves by their parents or society.

Virgos compensate for less-than-desirable traits with flawless manners. They are not interested in being the center of attention and they don’t care to take risks. They are proud of their discretion and tolerance and expect that life should be easy, like a bed of roses.

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