Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon Personality Traits

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The Sun, Moon, and Rising signs describe the way a person expresses their personality, and identify their natural talents. Each zodiac sign is associated with certain traits, philosophies and characteristics that reflect the unique nature of each individual.

According to the zodiac, those born under Virgo will likely be practical, straightforward, and honest. There is much the Virgo individual has to offer others; a certain purity of character that inspires trust. The negative side of Virgo lies in the tendency toward being nervous and critical and in being exceedingly hard on oneself, which can lead to worry and dissatisfaction.

The star sign of Virgo is associated with hard work on a practical level; the Moon in Aquarius lends a different flavor to the mix. The Sun in Virgo with an Aquarius Moon, and brings a wonderful gift of industry and organization.

This combination of the Virgo Sun and Aquarius Moon can produce a personality that is unconventional, original, broad-minded and cultured. Tactful and versatile, they have wide interests and a wide circle of acquaintances. They are able to develop harmonious relationships with both their friends and acquaintances.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon Description

Sun in Virgo Personality Traits

The Virgo personality is often associated with being virtuous, consistent, perfectionistic, and precise. Virgos are hard-working individuals that like structure and routine in their lives.

Your after-hours are spent doing whatever you can to improve the lives of those around you. You are the consummate do-gooder.

They crave beauty and tend to excel at activities that require attention to detail. Virgos make excellent executive assistants due to their extreme attention to detail in every task they take on.

The Virgo personality is the perfectionist of the zodiac, with a mind that’s orderly and analytical. Virgos are hard-working and logical but also humble, discreet, and shy. They’re dedicated to their work, even when it doesn’t interest them, and they enjoy solving complex practical problems.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of logic and communication. Virgos are thinkers and want to find the truth. They are analytical problem solvers who seek perfection in all they do.

Virgo is the “caretaker” personality. These people are naturally kind and thoughtful, with a love of all things beautiful. Their attention to detail and self-discipline make them great secretaries, accountants , business owners, or doctors.

The key to understanding the Virgo character is that it is highly analytical. Virgos are methodical, cautious, and deliberate.

They have a strong desire for perfection, an eye for detail, and a need for everything to be in its proper place. They are a hard-working bunch who don’t really mind a necessary workload to get the job done.

At the same time, they enjoy life and are fun to be around. They love knowledge and the pursuit of it. While they can be picky sometimes, it’s obvious that they’re simply looking out for what’s best in any given situation.

The Moon in Aquarius personality can be a bit hard to understand at times. These folks are unique, and often times eccentric.

The Moon in Aquarius has a multitalented mind; they’re sensitive to the needs of others and have a quick understanding of what it takes to help them. With remarkable kindness, tact and patience, they make excellent nurses or psychologists.

Too often Aquarius Moon people are presented by others as eccentric or unusual. Having the Moon in Aquarius is very much like having a second Sun in the sky, and gives you a huge and often unexpected source of unbridled energy.

They are sympathetic, idealistic, and wants the best for themselves and others. They strive to be original and independent while still being a part of something bigger than themselves.

They can be a very determined person who doesn’t mind being on his own in order to work toward a goal. All it takes is a little nurture, and this sign will return favors ten-fold.

However, an Aquarius Moon doesn’t like to feel controlled by others, so let him know you’re there for support and that he can reach out when needed with kind words or simple companionship.

The Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon’s sense of social justice and progressive ideals give it a strong humanitarian streak. These individuals are humanitarian workers at heart, but they may also turn their talents to social, political or environmental activism.

They like to be the center of attention and can be eccentric thinkers who dream up new philosophies, theories or findings.

This Sun-Moon combination is characterized by good judgment, understanding, and an ability to bring out the best in people. While sharing many of the traits of other Virgos, Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon people are less predictable and follow their own interests rather than doing what they are told. They are hard workers and can often be found in careers that allow them to help others.

They have excellent organizational skills and are known to be perfectionists. They can also be critical of themselves and others. Virgos are very loyal. They crave stability in all areas of their lives and like to maintain routine.

Though very much down-to-earth, this zodiac sign has an otherworldly aura about it, with deep wisdom overlaying an incredibly practical demeanor. The perfect blend of sensibility and fantasy, Virgoans are known for their analytical precision and attention to detail.

The Virgo-born are meticulous and methodical, and make the most faithful of friends. They’re thrifty to a fault, but will never turn down a glass of champagne on offer - life’s too short!

These signs can be the life of the party – but on their own they’re quiet and observant. People with these Sun and Moon signs tend to be highly individualistic and energetic.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon Woman

The Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon woman personality traits are blended from the ethereal wellsprings of your feminine soul. Your compassionate, selfless nature is key to your identity. You are able to connect with people on a deep level, be it in a romantic partner, or your best friend throughout life.

The Virgo-Aquarius woman is a paradox. She can be very awkward, while at the same time, she’s a sensation on the dance floor.

This could be an example of the typical Virgo Aquarius, where her internal rhythm clashes with the motion of the dance. These conflicts can move to other things (like relationships), where she feels like she is playing a role instead of just being herself.

The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Aquarius create a practical and methodical person. Virgos are warm and friendly with their friends. The Aquarius influence makes the Virgo person progressive in outlook.

The Virgo woman has a knack for noticing things that others might miss. She is well-respected for her loyalty, practicality and is very quick-witted.

It’s normal for her to step in and play motherly duties when needed. By the way she dresses, you can tell she has good taste. She’s a minimalist and loves a clean, elegant style that is simple but chic.

The Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon woman is intelligent, independent, and strong willed. She’s not a “Why can’t you be normal?” kind of girl. She’s a “Why can’t you be more honest about your needs?” kind of girl.

Her independence doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need to be taken care of–she does, but she also wants to know that her man is just as capable of providing for her as she is of taking care of him. A Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon woman turns her skill at getting people to like her toward finding someone who will really love her for who she is.

The Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon woman combines her perfectionism streak with her enthusiasm for new ideas to make improvements and offer advice where she thinks it is needed. She is an idealist and a hard worker who can sometimes become obsessed with details.

This woman is the one who takes care of others, from her friends and family to those further afield. This is not purely out of duty but because she has a natural inclination to help others in whatever way she can, even if that means getting involved in their business or inviting them round for lunch.

She is sociable and friendly with a strong sense of justice that serves people well. There’s a common thread with her friendships and relationships – this is a loyal woman who makes time for the important people in her life.

Friendly and charming, Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon can be very personable. They are happiest when they have someone to talk to.

They also like to work in a team, and enjoy the importance that their position gives them in a group. This can make them appear more confident than they feel inside; they need their ego strokes.

Having said this, they are perfectionists and will always strive for the best, even if this means working long into the night or taking on way too much at once. They will push others as hard as they push themselves, but will expect no less of others than they expect from themselves

Virgos are practical, analytical and hard-working. It is important to balance your mind and body in order to maintain good health. Gaining insight into your subconscious is very helpful to you because it can help you analyze other people’s behavior and understand yourself more deeply.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon Man

The Sun in Virgo brings a practical, analytical and hard-working character to the people with this placement. The Sun symbolizes your primary function—the ability to relate well to others.

Virgo, born August 23 – September 22, is well known for being an all-around hard worker. You possess a deep interest in almost everything. Your curiosity is aroused by something you read or hear about very easily and you naturally want to learn more.

Virgos are known for their volunteering, sensitivity, the need to be of service, perfectionism, practical intelligence, loyalty and hard work. Aquarius is known for their ingenuity, rebellious spirit and inventiveness.

The Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon man is a man who presents a cool exterior all the time, but can be passionate and fascinating underneath the surface. He may be incredibly shy with women and will have a hard time letting loose.

Once he settles down with someone he cherishes, however, his shyness will melt away. It is common for the Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon man to find himself fighting other people’s battles and taking care of everyone else.

The Virgo-born men tend to be practical, neat and orderly. They are perfectionists, who take great pains to ensure everything is just so. You will encounter a Virgo who will happily organize your home or car, and make sure that each item has its proper place.

An Aquarius Moon man believes to be open-minded, original, inventive and perpetually changing. They are hard headed thinkers but at the same time easy to communicate with. They are serious about life and love and want to be a good friend, lover, parent and member of the community.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon men are reserved, practical, rational and methodical human beings. They are versatile, resourceful, productive and have a very clear sense of purpose and direction in life.

He is very loyal. The one guy you know will never cheat you or stab you in the back, the Virgo man is a real catch for any woman. To the Virgo man, the emotion he feels is in the moment, but it’s on his terms, and he will make sure it will fit into his schedule.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon man personalities are quite different in temperament to their female counterparts and indeed share little common ground with them. They are much more conventional and conservative and sometimes overly so.

He is the most civilized of all men. He possess obvious traits from his Sun and Moon signs. The Virgo bit will enhance his wisdom of life and customs of living. The Aquarius bit will make him more humane with a broad vision and a progressive head.

He is fun loving and social, unafraid of change and new experiences. He lives through intellectual stimulation whether it be a new gadget or technical innovation, the latest technology in science or an intriguing idea with the potential to change the world. Given the chance to pursue a new project, he will dive in with gusto.

He loves creative art forms, especially music and poetry. He loves playing his guitar and singing to himself, even if no one is around. He also loves the idea of travel; it’s always on his mind even though he rarely travels.

The Virgo-Aquarius man is the philosopher in the zodiac. He has a deep appreciation for life, loves to read, ponder and meditate.

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