Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

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People with a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon personality are independent, have strong family values, are emotional and sentimental, and are loving individuals. They are often the peacemakers in a group, but also tend to be stubborn at times.

A Cancer personality has the hidden desire to experience new, exciting adventures. But this prominent water sign is also cautious and practical in their everyday lives.

It’s hard to detect the true Cancerian personality beneath their emotional walls. Consequently, those with a Cancer sun sign may not be able to feel so high and mighty when it comes down to real life, where their big emotions will definitely be more average than extraordinary. They’ll need a partner who can help them better manage their fears and keep them on track.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon Description

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon is the sign of home, family and security. Cancer people love comfort, routine and familiarity. They need to feel secure in order to flourish both professionally and personally.

If your Sun is in Cancer you are likely to be caring, kind, gentle and emotionally sensitive. You like to nurture others as well as yourself. You may be prone to moods or indulge in comfort eating when feeling depressed.

Picture the most extreme Cancerian personality traits, and you might think of someone who is moody, hypersensitive, and self-sacrificing. That’s one way to look at this sign. But the Cancer personality also includes a deep appreciation for the finer things in life, a strong desire to nurture others, and a sincere dedication to the people and things they love.

There is a psyche that surrounds Cancer-Scorpio people. They are somewhat mysterious by nature and the reserved attitude often prompts people to believe they are cold or unfriendly. In contrast to this, people born with the Sun in Cancer often display incredibly strong loyalty to friends and family.

Intense, passionate, driven, and determined are all words that describe those born with Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon. They are very emotional, nurturing and always sensitive to the needs of others but may tend to keep their own concerns for themselves.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon people are very emotional, secretive and extremely sensitive. They don’t like to show their true feelings towards the world, but they reveal them somewhere private. Cancers are usually good listeners and adore animals. They always help others even before they think of themselves.

Cancer creates calm, harmony and loyal partnerships. Scorpio brings the need to uncover secrets, mysteries and hidden truths. The Cancer sun Scorpio moon person has a mysterious nature that attracts others to them.

They are very emotional and are blessed with incredible intuition. They are kindhearted people who tend to be highly sensitive and sympathetic.

Scorpio Moon sign people possess exceptional inner strength, which helps them achieve high standards in life. They are ambitious and determined to realize their dreams even if it takes a lifetime to do so!

The Cancer/Scorpio individual is traditionally believed to exhibit the following traits: always keeping the door open, constantly on duty, having a multi-faceted personality, and embracing new relationships as the old ones end. These individuals can be found in blue collar occupations such as: oil, construction, trucking, plumbing, or auto mechanics.

They have an intuitive sense of how to blend with and get along with people of other cultures, races, beliefs, and lifestyles. They are sympathetic to others' needs and try to help underprivileged or abandoned people. If they see a problem, they will work hard to make sure that someone does something about it.

Scorpio Moon sign people are highly emotional as well as sensitive. They are extremely protective about their feelings and might have issues with people not showing enough affection back to them in return. They are likely to be over possessive about their family members, and they want to be the center of attention in any situation.

Due to their sensitivity, they experience more emotions than most people. They are special individuals, capable of feeling and reasoning at the same time. They are motivated on staying true to their ideals and beliefs.

This Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon person is very stubborn and determined to get their own way. They have a lot of emotional courage and enjoy being with people. These people will develop psychic visions and have an interest in psychic readings . They are very sensual and will have a deep compassion for other human beings.

Protective, passionate, emotional, secretive and volatile: are all words which describe the Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon pairing. They are fiercely loyal to their loved ones and nurturing when it comes to their families.

However, they may also be prone to moodiness at times and outbursts of anger when feeling overwhelmed or stressed. This sign may find themselves in a chronic need for nurturing which is tough to maintain over time for someone with this placement. This person will often have a desire for depth of knowledge, meaning they are always searching for answers as well as trying to figure things out.

With security and home-centered roots, you love the challenge of turning an old house into a cosy haven and are prepared for a daily battle with the dust. You prefer to the indulge in your own company rather than join in group activities but when you do you are very popular and sociable.

The Cancer Sun sign and Scorpio Moon sign combination gives you a very emotional and intense personality. You are very protective of your loved ones.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

A Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon woman is a mix of contradictions. They are fiercely loyal and are capable of unconditional love. At the same time, they can be inscrutable and often hold their emotions inside because they fear being vulnerable.

Because of this you’ll never quite know how they feel or what they’re thinking and this makes them very difficult to please. Always put your best foot forward with these ladies – if they sense you have an ulterior motive or something to gain you won’t have them in your corner for long.

This Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon woman is quick thinking and fast acting. She has a tendency for a dramatic flair and an air of mystery. She is sensual, but easily bored. This lady is appealing, often in showy ways. She loves attention but doesn’t like it when people try to command her or restrict her freedom.

Women born under this zodiac sign are deep and emotional. She savors time spent with her partner, showing her love through care.

The Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon woman is loyal to her friends and family, at the same time she can be very shy. At her best she is loving, compassionate and understanding of others.

She wants to make a beautiful home for her man and children. She is very intuitive and good at solving other people’s problems. But she will often put her own needs and wants on hold to take care of the needs of others first.

A Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon woman is a seeker of deep, meaningful experience. She is most herself in a setting where there are others around to witness her accomplishments. The Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon woman has strong skills in assessing the feelings of others and often works hard to make those around her feel comfortable.

She excels at reading people for signs of “mis-expression” or hidden hostility. For this reason she often has a great deal of personal power and knows how to use it to manipulate situations toward her desired outcome.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon woman can be completely zany, loyal, and incredibly charming. She loves to laugh and even has a hint of the clown in her. She has a whimsical spin on life that often puts others at ease.

She tends to play dress-up and experiment with different identities in her love life. A Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon woman is a bit overly emotional from time to time.

The Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon woman is strong, private and intelligent. They are loyal and possess a large capacity for love. Moods change often but once a decision has been made they rarely change their mind.

She may be moody, sentimental and passionate. They have an interest in secret or mysterious things which is why I believe astrology is so appealing to them.

The Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon woman is an extremely complicated and confusing individual. She will never be the type that will open up to others and make her feelings well known.

The people around her will always be in a constant state of awe about what she is doing at any particular time. You can expect lots of twists and turns when you have a Cancer Sun Scorpio moon woman in your life.

These women are very loyal and dependable, and offer a steadfast shoulder to lean on, or rely upon in times of need. They are protective of their loved ones and guard their identity with care – one would not find out they have this Cancer sun Scorpio moon woman in their life until they were invited in.

She is a sensitive, intuitive, and intense soul. She is deeply caring towards others and wants to help others heal emotionally.

The Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon woman is deep, mysterious and intense. She has the emotional depth and intuition of the water sign Cancer but the penetrating analysis and precision of Scorpio. This makes her an extremely interesting woman.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon Man

When it comes to personality traits, Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon men are very deep and mysterious. In fact, they are one of the most complex signs in the zodiac.

Gentle and caring, a Cancer sun Scorpio Moon man is capable of a giving love that only deepens over time. He’s dependable when he gives his word but he doesn’t give it easily.

Just as his emotions run deep, so does his adventurous personality. A Cancer sun Scorpio moon man is drawn to the sea and all things mysterious.

This man can be fiercely protective of those he loves, and he’s perfectly at home taking care of family matters with the same determination with which he tackles the world outside his door.

His body is as attractive as his mind with a chiseled chest, broad shoulders and slim waist. Cancer sun Scorpio moon man loves things that are rich and opulent. His tastes are refined, expensive and sophisticated.

He has a hard time trusting people, he doesn’t leave his heart open for just anyone. He is very sensitive and emotional, so he wears his heart on his sleeve. He would like to be in love and married in the near future. He has been hurt from an ex or two and that could be why he is hesitant.

The Cancer sun-Scorpio moon man is very gentle, caring and strong. A risk taker and a passionate lover, they are also very loyal. They are never afraid to fight for what they believe in. He has his ‘cool’ side and also harbors a deep emotional side which makes him alluring and attractive.

This Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon man is someone who is organized and efficient, who like to live a calm life. Passionate, determined, intense, committed and resourceful are qualities attributed to this aspect. He sees tasks through to the end even when distracted by other things that interest him.

He is deeply and profoundly emotional. He has a tendency to be extremely protective towards those he cares about, and can be quite moody and temperamental. As a Cancer Sun, he is usually very receptive and good at listening to others' feelings and understanding their pain and experiences.

The Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon man is quite mysterious and private about his emotions. He tends to numb his pain by being a workaholic or by seeking out the emotional support of a woman he feels safe with.

Underneath his tough exterior is a warm heart that truly cares for others. There is a strong feminine side to him and he easily gets enamored by the charm of an older man.

Now It’s Your Turn

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