Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality Traits

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Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon is one of the most complex signs, with a natural talent for nurturing. Cancer traits can include being homebodies who enjoy living in their own little world and having familiar surroundings.

People with Cancer personalities are sensitive, emotional, and caring. They tend to be anxious and may worry about the worse.

They love to help others in any way they can. While they have a real sense of loyalty, they can also be extremely moody and self-conscious.

Cancer people are very sensitive to their environment. They are serious and introverted. They tend to be known as pessimistic and jealous person by others. They are emotionally induced in their actions and movements.

Cancer (or Crab) people are portrayed as dependable, and hard-working. Shy at times, they do not like to be the center of attention and often retreat to keep their emotions hidden. The crab is also known for its protective shell, much like the Cancer individual does for themselves.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon Description

Cancer’s nurturing, protective nature makes you loyal to those who are closest to you. You’re a loving, loyal friend with a big sense of humor. You’re empathetic, and you enjoy deep conversations about feelings and emotions.

When it comes to solving problems, you tend to be sympathetic and caring. It’s important for you to help those around you feel safe and secure.

They always look at the brighter side of life. In fact, this feeling can sometimes become obsessive. These people have a tendency to get upset by other people’s negative attitude or pessimistic approach towards life.

Sagittarius Moons are passionate, enthusiastic people who love to travel and see new places. An upfront and honest individual, this person has a great sense of humor and loves to socialize.

They are open minded and philosophical about life. Being a freedom loving soul, they are likely to appreciate strange or imaginative music and art.

Feel-good Sagittarius is your Moon sign, so it’s little wonder that you love to laugh and enjoy the good life. The Cancer-Sagittarius influence in your horoscope also means that you’re fun to be around.

Sagittarius Moon people don’t give away their secrets easily. You are not afraid to tell anyone where to go, how to get there, and what train by which you mean them. So it should not come as a surprise that they often share their deepest thoughts with just a few friends who they are comfortable with regardless of the closeness.

The Cancer Sun-Sagittarius Moon person is warm and outgoing, positive and optimistic. These folks suit the dramatic arts, traveling around and seeking experiences. They love to learn and they are most at peace when they are teaching others.

They might live a life that is bigger than most. These are big thinkers and doers that love to be free in all aspect of life. They want to do things on their terms, even if it means not being liked by others by doing so.

You are both a hard worker and a dreamer, always striving to reach higher levels in any field you take on. Life for you must have meaning in order to be lived at all. Even if you do not have a job, you are likely involved in some activity that provides an outlet for your goals and ambitions.

Bold, adventurous and naturally curious, Cancer Suns can be formidable achievers. They’re born networkers who collect friends and family like some people collect vintage autos or stamps.

Their Sun-Moon combination supports a deep connection with family as well as a philosophic outlook that often centers on a search for purpose. Cancers have a practical way of looking at life. They are known for their generous spirit, kindness, dependability, sensitivity to others' needs, and protective nature.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon Woman

This Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon woman is a highly sensual creature. She loves to feel and bask in the warmth of love. She has a great sense of humor and loves to communicate her emotions through words.

Cancers are romantic; they fall deeply in love, and this Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon woman will have difficulty coming out of that phase once she falls for someone. The sensitivity of this woman is observed not just through her feelings but also by the things she likes. Her immense liking for finer things in life could make her materialistic but not wholly so as she knows the difference

Because you are a Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon woman, you tend to have a personality that is very reflective of two signs which both possess a great deal of energy.

She is a unique female. She is very open and likes everything her life has to offer. She can be flirtatious and playful, and might try to hide the fact of being insecure. She is sensitive, possessive and childish at times.

The Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon woman is full of charm and energy. Intuitive, she can’t help but notice the little details that others don’t see. She won’t be fooled by slick talk or high pressure pitches and she can spot insincerity at a mile away. Her approach to life is rather unorthodox when seen through materialistic eyes but she always seems to come out on top in spite of it all.

She is one of the few Cancer women who doesn’t like to be in the kitchen. She is in fact very adventurous, driven by a desire for exploration, discovery and challenges.

She loves to get out and about and when she does she casts a warm and caring presence as she takes in her surroundings. With a fetish for life’s little pleasures, she will always find fun wherever she goes no matter what activity or outing she participates in.

The Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon female is sometimes a contradiction of extremes. She can be an immovable object one moment and an unstoppable force the next. She can be highly emotional, on fire about something or someone.

During those times her passion and enthusiasm are off the charts, and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. When she is like this, the Cancer woman appears impervious to any of life’s highs and lows. She is cool and calm in the face of tragedy or crisis. Underneath it all you see courage, strength and fearlessness.

Delightful and feminine, Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon woman are proud, decisive, and enthusiastic. They have a strong personality that is courageous and full of energy. Women born under this sign are considered deep and private by others, but that’s only because they always try to analyze everything in their heads before taking action.

These women can be said as mysterious for a reason, they don’t share their feelings with others easily. At the same time, they love helping others when someone needs it.

Born on the drive of passion, Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon women are determined to fulfill their dreams of love and happiness. Also being very caring and strong in character, they take time to heal others' wounds and provide support whenever someone around them is in distress.

Thinking way ahead, Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon women plan in advance, handling all details with the utmost precision, and end up being successful businesswomen afterwards.

This is one of the most difficult zodiac combinations to understand. From childhood they were not easy: they often forget even their favorite toys. They do not like to play around because they are too serious, shy and inward. Their fears and inhibition will force their friends to stay away from them.

The Cancer sun Sagittarius Moon woman is known for her spontaneity, restlessness, and friendly attitude. She can make fun of herself and tell a joke to get herself out of an awkward situation.

She has a distinct charm that captivates crowds. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She loves to socialize, is high-spirited and youthful. She is a great host with spontaneous hip party planning skills.

A Cancer sun Sagittarius moon woman is warm, affectionate, flirtatious and energetic. She is a very attractive bundle of joy with huge magnetism and charisma. However, she is also very headstrong and stubborn.

She can be bossy and overly demanding at times, which leads her to lose some friends. Her values are very important to her, therefore she never goes back on her word.

A Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon woman is usually a restless and demanding soul, as she assumes the world revolves around her. Her most pronounced personality traits are her extreme sensitivity, over-sensitivity down to the slightest feelings, emotions or experiences.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon Man

The Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon man is a very social person. He is an engaging conversationalist with a good sense of humor and acts spontaneously and enthusiastically in life. He is one of those rare individuals who likes to stand out in the crowd.

He loves being the center of attraction and entertains people with his witty talks. Often, he appears to be arrogant due to his flamboyant personality, but he remains humble at heart.

He may get nervous if he doesn’t able to handle any situations but once he deals with the problem, all his tension will be gone. This man is blessed with great imagination power and this will help him to discover all the hidden talents in self.

The Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon man is gifted with a sunny optimism that is hard to rival! There are many traits of this man but some of their most defining and unique ones include their tendency to be generous, full of fun and wit while also giving a lot of attention in relationships.

He is authentic, loyal, full of integrity; loves to learn; has a vibrant personality and strong sense of family. He will set out his ideas clearly and strongly.

This Cancer man is cautious and sometimes pessimistic. He likes to be independent at all times, but does not like being alone; he likes to live in a kind of isolation in which everyone respects his privacy. He is more complex than he appears to be on the surface.

The Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon man is a very traditional thinker. He has a love of tradition and history and will be fascinated by anything that is vintage, whether it is an old building or an antique car from his parents' era.

This love of the past often makes him nostalgic about his childhood, during which he loved to explore in the grass and make mud pies. His interest in history has led to an interest in politics as well, especially whether his country is being run properly.

He wants to make sure that everything is always fair and everyone is treated fairly under the law. There can be times when he feels a desire to change careers in order to help bring justice to those who have been unfairly treated.

The Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon man is known for being a life of the party but can also be quite the loner. He has an easy going and relaxed personality and never wants to miss out on adventure.

He is a creature of habit and does not like change. He can take a while to open up to new people but once he does he is there for life. When around his loved ones he is kind-hearted and sensitive.

His piercing personality can strike fear into his enemies, but it’s a very effective weapon. He possesses an incredibly prophetic gift. He is a shrewd businessman and has tremendous know-how.

Living their lives at a quick pace, Cancer Sun/Sagittarius Moon has boundless optimism and enthusiasm for life—characteristics that come naturally to those born under this Sun/Moon pairing.

They love learning about new cultures, going to new places, and meeting new people. These individuals have a brilliant sense of humor and a true appreciation for the art of conversation; many are keen writers or actors.

The Cancer man is sensitive to the feelings of others, thus he really hates it when someone hurts or says something bad about him. Very ambitious, very determined and stubborn, the Cancer man bases his feelings on facts and logic.

People born with Cancer sun sign are usually conservative in their approach towards life. They are people with strong intuition and perceptiveness, they hardly take anything at face value.

They possess excellent ability to express their feelings and emotions. On the flip side, they can be hypersensitive and moody, which leads to depression on some days.

These people are emotionally open and are considered softies by their friends as well as colleagues. They have a tendency to be very self-analytical about everything that happens around them, which makes them very intelligent and practical individuals.

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