Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon Personality Traits

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People born between June 21st and July 22nd are Cancerians. They are beautifully sensitive people though they may not seem as such on the outside.

What would a team of experts assembled to describe you say? They might consider your nurturing nature, your diagnostic and research ability, your thoughtful approach to solving problems, and the seamless way that you are able to integrate information from different sources.

In other words, they could note that you have some Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon personality traits.

Cancer’s sensitive and emotional nature provides insight into people who are highly analytical, studious, and detail oriented. Those born under Cancer are typically patient and loyal and have diverse interests.

Along with their sympathetic attitude toward others, they have practical thinking which can make them natural leaders. However, although they may like the idea of being in charge, Cancer personality types usually don’t want the day to day responsibilities that come with leadership roles.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon Description

They have a great memory, emotional strength and a desire to protect their loved ones from harm. People with this Zodiac sign can seem shy at first, but they tend to be very creative and sensitive in their heart.

Cancers tend to surpass all other water signs in their ability to adapt. As such, they can’t stand when others don’t step by step through the difficulties of life alongside them.

Cancers are nurturers and feel great joy in taking care of others. They’re loyal to a fault and won’t back down once they’ve promised their support.

They are sensitive and sympathetic, possessing a caring, nurturing personality. Very concerned with family, tradition, home and hearth, this is the one who plants the garden in order to yearn for spring, tarries by the window for a glimpse of an absent loved one.

While Cancer rules the home, there’s always room at the Inn for others. Cancer is one of the zodiac’s most fascinating signs because of its characteristics of duality. As it lives within you to be kind and gentle as well as ruthless and crabby while fond of praise yet often irascible.

There is no escaping a Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon. Strong, diverse and often moody, these personalities have a lot going on. They are often creative thinkers and very intuitive. They will tend to question things to the nth degree and often aren’t afraid to express their feelings.

The Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon person is practical, dependable and ambitious, but may also be over cautious. They will appreciate your sensitivity to their feelings. You’ll find them to be hard working, reliable and stable—the kind of person who never lets you down.

Just don’t push them too far or depends too much upon them. Learn to give them room and provide a lot of emotional support, or they may become withdrawn and resentful.

They are popular and have lots of friends. Cancers born on this Moon sign are always generous, a little bit on the introverted side, and tend to be caring toward their friends and family members. Cancer and Capricorn natives more often choose a career in politics or as an actor, songwriter, or historian.

Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon is quiet, thoughtful and practical. They are good at satisfying their needs even if they hurt someone else in the process.

This Sun-Moon sign combination gives you a certain sensitivity to others, a determination to help those who need it, and an air of competence that people can confide in.

Your Cancer Sun sign is mercurial, moody, and changeable. You can be deeply sentimental one moment and fiercely independent the next. Your need to retreat inward will often manifest as a need for collecting, creating a homey environment of peace and beauty.

People with a Capricorn Moon personality are often distant, moody, and withdrawn. They can be very critical towards others, and they will want to control their feelings so no one knows what they are thinking.

They will be aware of the negative thoughts that he or she is having about others. These individuals know how to put a good face on even when they don’t feel well inside. They are also likely to hold back their true feelings until someone pushes them too far and then it all comes pouring out in a negative way.

Cancer-born with this Sun-Moon combination will often be very ambitious but at the same time very down to earth. A worrier, yet a great problem solver, this Cancer-born person will be more risk taking in his financial life than he might be willing to admit.

They may also like to keep up with what’s happening in the world around him through reading newspapers or watching television programs on current events. They are self-protective, secretive, and conservative. They are strong on the outside but sensitive in nature.

A Cancer sun/Capricorn moon person is ambitious and disciplined, sometimes even obsessed, with a need for order and control. These people are hardheaded about their own objectives in life, and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish them.

They have very little tolerance for the weak or infirm, nor for those who get in their way or undermine their plans. If they feel that things are not going their way – or that somebody or something is trying to thwart their efforts – they may become combative and aggressive in sabotaging the opposition.

The Cancer sun, Capricorn moon individual is shrewd, ambitious and concerned with security. They value their roots deep into the past, and tend to live in the past or future in relation to family or home.

A Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon is a homebody who prefers quiet evenings with family and friends over a night on the town. Home is their fortress of solitude, where they can escape the rigors of life and immerse themselves in dreams of the future. Although Cancers are naturally quiet, they have something important to say, so listen carefully.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon Woman

Cancer (June 21-July 22) is ruled by the Moon and has an intuitive and instinctual nature. They are easily affected by the moods of others.

These women are thought to be very sensitive. They often wear their hearts on their sleeves and utilize a lot of feeling based tactics to obtain their goals.

This Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon woman personality traits means that to understand her is to know her deepest secrets. She is a family-oriented, mature, sexy, loyal and sensitive lady who is ready for serious relationship and commitment. She’s more than just a pretty face, she is intelligent, wise and intuitive.

The Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon woman has a reputation for being refined and buttoned up. She prefers stability and organization to chaos and emotional displays. At home she is the boss, but in public she likes to play a role of compliance, even submission.

Her gentleness overpowers everyone else’s need to be first or loudest. Her emotions are hers alone, yet she feels them deeply. When it comes to emotions, the Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon woman doesn’t share everything with everyone in her life. Instead she tells her parents, or another close family member, or perhaps a very good friend.

Motivated by the desire to look attractive for others, she enjoys being able to wear flattering clothing. She also takes lots of pictures.

The Cancer sun Capricorn moon woman is great at managing the details of life. She excels at providing for others. While this Cancer woman has a soft heart, she is also very careful with her money and how it is spent, and will make sure that you use yours judiciously.

These women are the most mysterious and fascinating women of them all! They are extremely powerful and talented businesswomen who know how to make money work for them.

You have a gift for keeping things together, and you make the most of it. The Cancer Capricorn Moon woman is a nurturer who is dedicated to preserving family traditions. Take time for yourself but always remember that you’re a creature of comfort.

She loves to be with friends and family. Her life revolves around her husband, children and very likely her home. She may love her work but she loves getting back to family and home even more.

The Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon woman is one to be with as long as everything goes her way. She is sensitive, kind, thoughtful, active and never anyone’s fool. This highly emotional and spiritual woman will go the extra mile to get what they want. If things are topsy-turvy they will quickly get back on track again.

The Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon woman will make a terrific mother, as she is always in touch with her emotions. She has a strong sense of what she wants out of life and pushes herself to make those dreams a reality no matter what it takes, especially if she can

She is feminine and practical and does not like to be in close contact with others. She will keep her emotions under control, rarely allowing them to get out of hand and when she strikes, it will probably be in a subtle way.

Tall and strong, with a potent blend of ambition, authority and masculine sexuality, Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon women are formidable forces to be reckoned with.

She likely keeps a secret diary, where she writes about her thoughts and emotions. She may also keep a detailed calendar of when she feels best. A Cancer woman who is a great cook will feel inspired to create culinary masterpieces, while somebody who is born with this aspect may also just love to eat.

She has a deep set need to make everyone feel safe and secure. She is so used to being there for others that she misses it when she isn’t getting enough from someone who is supposed to be caring for her. Without realizing it, she starts taking responsibility for the emotional needs of just about anyone who will

The Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon combination is extremely proud and can sometimes be overly sensitive. The words “embarrassment” and “shame” have no meaning for them. She will not tolerate anyone crossing their path but are also warmhearted and compassionate.

They are practical and financially responsible. Although they can be hard on themselves it makes them try even harder to achieve their goals. They love to help others with any problems they may be having. These women are family-oriented and take great pride in all of the accomplishments of their children.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon Man

This Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon man is intensely loving and devoted to his family. He’s broadminded, practical and level-headed – and he expects that same attitude in return. His patience with others is his number one strength.

They will go out of their way to help someone. People born as a Cancer/Capricorn/Moon man are very devoted, loyal and kind and would do anything for you if they saw you in trouble.

Cancer Sun men seek after identity through relationships. Their identity is closely linked to the feeling of completion that they receive once completing a certain duty or contributing to their family, friends or loved ones.

The Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon man is emotional, sentimental and shy by nature. He values his privacy highly, and is a bit of a homebody. He likes to be in touch with his feminine side – domesticity appeals to him more than the workaday world.

He likes compliments and will respond to them with warmth and friendliness. Provide a shoulder to cry on now and then and he will open up to you about his feelings. This Capricorn moon man would like nothing more than to get into his partner’s mind enough to know what she thinks at all times.

He is known for his undying loyalty. At the same time, he can be sentimental and emotional. He adores traditional values and is more comfortable with a routine in his life.

The Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon man is a creature of routine, no matter how he presents himself to the world. He secretly yearns for his comfort zone, and can be extremely sensitive and moody. However, once he has his world in order he is loyal and devoted to his family. His home is a place where he has equilibrium. He loves to cook, eat and entertain at home.

He is noble, responsible, reserved and stubborn. His home is his castle. He prefers order in everything around him. He is a man of little words and does not like small talk. He knows how to concentrate on two or three things only and he does it with success.

A Cancer Sun man is discreet and always displays a calm and quiet exterior. He doesn’t have to be the center of attention, but he will nevertheless demand the right to be heard. This man resonates with a tendency towards emotional suppression, and strives for harmony among all parties concerned.

He is the ambitious and independent type who knows exactly what he wants to achieve in his life. Ambition and determination are the characteristics of Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon man which help him to succeed in life. He is bound to be a very successful businessman and as with any profession, he gives his hundred percent even if it means long working hours or taking up projects that will eventually pay off.

He is a loyal partner and responsible worker. He possesses the creativity of an artist, and has great people skills. Cancers born with a Capricorn Moon have a great deal of dignity and pride, are honest and faithful, sensual yet cautious, strong-willed, and like jobs in which they can be of service to others.

The Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon man is smart and simple in many ways. He’s a balanced guy who knows how to foresee things. He’s a practical man who knows how to be tolerant and responsible.

He doesn’t like changes, but once he faces them, he’s moderate in some unexpected ways. Their ambition is directed toward achieving their goals for a purpose. These people rarely settle for second best.

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