Cancer Sun Libra Moon Personality Traits

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Cancer Sun Libra Moon personalities are deeply emotional people yet they have incredible reserves of patience and kindness. The Cancer personality is sensitive to others and can take on their feelings making them appear moody or depressed.

They have the ability to look at people with their “warm, special” eyes. This allows them to read body language and emotions and understand what others are really thinking and feeling.

Cancer personalities are neither here nor there, they are sensitive and intuitive people who have a very strong grasp on human nature. They are capable of great love as well as great fear, are clairvoyant, oversensitive, but also possess a strong sense of humor.

Cancer people are the most sensitive of all the zodiac symbols. They are loving and affectionate, always willing to give. They have a strong sense of duty and responsibility.

On the flip side, they can be moody, pessimistic, insecure and fearful. Cancer people have good memories and they like to talk about everything in their life especially about their family. Simple pleasures give them great joy.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon Description

They are caring and nurturing, supportive and protective, emotional and good listeners. Seemingly shy at first, Cancer people only let people into their inner realm once they feel safe confiding in that person.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon people love security and stability, are very family-oriented and they highly value loyalty. They enjoy being at home, the place where they find their comfort.

They like having a familiar environment in which they can find shelter and solace. Cancers are also known for their tendency to hold on to certain material belongings because they represent a piece of home.

They are loyal, gentle, sensitive, artistic and creative. They aspire to form lasting relationships with those whom they trust on a deep emotional level.

They may appear unfriendly and introverted in the beginning and then slowly open up and confide in them willingly as they develop a sense of self-assurance. In more jovial moods they can be fun-loving and lighthearted. They go through life pleasantly seeking what brings delight, love, comfort and an ideal environment to bring up their children.

The Cancer Sun Libra Moon individual is a dreamer who wants to love and be loved. When in a relationship, the Cancer Sun Libra Moon individual can be surprisingly jealous and insecure.

They want to keep their beloveds close, not allowing them to stray too far from their starry-eyed view of the relationship. The Cancer Sun Libra Moon individual is an idealist who can become easily disillusioned when reality cannot live up to the fantasy they have created.

They are compassionate givers who feel a strong sense of duty to be responsible for the welfare of others. They often unselfishly give and lend money, time, energy, love, advice or the use of their assets to help out someone in need or to make things better in their world.

They have a strong emotional make-up, are very sentimental and compassionate. They have a nurturing side which often makes them protective of others.

The positive side of this is that they like to take care of those who need it. Cancer Sun, Libra Moon people strive for perfection. They want everything in their lives to be just right or else they feel out of sorts. These individuals will alter their lives so that they can fit into as normal a routine as possible.

Cancers identify with the crab and its natural habitat in the sea. Calm, deep feelings produce loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

They can be a bit of a paradox, as they are extremely sensitive yet they like to show off; emotional on the surface but hard as nails underneath; outwardly easygoing while inwardly very intense and ambitious. They love to gossip and tend to live in a dream world of their own making.

Some Cancer Sun Libra Moon people are very emotionally mature. They know how to handle situations with calmness and grace. Their emotions work in positive ways although they do have mood swings at times.

These people can be overly-sensitive at times and they can feel lonely at those times. They need an emotional security and a sense of belonging. This might be the only way that they can maintain their emotional stability.

These individuals are gentle, quiet and they have a rich imagination. They can get inspiration from art, literature and the arts in general. They will find it very difficult to understand just what is really happening around them,

The Cancer Sun sign represents a charming, sociable nature with a strong imagination. People born under this sign are imaginative and emotional, their feelings run deep so they can be susceptible to bouts of melancholy or depression if things don’t go their way.

The Cancer sun sign has a strong family instinct and will often house large families. More than likely you were fondly called a ‘momma’s boy’ by your friends but this really does not capture the fullness of this trait in your personality. Your maternal instincts are still very much alive in adulthood.

This Sun/Moon pairing is sensually and emotionally magnetic; a great pair for romance or deeply-felt friendships! These Cancer/Libra people find balance easily and love to be sociable.

They are often spotted in the center of a group of friends or with partners, and can be found holding court at clubs or parties with their charming charisma and high energy.

Sensitive, caring and altruistic Cancer is the zodiac’s most domestic sign. You are a lover of high culture, beautiful things and the arts, you like witty conversation and charm. Not much into physical exercise, you spend more time nurturing others than yourself.

You are the loyalist among the zodiac, a family first attitude is what defines you for better or worse. Obligation for others is one of your biggest motivators in life–from your family and loved ones to causes you feel passionately about. You are a lover of tradition and routine; when upset, you’ll do anything to get your comfort zone.

Cancer Sun Libra Moon Woman

The Cancer Sun Libra Moon woman has a personality that is calm, gentle, stable and rational. Cancers give preference to the family life and do not like public appearances.

Many of the Cancer Sun Libra Moon women have softness like water, shyness and they can be easily hurt. Many of these women are not emotionally stable and find themselves easily depressed.

To put it frankly, these women are stubborn as a mule. They may come across as very cold and detached. But they are really kind at heart. They are meant to be homebodies, with a softness for the little things in life, like lace and embroidery.

These women have the ability to create magic in their surroundings. Peace, order, and beauty are essential for them. They live in a world of serenity and splendor. They rarely allow themselves to get worked up about superficial material or trivial matters.

The Cancer Sun Libra Moon woman is an easy-going and very talkative. She is charming, well-groomed, and always fashionable. She has a good taste and her own style. She’s somewhat shy at first encounter, but she quickly opens up and she can even seem provocative.

You have an impressive, full-scale personality with strong leadership potential. Cancer Sun Libra Moon women are often the president of some group or organization, and they’re the first to volunteer for any new project. You have a well-developed nurturing side, and you love to take care of those who depend on you. Everyone needs a friend like that.

Cancer women are very sentimental and loyal to their family, friends, and partners. They adore flowers, jewels, perfume, and lots of little presents (sometimes for no reason!). With these women, everything must be very orderly and disciplined. If not, they will feel unhappy.

The Cancer Sun Libra Moon woman is independent, patient, a loyal and trustworthy friend who is always willing to sacrifice her time for others. When she loves someone she gives them all the best and does anything to make them happy.

She has a sweet personality which makes her easily approachable. She likes everything that is beautiful and charming and is looking for an ideal relationship that is stable in nature. She has a delicate heart and cannot bear any pain or sorrows of life.

She gets irritated and angry immediately when talked about by other women. Her determination, perseverance and mental strength make her a dedicated worker at office, who refuses to give up when she runs into difficulty.

She is a loving and caring person with a sincere interest for family and friends. She possesses a strong sense of decency and a powerful need to be appreciated.

Sensitive by nature, Cancer Sun Libra Moon women have a tendency to get hurt easily. They are very aware of the feelings of others and go out of their way to help others, sacrificing even their own needs in doing so.

Although romantic and pleasing, they can sometimes also be overly sensitive and insecure. They are also known to be indecisive at times when it comes to making decisions that involve other people.

This woman is the most creative, caring, and well-rounded Cancer Sun sign. Cancers have a strong sense of home and family, and this is one of the most nurturing and compassionate women you’ll ever meet.

She’s also a lover of beauty and has an eye for detail. Her artistic nature makes her perfect as an artist or designer, as she loves bright colors, beautiful lines–whether natural forms or design elements–and especially adores floral patterns, whether in clothing, décor, or accessories.

She has a very special warmth and intelligence. She has a keen understanding of human nature. She is often so understanding and sensitive that she is considered as an angel by others.

She is a complex woman - empathetic, overtly sensitive, and very kind. She finds it easy to accept people as they are around her, but she also knows that she’s not one to be pushed around or coerced into doing things that she doesn’t feel like doing.

She is affectionate and magnanimous with friends and family, but very reserved with those she doesn’t know. If in love, she is faithful and devoted but demands the same in return. She loves home like comfort, charm, and beauty. Her sense of aesthetics makes her an interior decorator par excellence!

Cancer Sun Libra Moon Man

A Cancer Sun Libra Moon man is a natural worrier and, when stressed, he has a tendency to become irritable and argumentative. He is also highly sensitive himself, which means that he will really feel the pain if he has to watch his partner suffer.

He tends to rarely show his true feelings. He’s always very diplomatic and conciliatory. So, try not to tie him into an argument because you might be surprised by his reactions.

A nurturing man with a gift for helping people. He’s the guy everyone goes to when they need a sympathetic ear, and he’s usually happy to listen.

He’s generous, loyal and dependable, and knows how to make the best of everyday. When everything is going wrong you can count on a Cancer Sun Libra Moon man to know how to make it right.

This Cancer Sun Libra Moon man is in the home sign of Cancer, which gives him a sensitive, nurturing side that makes him a responsible and caring partner. He doesn’t take kindly to criticism and is skeptical of those he doesn’t know well.

He has the desire to be needed and can be very entertaining in social situations. He is a gentle, refined person with a strong sense of responsibility. He is also a sensitive soul, easy to hurt and anxious.

Cancer men are sensitive and full of caring. They always like to help others as much as they can and offer them anything that will make them feel good.

He was born with an amazing magnetism which draws people to him. And as charming as he is, he was also born with a hot temper.

He is a gentle and diplomatic person. They are warm, kind, yet a little mysterious people to be around. The Cancer Sun Libra Moon man usually possess a high level of confidence in themselves.

They will often help where they can and are always looking out for the well-being of those around them. However, there are times when this altruistic trait may actually backfire on them if the people around them do not appreciate what they are doing.

The Cancer Sun Libra Moon man has the potential to possess kindness and sensitivity as well as remarkable artistic abilities. This man is romantic and can inflame passion in his partner. However, internal anger, resentment, and a tendency toward moodiness also exist.

The Libra Moon man has the ability to keep violence and discord at bay through compassion and harmony. Keeping hidden resentments toward loved ones in check will help this individual avoid judgmental attitudes when confronted with stressful situations.

A lot of men with a Cancer Sun, Libra Moon often become high-achieving professionals. They are the kind of men who will make success look easy. Their companies and partners benefit from their thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and grace under pressure.

When someone is lucky enough to be in a relationship with one of these gentlemen, he is hard-working, charming, and disciplined. These men go out of their way to make their partners happy.

Cancer sun sign people are emotional, sympathetic, kindly and caring. They bring a warm feeling to the environment they are in.

They will go out of their way to help someone out of trouble or appeal for the underdog. Their protective and adaptable nature is a true gift to those around them.

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