Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Personality Traits

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Cancer Sun sign people, those born between June 22 and July 22, are considered to be feel-good kind of individuals with a lot of intuition and creativity. They are sensitive, gentle, and very intelligent people whose feelings get hurt easily. They have a loving heart and a pleasant personality.

If you have Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon in your chart then you are an emotional person with a practical bent. You are careful about your health and although you can be moody at times, there is no denying that you take good care of yourself and try to keep healthy. As a result, people look to you for advice in this area.

Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the Moon. Cancer personalities are known for being nurturing, sympathetic and kind, sometimes to a fault. They look out for those they love and show great empathy toward friends and family.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Description

The Virgo Moon person is an earth sign governed by Mercury, so she is a bit more logical and analytical than her airy Gemini sister. She is meticulous and dedicated to the point of being a perfectionist and has the ability to multi-task.

They tend to be sentimental, possessive, and protective of their loved ones. They make sweet, kind, and understanding companions who enjoy harmonious relationships with their family, friends, and coworkers. While they are prone to anxiety when their personal lives are disrupted, they are generally rather laid-back when it comes to making plans or working.

The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon personality is a complex mixture of sensitivity, moodiness and the urge to nurture. A Cancer’s emotions are deep and difficult to plumb. They tend to guard their privacy, possessiveness and moodiness fiercely.

Cancers can be charming hosts with good social skills, particularly in groups. They also tend to have an ‘emotional intelligence’ along with creative expression, making them powerful communicators both verbally and artistically.

They make excellent parents who make their children feel as they are the most beautiful in the world. They are out to marry the life partner who will always be willing to look after them. They love giving gifts and warmth to others.

This sign’s energy is quite sensitive, emotional, and intuitive. Cancers tend to be caring, loving, and fun-loving people.

To have the emotional makeup of a Cancer means to take pleasure in the little things in life. They may not be outwardly expressive or dramatic, but underneath they harbor deep reservoirs of love and caring for their loved ones.

Cancers are very instinctive, which draws them towards those they find warm and nurturing. They enjoy learning about their family history and developing an appreciation for each individual’s uniqueness.

Cancerians are very protective towards their loved ones. They will do anything for their family. The smallest things get under their skin and can cause a huge rift in the household if not fixed immediately. People born under this combination of signs are very sensitive, they believe that they are right all the time, but no one is ever wrong.

Your Cancer Sun Virgo Moon combination makes you the most sympathetic, nurturing and caring of all the Sun/Moon pairings. You are a nurturer supreme and this is the medical personality of our Zodiac. You have an instinctive desire to protect and care for others in any way possible.

People born with their Moon in Virgo are very shy. They prefer to stay away from the limelight, but they can be very spiritual. Once they are comfortable around you, they are capable of making witty conversation. They are good listeners and make a very good friend.

They are often seen by others as the most polite, sweet and kind-hearted individual in the world. As a child, you loved to help out and please others, while as an adult you are still very considerate of others.

You are an extremely hard worker, devoted to your family and friends and expect to be treated well in return. You would never get involved with another married person.

The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon person is reserved, dignified, and loyal. You have a strong sense of home and family, and a respect for tradition.

You might be interested in marine biology, homeopathic remedies, and cooking healthy meals. You are shy with strangers but passionate with friends.

They need to be needed and desire to belong makes them outgoing and friendly with most people. They are moderate, kindhearted, sweet, good listeners, sensitive, and they are usually self-sacrificing in their day-to-day interactions.

They will often times try to make a small problem seem “not so bad,” because they don’t appreciate other people’s problems as much as their own. ‘The big picture’ is much more important than the little things.

The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon is sentimental and caring. You’re a homebody who loves to surround yourself with loved ones and material possessions. You crave the security of being surrounded by things that comfort you, both material and emotional things.

You get a sense of calm from sharing the concerns of your friends and family, which is something you’re always willing to do.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Woman

The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon woman is extremely sensitive to the feelings of others and seeks to avoid conflict at all costs. She doesn’t easily share her own emotions. Very domestic and nurturing, she yearns for a safe haven in which to raise a family.

Logical and organized, you always know where you stand with a Cancer Sun Virgo Moon female because she can be brutally honest - truthful even when it hurts. However, she’s also trustworthy, and will work hard to make sure any relationship runs smoothly.

Although she is gentle and sweet, she’s also stubborn and cynical. She can also be extremely pessimistic, which simply means that she’s realistic about human nature.

This woman knows how to manipulate people and situations in her favor, but usually does not because she believes in karma and the law of the universe. She really wants to help people but has a hard time choosing who deserves her time or patience.

The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon woman is known by her nurturing nature. She is also a practical person who is good at understanding things that are hidden. She tends to take everything lightly and also hides a secret wisdom behind her naive behavior.

She has a tendency to be very down to earth and protective. She has a real talent for detail and organization which she puts to good use in whatever she does.

A woman born with her Sun in Cancer, Moon in Virgo is most likely ambitious and independent. She usually comes across as very trustworthy and skilled although she can also be overly cautious.

As a Cancer woman you can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. On the one hand, they have a nurturing side, which allows them to be there for others when they need someone to talk to – both in their personal and professional lives.

On the other hand, they are a slave to detail with genuinely sensitive feelings. She will usually be a deeply moody person from her early teenage years into her middle age. She appreciates the finer things in life, and nurtures her talents to the fullest.

She is loyal, hard working, and always ready to help out. Her excellent memory and near photographic imagination makes her a fantastic listener, and she will make time for those who are truly important in her life.

Cancers are both sensuous and domestic yet also focused and hardworking. She loves to be in the center of attention whether it is for a party, occasion or her job.

You tend to be introverted, careful in managing your money and limiting your spending. You value a comfortable home base that is both serene yet elegant.

This Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon persona is best known for creativity, resourcefulness and willingness to try anything new as well as a need for privacy and introversion.

Being nurturers, Cancers are know for their compassion, while being moody they are also known to be highly emotional. Having great intuition, they are able to read people well and quickly.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Man

The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon man has very strong feelings and emotions about his family. He will deeply care for spouse and children, no matter what! As a Cancer Sun Virgo Moon man, you can feel insecure with your partner sometimes, but at the same time you are very loyal to them.

He is emotional, sensitive, with emphatic nature, he is idealistic, self-sufficient and deeply attached to family, friends and his loved ones. The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon man can become overly concerned about the well-being of others and have a hard time expressing his emotions.

He admires the arts and possesses a refined sense of style which he applies in all aspects of his life. Due to his unique blend of intuition and practicality, he often gets ahead in life.

The Cancer Sun Virgo Moon man is the most affectionate and loving among all men. These guys are more romantic than any other man of different Sun signs. They like to do everything when they are in love with someone.

They think that love matters even after marriage. Indeed they are too concerned about their partner’s needs. The want to please their partner in everything that they can.

A man born under with the Sun in Cancer, Moon in Virgo is sensitive, sweet, and down-to-earth. His aura oozes romance and a deep soulful longing for his life’s other half.

Always charming and gracious, he can be the perfect gentleman with a slightly naughty streak built in. Everything starts with his own self-reflection which leads him to measure others on a deeper level than most would dare to.

They have personality traits that make them rational, practical, and perfectionists. They are intellectual and eloquent. They’re such nurturing people who can perform well under pressure.

A Cancer Sun Virgo Moon man is dependent and sensitive, shy but logical, and easily overcome when it comes to women. He has natural agility and will be a graceful dancer-type due to his Libra moon sign.

He cares about his body, having a finely-tuned sense of aesthetics and health. This person can easily see the big picture when it comes to any problem.

His responses are often subtle, with just the right amount of response made towards the other party. This makes him an excellent counselor.

The Sun in Cancer Moon in Virgo man is restless and cool. When in love, he tends to be faithful and loyal to his partner. As a sign member, he’s very modest but also very passionate. He likes to get sympathy from his partner.

The Cancer man is loving, loyal and doting. He feels the need to make his loved ones happy by sacrificing himself.

His nurturing instincts are so strong that he might even be a little overbearing at times, but it’s better to have too much of something than not enough. A Cancer man is also an ideal friend for he loves to please others and will go out of his way to help, especially when someone has upset, hurt or betrayed one of his loved ones.

In summary, as a Cancer sun sign, you are sensitive, intuitive, nurturing, moody, and cautious. The center of your life is home and family. You have a strong sense of family loyalty, generosity and protectiveness.

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