Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

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Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the Zodiac. People with this Sun sign are nicknamed Water Bearer.

The symbol of Aquarius is a man holding a water jar, from which water flows out. They have unique qualities that make them stand out from the crowd.

The Sun represents our core personality and the Moon signifies our emotional nature. Aquarius is a fixed sign representing humankind’s belief structure in general. Scorpio is a Water sign representing our “sexy side,” emotions, and intuition.

The Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Scorpio person is stoic and enigmatic. Although they are usually friendly and kind, they are also cautious when meeting other people and might even hide part of themselves in order to protect themselves from getting hurt. They have a tendency to be a bit insecure about themselves when they don’t feel understood or appreciated.

The Sun in Aquarius individual is typically rebellious, independent, humanitarian, inventive and humanitarian. These individuals may be considered “different” from others as they are highly intellectual, unconventional, outspoken and ethical. They may also possess a wide range of idiosyncrasies. They also tend to be eccentric sources of new ideas.

Your unique personality is excited, charismatic, and you can be hesitant to trust anyone. Successful people with this Sun/Moon combination love variety and change. Having a style all of their own, everything they do is original.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon Description

Aquarius Personality Traits

People who are born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are highly forward-thinking and believe in maintaining a certain level of individuality.

They like to bring out the best in those surrounding them. They are also caring, generous and politically inclined people, so their friends benefit from listening to their thoughts.

They are a good listener with a great sense of humor. Someone who’s always there and cheering you up when you’re down in the dumps. This isn’t just in friendship, they have a broad perspective on life.

Aquarians don’t let the little things get to them—and this means their companions rarely run afoul of their volatile temper. Like all air signs, they prefer to remain emotionally detached from situations that bother them, something that makes them seem ‘aloof’ to others. At the same time, they’re hard to ruffle or offend.

They are always thinking conceptually about love, and is naturally inquisitive about the world. They are skilled at analyzing and synthesizing information, and succeeding in sciences. They have a gift for communication, and they enjoy helping others find their niche in life, just as they did.

They are seen as unconventional and unique, but they also have very high standards and are not afraid to voice their opinions . Their desire to learn and experience new things is insatiable, and many Aquarius can always be found reading a book or watching documentaries.

They are the true pioneers of social equality, and join groups for a cause rather than because of status. As lovers, they tend to be extremely smart, with a great sense of humor that attracts many admirers

Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

If you have the Moon In Scorpio, love and romance may be a strong part of your life. Some Scorpio Moon people need lots of emotional attention, not only from close friends but from anyone who will listen to them.

They are most comfortable and in their element when someone is willing to listen to their thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions. Scorpio Moon people do not care necessarily for what they are talking about, but it makes them feel good just to talk; within reason.

Some of the strengths of this Moon placement are an intense, deep connection to emotions; a highly advanced intuition; a strong, healthy, innermost self; and a capacity for intensity.

They have very intense, deep emotions and are sometimes called very private. They don’t like to share their true feelings with others and are afraid that if they take this chance others will want to take advantage of them.

Sometimes they hold in their feelings to avoid being hurt. If an emotional trauma has occurred very early in your life you might have issues expressing your emotions as well as being able to identify how someone else is feeling.

Your Moon in Scorpio drive is to succeed in a creative area and realize your artistic ability. You could become an actor, mystery writer, or anything imaginative that suits you.

People with this Moon placement are deep and secretive, creative and intense, intuitive and sensitive. A born psychologist or intuitive, your entire being is focused on the mysteries of life. You possess a powerful magnetism, which can be used to uncover hidden truths.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon Characteristics

For the unique Sun in Aquarius individual, the urge to experiment with a wide variety of impressions and beliefs combined with a magnetic personality draw people to your life. You can easily find yourself leading a group or following one.

The Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon combination is often very adept at picking up knowledge and using information that comes from the many different sources you come into contact with. They are friendly, optimistic, tolerant and humanitarian.

They are original thinkers that have the ability to change the world. Although they may seem aloof at times, they are actually very concerned with social needs and tend to be peaceful, forgiving, and understanding true friends.

Their personality is complex, as all Aquarius Sun Moon combinations are. This individual is unconventional and a bit of an iconoclast. They are a true individualist who marches to the beat of their own drum. They prize their independence and freedom above all else.

They are a true nonconformist, they are able to see all sides of any situation or personality and are naturally tuned into emotional issues. They will often have much insight into others but may be reluctant to share this information as they dislike being predictable or conventional. These people can also appear aloof, often with their nose stuck in a book or an ideal that others don’t share.

The Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon individual possesses a magnetic charm and charisma, but beneath this magnetic attraction lies an often dark and complex personality. This combination of Sun and Moon sign indicates that the native will develop a very strong sense of individuality and can easily become isolated from others, becoming involved in matters best kept to themselves.

The Aquarius Scorpio individual is likely to be rather eccentric and definitely unique. They are quite independent, though they prefer to work with others, not alone. There is a touch of mystery about them, as there is much going on inside their head that no one knows but them.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

Born between January 20th and February 18th, the Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon woman possesses many different traits.

As an Aquarius Sun sign, she is fascinating. She is intelligent and eccentric. Independent and determined, this female is not afraid to be herself in any situation.

She’s one of a kind and might even remind you of a Madonna or Cher. Some may see her lack of concern for others as selfishness but it’s really simply because this woman is very self-possessed and doesn’t need to prove it any other way than with her own actions.

This is a highly romanticized but often misunderstood woman. She is the woman who has not really lived until she has loved – with every fiber of her being - and lost.

At times she is a loner with a mysterious charm. Other people find you quite attractive and exotic.

You have a good sense of humor and are lots of fun at social gatherings but you can be very stubborn when it comes to your own opinions. You are not one for jealousy but you do not like to be treated as though you were just another person.

People with this Sun Moon combination are friendly but they don’t easily fall into friendship. They need to really like and respect the other person first because they’re quite choosy in who their friends will be. They are very open minded, intelligent thinkers who actually enjoy arguing a point or making an unpopular decision if the logic is sound.

The Sun in Aquarius woman is the rebellious air sign. She makes her own decisions, sometimes based on logical reasoning and other times on the emotional gut feeling that she is right.

You are a free spirited thinker who loves to push the envelope of tradition while still following the rules. With a true rebel heart and an original approach to life, you are a one-of-a-kind person with an attitude that sets you apart from everyone else.

As an Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon woman, you see the world differently than others. Your mind is a sponge that soaks up the impossible, and your natural curiosity will always have you searching for what’s around the next corner.

You live by your own set of rules and you are very forgiving toward others, but you may hold grudges or think back at anyone who’s broken a promise to you.

She is loyal, true and real. She is a good friend who stands by you. Deep down, she wants a solid love relationship with her soul mate but also wants to be free to explore new avenues and experience life.

The Aquarius woman is an independent and a visionary individual and has a strong determination for uniqueness. She is intelligent, progressive in thought and has an insight into human nature that makes her very perceptive.

On the negative side, she can be detached and secretive, displaying a certain aloofness. She may also appear cold due to her reserve but actually has plenty of warmth to give to those close to her. She is impulsive, possessive, jealous and passionate by nature.

The Moon in Scorpio woman is raised to absorb other people’s feelings. She has the ability to draw the emotional energy of others towards her, and also feel their feelings deeply, as if they were her own. Many will consider this woman as an empath.

She is the most interesting personality among all Aquarius natives. Her behavior can be completely unpredictable, which is what makes her different.

Women born with this Sun Moon combination is a true humanitarian. She has got a very sensitive and romantic nature. Her heart is made of gold and she can easily sacrifice herself for others.

She is a woman who loves freedom and variety. People born with their Sun in Aquarius are geniuses of variety, all-rounders. Their talents and interests are varied, and they themselves are varied in their manner and behavior towards others. They can be idealistic, but they will not put up with any limitations on the exercise of their freedom.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon Man

For an Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon man, the feelings of others are very important to you, and you tend to be very understanding of other people’s emotions. You can also be aloof and detached, finding it difficult to explain your own emotions, and as a result, you have likely received the nickname ‘the distant one’ or ‘the mysterious one.’

As an Aquarius man, you will often talk about everything that interests you, but do this through giving out facts or ideas that are not related to emotional topics.

He has deep emotions but because of his dominating instinct, he might not show it easily. Strong mental awareness makes him suspicious at times. He can be a loner type person and enjoys time spent with himself and his pets.

He is attracted to unusual people and things. They are usually conservative in appearance, but may also express their creativity through art and music as well.

They are friendly, caring towards others except during periods of uncertainty when they may become aloof or withdrawn, due to the difference in opinions or weaknesses.

This man tends to be a natural leader. He has amazing leadership skills, and usually becomes quite a force to deal with in the community. Many others look up to him, because of his unique perspective. He is often the center of attention in his community, and he seems to attract attention from all different sides.

The Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon man is a rare and interesting combination that can be hard to pin down. Strong, brilliant, and creative, this man will not conform to others' expectations.

For him, it’s almost impossible to give up his space and privacy, as he likes his comfort level just the way it is. He needs to be loved and be totally independent at the same time, doing what he pleases when he pleases. The need for control of the Sun in Aquarius makes him bold and daring, while the Moon in Scorpio adds deep intensity to his nature.

He is an individual who loves his freedom. He is flirtatious and loves to be surrounded by friends. He is intellectual, innovative, and a visionary. He is a strong willed man capable of withstanding the highest heights of pressure, but on the flip side he can also be moody on occasions.

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon men are deep thinkers and powerful individuals who can have difficulty communicating their feelings. They have a keen sense of intuition, believing that they know on some level what people need from them, though they may not be able to explain it. Because they’re often very in tune with the needs of others, they are very good at picking up verbal and non-verbal cues from those around them.

You have deep passions and feelings and love to be alone when you’re processing your emotions or thinking about something important. You tend to communicate through action instead of communication, so others might find it hard to understand you at times. You don’t make much sense to most people because you are unique in your thoughts, speech, behavior and reactions.

They are genuinely nice and are constantly on the lookout for ways to help others. Generosity of spirit, creative thinking and an air of unpredictability define the these sun moon combinations.

They are said to be generous and caring, yet inwardly anxious and sometimes neurotic in nature. Impulsive by nature, he or she may become an action addict.

Usually, a person born with this particular birth chart combination is likely to have a great determination and persistence when involved in any kind of speculations or transactions, which they are often attracted to.

The Sun in Aquarius native is a detached, reserved and dignified person with a brilliant mind. He forges ideals, dreams of utopian worlds and lives to be respectable or even recognized for his work.

But while the Sun in Aquarius can be aloof, the Moon in Scorpio acts as an emotional bond between him and others. He can be very generous, but he will never mix friendship with business.

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