Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality Traits

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Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon people are a bit different from the average Aquarius. These individuals have a tendency to be a little zany, childish, and playful. They have fun everywhere they go, and remain optimistic even when they fail at their endeavors.

They are adventurers who love the outdoors and challenging their physicality and their mind. They are loners but enjoy the company of others when it suits them.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon people want to experience everything and anything that life has to offer. Their knowledge about historical events is immense, and they have a broad range of surrounding interests.

The astrological Sun in Aquarius Sagittarius Moon individual is as extroverted as they come. They have a very unique blend of characteristics as well, which gives them the ability to express just who they are. They will find a way to stand out no matter what.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon Description

Aquarius Personality Traits

Born between January 20th and February 18th, Aquarius is the zodiac sign of visionaries and inventors.

Aquarius personalities are loyal friends. They like to share with you what they know. They are ballsy yet cautionary. This zodiac sign wants to be a social butterfly and live in harmony with all signs of the zodiac.

They are adventurous, eternally youthful, and self-sufficient. They are free thinkers and dreamers, yet their wide knowledge base and quick wit make it easy for them to connect with others. Aquarius is loyal to people, causes, and pets.

The true Aquarius experience is marked by unique independence. They are progressive with humanitarian concerns will always have something interesting to say and will tell it in a way that makes people stop and listen.

They are naturally intelligent and inventive, and loves to solve problems in unconventional ways. They look at the world with curiosity and tact, while also seeing potentials for new discoveries in everything around them - both living and nonliving.

People born under this sign are inventive, intuitive, resourceful, quick-witted, sometimes detached from other people’s feelings, but seek social integration with others.

They are very intelligent, and their main goal in life is to be creative. On the other hand, they can be a little distant and hard to reach. They also tend to be dreamers that appear reserved, but this is just a mask used to hide their real feelings.

Aquarians are humans with an extra-terrestrial streak. They are the kind of people who enjoy living on the fringes of the crowd and shine brightest when on their own.

Sagittarius Moon Personality Traits

The Sagittarius Moon personality represents the soul’s connection with the light and energy of the Sun. The Moon in Sagittarius signifies “inner light” or illumination on one’s spiritual path. Those who are born under this Moon sign have strong intuitive and philosophical potential.

Their love for freedom and uninhibited approach to life sometimes makes it difficult for them to mix well with others. Fortunately, this sign has a good sense of humor that allows them to diffuse tension in almost any situation.

The Sagittarius Moon is astrology’s clever and restless adventurer, our idealist and philosopher king, our crusader and philanthropist. They’re someone who can help you seek out new horizons in life, but who is also ambitious enough to have the desire to leave you behind when they go on their next adventure.

This Moon sign embodies an adventurous and idealistic energy, with a passion for travel and study. Their freedom-loving aspects are balanced with a warm and communicative character.

The Sagittarius Moon sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter which makes unique, optimistic, independent and freedom loving people. They are lively, verbal, and always looking for adventure. They take a long time to get close to but once they have done so can be very loyal.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon Characteristics

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon person is the true humanitarian. If you were born with this placement then you have a genuine desire to help people, or a strong interest in exploring and discovering new ideas.

You have an amazing sense of adventure, but also a need for stability. You love freedom as well as stimulating conversation, but sometimes become annoyed if your rights and freedoms are being trampled on by restrictions.

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon combination denotes an intelligent and independent individual with a philosophical outlook, with a sense of human values and an ability to make good judgments.

A born leader, they are a rebel full of vitality and ideas who needs independence, freedom, changes and new challenges to keep happy. They often like outdoor sports and activities such as horse riding, sailing, parachuting etc.

An Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon is someone who is adventurous, intent on having an exciting life. When it comes to work, you may be a freelance writer or painter; if so, your work is likely to be colorful and innovative.

If you are drawn to more conventional work, you will naturally want to do something challenging and exciting in the job – you’re not inclined to become contented with everyday tasks.

You are cerebral and intellectual, curious about the world around you and involved in education or intellectual pursuits. As a parent, you encourage individuality and your children should have an easy time of doing anything

The Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon individual will be characterized by their fiery temperament, and quest for truth and meaning.

They are usually progressive, like the outdoors, intellectually inclined, humanitarian or charitable program. They are often fond of pursuit of higher education and have thought of sharing their knowledge with others.

Many Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon people are very charismatic individuals who like to go after their dreams in a manner that many people find quite inspiring. There is a sense of freedom and adventure that exists with your Sun and Moon placement. This is not surprising given how much freedom and independence and adventure you had as a child.

They are original thinkers who also have a strong sense of justice. Because they have such diverse interests, they tend to succeed in subjects that appeal to their independent nature. Their friends and family must be tolerant of these free-spirited individuals, because demanding personal space is a top priority for them.

This person is friendly to the point of being superficial and gregarious. These people like to socialize, but don’t expect them to be there for you in times of trouble.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon people are known for their originality, independence, and honesty. They often have a hard time in team sports and team-oriented school activities. They tend to be anti-rules but always ready to rebel against the governmental, educational, and social organizations.

The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius placement gives you a cheerful, philosophical and idealistic approach to life. However, it is also an impatient approach. You crave excitement and freedom, but you like to have everything your own way and without delay.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon Woman

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon woman is a vibrant and attractive personality, who comes across as fun loving and open minded to most people. She can quickly establish rapport with those around her, and is very well suited for occupations in which she will come into contact with a lot of people.

On the other hand, there is a distinctive coolness between the Aquarius woman and others at some level – beneath the surface level of speech and behavior, they may not seem to connect all that well.

Such a woman has a straightforward approach to life. She is tolerant, sensitive, and open to everything new and unusual to her.

She is an open book. She will easily meet new people who come into her life, and will be glad if they become friends with her. She is always ready to help the weak and needy not because she wants something from them, but because she sincerely cares about them.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon women have a zest for life and an intense attachment to freedom. They are imaginative, entertaining, and enthusiastic conversationalists.

She is extremely friendly, openminded and independent. She has a lively sense of humor. Her conversations are marked by an ability to easily combine intellectual discussions with personal encounters.

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon individual is an exciting, adventurous and independent woman who loves to make discoveries. She has her own unique way of looking at the world and likes to think in abstract ways.

She has a fascinating and charismatic personality that has a unique charm. She is someone who is very independent and free spirited. These women are very versatile and talented.

They have great insights that make them stand out in a crowd. Due to their can-do attitude, they never want to experience failure and will always strive to accomplish the task at hand even if it means taking on all challenges in life. They are confident about themselves and are sure of their goals in life.

She is an intellectual that loves to read, teach, learn, and talk. She is also a Libra-like lover of music, dancing and other creative outlets.

It’s easy to picture this woman as the life of the party, but she’s also a good friend. She makes friends easily, and has an infectious laugh that brightens up everyone around her. She can be very popular and has quite a following.

The Aquarius Sagittarius woman is a generous, wise and fun-loving individual with very good intuition. She cares for others very much which prompts her to help strangers even when they are not in need of it. She has a very positive attitude and enjoys being around people.

She is hugely sensitive to the moods of everyone around her. The high of having people favor her and delight in both her accomplishments and her company can be offset by the despair of feeling hurt, lonely, or misunderstood. There’s no need for either extreme because this woman has a marvelous gift for keeping balance.

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon Man

A creative free spirit, the Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon man has a lot of enthusiasm about life and the future. He tends to be a loner, and is not one for commitments or monogamy.

This man is usually attracted to women who can be a little flaky at times, just like himself. He has a desire to travel and an open mind. If you want to get involved in a relationship with an Aquarius male, this is the type of guy you’re dealing with.

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon man is, as you may expect, a dynamic and enthusiastic person and when he is in love he will do anything to win his love interest, even if it means changing his personal style, fashion and activities.

He is versatile, adventurous, and courageous. He’s friendly and never one to keep himself cooped up at home. He loves to travel the world and is a total thrill seeker who craves excitement.

A real sports nut, he will try almost any sport just for the thrill of it and may even pursue dangerous hobbies. He has a strong sense of justice and likes to be of service to his community.

You were born with a love of freedom and adventure and you have a great capacity for self-expression. You will be challenged by restrictions and rules as well, since you are slow to conform to others' wishes or to conventional behavior.

This man has a different sense of humor than most. He is often witty and sees the world in a refreshingly unique way. This man’s lighthearted nature makes him much more prone to laugh at his own mistakes than to become embarrassed.

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon man is known for being fair and impartial. He is thoughtful and independent as well as generous and kind. It’s hard to find a fault in him but he has his own fair share of weaknesses that if not taken under control can make him headstrong, stubborn and even mean.

He is unique in his style, eclectic taste and independent spirit. He is a true individual that will never be ordinary or typical, someone who is a misunderstood genius.

The Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon Man possesses a certain amount of independence and ambition with his unique views on life. He is keen to be part of any conversation, but also needs time on his own to contemplate the bigger picture. His outlook is futuristic and ideological, but he is also very romantic, wanting to experience more than just one aspect of life.

He is a universal worker who wants to help the world. He is rebellious towards any kind of collectivism, and he may not be good at accepting other people’s rules and guidelines.

Born under the sign of Aquarius, men with Moon in Sagittarius have distinct personality traits. They are very independent, self-reliant, and at times even stubborn. These men can also be fun-loving and carefree thinkers.

They are born with a special curiosity and imagination, which helps them develop an open mind for knowledge. They are often very attracted to philosophical topics, due to their great love of having a strong sense of ethics.

When dealing with the Sun in Aquarius man, look for friends with benefits. This is a person who likes to be in relationships for the pure enjoyment of being with someone and not because he wants to own you.

He will base this relationship on free-flowing conversation and sexual chemistry, rather than conventional dating and promises of commitment. He’ll appreciate anyone who can keep up with his freewheeling lifestyle and quirky sense of humor.

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