Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon Personality Traits

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Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon people are the true pioneers. They are on the cutting edge of innovation and discovery and they are often referred to as visionaries.

They are cool, calm and collected, they are tactful and influential, they have immense self-control and often carry an air of mystery around them. They also can get what they want out of life more easily than most.

They tend to be prudent and reasonable. They may methodically work on the same project for a long time, therefore getting great results.

These individuals might make decisions slowly and deliberately, they will wait until all facts are in before making up their minds.

This is one of the reasons why these people make good managers who can think rationally and maintain a calm demeanor in uncertain situations. They know how to select the best group of people to help them achieve a common goal.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon Description

Aquarius Personality Traits

An Aquarius has a personality that is idealistic, independent and humanitarian.

They can be very difficult to get to know, yet once they know you, they become loyal friends. Aquarius is the astrological sign of boldness.

This personality is one that is often misunderstood. They are highly intelligent and can be very perceptive in their observations of other people.

They are unique individuals who find society’s groups and beliefs restricting, preferring to lead a more free-spirited and independent life. However, it’s easy for them to become worn out due to their sensitive nature.

The Aquarius personality can be quite hard to place. With an air of sophistication, reminiscent of a prophet or wiseman, they are really quite caring and friendly people.

They are unafraid to express their views on the world, both good and bad, and are often labeled as opinionated and eccentric. Even so, they manage to find other like-minded souls that accept them for who they truly are.

Aquarius is a unique, independent, and creative Air sign with an ability for foresight. They’re very intelligent but eccentric individuals who are fascinated by the world around them.

Their many talents include a magnetic personality, artistic gifts, keen intellect, prowess in the outdoors, and a natural understanding of life’s mysteries.

Governed by the Air sign, they are intelligent and creative, inventive and astute. They are ambitious, changeable, and independent thinkers who wish to bring positive change to the world.

The Aquarius personality is one of the more complex and unusual ones in the horoscope. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which means that this sign has a very original approach to life and likes to live on its own terms. They are progressive thinkers who embrace new ideas easily.

Capricorn Moon Personality Traits

If you have a Moon in Capricorn, you’re ambitious and disciplined. Capricorn is the sign of business, money and status.

As a Moon in Capricorn, you’re focused and practical, and you push yourself to succeed in those areas.

You are polite, self-assured, patient and measured in your approach to life. You honor tradition and have great faith in the natural progression of events, even when it feels like everything’s changing around you.

This placement promotes a disciplined, reserved and methodical nature. You are practical, responsible and like to plan ahead.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn as well as the Moon. It is no surprise that your life is heavily influenced by Saturn’s demands for discipline and time management. You take time to chart your course, limiting unnecessary chances in life.

They are known for their rigid and disciplined way of carrying out tasks, and their strong willpower that drives them to achieve their goals. They are very ambitious and willing to work hard to fulfill them.

Your Capricorn Moon sign is ambitious, determined, and responsible. You may appear reserved at times, but your peers see the passion and determination that churns within.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon Characteristics

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon people can often be perceived as uncaring or distant. They normally like to stay to themselves, and rarely reveal much about themselves.

This actually isn’t fair, as they can be caring and helpful people – but they simply do not want to appear so. They are known for being objective and open-minded, as well as holding liberal viewpoints and even radical ideas at times.

They are generally an outgoing and stable individual. They tend to be extremely spiritual and have a great passion for life. They love freedom of expression and are always at peace with themselves.

They are down to earth, talented individuals who are usually very highly intellectual. They have infinite energy, can do anything they set their minds to because they have excellent judgment of character.

Sun in Aquarius Moon in Capricorn is a person with a magnetic personality, they’re very friendly and fun loving people but at the same time they’re also very practical.

These people is not afraid of going out of the box to try something new, one interesting thing about these people are that they change their minds very easily.

They are practical, discriminating, ambitious, shrewd with money, and eager for power. They know how to play the game of life successfully.

They are a highly idealistic, philosophical, humane and creative person. Arriving at truth is more important to these people than anything else in life. They are often well-developed intellectually and possess a deep sense of justice.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon Woman

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon women are very eccentric, intelligent, and talented. They are also very social and sensitive to the feelings of others.

It is a challenge for them to be alone because it stifles their need for being independent thinkers and feeling a sense of belonging.

However, at times they could appear distant, even cold to those who don’t know them well. They are quirky, unusual, unique individuals who like to travel and be involved in different activities.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon women are free-spirited, progressive, loving and loyal. They strive to be perfect but they will never try to be better than others. Their life is all about finding the balance and the harmony in themselves, in others and with their surroundings.

She is a very strong woman, who carries the burdens of the world on her back. She is a perfectionist and great planner.

She has very high standards to meet. And even if you meet them you are just good enough to be in her life, but not good enough to marry her or be a steady boyfriend.

Very independent by nature, she is self made woman who made it up from scratch. And don’t try to control her life, because she does everything under the Sun.

She will be naturally reserved, preferring small groups to large groups. Friends are meant to last a lifetime, and she has many close friends who can rely on her. But it’s not that easy for her to open up in order to be able to really let go.

Aquarians are known for being expressive and freedom-seeking, yet loyal and responsible. They are intelligent, independent, cool-headed, and detached.

They tend to handle any situation with compassion, good perspective, detachment and a logical approach.

She is independent and decisive. She has a preference for being on her own. She likes to have a lot of freedom and control over the way she does things.

This woman is very opinionated and outspoken. She doesn’t mind expressing what she wants or how she feels about things.

This Sun Moon sign mix is a master of the creative arts and an unusual character in our social circles. Aquarius is an air sign and in this case the element is combined with introverted earth, which can be rather difficult to understand.

You are a woman who has her act together. You are talented, intelligent, and capable. People are naturally attracted to your honest, aloof personality and talent for friendship.

You are ambitious, quick to take on new challenges. Those with Aquarius Sun and Capricorn Moon in their chart find traditional relationships too confining.

At best, Aquarius Sun and Capricorn Moon is a loyal friend. She enjoys doing things for the sake of doing them for others, particularly if it makes them happy.

The Capricorn Moon woman is a hard worker and with enough effort will accomplish what she sets out to do.

Women with Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Capricorn are independent, self-reliant, rational, aloof, strong-willed, ambitious, adventurous, and visionary.

They can be farsighted planners and capable astrologers but they tend to keep their feelings sequestered deep within themselves.

An Aquarius woman has a certain charm about her that’s hard to describe. She’s both cool and crazy, centered and eccentric, and living life on the edge of her own personal universe. Her ambivalence toward commitment is likely the result of her upbringing.

The Capricorn Moon sign in your birth chart shows that you’ve been intensely focused on intellectual goals since childhood, gaining your greatest sense of self-worth through accomplishment.

Your steadfast determination to rise above all odds terrifies others—including members of the opposite sex—who have no idea how to handle such a powerful force.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon Man

The Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Moon man has an innovative mind that’s always thinking outside the box. He is very intuitive, imaginative and resourceful, and people find that he is easy to talk to because he asks a lot of questions.

He doesn’t worry about the small things in life because he is a very forgiving person. People also find him funny without even trying because of his witty sense of humor.

The Sun in Aquarius man is a thinker and an innovator. He will often have very strong objectives in life, that seem to have come from nowhere.

He will probably be attracted to people who are good at organizing, and may be quite bossy himself. His love of freedom may cause him to break off relationships or other involvement that he feels is restricting him too much.

You are rational and unemotional, however you have the ability to feel deeply for causes that are important to you. You tend to be slightly cynical and very critical of what is offered by society as a whole.

He is a prime example of a man who has both air and fire energy in his chart. This combination makes him very intelligent and charming and quite the conversationalist. He would love nothing more than to spend his days theorizing and thinking about interesting concepts.

He can easily find partners with whom he can share these interests, but he may have trouble finding someone who will be equally interested in staying at home and taking care of domestic responsibilities.

This Sun-Moon pairing often presents as a thinker and an achiever. These men are clever, often coming up with offbeat solutions to life’s dilemmas.

They can be intensely private and need their space, yet when they commit to someone, they are loyal partners.

This man will always be in touch with feelings, emotions, joys and sorrows. Individuals with this astrological combination are usually positive, honest and non-conventional, but also inflexible and rebellious.

These individuals are good at leading groups of people, and making important decisions for others. They are also excellent at solving problems that come up on a regular basis.

People with this astrological pairing can be somewhat eccentric. They have the ability to work well as a team with members who have strong Fire signs such as Aries and Leo.

He doesn’t like to go with the crowd, he’s unique and creative. An intellectual man who sees the world differently to other people.

His stubborn streak will get him into trouble at times, but most people admire his strength of conviction. In fact, you could say he has all the necessary character traits to become the architect of his own destiny.

The Sun in Aquarius man is a progressive thinker who is the forerunner of new ideas. He lives for creativity and innovation, and dreams of changing the world one day. He is free in thought and expression, and pursues his goals with determination.

Aquarius men are often stuck in the past, clinging onto someone they can no longer be with, or someone they loved when they were younger. This sometimes causes them to behave in unhealthy ways.

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