Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

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Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon people are naturally charming, empathetic, endearing, adaptable and intuitive. They also have a tendency to be highly sensitive and very intuitive, which can be both good and bad.

On the positive side, they are extremely compassionate and often become counselors or spiritual leaders. On the negative side, they can be overly sensitive or morbidly self absorbed.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon individuals are empathetic and intuitive. They’re attracted to philosophies that speak to the unseen world, such as the occult, alchemy, metaphysics or religion.

They’re personally reflective, but tend to internalize emotional reactions in hard times, making it difficult for people around them to know what they’re thinking and feeling. Cooperation is a major issue; they often won’t even realize that they’ve hurt someone’s feelings.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon Description

Pisces Sun Sign Personality Traits

Pisces personality traits are a little confusing, even to the people who possess them. With a Pisces, you never know if your getting a friend or foe.

If you don’t hold all of their attention, they’re gone. However, if they’re paying attention to you, then watch out! You have caught their interest and they will go to great lengths to avoid losing it. They are overwhelmingly beautiful people inside and out; however, they can be extremely moody and sensitive at times.

The Pisces personality is a complex one, which makes them captivating to others. They are sensitive beings, full of emotions and feelings.

Their capacity for empathy is the high point of their personality, while their low point (and weakness) lies in the fact that they can be too gullible. They’re so sensitive, they tend to believe everything they hear, no matter how outlandish.

The sheer beauty of Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac, is both breathtaking and inspiring. They are soft-spoken and incredibly giving. Their intelligence and intuition surpass many other signs.

Her sensitivity makes her an excellent listener for both friends and strangers, but she may not wear her heart on her sleeve as well as the other water signs Cancer or Scorpio do. Although soft-spoken, they have a powerful inner voice that protects her from negative influences. She is quite psychic, and she will know who true friends are based on their actions—their words mean little to her.

These people are the dreamers of all astrology signs. They are compassionate, generous, and kind-hearted. They do not judge others by appearances or status and show themselves to be loyal friends and partners.

Pisces is a water sign with a dual personality. On one hand, Pisces can easily adapt to most situations that come their way. They have an open mind and rarely judge by appearance or assumptions.

They are imaginative and empathetic people who are always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Yet on the other hand, Pisces also possess a creative streak that lends itself to artistry and imagination.

Scorpio Moon Sign Personality Traits

The Moon in Scorpio is a deeply passionate person. They are secretive and intense, living inside their own head most of the time.

It’s hard for a Scorpio Moon to detach from their feelings – if they have been hurt, they will hold on to that pain and anger for years. They can sometimes be paranoid, and it is very difficult for them to trust anyone but themselves.

This Moon placement often has a very tantalizing effect on the people around them. They have an impressive intensity that is almost impossible to ignore, and this oftentimes makes them just as prepared to risk everything for those they love as they are to sacrifice absolutely everything for themselves.

Like the lava in a volcano, there is heat that builds behind the cool and collected exterior of a Scorpio Moon. This mystery will keep even the most intrepid of friends captivated as they try to understand what actually makes this person tick.

Scorpios are magnetic, intense, and possess a powerful presence that draws people in to them. Their energy is palpable, their words hypnotic. They are passionate, intuitive and sharply intelligent.

They have an innate understanding of things hidden below the surface that others don’t see, and a relentless need to uncover secrets and mysteries. These traits emerge from a deep place of reflection, introspection and meditation. The ultimate introverts, they detest small talk and feel little need to explain their actions or rehash events.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon Characteristics

Pisces is a water sign and represents compassion. Pisces are extremely sensitive and can easily pick up the vibrations of those around them. They can be moody at times, but this may mostly be due to the fact that they feel so deeply for others, that they take on the emotions of those around them.

This is a big part of their sensitivities. Pisces tend to be secretive and hold most of their true selves in check. When they are confident and around people who understand them, they are caring and kindhearted, lovers of animals and nature, performing acts of kindness for others without wanting anything in

They have a strong intuition for people. They can sense the potential in others and see hidden agendas with ease. They tend to be very psychic individuals.

They have what is known as a “wounded healer” syndrome and tend to put themselves through extreme hardship to help others even if the other person doesn’t want their help. Many of them eventually choose careers in medicine.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon people are likely to be sensitive and artistic. They are likely to be imaginative, flexible, psychic, emotional and shy. They tend to spend money freely on unimportant things; they will be attracted to the entertainment industry and can easily be misled by others.

They can be described as a person who is compassionate and loyal. They are likely to be altruistic, or even self-sacrificing. They may also have an “all or nothing” attitude about these issues.

They may change jobs a lot because they feel frustrated if they feel their work isn’t making a positive difference in the world. They may appear flaky to others, but they do this out of their loyalty to their beliefs and to their

People with a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon are well known for their psychic abilities. Common traits include having an excellent intuition to uncover the truth about other people; willingly to take on challenges that others avoid; possible psychic or medium who may have had early childhood contact with a departed loved one.

This Sun Moon pairing is a complex mix of two signs that are exact opposites. Pisces is the sign of dreams, but also of illusions and phantasmagoria. Scorpio seeks to understand the deep meaning of things, but has a dark and mysterious side and can be prone to exploitation. The Sun and Moon are opposite signs, which greatly accentuates areas where these two signs do not see eye to eye.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon Woman

The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon woman is an incredibly inspirational woman, being able to reach out to a lot of people who are in need of help. However, she is extremely secretive and self-protective, having trouble allowing anyone into her inner circle.

This woman has very high standards for herself, and others, in that she only wants to be with people that are also really great. People may see her as being cold and aloof but this is not the case at all. In fact, she can be tremendously caring towards others and bringing them along to new places in their lives that they never knew were possible

The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon woman is strong willed, passionate and powerful. Her ability to influence others, paired with a dominant personality, makes her a force to be reckoned with. She loves being in charge and will often appear as a boss or authority figure.

She is very caring, sometimes to a fault. She can be somewhat of a martyr by taking on more than she can handle. The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon girl knows what she wants from life but at the same time has strong doubts about whether she will ever achieve her goals. The self doubt stems from her strong sensitivity towards herself and others.

She has a fierce charisma, that draws people to her. She is very passionate and clever, and knows how to get exactly what she wants. Her sharp mind understands everything in detail, and always gains the admiration of others. She has a strong desire for power, money and independence.

This Sun Moon pairing combines the imaginative and emotional qualities of Pisces with a natal Scorpio Moon, which can be your most magnetic and hypnotic personality traits. Many people with this rarest of astrological combinations have an ongoing charisma that casts a spell over others.

In many cases, she puts on a very unassuming outward appearance, but this in no way reveals her inner thoughts, doubts, fears and worries. She has the ability to make a huge impression on others at a subconscious level. This makes it possible for her to manipulate them if she desires.

She can be extremely sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. She has a deep sense of compassion for those who are hurting and will do anything to help them. The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon woman hates the feeling of being tied down and resists commitment.

They are extremely strong, and sensitive and tend to cling towards those they love the most. They can sometimes be extremely self-conscious about themselves when around other people.

A Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon woman is often so sensitive and intuitive that physical discomfort can become debilitating. Her strong emotional sensitivity tends to make her more self-indulgent and remote than average. Her creativity is one of her greatest assets, but she may need to tone down her tendency to let fantasies run away with her.

Her presence in a room is powerful, her energy highly charged. She makes her impression on people through her emotions, which are always deep and intense. Once she gets her hooks into you, you won’t let go easily – if at all.

The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon woman is the strong and silent type. She is not afraid to speak her mind. She’s also quite resourceful, coming up with new ways of doing things when the situation calls for it.

She’s intuitive, and doesn’t let emotions get in the way of her intellect. She will have no problem keeping family members in line, although she prefers to use her soft voice for that rather than harsh words.

This Sun Moon combination blends the cool, intuitive logic of Pisces with the passionate intensity of Scorpio. She often has penetrating insight into situations and people, but her extreme sensitivity to other people’s energy can make it hard for her to take constructive criticism or deliver it in an effective way.

The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon woman is a sensitive creature; she does not like to hurt other people’s feelings by being too straightforward. She works hard at being tactful because she hates to be criticized. People with Sun in Pisces in combination with Moon in Scorpio often have psychic abilities and and strong intuition.

The Moon in Scorpio woman is all about authenticity. This is a woman who will not compromise or sacrifice her values to attract a mate. She is strong, focused, and sees the world in a bittersweet way.

She may use her beauty as a weapon to get what she wants, but she doesn’t just decide to be beautiful on purpose. Likewise, she may feel intense emotions that others don’t understand.

It is easy to mock the Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon woman’s emotionalism - especially when she cries over a song or an old newspaper clipping - but those who know her will tell you that there is more

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon Man

The Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon man is dreamy and romantic. He is creative, sensitive, and possesses a vivid imagination.

He is motivated by the quest for spiritual enlightenment, to learn more about philosophical topics, and to discover the answers to questions like “why am I here?” and “what’s my purpose?”

He seeks not only his own answers to these questions but also those of humankind. He has little tolerance for the mundane and mediocre in life, both mentally or physically.

Sensitive, strong, compassionate, and intuitive, the Pisces man is downright magnetic. Ruled by the Moon and Neptune, the Pisces Scorpio man has a soft quality to him that most people don’t notice at first glance. His calm and cool exterior can belie his emotions, which can run deep and intense.

He is naturally elusive, shifting in and out of the shadows. Pisces is the most misunderstood sign, but he tries to be very accommodating and diplomatic. He can accomplish whatever he wants by being charming. His hidden agenda is to manipulate others into doing what he says.

You are likely to be intuitive and somewhat flirtatious. There is a fiery side, however, with a strong possessiveness that can be overwhelming. Your dreaminess may hide a sense of insecurity, and you have an unconscious urge to escape from your own reality.

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon people never change their minds if they are convinced that they’re right. When the going gets tough, they get tougher. They ask questions with a great deal of thought behind them, but their questions are cut off by the sound of their own voice.

He is known to be stubborn as a mule and completely self-righteous, even arrogant. But once he has removed his foot from his mouth, which doesn’t take long, we find a genuinely kind person.

When the Pisces Sun meets the Moon in Scorpio, you have a remarkably deep and unique person. He will be able to hide his feelings well, but sometimes he will go unthinkably deep into his own shell. He is a complex blend of emotions - creative and artistic, yet also suspicious and impulsively aggressive.

Pisces-Scorpio men can be a bit of a puzzle to women. On the exterior, they’re all about mystery. They are intense and brooding - completely adherent to the adage that “silence is golden.”

However, once we get to know them and understand what they’re really about underneath the surface, they turn out to be faithful, trustworthy romantic partners.

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