Pisces Sun Virgo Moon Personality Traits

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Pisces Sun Virgo Moon people are perfectionists and humble, too. They like to please; it makes them feel good when they can help someone else, and it is more important for them to make people happy than be happy themselves.

This placement causes the individual to miss out on a lot of activities, as they tend to be too sensitive to participate in them. Pisces Sun Virgo Moon people are very shy and tend to have trouble understanding what people want from them; they may hide away and read too much.

They are emotional about everything although they tend to show this in a negative way. They may hold grudges for long periods of time or even lead an isolated life.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon Description

Pisces Sun Sign Personality Traits

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the Pisces constellation. They are symbolized by two fish, and people born under this sign are said to be empathetic, intuitive, compassionate and imaginative.

This Sun sign dreams big and strives for success. Hard working, they are sensitive yet compassionate towards others. They like to participate in charitable work and enjoy giving back to their community.

They are highly imaginative, creative, and extremely sensitive, with a great love of the arts. Their dreams may be their most memorable feature; mystical, vivid and deeply intuitive. Pisces is quite compassionate, but also chooses to remain detached in relationships because they value their freedom so greatly.

They are fluid in movement and they tend to move at their own pace. They are tolerant, compassionate, and idealistic. Pisces is sensitive and kind-hearted, but can also be moody and impractical. They are highly intuitive and idealistic dreamers.

Virgo Moon Sign Personality Traits

Moon in Virgo people have a natural ability to analyze people and relationships, to discern what is at the root of their problems. They are also skilled at finding solutions. This combination of abilities makes them an excellent counselor, therapist, mediator or consultant.

The key traits of Virgo Moon individuals are that they tend to be critical, perfectionistic, and analytical in thinking. They make great analytical thinkers or researcher.

The Moon is the planet that influences us on a subconscious level. In astrology, it rules our moods and emotional responses, as well as home, family, and everything in our domestic environment. Virgo Moons have a unique set of traits that are all their own.

They are constantly searching for perfection in themselves and others. They are extremely hard working, critical of themselves and others, and determined. They love taking on work and completing it fast and perfectly. These people have great attention to detail with regard to finances, health, work, or whatever area they happen to be focusing on.

People with a Virgo Moon are usually fussy about the food they eat, wanting it to be of good quality, fresh and clean. They have a tendency to concern themselves with getting adequate rest since they must have energy for work and mental activities. They are sensitive to the effects of weather on their health and are likely to be affected by changes in barometric pressure.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon Characteristics

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon people are skilled at observing and are typically very good at their jobs. They want to feel that they have contributed in a meaningful way to the outcome. Sometimes they can be intense, and it is easy to disturb them because they are so sensitive.

They have more than their share of restraint, shyness, perfectionism, and attention to detail. They are capable of a level of self-sacrifice that is truly staggering.

Sun in Pisces people are friendly, kind and imaginative. They are motivated to help others achieve their goals and needs as much appreciation as possible for their kindness.

They may find it easy to make friends since they are very sensitive to the needs of others. They love getting advice from others and will seek out people who can give them a well-thought-out opinion.

They are creative, compassionate, and do not like conflict. They are intellectual, refined, and spiritually oriented. The highly sensitive Pisces Sun is balanced by the Virgo Moon.

This Sun Moon combination can express emotions in a deep and heartfelt manner. Helping others is of great importance to them. Their intuition is strong and they are often able to sense what others are thinking or feeling.

They have a tendency to worry about the troubles of those around them and may come across as quite shy due to their tendency for self-criticism, especially when it comes to their own actions

The Pisces Sun Virgo Moon person is a unique combination of traits, which can make this person very self-critical at times. They are sensitive to their own feelings, and those of the people around them, and know how to use words to build up or tear down.

Good qualities include their kind heart and soulful compassion for the plights of others. The Pisces sun Virgo moon has a strong sense of justice, and they can greatly feel the suffering and injustices of others, often taking on others' pains as their own to try and ease someone else’s burden.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo makes for a naturally intuitive person who is often focused internally on others. You are drawn to helping others and express yourself most clearly when you are able to communicate your deep understanding of humanity.

They are someone who can be charming and charismatic, while at the same time being a perfectionist. This romance loving empath is able to sense when others are feeling emotionally vulnerable and can exploit this to gain attention and sympathy.

With strong intuition and an understanding of what people want or need, they know how to tailor their efforts and words in order to get along with different personalities.

The individual with a Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon is marked by all the contradictions of Pisces and Virgo. They are as intuitive as they are logical, as imaginative as they are practical, and at times can be so psychic that it is hard to know if they really have extrasensory perception or if what they “know” is just made up in their minds.

Yet, this same individual could also be quite analytical and scientific in their pursuit of truth; their intuition flowing from a place of such practical logic that they are able to intuit the inner workings of things on an almost mystical level.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon Woman

A Pisces Sun Virgo Moon woman is an intuitive and creative person that enjoys learning and getting new ideas. Her personality traits, like her artistic abilities and her tendency to sacrifice herself for others, are strongly developed due to her sensitive nature.

She is very sensitive and easily feels other people emotions. She is a peacemaker and always tries to avoid conflicts around her. Her sensitivity helps her to sense the emotions and feelings of others, even those that people are not aware of themselves.

The Pisces Sun Virgo Moon woman is a seductress – she’s mysterious and magnetic, but it’s impossible to know what she’s thinking. She has very hypersensitive radar, so she knows when people are lying and can instantly pick up on any inconsistencies.

She’s very intuitive and perceptive about people, and she uses this to her full advantage. The Pisces Sun Virgo Moon woman has a unique aura, and most people find themselves drawn to her. She tries not to exploit this quality for her own gain, but she does have a tendency to use it when conversing with others in order to acquire

She has a talented analytical mind with a high level of ability and is often involved with important projects. She is doing what she is enthusiastic about, and it reflects in her career and role in society.

The Pisces Sun Virgo Moon woman is a great friend who is sensitive to the needs of others. She will go out of her way to help a friend, family member or co-worker. She has deep empathy for the troubles of others and will often be found comforting those in need.

She feels things deeply whether it is joy or sorrow and can pick up quickly on the feelings of others around her. She is an excellent listener and nurtures those around her with words of wisdom and with her compassionate nature. She has a good head for business matters, including finances, investments and finances.

A Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon woman is very sexy and knows it. She knows how to obtain her own needs and desires and will use her sexuality to make that happen. She has a good sense of humor and loves a free-spirited guy who lives life like she does - freely.

She can be in the moment, love the here and now, be as sensual as she pleases. Her mind is on the outside world, observing everything around her, learning new things about people and things so she can fit into any type of situation that arrises.

She is interested in metaphysical subjects and science along with the usual hobbies of gardening and cooking. She’s spontaneous and loves to have fun.

The Pisces Sun Virgo Moon woman is calm, objective, and analytical. She possesses a contemplative nature, along with the ability to see from another’s perspective. Philanthropic, loving and kind, this soul emanates warmth and compassion for others. She understands the needs of others on an intuitive level.

Sensitive, adaptable, self-giving, and empathetic are all words that describe the Pisces Sun Virgo Moon woman. She is attuned to the needs of others; she enjoys helping others solve their problems and can retain a sense of humor about her own.

She often appears innocent and fragile. She may have an attractive, delicate figure, with eyes that are exceptionally brilliant.

She knows how to dress in a way that creates a completely feminine effect. But she is also quite sensitive–too much can hurt her feelings, especially when it comes to her loved ones.

Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon women are highly emotional, with deep sensitivity that can be almost crippling at times. Loving and loyal to their family and friends, they also have the strength to create and maintain an intimate relationship.

Sweet, charming, and imaginative they aren’t ordinary in any way. They will go out of their way to please others, but it’s important that they know that you will be there for them when they need you.

They often has a slightly shy exterior. She is self-effacing and tends to focus on helping others more than helping herself. She is unusually strong-willed though, and when she decides to do something, she does it.

A Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon woman is a curious mix of pragmatism and idealism. She is the eternal romantic who wants to add the emotional depth of her Virgo moon to the dreaminess of her Pisces sun. She is like two distinct souls in one body, always striving to find that delicate balance between reality and magical thinking.

These women have a deep concern for others, making it hard to say no when someone asks for help. They are orderly and frugal but their domestic skills are often limited. Pisces Virgo Moon women tend to have outbursts of temper when they feel they have been let down.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon Man

The Pisces Sun Virgo Moon man is very aesthetic and artistic. He loves to create beautiful things, but he may have a hard time following through with it. He is good at making people happy, and they feel comfortable around him.

This guy also has the ability to make people laugh easily. Pisces Sun Virgo Moon man is warm, caring, sensitive, kind and considerate. He always thinks of someone else’s feelings before his own.

They are attracted to the arts and like to display their work in the home or wherever they feel comfortable doing so. This man has a great respect for authority and seeks to please those in charge by living up to all expectations.

He is the perfect person for a job that requires perfection, content to perform repetitive tasks until every detail meets his lofty standards. Once he sets his mind on something, this man will stop at nothing until he achieves his goal. Whether it’s earning a degree, improving his job skills or working on a creative project, this man cannot be deterred from his objective.

The Pisces-Virgo man is a true romantic, extremely sensitive, often wary and lonely. He can be a bit of an idealist and worrywart as well – sometimes he takes on more than he can handle. Pisceans are known for their psychic abilities, and men with this placement carry that trait always on the lookout for what is going on behind the scenes.

As the Pisces male, you are intensely loyal to your partner. Life is definitely an adventure if you’re part of a couple because you want to be making memories and spending time together. No matter the situation, as long as it’s just the two of you, you can always find a way back to happiness. It sounds like something out of a cheesy romantic novel but it’s true.

The Sun in Pisces man is a sensitive, reverend, and astute person. He is talented, with high intuition. He has a peaceful character, hates quarrels and violence.

They are a sensitive and unique creature, combining the traits of Pisces and Virgo which overlap on one side. They are organized and sensitive and have a tendency to be perfectionists. When combined these qualities can make them strong and inspiring. He will be creative, perhaps an artist or writer, with a need for perfection that can serve him well in his chosen field.

The Pisces Sun Virgo Moon man is known to be somewhat shy and reserved with a calm disposition, often acting as a peacemaker in his relationships. While he is not the most assertive of all men, there is little that he will stand for personally or professionally and he can be quite intimidating when angered due to a single-minded way of thinking.

They tend to have a deep, insatiable yearning to live their life through meaningful art, music and/or literature. They’re also very sensitive to the human condition.

He has a kind and genuine heart. He’s honest, sincere, and loyal with people he cares about deeply.

Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon people are often mistaken for being shy when they are usually very social, their moods are generally quite even-keeled. They like to observe people so they tend to be good judges of character. They can be very critical of others, especially those that are perceived as lacking the same amount of morals they hold dear.

This combination creates a unique personality type that is highly intelligent, perceptive and artistic, but also incredibly sensitive. Pisces is the sign of dreams, while Virgo is the sign of service and perfection.

This Moon in Virgo man will tend to see everything from an objective point of view, questioning things and looking for answers instead of accepting information at face value.

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