Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon Personality Traits

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The Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon personality is a complex of often contradictory characteristics. Most Scorpios tend to be secretive, private, jealous, and so forth.

They seek to overpower any adversaries and are highly resistant to criticism or interference from others. Many decide at an early age to pursue a career that puts them in a position of power over others.

People born under this sign have a magnetic charisma and are well suited for a career in the spotlight or public service. They are deep thinkers with many talents and a love for learning. Because they aren’t afraid to dig below the surface in order to get at the truth, they make great detectives, researchers, authors, or psychologists.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon Description

Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpio gets the job done and sometimes it’s oblivious to others around them doing the same. They are very resourceful people that can improvise well.

When a Scorpio wants something they go for it all in, but they don’t focus on the process that things take a while for them, they’re normally not patient people. They are persistent and will keep at it till they get it finished.

The Scorpio man is passionate, loyal and honest. His actions are driven by his emotions and he doesn’t hesitate to go after what he wants.

He’s intense and mysterious, a great mix of vulnerable yet powerful, leaving lots of room for intriguing conversation and romance with you. He puts his efforts into his relationships and puts everything he’s got into being your ideal partner, an effort that will earn your love in return.

The adjectives most commonly applied to a Scorpio are passionate, intense, loyal, and supportive. Scorpios are also said to have the gift of prophecy and penetrating insights.

The Moon in Capricorn person is disciplined, ambitious, a builder and an achiever. They are attentive to their elders and the roots of their family tree.

They are also known as the “workhorse” sign. These individuals have accomplished many things throughout life because they were determined to overcome all of their obstacles.

The Moon in Capricorn person is determined, hardworking, and loves a challenge. Her Capricornian determination means that she often feels compelled to get things done or move on to the next great adventure when she’s ready.

This Moon placement shows your psychological foundation — the deeply ingrained patterns which give you a sense of identity and belonging, where you get your values from, and how much emotional security you seek.

Capricorn Moon’s are straightforward and determined, often with an intuitive insight into the motivations of others. They have a need for order and structure in their lives, and can be criticized for being too stubborn and narrow-minded. Moon in Capricorn natives make good doctors, scientists, or research analysts because they are persistent and detailed-oriented.

One moment a Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon will be pragmatic, the next sentimental. A typical Capricorn Moon, without much to spark her interest, can be plodding and detached. But the Capricorn with a grand passion will be disciplined, ambitious and courageous.

Literal to a fault, they are often hardworking but not warm. Deeply sensitive while at the same time easily offended by criticism, the Moon in Capricorn decan has interesting contradictions.

They are thoughtful, introverted, determined, and stable. Scorpio Capricorn people are quietly ambitious, solid workers able to achieve high levels of success. They are perfectionists who always strive for the highest quality in everything they do – in fact they can be critical at times.

Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon individuals are very determined and have strong willpower when it comes to finishing tasks. This individual has a true passion for life, always trying to learn more and push themselves in their respective field.

This person is often very intuitive with many psychic abilities. The Scorpio in this individual may make them appear distant with a sense of aloofness. They are very private individuals, but when they do get close with someone, they will always be very faithful and loyal.

Scorpio people are enthusiastic and expressive with boundless energy, which finds its outlet in many ways. They can be hardworking, mysterious, and magnetic. Scorpio is also recognized as a sign that has an extraordinary ability to concentrate and focus on what they want for a long time before moving on to something else.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and the ruling planet is Mars. Scorpio’s element is water, giving Scorpios a deep emotional connection to feelings. This connection can work against them, as they are especially sensitive to the feelings of others, taking on emotions they don’t necessarily want or need.

The Sun in Scorpio Moon in Capricorn can be responsible, resolute, and ambitious. People born under this sign want to gain power and wealth in order to attain their ambitions and to be stable and respected members of society.

While they are serious types who like working hard, they also yearn for adventure and excitement when they travel too. This is a fixed sign, so natives can be good at building things.

The Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon person is very ambitious, and often exceptionally successful in life. However, he or she can be shy about revealing their feelings to others. They are realistic, have a good sense of humor, are methodical and efficient, and usually not much given to daydreaming.

This Sun Moon combination creates a responsible, disciplined and traditional individual who does not get swept up in the emotion of the moment. These folks are clear thinkers who make quick decisions but live by their own rules. They are also very stubborn souls who can seem constantly pessimistic about life events.

The innate characteristics of an individual born during this time are very complex and profound. The best way to sum it up would be that these people are essentially warriors; strong, steadfast, and brave.

Although they are typically half of a power couple (whether married or not), Scorpio-borns are actually seeking love more than companionship. Although they must be close to their “loved one,” they always let them breathe without suffocation.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon Woman

The Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon women appreciate the excitement of a new adventure. Her passion may lead her into intense relationships, and she’ll hold on to them until they’re truly gone.

She has the ability to make practical things, such as business matters or home repair, enjoyable tasks of interest. Once they get the job done, they move on quickly.

The Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon woman is governed by her emotions. She has strong feelings, which she represses so as not to appear too emotional, only to have them later leak out in an unexpected outburst. She likes being in control of her life, and will work persistently to attain her goals and personal ambitions.

She has a continuous talent for adjusting to the various demands of others. The Capricorn Moon gives this woman a formal approach to everything. Because tradition and precedent are important to her, she approaches all new relationships cautiously.

The Scorpio influence, however, makes her a purveyor of excitement, passion and drama in her environment. She is emotionally intense with strong feelings about everything she does. Even under ideal conditions, she feels more strongly than other people do about the same thing.

You are an emotional and sensitive soul, unable to handle harshness or criticism. You are a loyal friend and lover, capable of great depth of feeling, but you have trouble expressing yourself in a direct manner.

This Sun Moon combination describes someone who is creative and imaginative combined with a hardworking, realistic practical side. Scorpios are bold, persistent, determined, and disciplined.

The Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon woman of the zodiac craves safety, security and a comfortable lifestyle. She is not someone who will abandon her family or friends for self-gratification. However, she may have difficulty recognizing that others secretly feel lonely and under-appreciated by her because she attends to everyone else before herself.

Despite her devotion to others, you may have felt as if you were invisible in the past. But with this woman’s help, you can learn how to address the self-esteem issues that hold you back from pursuing your goals.

The Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon woman is sincere, serious and sensitive. She is more concerned with the meaning behind an action than the action itself. She wants to know what will happen if she takes a stand for her beliefs.

She is hard-working, conscientious and practical. She has a good head for business matters and could easily be high up in administration or management in all professions, public service or government.

The Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon woman is a consummate planner. She has her life well under control and stresses only about things over which she can have an effect. She is very industrious, and knows exactly where she is going and why.

You have impeccable instincts. Your Scorpio side keeps life exciting and mysterious; you’re always up for a challenge and your intensity draws others to you.

Deeply loyal, you’re also a true friend. But underneath that quiet surface steams the caldron of your emotions, which the Moon in Capricorn kicks into high gear in your early adult years. You’re ambitious – anything short of complete success is not good enough for you.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon Man

The Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon man is probably the most complicated of all the Sun/Moon combinations.

This man is sober, serious, intuitive, strong, deep and discerning. He is a good companion for the woman who challenges his mind with meaning and cutting wordplay. He also demands that a woman be intelligent and witty enough herself to keep up with him.

The Scorpio Sun-Capricorn Moon native is vocal about his feelings, an excellent listener and wants to understand why people do what they do. On the surface they are practical realists but underneath is a deep emotional sensitivity which can become very hurt if kept too tightly under wraps.

They are very sad when they feel they have made a mistake or have done something wrong, appearing the perfectionist and generally paying great attention to detail. They are dedicated to others and always there when needed. When overly stressed they may suffer from stomach problems or be prone to headaches due to the intense way they tend to think and feel in private.

He is a very reliable and consistent individual. He is not only reliable in performing at his highest level, but also in the expectations he puts on others (as to be reliable).

A Scorpio with a Capricorn Moon can be intense but full of practicality and just a tad self-deprecating. This individual is hard to get to know at first, but underneath the tough exterior is a sensitive, sentimental person who definitely has his heart in the right place.

He is an intense and passionate lover who places a lot of value on his relationships. He is honorable, loyal, and protective of the people he loves. This is a man who can become completely infatuated with you if you’re generous enough to allow him in your life.

Counted among the highly practical and reserved, the Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon man is a dreamer. He is not one to get sentimental about his emotions, like his Cancer or Virgo Moon counterparts.

This does not mean he doesn’t feel strongly about things; it just means that he’s more likely to keep these feelings to himself. He is more concerning about realistic solutions rather than emotional truths.

The Scorpio man may not seem all that romantic to non-Scorpios, but he is actually quite tender hearted. He knows how to make a woman feel beautiful and appreciated; but he must be in love with her to do so. He will go out of his way to “make things right” for the women in his life, especially if they are in trouble.

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