Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Personality Traits

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People with Cancer Sun Taurus Moon personality traits are sensitive, emotional, and warm. They are able to sympathize with others and form deep, meaningful friendships.

A Cancer’s warmth, sensitivity, vulnerability, and responsiveness are all extraordinary. They tend to be shy but may show great courage. Cancerians have a vivid imagination and need to express feelings in a very personal way.

They are sensitive to love and idealistic by nature. Cancers are able to dig deep into their inner psyche for healing process but also must learn to cope with problems without becoming too self- absorbed or moody.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Description

They are known for their extreme mood swings. At the same time, they are also known to be extremely lovable and generous. They are very dependent on their close family members and friends, especially when it comes to emotional matters.

If you’ve ever known a Cancer Sun Taurus Moon person, it’s hard to forget them. They may have been the shy kid who hid in the corner but was always there for you when you needed them, or the deeply loving partner that would do anything for you, or that incredibly talented friend who’s amazing in everything they do.

They are sympathetic, receptive, nurturing and protective. Cancer natives love their loved ones tenderly; they are always ready to help those in need.

These natives are extremely loyal and dedicated to their friends and family, but can be jealous of other relationships, always feeling that they deserve more attention from the people close to them.

The Cancer Sun Taurus Moon personality is quiet but sensitive. They are deep thinkers, and often can be found sitting in a room with the blinds closed, lost in their thoughts. They have a unique way of looking at things that makes them seem eccentric.

They are responsible and trustworthy and typically do not give rise to complain or concern from anyone in their inner circle. The Cancer-Taurus person is methodical about decisions and likes to tread extremely carefully so as to not upset those of their surroundings. They will go above and beyond to make sure that everyone else around them feels loved and appreciated.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon individuals are emotional, loyal, sweet and enduring. They can also be slow to make decisions, jealous and moody.

They have a refined, sensitive artistic nature, loves beauty of every kind and is good at decorating things that have meaning for them. Their homes are usually full of favorite objects that bring back memories.

A Cancer Sun Taurus Moon person is highly practical. They are able to use both Sun and Moon characteristics to create “out of the box” ideas to solve problems. This combination encourages a dynamic fantasy life that leads them to become the acclaimed artists and creative types.

They are a tender and considerate soul. They are easily hurt at times and are slow to forgive. However, once they learn to trust someone, they will stay loyal and devoted for life.

They want a safe cushion of love in their lives, and tend to shy away from conflict or discord of any kind. They can be quite sensitive, reacting strongly to the moods of others, and taking them personally. This can lead to them being reclusive at times.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon people are very protective of those in their inner circle. They’re great at keeping others out and also knowing how to manipulate others to get what they want.

Cancers like to be the center of attention and look for ways, no matter good or bad, to get that attention from peers. They are a protector and look for ways to help others if needed.

They are often very sensitive, easily offended and reacts to comments with heightened emotion. This is often displayed in sarcasm or subtle criticism.

At times you may feel invisible because you always seem to be giving. The Moon provides nurturing and the need to make everything right for everyone else - even taking on everyone else’s problems as your own.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon people are quiet to the point of being unaware of what is going on. They are cautious and content to imagine a better world without realizing it.

Although very artistic, Cancer Sun Taurus Moon people have difficulty expressing themselves in words. Because they live in their own world, difficulties will arise with intimate partners or those closest to them.

They have a strong sense of self and an ability to concentrate on the important aspects of life. He or she is realistic, practical, and able to accomplish definite goals.

This individual will live for long periods of time in a romanticized world. The Cancer Sun Taurus Moon individual should not face obstacles alone, but rather realistically approach them with faith as well as a practical plan of action.

They are emotionally strong, they’re warm and empathetic. They’re faithful and have a really great sense of humor! Cancer sun Taurus moon natives may not be very ambitious, and while they aren’t planners, they are quite smart.

The Cancer sun Taurus moon person is usually a person with deep feelings, who cares deeply about others. He/she usually suffers from emotional worrying, and often overestimates the hardships in life.

They can be moody, and moody behavior may also include unpredictable or surprising acts of courage or bravery that arise because of their unpredictable nature.

The Cancer Sun Taurus Moon individual has an intuitive sense of what’s going on behind people’s masks and is good at manipulating the emotions of others. They take on the characteristics of the people around them and genuinely care about others but sometimes are co-dependent and come across as needy.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Woman

The Cancer Sun Taurus Moon woman is a gentle soul who cares for those around her. She is sentimental and devoted to her loved ones. Emotionally inquisitive, she feels everything deeply and has an intuitive side that allows her to pick up on the feelings of others.

They are very loving mothers, and have a way with children. They are nurturers by nature, and will go out of their way to make people feel comfortable and cared for. She is creative, kind and considerate, but can be a big joker and people love her for that.

The Sun in Cancer, Moon in Taurus woman has survival ability. She becomes the anchor of the family. She is an excellent provider for her family. She has a difficult time saving money. Occasionally there may not be enough money left at the end of the month to pay the bills on time.

A woman born under this zodiac sign is very thoughtful and caring. She loves to be around people and enjoys socializing with them. Her biggest pet peeve is people that are inconsiderate or dishonest. She may seem a little emotional, but there is a logical reason behind it.

Cancer-Taurus woman is a good natured, gentle, patient and diplomatic. As with all Cancer Sun Taurus Moon women, she is very loyal to family members. She will often be the mother hen of the family and one to try to solve conflicts.

They are the type of the native who prioritizes love and family, friends and pets. She is attached to tradition and home, because it’s the place that always gives her reassurance.

This Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon woman has a nurturing side and likes to look after people. She will enjoy mothering even her friends and colleagues.

She is honest, faithful and can be a little too possessive at times. She’s loyal and trustworthy, but does have a tendency to exaggerate just a little bit.

They have a quiet self-assurance that comes across as warm and friendly. They are very strong willed, honest, and reliable.

The body language of a Cancer Sun Taurus woman reveals sensitivity to the feelings of others, her emotions are well controlled, she is admirably stable, dependable, resourceful, good at saving money, but occasionally indecisive.

This Cancer Sun Taurus Moon woman is very strong-minded, self-reliant and likes to be in charge. She likes her own space and is equally happy as the center of attention or just one of the gang. Her decision-making ability are very good and she will do things when there is a need to act.

Simply put, she has a strong sense of duty. She is affectionate and loves to please others. She makes an excellent homemaker and mother.

She tends to have a natural beauty that will only get better with age. A Cancer sun, Taurus moon makes for an excellent mother and a loyal friend.

This is a dreamy, sensitive and devoted creature. She is one of the most charming, gentle and soft natured personalities in the zodiac. Sensitive almost to a fault she considers herself more of a dreamer, than an achiever.

Lonely by nature, she is often found pining for her ideal mate, her prince who will whisk her away to a romantic castle where she can live happily ever after! It would be a mistake to underestimate the power of this Taurus Sun Cancer woman.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon Man

This Cancer Sun Taurus Moon man possess many emotions that may appear erratic. If you want to examine, then his moods will likely alternate from day to day.

On a certain day, the man could feel that he is on top of the world just and unstoppable whose confidence will make him do anything to get things done.

Bold and passionate, Cancer Sun Taurus Moon men are lovers, not fighters. Driven by their emotions, they don’t show their feelings easily, but smother their partners in an amorous net of devotion to prove them how much they care.

He is a lover, yet he can be super stubborn and hard to get close to. He is not a big fan of change, and will work hard to keep traditions alive.

He may also be a collector, keeping things that are of no use to him because they remind him of memories. People who have this combination of Sun and Moon signs are truly loyal, loving and protective.

The Cancer Sun Taurus Moon man is a typical Cancer man with his softer and gentler side. He is dependable to the core, and capable of giving unconditional love.

These men are very strong willed and can be a little bossy at times. They are also very protective of their family and friends. They have a deep desire to find true love, but tend to be a little picky, and have high standards for the perfect mate.

A Cancer Sun Taurus Moon man is a very nurturing lover. He needs to feel that he is taking care of someone, especially someone who is weak or physically hurt.

In his approach to love making, he will want to sense what you like and get out of the way at the same time, while letting you know that he understands your needs and wants.

Cancer born people are known to be a little complicated and are very emotional. They are said to be moody and they build their moods around the Moon.

This Cancer Sun Taurus Moon man is a great friend for life who is honest and understanding. He will be your protector until the end of your days. Once in his friendship, you have nothing to worry about.

Men born under this zodiac sign are very possessive of their woman. They want to be the king of their castle and they want to have the last say in everything that concerns them. These men are definitely the most romantic and charming zodiac men.

A Cancer Sun Taurus Moon man is a highly sensitive, and has a deep need for affection. He is loyal, passionate, courageous and protective. They are conservative in their ways of thinking and life. They appreciate tradition and old values.

He is certainly a loyal mate, once someone gets his heart. No man will ever be as devoted to any person as this man can be when he has found his soul mate. His senses of loyalty and responsibility cannot be questioned and this makes him unlike any other individual in their own eyes.

The Cancer Sun Taurus Moon man is very practical and quite protective of his loved ones. He is very attached to his family and home. He is likely to own a house or a cottage. He is idealistic and loves things to be just right.

Quite shy, the Cancer-Taurus man does not like crowds or parties where he doesn’t feel comfortable. He will avoid all manner of confrontations and problems. But once he has decided, he will fight vigorously for what he believes in and is defending his interests.

The heady and magnetic Cancer Sun-Taurus Moon man is a veritable whirlwind of activity, managing his challenging career, his relationship with loved ones, and every other aspect of life with the same tireless energy. Qualities such as courage, determination and honesty help this ultra-responsible Cancer rise to the occasion—no matter how difficult the task.

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