Cancer Sun Aries Moon Personality Traits

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Cancer Sun Aries Moon people are born between June 21st and July 22nd, which makes them a classic summer baby. They are very ambitious and tend to go after their goals without having the patience to wait for the right time or conditions.

They love to be on the forefront of the action and are natural leaders. While they need to experience everything first-hand, they also tend to be introverts.

They can’t be bothered with what everyone else is doing or saying. The Cancer Sun Aries Moon thrives on action-packed schedules and is incredibly productive between 9am and 3pm.

Their desire to nurture others is the keystone to their interpersonal relationships, and at work they have a knack for bringing out the best in others as well. They love exploring interests and displays an appreciation for new trends.

These Cancer individuals exhibit overly cautious behaviors and have an innate ability to understand the motivations of others. You can’t fool a Cancer for long, they notice everything! Some consider them to be moody but it’s more that they’re just very sensitive to everything around them.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon Description

They don’t like frenetic or hectic environments so they’ll need some downtime between activities to relax and recharge. They have a tendency towards being soft hearted or having a soft spot for others less fortunate than they are.

Cancer is a fixed sign that attracts attention through its moody and sensitive nature. Cancerians tend to be intuitive, sympathetic and family-oriented. They have a strong need for security and can thrive in the home environment, which they also see as a healing place.

Psychologically, you understand the value of receiving love and giving compassion. You are an emotionally aware individual who is keen to identify those around you whom you can help with your warmth and sensitivity.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon personality type is defined by nurturing qualities, an interest in helping others and a desire to feel needed. People who have Cancer as their Sun sign enjoy close relationships with others and form deep attachments.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon people are often creative, idealistic, and have a dynamic personality. They tend to be very independent and generous, but they can also be moody at times. Being the most motherly of all zodiac signs, Cancer-Aries individuals are known for their nurturing and protective nature with friends, family members, and animals.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon zodiac combination is someone who has a deeply emotional nature, which they tend to keep hidden from the outside world as they don’t want to be vulnerable. They are sensitive and highly protective of their loved ones and will do anything to protect them.

This can sometimes cause a problem for them as they want to take on too much responsibility and become stressed over it. They need to learn to deal with their emotions in healthy ways – expressing them rather than burying them will make life so much easier for them, and those around them will be happier too.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon personality is strongly attached to home and family, yet will seek out adventure when they feel the need. They may have a certain edge about them, which can make for an unpredictable nature.

They are highly intuitive and can be fiercely loyal. They want to be needed almost as much as they want privacy.

This Cancer Sun, Aries Moon person is courageous and highly independent. They have excellent leadership qualities and are very innovative. They are both self-reliant and resourceful, but also value teamwork.

Simply put, the Cancer Sun Aries Moon personality is emotional and sensitive, centered on their own needs and desires. They are uncomplicated people.

When you add everything up, we are talking about someone who is a doer, someone who has stamina and great physical endurance. You are also looking at someone who likes to be in command and be the ultimate authority when it comes to things that they know how to do.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon Woman

The Sun represents a mother goddess, she is the domestic, nurturing, and creative force. The Moon represents the moon child deep within us. She is at her best when she awakens from her slumber and can live life to its fullest. Combining these two forces together to create the Cancer Sun Aries Moon woman gives her a fiery vivacity.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon woman is an emotional, physical and mental perfectionist. She is dedicated to her family and friends. Cheerful, outspoken, stubborn and reserved are some of her favorite personality traits. She will sacrifice anything for the people she loves and shows strong sense of responsibility as well as high intellect.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon women are grounded individuals with a healthy understanding of life’s realities. They feel comfortable leading others, a trait inherited from their Cancer Sun as well as their Aries Moon.

They are very passionate in love and adore commitment and loyalty. They can be feisty and fun, so it is ideal for them to have a partner who complements their strong personality.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon woman is known for her ability to handle stress well, for her strong personality and her ambitious nature. She often displays leadership qualities and enjoys being in charge. Her extreme emotionalism may make the Cancer-Aries woman overly sensitive at times and she can sometimes feel paralyzed by indecision.

These women are very caring individuals. They are wonderful caregivers and moms! Cancer Sun people born with the Moon in Aries love to be in charge or lead the way. They are the bosses who know the answers because they like to make sure that things get done.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon woman will often wear a bracelet on her wrist which denotes family, protection and security. She is very proud of her family, from her immediate family to her extended family. She will always be sure to let you know what she thinks of you by giving you a look or a frown.

She is extremely devoted and loyal. Their personality can be described as intuitive, sensitive, receptive. These natives love their freedom.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon woman is a loving person but she can be very aggressive too. She always wants to be the one in charge and she is often times impatient. She is an independent person who likes to be in charge of her own life and she always wants to be the center of attention.

When it comes to romance she expects her partner to be strong as well as charismatic. She is dynamic, assertive, and optimistic, but also often reckless and militant. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it.

Your Cancer Sun and Aries Moon placement creates a strong willed, courageous woman. She is likely to be clever and have a sharp wit, but also be headstrong and easily angered when crossed.

Her personality traits are not too hard to figure out once you know her zodiac sign because they appear in almost everyone born under this sign. Her natural bravery means that she will instinctively act first and think later if needed. Many of these women either lead others or at least want to be leading others which makes them excellent bosses, teachers and nurses which happen to be the top careers for these women.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon Man

If you were born between June 21st and July 22nd, you are a Cancer Sun Aries Moon man. You are logical, ambitious, and flirtatious.

Your sign is associated with the element of Water and the Cardinal quality. You are a strong individual that adores the spotlight, making you a natural leader.

With your natural desire for independence, self-sufficiency and a need for personal organization, strive to channel those traits into leadership roles with major businesses and organizations.

A man’s Sun sign represents his core personality and his Aries Moon sign represents his emotional side. A Cancer Sun with an Aries Moon is often quite an intense man.

These men tend to be extremely willful and proud with plenty of high energy and physical activity. They are often more prone towards confrontations than the other Cancer Sun/Moon blends.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon sign is ruled by the Moon, and he is sensitive, caring, humane, impulsive, and optimistic to the point of delusion. In his intellectual sphere, he is intelligent and intense.

On the other hand, your Cancer Sun Aries Moon does not have a strong sense of detail or organization making him scatter-brained at times. He is action-oriented and can make decisions very quickly. He will hold back on making a decision when he feels it is not in his best interest.

He has a healthy appetite for life and he tends to get deeply involved in other people’s lives. In a relationship, he needs a lot of attention from his partner. He’s also very possessive which can make him slightly over-commanding at times.

He is a sensitive, passionate and selfless person who is comfortable with himself. He has great sense of humor and he is very much responsible too.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon man is a thrill seeker. He is the adventurous spirit in your circle of friends. He wants to hunt down the best party and participate in adventures which can be extreme sometimes and even reckless.

He is a dynamic and aggressive guy. This is a guy who can be both the life of the party and the tough guy. He knows how to party, but he can also be quite assertive, strong-willed, and confrontational at times.

He is usually someone who is action-oriented in life. In fact, this can become an obsession for him as he wants to know what’s coming next at all times.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon man is passionate, enthusiastic, and impulsive. Cancers have very strong emotions which are evident in their authentic speaking tones, facial expressions, and body language.

They are fiercely loyal to their loved ones and could be possessive if they think that you are showing too much interest in someone else. Due to the strong connection they feel with others they sometimes need to step outside of themselves to gain some perspective on situations. Overly sensitive to criticism, Cancers have been known to hold grudges for long periods of time.

The Cancer-Aries man is proud of his appearance. He will always try to look good no matter the situation. He likes to be noticed for his good looks and charm.

Others may feel intimidated by the Cancer man’s penetrating gaze, but he is not as intense as he looks. He can be very close with his family and friends. He has a hard shell that protects his soft interior from being hurt again after being betrayed by someone who was close to him in the past which made him block out other people.

The Cancer Sun Aries Moon man is a lighthearted and fun lover that seeks to please his partner. He is daring, courageous, assertive, and self-reliant.

On the surface he seems to be a contradiction. Although he is sensitive and emotional like his Water sign, the Aries moon gives him a fire that burns within. At times it can get quite fiery and at other times his emotions are on the cool side.

Now It’s Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Are you a Cancer Sun Aries Moon?

What does this placement say about your personality and emotional side?

Please leave a comment below and let me know.

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