Cancer Sun Leo Moon Personality Traits

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The Cancer Sun represents self-esteem, ambition and achievement, while Leo Moon represents self-love, affection, and children. The combination of a Cancer Sun and Leo Moon creates a character that can be sensitive, moody, secretive, self-protective, kind-hearted, and successful in life.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon is an emotional sign, who responds to their feelings deeply. They can be moody and changeable. They’re also the protector type, always looking out for the underdog which sometimes can lead to martyr syndrome.

Cancer is very sensitive and emotional, they are imaginative, sympathetic, romantic people. They are endowed with imaginative faculties which can be extremely creative.

Like crabs, Cancer has a natural talent for finding its way home when lost, understanding the rhythms of the ocean (relationships), and navigating murky waters (deep emotions).

People with a Cancer Sun Leo Moon personality are strong-willed and often determined. They are creative and artistic, as well as sensitive and intuitive. They also tend to be empathic and compassionate and enjoy helping others.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Description

Adaptable and nurturing, Cancer can be a presence in any group. At home, Cancer considers every member of the family to be equally important. When he or she falls ill, they are fiercely loyal to their family and will fight with all of their might to make things right. Cancers can be dramatic in an attempt to gain your attention.

People born under this sign are tender, devoted to their family and easily hurt when the people they love let them down. These individuals have strong family ties and use these relations as a sort of shield that protects them from the outside world.

Cancer is the most loving, loyal, and affectionate sign of the zodiac. They are known as the nurturers, the caregivers. Cancerians take their relationships quite seriously, and look to find a relationship based on companionship.

Cancerians are also one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac. They internalize all of their feelings, and therefore can become flooded with emotion at any moment.

The Cancer Sun Leo Moon personality is rather fascinating and has certain defining characteristics.They are considered a feeling sign, which means that they focus their feelings inward. Rather than express every thought and feeling to others, they keep things close to the heart. They feel on a deep level and possess a keen artistic sense that is usually accompanied by a love of nature.

The Cancer Sun Leo Moon person is strong, often tenacious and patient. You can always rely on them to be there for you. You are sentimental, loyal, reserved and possess a great amount of imagination and creativity.

Deeply emotional, your inner world is a place for self-reflection and retreat. At times that may lead to making some insensitive comments.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon′s always feel that they have plenty to give to others but somehow it never seems to be enough. At times striving too hard in an attempt to fulfill the obligations of self-sacrifice you may become frustrated when you come home with nothing to show for your efforts.

They may find it hard to control their emotions but also find it easy to express themselves. They are generally down to earth people who like to live in the moment and can be spontaneous.

They are ambitious with a need for security, love and emotional support but have a tendency to rush into things too quickly which could see them ending up with someone who is unworthy of their affections. Sometimes they can go overboard with extravagance but they are generous and warm hearted rather than being materialistic.

Cancer Sun, Leo Moon is a combination that brings together fierce ambition and deep sensitivity. They have plenty of goals and loads of energy with which to achieve them. Although they enjoy one-on-one time, they still manage to reach out to their community through volunteer work, if not in a paid capacity.

It’s rare for Cancer Sun, Leo Moon to develop a close friendship without there being a romantic element involved at some point.

This personality is complex, full of contradictions, shy, conceals emotions, and a lover of luxury and art. The Cancer/Leo person is highly imaginative, creative, focused on art, music or literature, tends to have a flair for the dramatic and can be quite flamboyant.

You are nurturing, protective, loving, emotional and sentimental. At times you notice that your feelings may hurt others around you. If this is the case, it could be time to practice that tough outer shell nurtured and developed from family genetics.

They are fun-loving and has a good sense of humor. They like to be the center of attention and can be a bit childish at times.

They have the ability to instantly know what another person is feeling. They possess good intuition and a sixth sense about those around them.

Those with Cancer Sun and Moon in Leo have a natural warmth and affection that makes them popular. They are well-liked by many people, and enjoy the limelight. However, they may be inclined to be bossy or self-centered at times.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Woman

A Cancer Sun Leo Moon woman is a caring person who will go out of her way to help her loved ones and others she cares about. She is also usually very warm and friendly to everyone; but she does not show her emotions all that easily, and may be somewhat cold to people she does not know well.

But when you know her well, what will be most surprising about this Cancer Sun Leo Moon woman is probably how fiercely loyal she can be. She may also be more active in helping others than most people are.

The Cancer Sun Leo Moon woman loves helping other people. She will keep the information about your zodiac sign as long as she can. She thinks that it was a part of her personal life, not of general interest.

If you show interest in her and try to communicate with her, she will open up and then you’ll see whom she really is. The problem is that once she gets into talking about herself there is a chance that Cancer Sun Leo Moon woman may not stop talking for a while.

Sensitive, intuitive, and empathetic, Cancer Sun Leo Moon women are fiercely loyal and make dedicated and loving mothers. These women are multi-talented, have excellent taste and style, are imaginative, creative, and have incredible artistic abilities.

She is a very emotional person. She can also be quite stubborn when they know that they are right. This woman will fight for her cause no matter what. It’s in their nature to be the protector of loved ones and often the caregivers of their family.

They are compassionate, loyal and very protective. This Cancer Sun, Leo Moon woman is daring and courageous, yet completely feminine and sensual.

Her personality is ruled by the Moon. She is sensitive, easily hurt and need emotional support. The Cancer Sun Leo Moon woman is giving, protective, shy, timid, sensitive, and moody.

She is very determined, courageous and strong for the purpose of success. She is self sacrificial and cares for her families and loved ones. She has many friends and is reliable when you need her.

A Cancer Sun, Leo Moon woman will often push herself to the edge without regard for her safety or anyone else’s. She has particular resistance for pain, so she can be thoughtlessly reckless.

Despite her strength in spirit and will, however, she’s quite emotional. Her ups and downs can be as quick as her mood changes. She is often shy and distrusting as well because she never knows what to expect from others.

You have a very strong and powerful personality. You are a very warm, loving, and caring person. You can also be rather assertive, headstrong and stubborn at times.

A Cancer Sun, Leo Moon woman is likely to think of herself as extremely attractive and desirable in all aspects of her life. Although she may desire a romantic relationship and might be willing to enter into one, until the time is right she will seek to gain power in the world around her.

She is charming, very sensual and emotional. They are known for their many intense feelings for people. They may marry more than once because of their intense feelings of falling in love that leads to being a wandering heart. This puts them at risk for having a short attention span or becoming bored easily, as their love is hard to contain.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon Man

The Cancer Sun Leo Moon man is tough on the outside, soft on the inside. He likes to be in control and protect their loved ones from harm. They can be touchy, secretive, moody, and over possessive with their significant other.

The Cancer Sun Leo Moon man is quiet, soft spoken, generous, seldom complains and gives his all in any ways possible to help his loved ones. He is also very stubborn and set in his ways. He loves the outdoors, forest, wildlife, and going into the woods to “chill out.”

He is serious when it comes to love, and to life in general. It’s important to him to give his all - he needs to know that you’ll do the same.

They are bestowed with the gift of being able to take on any task, and do whatever it takes to get their message out, whatever it may be. These folk are natural born storytellers, and they will appeal to a wide audience with their amazing capacity for versatility.

This is a man who will sacrifice just about anything to get ahead, and is highly adept at getting what he wants from life. Try as you might, you’ll never be able to count this person out. He’s not afraid of playing dirty when necessary.

A Cancer Sun Leo Moon sign makes this person emotional, possessive and creative. The individual is very sensitive to atmosphere, surroundings, and people’s vibrations.

He feels things quite deeply. Although he looks tough on the outside, he’s actually an extremely fragile person. He’s sensitive and emotional. And he tends to be very moody.

Cancer men have a warm and profound attachment to the mother and are very attentive to their partner. They are emotionally dependent, desire security and safety at all times, they dislike change and love routine.

Cancer Sun Leo Moon men have a lot of energy. They are enthusiastic, emotional, and very sensitive. They are creative and materialistic - they love beautiful things.

They are in general very ambitious. The typical Leo Moon man is very optimistic. However, they are cautious about the optimism as it may blind them to negative possibilities.

The Cancer Sun Leo Moon man has the power of the sun and the moon in this yin and yang combination. He is very giving and tender hearted. He attracts people into his world of kindness and warmth.

This man was born to protect and nurture children. When he sees a situation where a child needs help, he will go to that child’s aid without hesitation.

He seems to have an extra-sensitive nervous system even though they may not realize this. This makes them more prone to stress, and this is why they need to find a way to balance their lives. They are often sympathetic, kind, and attentive, but this can cause some envy from other people/siblings.

They are charming and magnetic to those who don’t know them well. They love to be in the center of attention and can make an audience laugh at their antics. They have a lovely wit and a sense of humor that can brighten up any party.

For this reason, they are often found in main social gatherings where everyone enjoys being around them. If you’ve ever been the life of a party, you might have some Cancer Sun Leo Moon qualities inside you.

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