Cancer Sun Cancer Moon Personality Traits

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The Cancer Sun Cancer Moon personality is born between June 21st and July 22nd. Cancers are born with numerous talents, abilities and skills that can help them in their careers. Cancers need to be inspired. They have to be in an environment that is conducive to their creative side for the best results when attempting to create or complete a task.

The Cancer personality is very complex; however, there are certain universal traits that we can all recognize in a Cancer. For starters, they are quite sensitive to the feeling of insecurity, and go out of their way to protect everyone they care about.

The Cancer person is sympathetic, emotional and instinctive. These people are nurturing, loyal, protective, gentle, caring and an extremely intelligent communicators.

They also keep things in perspective and tend to reflect upon what’s truly important in life, as well as their role in it. Some other psychological characteristics of the Cancer include—thinking before acting or speaking—considerate of other people’s feelings and always considerate of others before themselves.

They can best be described as highly sensitive and intuitive individuals who are very compassionate when it comes to the feelings of others. They do well in relationships and feel they will have a long and happy life as long as they find their true love.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon Description

The Cancer personality is associated with the moon, moodiness, nurturing, and strong family attachment. Those born under this Sun sign tend to be sentimental, imaginative, caring and sensitive to the feelings of others. They are quiet, intuitive, emotionally expressive, and empathetic.

The Cancer Sun Cancer Moon person is sentimental, easily hurt and has a tendency to worry. You have deep emotions and love your family. You care for others and are a good friend to all. Gardening, pets, caring for young or aged people are what you love best.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon individuals are the embodiment of the homebody. They love being in their own space, whether it be a cozy cottage in the woods or a lush penthouse apartment downtown.

They love to update their decor, as small changes mean big mood changes, and even though they have their favorite things, some new additions are always welcome.

Cancers are sensitive to their surroundings, empathetic and caring. Careful to a fault, Cancers will not hesitate to help others. They are determined and sometimes stubborn, but they do so because they genuinely believe that it is in their power to help save a person.

The Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon is a very emotional, nurturing and devoted person. Their mothering instinct never fully leaves them; they often feel responsible for people and will go out of their way for friends.

They are great listeners and often encouraging types. Strongly protective of loved ones, they face challenges head on trying to please everyone while they worry and fret about the end result.

Cancer is the nurturer. A Cancer Sun wants to make her partner happy through service. The Cancer Moon likes taking care of people, too, especially family members.

They are the ultimate keepers of other people’s secrets. If that secret is about to become public, trust a Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon to know a long time in advance.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon people can be quiet, gentle and protective, while also being moody and overprotective. If you are a Cancer Sun Cancer Moon, you may be caring, misunderstood and at times hesitant to let people in.

For individuals with this Sun-Moon combination, the inner emotional disposition is one of sensitivity and vulnerability in a world which produces considerable psychological challenges. However, this sensitivity combines with the ability and eloquence to create an intense and perceptive awareness of the needs and feelings of others.

These people are infinitely able to perceive others' responses to them, thereby enabling them to make calculated adjustments in their behaviors. This capacity is vital when dealing with continued disappointment or sorrow in relationships, or with their own inability to meet their highest expectations.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon Woman

A Cancer Sun Cancer Moon woman possesses qualities of a guardian angel. Don’t forget that she is always there watching you and taking care of you, even when unseen. She is selfless in her love for her family, friends, and neighbors.

As a Cancer woman you could be very generous and faithful to your ​​loved ones. Also, if there are people who are down on their luck but deserving of help and support, then this Moon sign would certainly go out of ​​her way to make them feel happy and contented.

They tend to be highly sensitive, reserved and quiet. You’ll find people born under this affinity to be very caring, supportive and loving towards their friends and family.

They are a true pleasure to have around because they really care. Most individuals with Cancer Sun Cancer Moon personality traits are blessed with good looks, and often use their magnetic persona to their advantage.

She is complex, mysterious and caring. This woman will be kind to those she cares about but distant to those who she is not close to.

She is formal and conventional for the most part, and likes to be taken care of although she is also a nurturer. She possesses a good memory and can be sentimental at times. She is often possessive and may display envy in relationships.

Morality and ethics are incredibly important to Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon women, who are likely to be the “give a hoot” volunteers for their community. They have a strong sense of right versus wrong and do what they can to help others.

In romantic relationships, Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon women care deeply about what their partner does and says. They may tell you that you’re too hard or soft on your children.

They want to make sure everyone feels protected and nurtured. That’s why it’s not unheard of for this sign combination to coach children in sports.

Cancer Sun and Cancer Moon women are known to be maternal. They show love in many ways. They take care of their family members like a mother by providing the necessary help and support to them whenever they need help. A Cancer woman will also shower her partner with attention and love and try to be with him in every possible ways.

She is the secret dreamer of the zodiac. They add sentimental romance to the sign of feminism. A soft and feminine Cancer woman is passionate, intuitive and nurturing.

She is loyal to the roots and adores children. Her nurturing nature can even extend to her pets, which she considers as part of her family.

She is a nurturer, has great love for their family and friends, very sensitive to other’s feelings, highly intuitive, strong possessive emotions, and likes to have control over situations in which they are involved.

She is a soft, feminine individual who feels that her life is one big mystery. Determinedly optimistic, she finds comfort in close relationships with family and friends. But if they leave, she can sink into a morass of self-pity and despair that may last for years.

For the Cancer Sun Cancer Moon women, home life is their idea of paradise. They like to be with loved ones in a place they feel safe and secure. In the workplace, these women may secretly crave this sense of security and intimacy, but be afraid to speak up.

At work, these women can succeed in fields that demand detail-oriented work, such as research and accounting. Their biggest challenges are accepting criticism, managing emotions, and dealing with anger.

Cancers emotional intensity attracts the attention of others, as does their imaginative nature. Making friends with them is not difficult - they are usually overtly friendly and like to talk about their feelings.

They are typically a very sentimental, sensitive, loyal and devoted partner, lover and friend. They have a strong need to be needed, both in a general way and also in a specific relationship - usually to one person in particular.

Being needed enables them to feel that their life has meaning; that they are essential in someone else’s life. Cancers are highly imaginative and creative.

Nurturing and sensitive, Cancer Sun Cancer Moon women possess an abundance of nurturing qualities. Often compassionate to a fault, you’re willing to bear the burdens of others and provide all the support, strength, and love necessary to help them through their problems. In other words, you have truly earned your title as the “mother hen.”

Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon women are best known for their nurturing, supportive and kindhearted nature. Deeply attached to their family and friends, they will do whatever it takes to help them out.

They are homebodies who love to bake, cook and take care of the house. Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon individuals are sensitive and vulnerable to criticism. They hate conflict but will never back down from a fight for what they believe in. They feel deeply, and are the friend who will be right there for you in your time of need.

Naturally shy and reserved, these women are often seen as mysterious and complex. Their moods often vary depending upon their emotional climate to the outside world.

Love and success is very important to them in terms of having a happy life because they want everyone around them to stay happy also. Sun in Cancer people are known for loving with all of their hearts.

Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon women are very loyal and productive team players. In their workplace they have the ability to inspire and manipulate people without much effort, even by using the force of their personality.

They can be great teachers although they tend to be a bit too strict and demanding with their students. Their commanding voice is unique because it can touch the heart of anyone listening.

Cancer Sun Cancer Moon Man

Cancer, a water sign, is the fourth sign of the zodiac. The water element and its sign of Cancer associate with sensitivity, intuition and emotion. It represents home, parenting, family and a desire to embody unconditional love.

The Cancer Sun Cancer Moon man is a true romantic, often finding himself captivated by his soul mate and enthralled with the idea of a deep, lasting connection. However, he has some quirks that make it difficult to love him back to the level that he loves himself.

Cancer men are intuitive and sensitive. They are compassionate, loyal and comforting. A Cancer Moon signifies the nurturing impulses of a Cancer Sun.

These people can be moody and changeable, but also fun-loving and vivacious. This is due to their sensitivity, which also makes them the best listeners.

The Cancer man possesses many traits that may cause others to perceive them as mysterious. They can be very moody and have a tendency to retreat into their own world at times.

However, the Cancer sign also makes this man caring and compassionate and is extremely passionate when it comes to matters of the heart. They are also very loyal so once they decide that they want something, they will stop at nothing until they get it.

The Cancer Sun-Moon pairing is made up of two of the most mysterious signs in the zodiac, making it an idealistic one with a highly romantic personality.

He is a sensitive person who is exceedingly protective of his loved ones. He is committed to the relationship, will always be there when you need him, and often plays the role of the peacemaker.

Cancer men are not shallow or quick-moving; they think long-term, have strong values, and are devoted to their close friends and family.

This Cancer Sun-Moon combination is one of tremendous feeling. Cancers on the sun and moon axis often feel a sense of responsibility towards creating a structure in which people can feel secure and emotionally nurtured.

He is known for being emotional and nurturing. These are people who want to help others and achieve their goals in life too.

They present themselves as a very serious individual. Most of the time they are dependable and hard-working. They will always give you 110% and expect the same in return.

The Cancer Sun Cancer Moon man is a very intuitive lover who will know the right buttons to push to keep you happy and fulfilled! He’s romantic, charming, sensitive, kind, loving, nurturing, protective and very loyal.

He has a lot of depth and emotional intensity to his personality and this can work to your advantage as the Cancer man craves security and stability in his life.

Cancer sun Cancer moon man is a very sensitive, shy, emotional human being, who may be a bit sentimental and negative also. He hates loneliness and that is why he always wants to be around people.

He loves his family and friends and therefore hasn’t problems with giving his heart away. It may sound strange, but he is very demanding when it comes to expressing his feelings.

When you are with a Cancer man or even if you just start dating him, you will immediately feel how passionate he is about life in general and about things or people that make him happy. That’s why he would do everything for the people he cares about.

In a relationship, the Cancer man is loyal, and he will go out of his way to take care of you. He’s also a great friend, and he’s the kind of guy that you feel comfortable leaving your children with, should the need arise.

However, keep in mind that these men can be stubborn from time to time, so never try controlling them or telling them what to do, unless you want a fight on your hands. They have their sensitivities as well; they hate being criticized. The Cancer man fiercely protects his emotions; don’t try to delve too much into his feelings.

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