Leo Sun Taurus Moon Personality Traits

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Leo is one of the 12 zodiac signs of astrology. The symbol for Leo is a lion and people born under this sign are natural leaders with an abundance of charm and talent.

They have an appreciation for the finer things in life, but they also have a generous core. They are a symbol of royalty, power and creative force.

In astrology, the Sun describes your physical appearance and personality, the Moon your emotional nature. The Sun symbolizes pride, display of status, charisma and action. The Moon symbolizes your imagination, intuition and sensitivity.

The Leo Sun Taurus Moon is a born leader, with an emphasis on fun and entertainment. They love grand gestures and theatrics. This zodiac sign is often charming and warm, making a Leo a favorite among friends.

They possess great dramatic flair, and an ability to really get things done in life. Since they hate not being in charge and taking orders from others, Leos prefer being the boss in any working arrangement as well as in personal relationships.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon Description

They are one of the most dramatic, energetic and proud zodiac signs. Leos are natural leaders with plenty of charisma. This fire sign is all about courage, vitality and creativity.

The Leo Sun, Taurus Moon person is logical and rational. Leos are strong leaders who challenge others to do and be their best. They are great organizers, high achievers and can be impatient.

If you have these two signs together in your horoscope then you are lucky indeed. Elements of earth and fire come together to form a magnetic and dynamic individual who casts an enormous personal shadow on those around them.

Affectionate, warm and generous they adorn and adulate those close to them with beautiful clothing and gifts suitable for a king or queen. People with this configuration are also very child-like and playful, and keep pets like dogs, monkeys or chameleons as a child might.

The Leo Sun Taurus Moon person is the type of person who appreciates the finer things in life. They love all luxury items, all designer labels and high-end real estate.

They may have been born under a rising sign with creative or artistic abilities, and is quite comfortable being the center of attention.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon individuals are often quiet, reserved, patient and full of integrity. They will not speak a lie, and will likely be quite punctual and dependable. But they also possess a very stubborn streak.

It is typical for those born under this Sun sign to be arrogant and controlling at times, as they tend to want their own way in all things. They have big dreams and high hopes, but also many challenges to overcome before reaching their goals.

On the other hand, similar to other Taureans, they can be stubborn and possessive in nature. They are recognized for their leadership skills and love the spotlight. If something concerns them deeply, they can become very emotional.

The Leo Sun Taurus Moon is the someone who refuses to take crap from anyone. Their personality packs a serious punch, and those around them have to be prepared to meet the challenge head on!

This Sun-Moon combination creates a well rounded, natural and nurturing leader with an artistic flair. The Leo Sun Taurus Moon individual is an affectionate, sensual partner, who is gentle and loyal. He or she enjoys keeping things orderly and harmonious for all concerned, and will always be there to help those in need.

The Taurus Moon placement helps you to collect information that may or may not be particularly relevant, if not actually useful to your current situation. A focused listener and a patient observer, you’re able to glean a great deal of understanding about what is being said, simply by the way it’s said.

You don’t expect people to say everything they mean, and you’re adept at spotting hidden agendas when they arise. An excellent negotiator, you know to set the right limits for yourself so that others can’t push your buttons or take advantage of you. There is an understated quality about you that makes people feel safe in your presence.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon Woman

Named after the Latin word for lion, Leo is ruled by the Sun, and is your sign’s ruling planet. You have a creative streak and a real flare for being the center of attention, but you also have a noble heart.

You’re more than just a pretty face, too. Behind that regal exterior lies a soul with a yearning for truth that’s as strong as your resilient spirit.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon women are very confident and assertive. They are fiercely independent and are known for their great leadership skills. They are ambitious and career-focused, and they like to be in charge of a situation.

They have excellent leadership skills because they can combine the imagination of the Leo with the pragmatism of Taurus, so they can easily adopt their strong ideas to reality.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon women are very proud of all their hard work and accomplishments. They often feel the need to always be right, and dislike when others try to convince them otherwise.

These individuals will keep themselves busy, but don’t usually have any one particular thing they do to pass the time. They may jump around from hobby to hobby or interest from interest as the situation calls for it.

The Leo Sun and Taurus Moon are connected by Venus, the planet of love. This is a solid foundation for a relationship and this pairing usually represents a person who is generous and kind-hearted. Taurus is a Fixed Sign, making it considered reliable, loyal, stable and stubborn.

In addition to being a fixed sign, the Taurus Moon is also materialistic and practical, with an enormous love of all things beautiful and pleasurable in life. They can be quite stubborn in their views sometimes but generally, these people are considered warm-hearted, generous and sensitive.

The Leo Sun Taurus Moon woman is a very feminine mix of prominent characteristics. Some are so strong in this personality that they create a powerful love and affectionate qualities. These women get passionate when it comes to relationships, and the Leo Sun Taurus Moon woman will do everything in her power to keep the peace and harmony in the home.

They are also creative and passionate in all the activities they engage in, and they want their partner to be involved with them. They have great pride, and they demand absolute loyalty from their partner or they will end the relationship on the spot. Narcissism is one of their strong characteristics

She is strong, brave, and inspiring. She has a talent for leadership. She can inspire all of those around her with her own strength.

She is very traditional. Her sense of duty is greater than any sense of adventure or attention to her image. Her political opinions are usually mixture of ideas and she does not talk much about herself. ​

When he Sun in Leo is accompanied by the Moon in Taurus, you have a warm heart and you feel loyalty towards people who are close to you. You are capable to make others listen to your opinions because with you it is impossible to

It is well-known that the moon brings out the strangest behavior in people, but a Taurus Moon woman combines those lunar and planetary facets to make a person who is a force to be reckoned with. Whether you realize it or not, you are both earthy and animalistic at times.

The Leo Sun Taurus Moon woman is a great combination. Her powerful, magnetic energy can draw in and enthrall. She is truly a feminine picture of strength. She is one who knows how to rock a crowd and create her own personal brand of charm.

Leo Sun / Taurus Moon women are born entertainers and generally love being the center of attention. They are also known for their great strength, especially physical strength, and they often have a muscular frame.

Having a powerful magnetism, they tend to draw others to them by both their charisma and natural leadership abilities. For these women, stability and security is very important as is finding a balance between work and leisure.

The Leo-Taurus woman is a lover of life enjoying style, luxury and smart accessories. She possesses a lovely personality and shows generosity toward those who come into her life.

She loves her home with its many beautiful things to delight her senses; she is at home entertaining in the style she loves, or snuggling up with a good book.

The Sun in Leo is warm and outgoing, but the Moon in Taurus encourages you to make your life a little more comfortable. You take pride in your home and family, but also have a fondness for good food and fine wine.

The Leo woman has a powerful personality and a flair for the dramatic. She is larger than life and can be quite assertive, which might intimidate someone of a more reserved nature.

This Sun sign is associated with royalty, so she may be vain, but full of bravado. Because of this air of superiority, she can appear aloof to other signs sometimes.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon Man

When it comes to relationships, the Leo Sun Taurus Moon man has his eye on the prize. He wants a partner with a strong personality, one who he can admire for their intellect and their drive to achieve goals. This man is a romantic who believes in old-fashioned courtship, and he isn’t shy in letting his intended know that he wants to marry her.

He is a classy guy who is always pushing himself and his potential. He’s extremely confident in what he can accomplish, which unfortunately can lead to arrogance, as he thinks nothing of making smart-aleck comments and has a tendency to want to be the center of attention.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon guys love to learn about people from all walks of life — your captivating energy makes it feel as if every interaction counts. You’re a charming conversationalist with a sharp wit, always up for an adventure.

Leo men with a Taurus moon possess an earthy confidence. They come across as fiercely independent and are often the first to assert that they “don’t need anyone” to make them happy.

When you have a Leo Sun sign and a Taurus Moon sign, your life is blessed with powerful leadership abilities. This loving, courageous combination leaves little room for fear, and you will cherish the integrity and commitment to your vision that it offers. You are a born leader, and this is a role that you fill to the absolute best of your ability.

Leo Suns are the true showmen of the skies. They love to be in the spotlight and bask in other people’s attention.

Because they like to be admired and feel important, Leos often assume leadership roles and are good at inspiring others to help them achieve great things. They have a natural gift for communicating and motivating others.

This man gets right down to the basics, making him a natural leader who’s direct and honest. He expects a lot from himself and others, so it’s not surprising that he sets high standards for his career. He’s dedicated to his job.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon men can be described as creative workers with a strong will power. They are disciplined, patient, and possess enormous stamina for long-haul affairs.

Men born under this Sun-Moon combination are intuitive, compassionate and peaceful. They are unafraid of confronting problems head on. They will stand up for what they believe in, even if it means ruining their image.

They are loyal to their close family members and have a powerful sense of justice and responsibility for others. Everything they do is anchored in the strong values that they hold dear.

Leo Sun and Taurus Moon men embody confidence and power, with the confidence to make the right decisions and stick by them, and the power to be self sufficient while still pursuing anything they desire.

Though they are natural leaders, they desire to be good people and help others. They are both known for their artistic abilities through singing or acting, their love of entertaining friends and family, and their devotion to helping others reach their potentials.

They have a passion for comfort, whether in their own home or out on the town. Most often found relaxing at home in lazy comfort clothing, or dapperly dressed for an evening out.

Highly suspicious and unyielding, an astrological Leo Sun with a Taurus Moon is bound to possess a suspicious mind. He is a proud man with an independent nature. He tends to work in his own space and will not like it if anyone tries to intrude upon that space.

He has a very strong sense of duty and obligation. When you become his friend he’s probably going to be your friend for life-once he gets over the initial suspicion!

Taurus Moon men are patient and protective, making them the ideal choice for an exotic dancer’s boyfriend. A Taurus man may not be the most exciting of suitors, but he is sure to treat you with love and respect.

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