Leo Sun Aries Moon Personality Traits

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A Leo Sun Aries Moon person is creative, enthusiastic and enterprising. They are individualistic, expressive and generous. They are energetic, with a large capacity for physical energy.

Leo is a fixed sign, which means that it can be stubborn and prideful. This can sometimes interfere with their communication skills, as they prefer to speak from a position of authority and will take offense if they feel challenged.

However, they are capable of being very nice people, especially to those who show them respect. Leos have natural diplomatic skills that allow them to read people with ease.

The Leo personality group is made up of individuals who do as they please, when they please. With a fierce sense of independence and a flexible nature, Leos are very special people.

Individuals born under this sign tend to take charge easily in situations where spontaneity is necessary, making them popular with children and others around them. They possess a strong sense of pride and are naturally charismatic, but can also be somewhat bossy at times.

Leo Sun Aries Moon Description

People born under this sign are passionate, courageous and tend to be extroverts. Leos are ambitious by nature and love nothing more than attention. They have a desire to be seen as leaders within their social circle.

Leos like to entertain others and have an artistic side that requires constant stimulation in order to feed their attention span. With a mind for abstract thinking and individuality, these “lions” never stop exploring the world around them.

Leo Sun Aries Moon individuals act as natural leaders - they are always the ones who start trends, and are not afraid to be the center of attention. They have a fantastic sense of humor and have an excellent way with words.

They are typically outwardly friendly, full of energy and action. The Leo Sun Aries Moon placement make a person who loves to be in the spotlight. There is a side however, that can be highly temperamental or stubborn - especially if they feel things are not going their way.

These people are born leaders and natural entertainers. They have a fiercely independent spirit, but also have an off-the-charts need for attention.

If they don’t receive enough attention, their behavior can become negative. They gravitate towards careers that are in front of the spotlight; starring roles, or jobs that require them to be in the center of action and involved with others.

The Leo Sun, Aries Moon person is self‐reliant, optimistic, feisty and combative. He or she has a tendency to be a leader and hates to submit to authority.

Your Leo Sun sign combined with your Aries Moon sign describes you as a fun-loving, effusive, and rebellious person. You may be a risk taker or a gambler who devours the thrill of adventure. You have a great sense of humor and you are also a charmer.

People born under with the Sun in Leo, Moon in Aries are regal, charismatic and ambitious. They are born leaders and love to be the center of attention.

Leos love luxury, drama and beauty in all forms. The Leo Sun/Aries Moon combination will compel a Leo to engage in activity and exercise. An avid outdoorsman or woman is typical for this Sun sign.

Leo sun signs are typically outgoing, self-confident, and honest. They are helpful, generous, and warm hearted. Sun in Leo individuals often enjoy being showered with attention.

Leo Sun Aries Moon Woman

The Leo Sun Aries Moon woman is a free spirited, warm and strong willed person who will tell it how it is. She doesn’t like to take B.S., so she’s not shy on letting people know what she thinks about them. She even has the guts to tell the truth when most people would be too afraid to say anything. She’s got a great sense of humor and is always up for a challenge.

The Leo Sun Aries Moon woman is very ambitious and independent. She loves to be at the center of attention and she is always proud of herself. When she gets older she becomes more self-assured.

She is a fun-loving party girl who has an attraction to adventure and the unusual. She’s a fiercely independent person who needs a very strong man to make her happy. The Leo woman is all about taking charge and making big plans.

The Leo Sun/Aries Moon native is used to standing out in a crowd. You’re a natural born leader and “go-getter”. You can initiate change and get things done. It’s very hard for you to sit back and let others take the lead.

When you set your mind on something, you go after it with heart and soul to accomplish it or die trying. You are an extremely loving, generous, nurturing person who does whatever they can for loved ones or good friends. You will do anything at all that it takes to help them in their struggles, but as soon as the crisis is over you

A Leo sun sign woman is attuned to the praise of others; a fact that will often be reflected in her career choices. She wants validation, and there are times when she will go out of her way to bring attention to herself. Her romantic relationships are all-consuming, and those born under this sign are more than capable of sweeping someone off of his or her feet.

The Sun in Leo and Aries Moon give you a dynamic, extroverted personality and a love of life. You’re not afraid to make an entrance, to be the center of attention, or to show off for your friends/family. As a fixed fire sign, you are passionate and strong-willed, with an unquenchable love of life.

A watchful protector and leader, you like to take charge and face headfirst into a challenge. You are known for your charisma and magnetic charm that ensures you don’t go unnoticed wherever you go. In your secrets, Leo, lies your power. Just be sure to protect yourself from having an ego in need of constant feeding.

Leo Sun Aries Moon Man

The Leo Sun Aries Moon man has a dynamic personality and great physical strength which he uses to achieve his goals in life. He is quite charismatic and charming, attracting many people who are admiring of his positivity and optimism.

They are natural leaders. They possess strong sense of confidence and self-respect, high creativity and they always try to take the initiative. Big dreamers with enthusiasm and determination to achieve their goals at any cost.

Their leadership skills are often easily noticed, so they have no problem getting what they want in life. That’s why Leo Sun Aries Moon men are considered as successful people who rise in life fast and strong.

They are quite the disciplinarians. They like things to be in order when it comes to all areas of their lives. These people are good with money and they always make sure that their financial sheet is in order.

No matter how much they try, these people will always like money. They do not care where they get this money from just as long as they have an income.

This man is a special mixture of fiery Aries and impulsive Leo. He is energetic and cheerful with a lively mind full of hope and potential.

He is an optimistic and idealistic person who lives life in a grandiose manner. His zodiac constellation of Leo gives him a sense of pride, needing to be the center of attention.

The Leo Sun Aries Moon man is a thinker, an idealist who always wants the best. Values are very important to him and he lives his life with a moral center. He runs the gamut of emotions from one extreme to another, sometimes optimistic and cheerful, other times sad and lonely, but smiles are never far off.

He is a lion with a wolf’s soul. Deep inside him all he has is passion and pride. He lives his life in the extremes, fighting his way through life with unstoppable determination and tenacity. Caring and kind, he is the ultimate gentleman.

Leo Sun Aries Moon men are very powerful. They have a huge amount of energy and a strong personality. It is important for them not to be very impulsive, because they can confuse people around them.

They must find a way to tame their enormous energy and become more calm and balanced. Like all men with Leo Sun, Aries Moon, these individuals will love the adventure in life.

They are the leaders of every group, which makes it essential for them to achieve their goals and overcome any problem that comes up. They are honest people who like to be spontaneous and direct in their words and actions.

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